Ticino Key Messages Winter 2009 - 2010

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Ticino. Key Messages Winter 2009 - 2010.
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Discover the last news and inviting suggestions that Ticino offers you! For further information to this
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                                 New Lido Locarno.
                                 The new bath resort was opened on 23.10.09. Lido Locarno is a unique oasis of pleasure,
                                 sport and wellness, idealized around the water theme. The new Lido Locarno is open through-
                                 out the year and, with its indoor and outdoor swimming pools, thermal pools and water slides
                                 (absolute innovation in Switzerland is the looping water slide "Maggia") it is the most complete
                                 and modern bath resort in Ticino. In a second phase (2010/2011) the fitness and wellness ar-
                                 eas will be realized. With its ideal location directly on the lake, during the warm season you can
                                 also take advantage of the beautiful beach on Lake Maggiore.

                                 Cardada | Val Bedretto | Monte Generoso.
                                 Cardada, the beautiful mountain above Locarno, offers a beautiful view of Lake Maggiore and
                                 the surrounding mountains. In the upcoming winter season, there are available three beautiful
                                 trails for snowshoeing, which are labelled with the degree of difficulty. From December 2009 to
                                 March 2010 experienced guides allow you to discover the mountain at full moon nights - a true
                                 adventure by moonlight! This sport can also be practiced in the Bedretto Valley, where a beau-
                                 tiful trail conducts through snowy woods, or on Monte Generoso, reachable by rack railway un-
                                 til beginning of January 2010, where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the snowy landscape to
                                 the fullest.

                                 Carnival Rabadan | 11 – 16.02.2010.
                                 For more than 140 years this has been a date not to be missed by true enthusiasts of jokes,
                                 fancy dresses and festivities lasting into the early hours of the night. During five days the whole
                                 town of Bellinzona, the town of the three UNESCO Castles, transforms itself into the carnival
                                 realm of King Rabadan: masked parades, concerts by the noisy and cheerful “guggen”, risottos
                                 and endless dances animate the streets and squares attracting numerous and festive inquisi-
                                 tive onlookers.

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                                 Seven Asia.
                                 For the last couple of months, Ascona has been home to a new “Seven” restaurant. Seven
                                 Asia is located in the very centre of the pedestrian area in Ascona. It is serving Asian delica-
                                 cies such as sushi, freshly-prepared teppanyaki and Thai specialities, which are also available
                                 as “take away”. Thanks to the creative leadership of Ivo Adam and the invaluable support of
                                 the Japanese chef Atshushi, every evening at Seven Asia is a unique experience!

                                 Following the trail of Hermann Hesse.
                                 Discovering the figure of Hermann Hesse through his writings, his drawings and his paintings
                                 preserved in the splendid house in Montagnola. An intimate environment in which to appreciate
                                 the work of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. In addition, a fascinating route with
                                 an audio guide winds its way through the village, following the tracks of Hermann Hesse and
                                 the places he visited. From November until February the museum is open only during week-

                                 Information Center AlpTransit.
                                 A journey to the centre of the earth in the longest railway tunnel in the world (57 km). Combine
                                 the discovery of this impressive construction site in the heart of the alpine range with a visit to
                                 the Information Center. The building is composed of excavation material from the Gotthard
                                 Base Tunnel and was opened to the public in 2003. In this modern infrastructure equipped with
                                 the most innovative technologies for communication, visitors can view the construction site of
                                 the century and learn more about it.

                                 Hotel Giardino*****.
                                 For the first time you have the chance to enjoy relaxing moments in the Hotel Giardino’s Medi-
                                 terranean garden even during the cold season. The Casa Rosa suite house with its 12 suites
                                 and three double rooms is open with Garni-Service from 01.11.09 to 21.03.10. Enjoy peaceful
                                 recreation in the exclusive ambience of the rooms, relaxation for the senses in the „Giardino di
                                 Bellezza” wellness and spa area, or just take in the first warm rays of the Ticino winter sun –
                                 there are so many reasons to treat yourself to some time out in this oasis of well-being!

                                 Whether you’re after common items or local products, in Ticino you’ll find what you’re looking
                                 for. The most attractive shopping is to be found in the older streets of places like Lugano and
                                 Ascona. Designer-label shopping in Lugano may be done in Via Nassa, a trendy location
                                 where the brand becomes a status symbol. Ascona, Bellinzona and Locarno each offer some-
                                 thing different in the squares, alleys and narrow streets which lead to their centres or to the
                                 lake front. In Bellinzona’s Saturday morning market you will find delicious cheeses and tradi-
                                 tional delicacies made to ancient home-made recipes, as well as handcrafted products. But
                                 also shopping centres are demanded, like FoxTown Factory Stores in Mendrisio, an “outlet
                                 temple” situated just next to the motorway exit. Here the best and the most famous brands, no
                                 less than 250 of them, can be found at astonishingly low prices in 160 stores.

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                                 The “spampezi”.
                                 The “spampezi" is a Christmas pastry of the Leventina valley. According to traditional recipes
                                 and manufactured in small quantities, you find it especially in Faido. When it appears in the
                                 bakeries, it means that the festivities are at the doors. It consists of a sweet crispy crust with a
                                 filling of grounded and in grappa soaked nuts and a secret blend of ingredients. The character-
                                 istic form of the "spampezi" is given by moulds, which consist of hand-carved wooden tablets.

