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(created by Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre, with the
financial assistance of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and
Universities & Renfrew County Community Futures Development Corp.)
Thank you to all groups listed
for providing current information.
We will strive to revise it when new details are submitted
but cannot guarantee current information at all times.
We cannot assume liability resulting from errors or
omissions. Inclusion of an organization or group does not
imply endorsement, nor does omission reflect on the
contribution a group makes in the community.

Name of Group or Invidivual (G or I)                                 Contact Person First Name   Contact Person Last Name   Position/ Title                                             Type of Service                                                        Population Served                                                 Phone Number                               Email Address                              Website
Alzheimer Society Ottawa and Renfrew County (G)                      Mary                        Smith                      Director, Operations and Volunteer Resources                support, awareness, education, research                                Adults, Seniors affected by Alzheimer's Disease                   613-523-4004                                      
Barry's Bay & Area Sr. Citizens Home Support Services (G)            Glynis                      Luke                       Program Coordinator                                         transportation, information and referral, friendly visits,meals on wheels
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Seniors, persons with physical challenges                         613-756-2772                                 
Bereaved Families of Ontario Pembroke (G)                            Tracy                       Gorman                     Program Coordinator                                         not-for-profit grief support;telephone support, workshops,lending library
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-732-7894                                 
Bernadette McCann House for Women Inc. (G)                           Gwen                        Rutland                    Public Education and Volunteer Program Coordinator          women's shelter and outreach services                                  Women, Children, Youth                                            613-732-7776 ext. 105                         
Canadian Cancer Society (G)                                          Kathy                       Kennedy                    Renfrew County Unit Manager                                 support, awareness, education, research, information, referral         Children, Adults, Seniors affected by cancer                      613-735-2571                             
Canadian Diabetes Association-Pembroke & District (G)                Laura                       Murphy                     Branch Coordinator -Pembroke District                       support, fundraising, awareness, resources, referral, recreation       Children, Adults, Seniors affected by diabetes                    613-735-1605                              
CNIB - Canadian National Institute for the Blind (G)                                                                        Volunteer Coordinator, Service and Operations-East Region   support, information                                                   Children, Adults, Seniors affected by vision loss                 613-735-1921 ext. 5002                        
Canadian Red Cross (G)                                               Tracey                      Hotchkiss                  Community Services Coordinator                              humanitarian organization                                              Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-735-1157 ext. 104                 
Carefor Health & Community Services (G)                              Alice                       Grenon                     Client Services Manager                                     Health & Community Services                                            Seniors                                                           613-732-9993 ext. 3218                          
CFB Petawawa Community Recreation (G)                                Trish                       Burke                      Youth Activities Coordinator                                recreation services                                                    Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors - military and community         613-687-1571                              
Community Food Advisor Program (RCDHU) (G)                           Cairine                     McGonegal                  Community Food Advisor - Health Unit                        presentations to groups on topics related to Canada's Food Guide Children, youth, adults, seniors                                        613-735-8651 ext. 530                                                       
Community Living - Upper Ottawa Valley (G)                           Tina                        Williams                   Quality Enhancement Coordinator                             support, programs, services                                            Children, Adults, Seniors with developmental disability           613-735-0659                     
Community Resource Centre - Killaloe (G)                             Cathy                       Pearson                    Executive Assistant                                                                                                                Children, Adults, supports, information and referral, thrift shop
                                                                                                                                                                                        programs (families and young children, prenatal nutrition, Ontario Early Years), office Seniors living in Southwest Renfrew County 1-888-757-3108                                
Deep River and District Hospital (G)                                 Kelly                       Walker                     President                                                   hospital, seniors residence                                            Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-584-1266 ext. 104                                                       
Heart and Stroke Foundation - Brockville Chapter (G)                 Jane                        Baker                                                                                  raises funds for research and health promotion                         Children, Adults, Seniors affected by heart disease or stroke 1-613-345-6183                                        
Marianhill (G)                                                       Wendy                       Sarazin                    Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator                        long term care home                                                    Seniors                                                           613-735-6838 ext. 479                     
Miramichi Lodge (G)                                                  Nancy                       Lemire                     Client Programs Supervisor                                  long term care facility, seniors                                       Seniors                                                           613-735-4693 ext. 122                
