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					             Research in Chemical Education 5

           Organizer: Renee Cole and Chris Bauer

                Presider: Vickie Williamson

                     Session time:
                Wednesday 9:25am-12:20am

                    Room Sch 260/262

 Time                      Title                       Presenter
9:25 AM                   Introduction                   Cole
               Ideas for teaching mental
9:30 AM
               molecular rotation                     Mike Briggs
               Visualizing Molecular
9:55 AM        Geometry: Is one teaching
               method better than another?          Ashmore-Good
               The effects of an intensive
               course on molecular
10:20 AM       visualization on teachers'
               content knowledge, spatial
               ability and attitude                      Jose
 Break                     10 minutes
               Probing student
10:55 AM       misconceptions induced by       Loretta Jones and Jennifer
               molecular animations                       Duis
               Research into models and
11:20 AM       modelling in chemical
               education                                Gilbert
               The Palava Project - A Method
               of Assessing Chemical
11:45 AM
               Modelling Capability (an NSF
               project)                                Oversby
     Student-Centered Learning Throughout the Curriculum 5

            Organizers: Rick Moog and Jim Spencer

                     Presider: Marty Perry

                       Session Time:
                 Wednesday 9:25 am-12:20 am

                         Room Sch 220

 Time                         Title                   Presenter
9:25 AM                     Introduction              Marty Perry
                      SMART teams: Linking
9:30 AM            Students with the Research           Patrick
                     Teaching undergraduate
                 biochemistry through molecular
9:55 AM                                                 Smith
                     stories: A guided inquiry
                  Coaching High Level Problem
10:20 AM                                              Minderhout
                         Solving Process
 Break                       10 minutes
                    Social learning in a tutoring
10:55 AM                                                Finney
                   Making the most of a second
11:20 AM          year undergraduate research         Gentleman
                  Building the case for pyramid
11:45 AM                                                 Jose
     New Approaches for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2

         Organizer: Christina N. Hammond and Jerry R. Mohrig
                    Presider: Christina N. Hammond

                          Session Time:
                    Wednesday 9:25am-12:20 pm

                            Room Sch 171

  Time                           Title                   Presenter
9:25 AM                      Introduction                Hammond
                         Implementation of a
                    collaborative research-based
9:30 AM             organic chemistry 2 laboratory      Dan Adsmond
                        course at Ferris State
                     Student perceptions of class-
9:55 AM              based research in sophomore       Layne A. Morsch
                      organic chemistry laboratory

                       Emulating research in the
10:20 AM                 second-year organic              Tim Hoyt
                     laboratory: synthesis projects
 Break                        10 minutes
                        Implementing student-
                     designed research projects in
10:55 AM                                               Drew Rutherford
                         the organic chemistry
                      Honors cup: Incorporating a
                    synthetic project competition in
11:20 AM                                                Amy Gottfried
                        undergraduate organic
                             chemistry labs
           Using Technology in the Chemistry Classroom 1

                        Organizer: Slocum
                     Presider: Laura E. Slocum

                          Session Time
                    Wednesday 9:25am-12:20am

                           Room Sch 230

  Time                           Title                     Presenter
9:25 AM                      Introduction                   Slocum
                    Math 0: Using the Equation
9:30 AM                Solver on a Graphing             Harvey Gendreau
                       The Latest Chemistry
10:05 AM             Interfacing Using Vernier            Nusret Hisim
                     Software and Technology
                   Reveal the Invisible-Probeware   Amy Gottfried and Jessica
10:40 AM
                            in Chemistry                    Hessler

                    Phyiscal Modeling, and Sinple
11:15 AM                                                  Mike Patrick
                     Hands-On Activities in High
                    School Chemisty and Biology
The Right Stuff: What Chemistry Content and Skills Do Nurses Need Today? 1

                         Organizer: John Dunkle
                          Presider: John Dunkle

                            Session Time:
                       Wednesday 9:25am-12:20am

                               Room Sch 275

      Time                          Title                   Presenter
    9:25 AM                     Introduction                  Dunkle

    9:30 AM            Chemistry in nursing curricula         Dolter
                           What topics in organic
    9:55 AM             chemistry relate to the work         Moody
                          that today’s nurses do?
                       Chemistry X-treme: To boldly
    10:20 AM            go where no nursing faculty          Slayton
                              has gone before
     Break                       10 minutes
                         Perturbing the equilibrium:
                           Chemistry and nursing
    10:55 AM                                                 Bennett
                        collaboration in instructional
                         Keeping their attention: A
    11:20 AM           nursing chemistry course for a         Brock
                                  new era
               Nanotechnology in Chemical Education 1

