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					                                                 2010 EUROPEAN ZONE PEPSI
                                            YOUTH BOWLING CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                           LEAGUE SECRETARY INSTRUCTIONS

1.   This tournament is certified by the United States Bowling Congress (#4022) and shall be
governed by USBC rules and hosted by the European Zone Tournament Committee.

2.    Dates of league level qualifying rounds are October 17th through October 31st, 2009
and January 23rd through February 6th, 2010. Any changes to the league level qualifying
dates must be approved by the RheinPfalz Bowling Association prior to the league conducting its
league level qualifying round. Advancement from league is a one-time entry. All bowlers must
be a currently registered USBC Youth Member. If a bowler who qualified cannot participate in
the zone competition, replacements will be eligible based on order of finish in league qualifying
competition round.

3.   Advancement ratio breakdown from each league competition to the zone competition is:

At least one (1) for each entry to the 12 and above Girls & Boys Scratch Divisions
At least one (1) for every Three (3) entries for the 12 and above Girls & Boys Handicap
At least one (1) for every Three (3) entries for the 11 and Under Girls & Boys Handicap

The advancement ratios will include last place ties or major fraction thereof. The base number
for each division is based upon the number of athletes that participate during the qualifying
round per division. In all cases at least one athlete per division shall advance. The
advancement ratio shall be applied uniformly to all eligible divisions. See the chart below.

                      11 and Under Girls and Boys Handicap Divisions
                      12 and Above Girls and Boys Handicap Divisions
 # of Bowlers present at least one week to participate Per League # of Bowlers to Advance
                               1 to 4                                        1
                               5 to 7                                        2
                              8 to 10                                        3
                             11 to 13                                        4
                             14 to 16                                        5
                             17 to 19                                        6
                             20 to 22                                        7
                             23 to 25                                        8
                             26 to 28                                        9
                       12 and Above Girls and Boys Scratch Divisions
                                 1                                           1

Tournament Rules
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4.    Advancers out of league level must remain in the division they qualified in during all
subsequent levels. If an athlete advances out of league level in more than one state/zone, the
athlete must declare one state/zone to continue competing before the next competition level. If
there is a tie for the last-place qualifier in a division, both will advance to the next level of

5.    Competition will be held at the Ramstein and Vogelweh Bowling Centers within the
Kaiserslautern Community. The tournament will be conducted from 12 – 16 April 2010
(Monday through Friday). Specific days and times for each division will be announced at a later

6.    Entry closing date for the first qualifying window is 28 November 2009. Entry closing
date for the second qualifying window is 6 March 2010. You will email all information on
each qualifier to the Tournament Director ( by the closing date
for each qualifying window. The email will contain in either PDF, JPG or Word format the
following items: the athlete individual entry form (attached) completed in full for each
qualifier; the league level worksheets for each qualifying window; and the league Non-US
Military Identification Card holder form if needed. Late emails will not be accepted.
Association checks, bank checks or postal money orders in US Dollars are the only method
of payment and should be made payable to RheinPfalz Bowling Association (RBA) and
mailed NLT 7 days after the closing date; personal checks of any kind will not be accepted.
Certified league standing sheets or final average sheet as of the closing date of your league
or 20 March 2010 must be emailed to the Tournament Director not later than 27 March
2010. ALSO, you must include the Bowler History Sheet from BLS for each handicap
qualifier. League or association secretaries are responsible for submission of the
league/association entry packet; individual entry packets are not accepted.

Each House/Bowling Center will provide one designated scorekeeper for the duration of
the tournament. This is to ensure scorekeepers are available for the tournament. Coaches
may serve as scorekeepers. However, a coach may not serve as a scorekeeper on the same
pair of lanes as a bowler he/she coaches. Bowlers may still approach a coach serving as
scorekeeper to ask for assistance.

