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					            Government Media Statement

                           7 June 2007

                      DAVID BARTLETT
                     Minister for Education

   Qualifications And Skills For Tasmania Tomorrow

The Minister for Education, David Bartlett, today unveiled the
most important reform of Tasmania‟s post-compulsory
education system in 35 years.

Mr Bartlett said Qualifications and Skills for Tasmania
Tomorrow would revitalise post grade 10 education to help
drive Tasmania‟s longer term economic and social well

“Our retention into year 12 is well below the national
average, leaving more young Tasmanians without
qualifications in a market where 86 per cent of jobs will soon
require a post-secondary qualification,” he said.

“We know that for every year we can add to the average
level of educational attainment by young Tasmanians we will
add 8% productivity to the Tasmanian economy.

“I‟m deeply committed to improving our retention rates and
offering more options to encourage Year 10 students to stay
on to further education.

“This is vital for Tasmania to realise its potential in a
globalised, creative and innovation based economy.
“By investing in more qualified and skilled people, and more
productive enterprises, we will improve our society and
economy not just for today, but for Tasmania tomorrow.”
Mr Bartlett said as part of the reforms announced today
three new organisations would be created from senior
secondary colleges and TAFE Tasmania.

They will be:

•     an „academy‟ focussed on academic learning, with a
curriculum and academic pathway for Year 11 and 12
students seeking university entrance;

•     a modern technical college or „polytechnic‟ focussed
on practical learning, with a vocational pathway, supported
by academic courses as well, for both Year 11/12 and
mature students seeking employment outcomes or university
articulation; and

•   a training enterprise focussed on skills development for
employees in enterprises, in line with their enterprise‟s skills

The „academy‟ and the „polytechnic‟ will be Statewide
organisations, located at many campuses around the State.

Mr Bartlett said there would be extensive consultation about
the implementation of the reforms, and students, parents,
employers, staff and community groups would be kept fully

“Tasmania Tomorrow will mean more young and more
mature Tasmanians will be able to take a course that meets
their aspirations and suits their learning style,” he said.

“ More Tasmanians will gain a post-school qualification,
including the new Tasmanian Certificate of Education (TCE),
and have greater life and employment choices.”
A project team in the Department of Education will be
established to implement the initiative, with the new
organisations scheduled to start in January 2009.

Mr Bartlett praised the work of teachers in colleges and TAFE
across Tasmania and said he looked forward to them
working together to provide dynamic and relevant courses
for Tasmanian students.

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