                                 The new event hall, called Metamorphosis, is located in the prestigious Palazzo Mantegazza. It
                                 has a surface of about 515 sqm and is characterized by a modern design. Thanks to the latest
                                 technologies it is possible to personalize the room and create any kind of settings thanks to
                                 lights and wall screens. The project has been developed by Publigood SA and Giugiaro Ar-
                                 chitettura. Its inauguration is scheduled for the end of November 2009.

                                 “Fortini della fame”.
                                 Camorino – Bellinzona.
                                 This term - Hunger blockhouses - indicates the fortress ring in the south of Bellinzona, between
                                 Camorino and Monte Carasso. They consist of a series of round towers with loopholes. They
                                 were built in 1853, to employ refugees from Ticino that were expelled from Lombardy on the
                                 orders of Field Marshal Radetzky. An educational footpath follows a section of the Dufour de-
                                 fence line in the municipality of Camorino. Today, the five cylindrical towers which dominate
                                 the Camorino can be admired close at hand along the way. The route also has information no-
                                 tices and explanatory panels among vineyards and panoramic views.

                                 San Giovanni Baptistery.
                                 Riva San Vitale.
                                 This is the oldest, fully preserved Christian monument in Switzerland. The Baptistery in Riva
                                 San Vitale was built in the 5th century, and today, still has a number of original architectural
                                 forms of rare beauty, a record of early Christian art. In addition, the internal walls are decorated
                                 with magnificent Romanic frescoes dating back to the 12th century. A visit not to be missed for
                                 enthusiasts and curious passers-by.

                                 Jazz Cat Club.
                                 An association. A series of events. The year-round Jazz in Ascona. This, in short, is the Jazz
                                 Cat Club! The club was launched last year by JazzAscona in order to give the whole year con-
                                 tinuity to the idiom in Ascona, outside of the intense but short festival period. Following last
                                 season's great success, the programme 2009-2010 will feature eight concerts between Octo-
                                 ber and May, featuring international jazz and blues greats. The concerts will take place in the
                                 Sala del Gatto, in via Muraccio 21 in Ascona.

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                                 Ascona | Losone | Magliaso.
                                 This sport is also appreciated in Ticino and can be played during the whole year thanks to the
                                 mild climate. There are three green 18-hole golf courses in Ticino. The Lugano Golf Club, the
                                 oldest club in Ticino founded in 1923, represents a miracle of golfing architecture, offering a
                                 technically difficult course on nearly flat ground. The Golf Club Patriziale in Ascona is located in
                                 a 50-hectare park and has an elegant club house built in 1932; it is well-known in golfing circles
                                 for its Golf School. The Golf Club Gerre Losone was inaugurated in 2001 and offers a course
                                 constructed in an enchanting area between valleys and chestnut woods. The impressive fea-
                                 ture, besides the beauty of the landscape, is the various difficulties built into the course that
                                 change from one hole to the next. The Golf Club has had the honour of hosting the Deutsche
                                 Bank Ladies’ Swiss Open event from 2006.

                                 Unique hotels.
                                 The hotel selection is great, and for each option the ideal solution can be found in Ticino. From
                                 leading five-star facilities by the lakeside to small immaculately kept guesthouses situated at
                                 the end of a valley, from modern buildings with every amenity to the traditional inn. Villa
                                 Carona, for example, is placed in a 200-year-old patrician estate in the delightful village of
                                 Carona. Ca’ Serafina is a typical ticinese house from the 19th century, completely restructured
                                 with great respect to its original features, located in the old centre of Lodano. Casa Luco-
                                 magno, a summer residence from the 19th century and carefully restored in 2005, is located in
                                 Olivone, in the valley of the sun Val Blenio.

                                 Nordic walking.
                                 To practice this sport there is no need for a special preparation: good shoes, the corresponding
                                 poles and a suitable environment. Ticino has the ideal habitat to embrace this sport. All the
                                 routes are marked with official direction signs; a panel identifies the road at the starting point
                                 and attests that the route has been certified indicating the year of inspection. The routes are
                                 located in the Locarno and Lugano district, around Bellinzona and in the valleys.

                                 Sledge track.
                                 The Nara sledge track enables you to rediscover the delights of sledge outings with family or
                                 friends. Cancori can be reached by chair lift from Leontica, from where the route continues up
                                 to Pian Nara. From this point you start the decent towards the bottom of the valley on the long-
                                 est track in Ticino: the route is 5 km long and crosses snow-covered pastures, woods and set-
                                 tlements of rare beauty… to feel young once again! Moreover, the modern sledge “skitti" can
                                 be hired exclusively at the ski resort Nara.

                                 Diamond Medical Centre.
                                 Vico Morcote.
                                 The recently renovated Swiss Diamond Hotel Olivella***** is located 7 km from Lugano, in the
                                 beautiful setting of Vico Morcote, directly on Lake Lugano. The new Diamond Medical Centre
                                 offers natural health treatment methods by qualified therapists. You can also take part in other
                                 treatments and cures such as massages, fango or hydrotherapies, to name just a small selec-
                                 tion of what’s available to regenerate your body and make you feel great.

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                                 Cross-Country Ski Centre.
                                 The Nordic Centre near the Lucomagno Pass, in a hollow of incomparable landscape, provides
                                 more than 30 km of tracks to practice cross-country skiing. The routes wind their way through
                                 woods and over flat areas along the slow flowing Brenno river. The center also offers the pos-
                                 sibility to practice this sport during the night. Its infrastructures, for the winter and summer sea-
                                 sons, include a restaurant with accommodation, gym, sauna, wax locals and a natural ice rink.

Bellinzona, Januar 2009
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