North Renfrew Long Term Care Services Inc. (G)                       Marina                      Charette                   Volunteer Coordinator                                       long term care facility, seniors                                       Seniors or Adults with physical disability                        613-584-1900                                     
Ontario Early Years Centre Pembroke (G)                              Anne-Marie                  Vaz                        Program Coordinator                                         Family Support and Early Learning                                      Parents, Caregivers, Children 0-6                                 613-735-6866 ext. 2106             
Jubilee Place (satellite of OEYC Pembroke) (G)                       Paula                       Hughes                     Outreach Coordinator                                        Family Support and Early Learning                                      Parents, Caregivers, Children 0-6                                 613-732-8434                                
OSPCA - Renfrew County Branch (G)                                    Erin                        Norris                     Volunteer Coordinator/Humane Educator                       animal welfare                                                         animals                                                           613-588-4508                                    
Pembroke Boys & Girls Club (G)                                       Bonnie                      Schryer                    Coordinator                                                 child and youth recreation programs and events                         Children, Youth                                                   613-735-1933                                  
Pembroke (City of) - Recreation (G)                                  Jordan                      Durocher                   Program Assistant, Recreation and Tourism Department        recreation services                                                    Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-735-6821 ext. 1502                       
Pembroke Regional Hospital (G)                                       Debbie                      Gareau                     Manager Scheduling                                          hospital                                                               Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-732-2811 ext. 8362                       
Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre (G)                         Carolyn                     Patterson                  Office Administrator                                        primary health care, health promotion, education                       Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-687-7641                            
Petawawa Heritage Society/Village (G)                                Ann                         McIntyre                   President                                                   historical interpretation, exhibits, educational programs,events       Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-687-6746                     
Petawawa Horticultural Society (G)                                   Gordon                      Strathy                    Founder                                                     volunteer organization encouraging interest in horticulture            Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors                                  613-687-5435                                 
Petawawa Minor Soccer Club (G)                                       Chris                       Van Bommel                 President                                                   minor soccer, U4/5-U18 boys and girls soccer-summer and winter Children, Youth                                                           613-687-0085                      
Petawawa Public Library (G)                                          Maggie                      Jacques                    Volunteer Coordinator/Librarian                             library services                                                       Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-687-2227 ext. 25                           
Petawawa (Town of) - Civic Centre - Facilities Manager (G)           Mark                        Reinert                    Facilities Manager                                          recreation and leisure programs and clubs                              Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-687-5678 ext. 23                          
Petawawa (Town of) - Events Coordinator (G)                          Jodie                       Watson                     Events Coordinator                                          special events                                                         Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-687-5678 ext. 22                           
Phoenix Centre for Children and Families (G)                         Charlene                    Chaput                     Manager, Administrative Services                            day treatment program, group programs, family/child treatment          Children, Youth, Families experiencing mental health issues 613-735-2374 ext. 226                             
The Pinewood Retirement Residence (G)                                Marlene                     Gagnon                     Community Relations Manager                                 retirement residence                                                   Seniors                                                           613-735-4056                              
PMFRC - Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (G)                 Vanessa                     Henneau                    Volunteer Coordinator                                       support, programs, information                                         Children, Adults, Seniors connected to military                   613-687-1641 ext. 2271                       
Renfrew County Child Poverty Action Network (CPAN) (G)               Lyn                         Smith                      CPAN Coordinator                                            raises awareness of child poverty, programs, activity funding          Children, families with low income and financial difficulties     613-735-2374 ext. 250                          
Renfrew County VCARS/Victim Services (G)                             Lisa                        Oegema                     Coordinator                                                 volunteer-based crisis support to victims of crime & tragic circumstance
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Children, Adults, Seniors                                         1-877-568-5730                                 
St. John Ambulance - Pembroke branch (G)                             Barbara                     Cotnam                     Branch Manager                                              training, sale of first aid products, coverage at community events     Children, Adults, Seniors                                         613-735-0772                                    
United Way Upper Ottawa Valley (G)                                   Dave                        Studham                    Executive Director                                          raises funds to support 13 charitable Member Agencies providing services in RenfrewSeniors Community Support and Community Project funds fax: 613-735-8362
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Children, Adults, County.                                         613-735-0436; available to any registered Canadian charity in Renfrew County.