7.    Divisions are based on the participant’s age as of 1 August 2009. Athletes must choose
the division in which they will compete. Competition will be conducted in the following
divisions: Age 11 and under Boys' Handicap, Age 11 and under Girls' Handicap, Age 12 and
above Girls' Handicap, Age 12 and Above Boy's Handicap, Age 12 and Above Girls' Scratch,
Age 12 and Above Boys' Scratch. Athletes are not mandated to be USBC Junior Gold members
to enter the Scratch Division. However, athletes must be Junior Gold Program Members or
be eligible and buy membership prior to advancement to the USBC Junior Gold
Championships. Athletes will be required to provide identification with proof of age at check in
(military identification cards or passports are acceptable).

8.   The tournament format shall be:

      a. Ages 11 and under Boy and Girl Handicap Divisions will bowl three (3) games on one
pair of lanes.

     b.    Ages 12 and above Divisions will bowl:

Tournament Rules
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     Round                                  Scratch & Handicap Division
       1                                       Six (6) Game Set
       2                                       Six (6) Game Set (cut at completion)
       3                                       Six (6) Game Set (cut at completion)
       4                                       Round Robin

Bowlers will change lanes after the 3rd game of each set.

At the conclusion of 12 games (Round 1 and Round 2) (both divisions) advancers to the next
round (Round 3) will be announced. Advancers to Round 3 will be the top 12 in each division
with 24 or more athletes and the top 50% for any division with less than 23 athletes, rounding up
to the next athlete if required for an even pair. Advancers to Round 4 will be based on the
completed Round 3 standings (pin count from all three (3) rounds combined); with the top six (6)
in each division advancing to Round Robin match play Competition.

     c.   Ties for the last qualifying position at the cut will result in a one-game roll-off.

     d. The Round Robin Competition each bowler will bowl the other bowlers in their
category one game each. The total cumulative pin fall from all games bowled during the
tournament will determine the champions.

9.   Entry fees are:

        Ages 11 and Under                   Age 12 and Above Scratch & Handicap Divisions
Lineage                       $ 4.50      Lineage                                   $ 18.00
Expenses                      $ 9.00      Expenses                                  $ 9.00
Awards                        $ 9.50      Awards                                    $ 8.00
Scholarships                  $ 7.00      Scholarships                              $ 16.00
                                          Finalist Fees                             $ 5.00
Total                        $ 30.00      Total                                     $ 56.00

      a. Awards and scholarship fees will be returned 100% to the athlete. Scholarship funds
will be forwarded and maintained in the SMART Program at United States Bowling Congress
(USBC), the contact information is as follows: toll free 1-800-514-2695 (extension 8290).
SMART Account Number is 8557.

     b.   Entry fees are non-refundable.

10. No substitutes will be permitted once athletes have started tournament play; however
replacements may be used for athletes not present 30 minutes prior to the squad time.
Replacement athletes are only allowed from the same division in the same league from the same
qualifying window. If no replacement has been made, athletes arriving late shall begin play and
the score shall count beginning with the frame being bowled. Missed frames will not be made up
and shall be credited with a zero. An athlete not present to bowl when it is their turn will be
credited with a zero for that frame.

Tournament Rules
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11. Athletes will be allowed 10 minutes of practice on their starting lanes. In case of lane
breakdown during practice athletes will be allowed to finish their 10 minutes of practice. If lane
breakdown occurs during competition there will be no practice authorized.

12. Athletes shall use their highest current sanctioned league average, minimum of 21 games,
as of 20 March 2010. If the minimum number of games has not been met, the athlete will present
a league standing sheet closest to the date of competition.

13.   Handicap shall be 100% of the difference between the athlete's average and 210.

14.   Only athletes, tournament officials and scorekeepers will be allowed in the settee area.

15. Claims for errors in scoring or general playing rules must be made to the Tournament
Committee immediately. The tournament committee shall decide upon questionable errors. All
other protests must be submitted in writing to the tournament director before the awards
are presented. Under this rule, each protest must be specific in itself. The tournament will not
be delayed if at all possible.

