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									Case studies and exemplar materials are produced by individual teachers working as Lead Practitioners for
                                    the Licence to Cook Programme.

N.B this work is based on the Licence to Cook programme; the resources may have been changed/adapted to
suit local needs.

LP author: Barbara Monks

School: Hitchin Girls’ School, Herts

Product: Pupil / parent support
Word document entitled Weekly planner year 7

Year group: Year 7

Topics: Planner outlining order of practical work for year 7

Key focus: Class activity, key learning and homework

Description: Single page, chart covering 18 weekly lessons – to help pupils and parents
                                                                                FOOD TECHNOLOGY YEAR 7 weekly

WEEK      CLASS ACTIVITY                                    Key learning                        Homework
Week 1    Starting D&T at HGS                               Making progress in D&T      V.C. Letters
          My teachers      My lessons                                                   Folder Headings
Week 2    In the food Technology Room                       D&T: Safe working in        Safe food preparation
          About Licence to Cook. Get log-on (or later)      Food Tech                   Prep ingredients:
          Safety in Kitchen areas                           L2C: Hygiene & Safety       For Recipe 1 or 2
          Key links relating diet to health                                             Getting to Grips booklet
          Demonstration recipes Recipe 1 or 2                                           page 12 & 14
Week 3    Licence to cook 1                                 D&T: Safe working in        Personal Safety
          Making Fruit fusion or dippy divers               Food Tech                   Worksheet or on-line
                                                            L2C: Hygiene & Safety       tutorial

Week 4    Demonstration SNACKS: Croque Monsieur or          Gaining confidence in       On-line tutorial:
          Pizza taosts                                      cooking                     Storing food Make a snack
          Using the grill or oven                                                       and write it up and
                                                                                         Prep ingredients
Week 5    Licence to cook 2                                 Knife skills                Cooking safely via tutorials
          Making a savoury snack:                           Bride / claw hold           or worksheet
          Croque monsieur or Pizza toastie                  Sequencing work             Getting to grips page 13 &
Week 6    Demonstration of melting method flapjacks         Melting Method              Revision Cooking safely
          Getting to Grips page 14 & 18                                                 Getting to Grips p 15 &19
Week 7    Licence to cook 3                                 Using hob and melting fat   Review H&S tutorials:
          Making melting method recipe                      / sugar, mixing, forming    personal, storing food and
          Demonstration: Granola bars                                                   safe cooking
Week 8    Licence to cook 4                                 Food development            Comparing the two
          What is development in food tech?                 Supporting revision of      different melting method
          Making a different type of flapjack               H&S                         recipes
Week 9    Demonstration of soup making                      Using a hand held blender   Write up for AKGK awards
          Use seasonal veg and stock cubes                  Sensory descriptors         Revision for online
Week 10   Licence to cook 5 – Making Soup: bring flask      Using vegetables            Revision for on-line H&S
          or suitable leak proof container                                              assessment
Week 11   H&S Online assessment                             Knowledge of H&S
          In ICT rooms                                      checked and assessed        File check / homework
          Check where I need to go
Week 12   Demonstration: Fruit crumble using rubbing        Knowing about basic         Prep fruit for next lesson –
          in method                                         recipes                     stew fruit
Week 13   Licence to cook 6: Making Crumble                 Costing tins v fresh        HW: Evaluate recipe: User
          Practical skills: rub in and use stewed fruit     Food miles                  needs and Product spec
Week 14   Demonstration: Using rubbing in method and        Generating ideas             HW: Showing ideas – 4
          incorporating at least 2 portions of fruit/veg:   5-a –day amounts            different ideas for healthy
          make a tasty attractive pizza.                                                pizza
Week 15   Licence to cook 7                                 Writing a product spec:     HW: Eevaluation for this
          Making a healthy Pizza - Assessment               SATSUMA technique           product: User reports

WEEK      CLASS ACTIVITY                                 Key learning                        Homework
Week 16   Demonstration of Rice or Pasta Salad           Inspiration through         HW:Review recipe of
                                                         ingredients                 Celebrity chefs
Week 17   Licence to Cook 8: Making a Pasta or Rice      Explain key points about    HW:Do Page13 in Getting
          salad                                          your choice                 to Grips
Week 18   Demonstration of stir frying                   Knowing about stir frying   Complete File and log all
          Making a stir-fry kit – Additional practical                               recipes
Week 19   End of module Certificates L2C 1 - 7           Grades and Targets          Change to TEXTILES


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