Street Number               Street Name                      City or Town   Postal Code   Type(s) of Volunteer Positions                                                                            Date Information Entered/Confirmed         Where to Find More Info
425 - P.O. Box 308          Cecelia Street                   Pembroke       K8A 1S7       office support, boards, education                                                                                                       11-Feb-09
                         19 Stafford Street                  Barry's Bay    K0J 1B0       friendly visiting, transportation, Meals on Wheels                                                                                      23-Feb-09
                        700 MacKay Street                    Pembroke       K8A 1G6       board, office, memory garden, group facilitators, special events                                                                        30-Mar-09
P.O. Box 244                                                 Pembroke       K8A 6X3       child care, crisis line support, office, kitchen, yard maintenance, driving, computer, support groups, fundraising                      11-Feb-09
                       1217 Pembroke Street East             Pembroke       K8A 7R8       boards, education, committees, fundraising, office, support, transportation                                                             23-Feb-09
                         22 Pembroke Street West             Pembroke       K8A 5M3       public awareness, education, service delivery, committees, boards                                                                       11-Feb-09
135-1101                    Prince of Wales Drive            Ottawa         K2C 3W7       education, boards, committees, client support, fundraising                                                                              19-Feb-09
                       1217 Pembroke Street East             Pembroke       K8A 7R8       disaster management, office, fundraising, public relations, committees, public education, volunteer management
                                                                                          palliative visiting, frieindly visiting or phone calls, income tax clinic, fundraising events, foot care                                23-Feb-09
                        425 Cecelia Street                   Pembroke       K8A 1S7       clinics, frozen meals program, transportation, recreation program at Pembroke Civic Complex                                             23-Feb-09
30 ( Bldg. S117 )           Festubert Boulevard              Petawawa       K8H 2X3       youth program volunteers, annual events, youth centre volunteers,aquatics-slide attendant                                               25-Feb-09
                          7 International Drive              Pembroke       K8A 6W5       community food advisor - not currently recruiting volunteers                                                                             4-May-09
                        894 Pembroke Street West             Pembroke       K8A 6Y6       boards, committees, fundraising, special projects, programs, individual support                                                         11-Feb-09
                         15 Lake Street                      Killaloe       K0J 2A0       youth groups, used clothing store, toy maintenance, committees, boards                                                                  23-Feb-09
                        117 Banting Drive                    Deep River     K0J 1PO       auxiliary, fundraising, education, patient/resident support, gift shop, Whistle Stop                                                    18-Feb-09
                         51 King Street East                 Brockville     K6V 1A8       person-to-person canvassing, Jump Rope for Heart, Hoops for Heart, Big Bike event, Fit for Heart program                                19-Feb-09
                        600 Cecelia Street                   Pembroke       K8A 7Z3       recreation activities, special events, programs, visiting, office,day program, palliative care, library, driver                         20-Feb-09
                        725 Pembroke Street                  Pembroke       K8A 8S6                                                                                                                                               11-Feb-09
                                                                                          auxiliary, special events, fundraising, visiting, resident support, recreation activities, outings and events, feeding program, Meals on Wheels
47-P.O. Box 1988            Ridge Road                       Deep River     K0J 1P0       meal delivery, board, transportation, resident support, recreation, dog walkers, entertainment, readers, visitors,                      11-Feb-09
                        464 Isabella Street                  Pembroke       K8Z 5T9       special events, child care, speakers, fundraising, promotion                                                                            12-Feb-09
                       1144 Lea Street                       Pembroke       K8H 4Z6       special events, child care, speakers, fundraising, promotion, maintenance, kitchen                                                      12-Feb-09
387 - P.O. Box 322          Pacquette Road                   Petawawa       K8H 3J1       dog walkers, cat socializing, yard maintenance, special events, fundraising, reception,cat care, foster care                            11-Feb-09
1144 - P.O. Box 1354        Lea Street                       Pembroke       K8A 6Y6       child and youth recreation programming and events                                                                                       19-Feb-09
                          1 Pembroke Street East             Pembroke       K8A 3J5       recreation programs, special events                                                                                                     19-Feb-09
                        705 MacKay Street                    Pembroke       K8A 1G8       info desk clerk, greeter, office,surgical day care preparation,volunteer administration,auxiliary, fundraising                          20-Feb-09
                        154 Civic Centre Road                Petawawa       K8H 3H5       boards, committees, fundraising, office, housekeeping, health promotion programs, gardening, computer                                   19-Feb-09
                         16 Civic Centre Road                Petawawa       K8A 3H5       maintenance, groundskeeping,carpentry,re-enactment,students,boards, fundraising                                                          2-Mar-09
                                                             Petawawa                     maintain community garden; arranging field trips,contests;tend to public gardens and homes of seniors                                   11-Feb-09
                                                             Petawawa                     coaches, Board of Directors (president, VP, director of coaching, referring registrat, equipment, fundraising etc.)                     11-Mar-09
                         16   Civic Centre Road              Petawawa       K8H 3H5       shelve books, assist with special programming                                                                                           11-Feb-09
                         16   Civic Centre Road              Petawawa       K8A 3H5       coaches, trainers, fundraising, special events                                                                                          11-Feb-09
                         16   Civic Centre Road              Petawawa       K8A 3H5       special events (Cabin Fever, Civic Centre Days, Teddy Bear Picnic, Pumpkin Patch)                                                       11-Feb-09
                        130   Pembroke Street West           Pembroke       K8A 5M8       fundraising, boards, office                                                                                                             26-Feb-09
                       1022   Pembroke Street East           Pembroke       K8A 8A7       resident programs, activities, entertainment                                                                                            11-Feb-09
                         18   Regalbuto Avenue               Petawawa       K8H 1L3       office, child care, boards, committees, deployment programs, clowning around, fundraising, special events                               19-Feb-09
                        130   Pembroke Street West           Pembroke       K8A 5M8       office, fundraising, public education presenters, Op Snowsuit, Backpack Plus program                                                     5-Feb-09
                       1766   Barr Line-RR1                  Douglas        K0J 1S0       crisis support to victims of crime & tragic circumstance                                                                                  7-Apr-09
                        310   MacKay Street                  Pembroke       K8A 1C5       medical first response services, therapy dog services, youth program                                                                    12-Feb-09
                        214   Church Street - P.O. Box 727   Pembroke       K8A 6X9       board, campaign committees, bingo, office administration                                                                                11-Feb-09

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