16.   Symbolic awards will be given as follows:

   11 and Under (All Divisions)                       12 and Above (All Divisions)
 Trophies – 1 in 10 entries               Trophies – Round Robin Finalists Only
 With the remaining qualifiers in         With the remaining advancers from Round 3 receiving an
 the top 25% receiving an award.          award.
 High Game Scratch & Handicap             High Game Scratch & Handicap (where applicable)
 High Scratch Series                      High 6 Game Set Scratch & Handicap (where applicable)

The High Game Scratch and High Game Handicap awards will be awarded for the high score
during the entire tournament. The High 6 Game Set will be awarded from scores for Rounds 1, 2,
and 3.

17.   Scholarships will be awarded as follows:

      a.   Any Division with more than 30 athletes, 40-30-20-10.

      b.   Any Division with less than 30 athletes, 50-30-20.

18. All USBC rules are in effect during the tournament. Smoking and drinking is not
authorized by competitors during tournament competition (12-16 April 2010) at any time
(whether bowling or not), within or around the Ramstein or Vogelweh Bowling Centers.
Parents and guests are permitted to smoke outside the bowling centers.

19. Displays of unsportsmanlike conduct by athletes will be basis for disqualification.
Unsportsmanlike conduct by spectator will result in the removal of that spectator from the
bowling center. Parents are asked to refrain from being over zealous during the youth

Tournament Rules
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20. Athletes not accompanied to the zone finals by a parent or legal guardian are required to
complete and bring a medical power of attorney giving the athlete's escort legal authority to seek
medical attention for the athlete. The Tournament Committee will also need a phone number
(preferably a mobile) for at least one coach or the league secretary present during the tournament
in case of emergency requirements in the evenings.

21. Winners in the 12 and Up Scratch Divisions advancing stateside are responsible for
completing the entry packet provided to them at the conclusion of the zone competition.

     The top two (2) bowlers in both the 12 and above Girls’ and Boys’ Scratch Divisions
     will advance to the 2010 USBC Junior Gold Championships on July 10-16, 2010 in
     Indianapolis, Indiana. They must be USBC Junior Gold members to advance (the
     advancer must meet the 175 or higher average for males or 150 average or higher for
     females and have a USBC Junior Gold membership or purchase a USBC Junior Gold
     membership prior to the championships.) USBC will waive the $150 entry fee these
     athletes. These athletes will compete for additional scholarships available to all
     athletes at the championships, as well as other prizes and awards. All U.S. citizens are
     vying for a spot on USBC Junior Team USA 2011 to represent the United States in
     national and international competition. If the Scratch Division Champion or runners-
     up are ineligible to become a USBC Junior Gold member and will not advance to the
     Championships, the athlete will still retain the scholarship, but the berth to the
     Championships will be awarded to the next eligible athlete. Proceeds from a bowling
     ball raffle will be split equally between each Scratch advancer to assist with expenses.

22. Eligible advancers must agree to bowl in the USBC Junior Gold Championships, or failing
to do so, agree to waive all rights and forfeit your scholarship winnings. Replacements will be
selected based on the order of finish in their division at the zone level. Replacements will incur
all costs associated with changing the airline ticket, if applicable.

23. The European Zone Tournament Committee and the Pepsi USBC Youth Championships
Tournament Committee shall determine all matters not covered by these rules and regulations.
The European Zone Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any participant
for failure to comply with the tournament rules as outlined above. The National Pepsi USBC
Youth Championships Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any

European Zone Tournament Committee: Members from the RheinPfalz USBC Association

Tournament Director: Jim Kramer                  USPS MAIL: PSC 3 Box 114
                                                            APO AE 09021
Telephone Numbers: 0049-175-927-2585 or 0049-6301-389080
Email Address:
Web Site:

Tournament Rules
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