           Organizers: Gary Trammell and Keenan E. Dungey

                     Presider: Keenan E. Dungey

                          Session Time:
                     Wednesday 9:25am-12:20am

                            Room Benton

  Time                           Title                     Presenter
9:25 AM                      Introduction                   Dungey
                    The NanoKids: An introduction
9:30 AM               to nanoscale science and          Geroge Bodner
                     technology for grades 7-12
                       Nanotechnology for non-
9:55 AM                                                 George Lisensky
                      science first-year students
                    Discerning science from hype:
10:20 AM              A new course in chemical            Lon Porter
 Break                        10 minutes
                    Nanoscale activities in general
10:55 AM               chemistry for engineers            Eric J. Voss
                         Vertically integrated
                     nanotechnology experiments
11:20 AM                                                Kevin Kittredge
                        for the undergraduate
         Teaching Quantum Concepts in Chemistry: Why? When? How? 1

                     Organizer: Peter Garik and Alan Crosby

                               Presider: Peter Garik

                                Session Time:
                           Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                Room Sch 150/154

  Time                           Title                          Presenter
9:25 AM                      Introduction                      Peter Garik
             Recent Developments in the Philosophy of
                Chemistry and their Relevance to the
9:30 AM                                                         Eric Scerri
                 Teaching of Quantum Mechanics in
             Electron Configurations From Experimental
9:55 AM                                                       James Spencer
                  The Periodic Table and Electronic
10:20 AM                                                        Gary Katz
 Break                        10 minutes
              Learning in Quantum Mechanics: Mindset
10:55 AM                                                      David Gardner
                           Over Concepts
              The Why and How of Teaching Quantum
11:20 AM       Concepts in General Chemistry with              Alan Crosby
                  Interactive Computer Software
Learning to Teach Chemistry: The Professional Development of High School Chemistry Teachers 1

                               Organizer: Stacey Lowery Bretz

                                  Presider: Laurie Langdon

                                       Session Time
                                 Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                      Room Sch 204/208

                Time                         Title                   Presenter
              9:25 AM                    Introduction              Laurie Langdon
                                 Professional Development of
                                  Teachers as Researchers:
              9:30 AM              Integrating Content and       Stacey Lowery Bretz
                                 Pedagogy through Research
                                        and Education
                                   Marrying Chemistry and
                                 Pedagogy: Evaluation of the
              9:55 AM             Youngstown State Master’s         Mary Nakhleh
                                     Program in Chemical
                                 Discipline Based Professional
                                 Development for High School
             10:20 AM                                              Francois Amar
                                   Science Teachers at the
                                      University of Maine
               Break                     10 minutes
                                   Chemical Concepts and
                                   Connections for Teacher
             10:55 AM               Leaders: A multi-year          William Deese
                                  professioanl Development
                                    The Dreyfus Chemistry
                                  Program and its Impact on
             11:20 AM                                             Jeannette Brown
                                  Chemistry Teaching in New
Informed student, informed teacher: Integrating 21st Century information skills into the chemistry
                                          curriculum 1

                                         Organizer: Culp
                                      Presider: Bartow Culp

                                       Session Time:
                                  Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                          Room Sch 299
                Time                            Title                    Presenter
              9:25 AM                       Introduction                   Culp
                                 21st century information skills:
                                 Reflections and projections
              9:30 AM
                                 from a 20th century
                                 perspective                         Adrienne Koslowski
                                 Chemical Education at Notre
              9:55 AM
                                 Dame                                  Thurston Miller
                                 Chemical Information
                                 Instruction: Several
              10:20 AM           Approaches to Reach
                                 Chemists and Chemical
                                 Engineering Students                   Erja Kajosalo
               Break                         10 minutes
                                 Turning Chemistry into English:
                                 Incorporating Information
              10:55 AM
                                 Literacy into the Chemistry
                                 Curriculum                              April Love
                                 Enhancing scientific and
                                 technological literacy using
              11:20 AM
                                 news media and other
                                 information resources                  Mary Walzak
                                 Feature of the Journal of
                                 Chemical Education: The
              11:45 AM
                                 Chemical Information
                                 Instructor                         Andrea Twiss-Brooks
Implementations from the MID Project: Materials and Methods for Chemistry Reform 3

     Organizers: E. Lewis, B. Spencer, A. Russell, P. Varma-Nelson, G.E. Peace

                              Presider: Jerry Sarquis

                                Session Time:
                           Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                                  Room Sch 167

          Time                          Title                    Presenter
        9:25 AM                     Introduction                Jerry Sarquis
                          Assessing the effect of PLTL
        9:30 AM           on student learning: A                    Ford
                          What do students say about
        9:55 AM                                                  Jorgensen
                          peer led team learning?
                          Peer-led team learning:
       10:20 AM           Explorations at Miami                   Detchon
         Break                       10 minutes
                                Weekly Web-based
       10:55 AM             assignments in introductory           Holladay
                          Peer-led team learning: Getting
       11:20 AM                                                 Hemmingsen
                          started successfully
                          Conceptually-Based Interactive
       11:45 AM             Activities For Introductory             Haky
                            Undergraduate Chemistry
                       Science Magic

           Organizer: John Fortman Jeff Hepburn

                  Presider: John Fortman

                    Session Time:
               Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                       Room Gil 175

  Time                      Title                 Presenter
9:25 AM                Introduction                Fortman
                 Presentations of chemical
9:30 AM                                            J. Golen
                      "magic" shows
9:55 AM          Magic in chemistry class         J. Hepburn
10:20 AM       Magic that looks like chemistry    J. Rogoff
                Science magic from the NJ
10:45 AM                                          B. Howson
11:10 AM              Magic of fluids             J. Fortman
                 Parlor tricks for teaching
11:35 AM                                          W. Deese
12:00 PM            Magic into science             D. Katz
Assessing Student Outcomes in a Web-based Learning Environment (T) (Th)

 Organizers: Ramesh Arasasingham, Janice Chadwick, Barbara Gonzalez

                       Presider: Janice Chadwick

                           Session Time:
                      Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                           Room Sch 250/252

     Time                           Title                  Presenter
   9:25 AM                      Introduction            Janice Chadwick
                      Assessment of visual-spatial
                         ability and proportional
   9:30 AM                                              Barbara Gonzalez
                      reasoning within a chemistry
                       Activity-based collaborative
                         learning and traditional
   9:55 AM                instruction in general          Pat Wegner
                       chemistry: A comparison of
                            student outcomes
                        The effect of web-based
                          homework on student
   10:20 AM               achievement in large        Ramesh Arasasingham
                      enrollment general chemistry
    Break                        10 minutes
                       Learning in Cyberspace? A
                       comparison of online, web-
   10:55 AM             enhanced, and traditional        Barbara Gaddis
                          instruction in organic
                     Assessing student learning in
                       freshman chemistry using
   11:20 AM                                              Marie Villarba
                     MIDAS online homework and
                     Calibrated Peer Review (CPR)

                      Outcome-based learning and
   11:45 AM          grading in a WebCT-enhanced         Andreas Baur
                        general chemistry course
            Writing to Learn Chemistry

                  Organizer: Hand

                Session Time:
           Wednesday 9:25am-12:20pm

                   Room Sch 175
  Time                  Title                    Presenter
9:25 AM             Introduction                   Hand
              Interdisciplinary learning:
9:30 AM     Student scientist writers and     Bozena Widanski
           student reviewer collaboration
             LabWrite: Helping students
9:55 AM       learn chemistry by writing        Miriam Ferzli
                  better lab reports
                Non-traditional writing
10:20 AM   assignments for the chemistry      Brenda Harmon
 Break                10 minutes
            Learning enhancement with
10:55 AM       non-traditional writing in       Murat Gunel
                Across and Within the
            Discipline: Integrating Writing
11:20 AM                                      Kimberlee Faison
           between General and Organic
                 Improving Students'
           Understanding of Chemistry By
11:45 AM                                        Brian Hand
                Using Writing to Learn
           Analogies and Illustrations in Chemistry

            Organizer: Patrice Williams-Gordon

                      Session Time:
                Wednesday 9:25am-12:20 pm

                       Room Sch 240

  Time                       Title                       Presenter
9:25 AM                  Introduction                Williams-Gordon
9:30 AM          Chemistry in Everyday Life      Patrice Williams-Gordon
                History of Chemistry through
9:55 AM           caricatures and anecdotal           Rose Robacker
                What did you mean when you
               said an enzyme is like a glove?
10:20 AM       How students use and interpret         Mary Kay Orgil
               analogies in their Biochemistry
                Animating organic chemistry
10:45 AM                                              Joseph Mullins
                         with analogy
           Chemical Technology: Everywhere!

                  Organizer: Kenkel

                   Session Time:
             Wednesday 9:25am-12:20 pm

                    Room Sch 179

  Time                     Title                     Presenter
9:25 AM               Introduction                    Kenkel
                ChemTechLinks: Moving
9:30 AM
                         forward                  Sam Stevenson
            Chemical Technology at Miami
9:50 AM
                  University Middletown            Susan Marine
                   Laboratory Science
10:10 AM     Technology program for deaf
             and hard-of-hearing students          Todd Pagano
 Break                 10 minutes
            The chemistry of soil analysis:
                 Resource materials for
10:40 AM
                 teaching the laboratory
                       technician                  Donald Storer
             Incorporating the Chemistry-
               Rich Processes of Copper
11:00 AM
               Mining into the Chemistry
                       Laboratory                  Phil McBride
              Incorporation of a Chemical
             Reactor System in Chemical
11:20 AM
                 Laboratory Technology
                       Education               John Galiotos, paper 1

                 Chemical Laboratory
11:40 AM        Technology Integrated
            Laboratory Activities with other
            Science Technology Programs        John Galiotos, paper 2

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