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					Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone

The Fashion and Beauty Communications sequence is a new course of study for
Newhouse and Visual and Performing Arts’ Fashion Design majors at Syracuse
University, offering them a series of courses from both schools that explore
fashion and beauty as communication. To that end, this new milestone covers
the history of fashion; contemporary fashion as it relates to popular culture;
beauty and diversity in fashion media; visual communications theory and
practice; fashion advertising and promotion; fashion photography; beauty and
fashion journalism; and a variety of electronic-media courses. Students will also
gain professional experience through a choice of lecture series, benchmark trips,
practicums, internships and study-abroad programs.

We believe that this collaboration between these two professional Schools
provides a unique and important educational opportunity for students. As majors
in their respective programs they become either mass media or fashion-design
specialists. What this milestone offers students is a common “thematic area of
interest” -- Fashion and Beauty Communications – that allows them to apply
what they have learned in mass communications or fashion design to yet another
field of study. This new three-year concentration lets students use their required
electives efficiently, such that they take a collection of VPA and Newhouse
courses that gives them expertise in another subject. Students who choose to
pursue the Fashion and Beauty Communications Milestone will ultimately
graduate with not only a major and a minor, but also a milestone distinction in
Fashion and Beauty Communications.

Goals of the Specialty
  1. One of the major objectives of this milestone is to offer students a cross-
      disciplinary concentration of study that will be rigorous in its exploration of
      fashion and beauty communications. Syracuse University is uniquely
      qualified to deliver this specialized concentration of study given the
      national reputations of the Newhouse School and the Visual and
      Performing Arts’ Fashion Design program.

   2. Another primary goal of this concentration is to recognize the tremendous
      cultural force of fashion in mass communications.

The Curriculum Students Take:
  1. In the first year of study, sophomores enroll in the three courses listed

       Theoretical Foundation of Fashion & Beauty Communication
       Fall Semester -- History of Fashion Design (FAS 335)
                      -- Beauty and Diversity in Fashion Media (COM 300)

       Spring Semester – Visual Thinking (FAS 147)

2. In their junior year, students take two more courses that offered by the
   Newhouse School. They can choose from the following courses:

   Conceptualization and Realization of Fashion & Beauty

   Fall Semester
                   – Beauty & Fashion Journalism (MAG 500)

                   -- Fashion Advertising and Promotion (ADV 526)
                   -- Producing the Fashion Video (TRF 510) (1 credit hour)
                   -- Interactive Fashion Communications (GRA 500)
                      (1 credit hour)
                   -- Photography for Newspaper & Magazine (PHO 555)
                    (Prerequisite for Fashion Photography course offered in

   Spring Semester
               – Fashion Portraiture (PHO 530)
                   -- Staging and Directing the Fashion Show (TRF 510)
                     (1credit hour)
                   -- Selected Topics: Producing Cross-Platform Messages
                      for Fashion and Beauty audiences (COM 500)
                     (This is a project-driven course that will focus on
                     conceptualizing and producing a converged fashion-
                     communications media product by collaborating with
                     a variety of Newhouse departments and VPA.

3. In the senior year, students gain professional experience by taking one of
   the following:

   Professional and Public-Service Application of Fashion & Beauty
   Theory and Concepts
   Fall Semester – Fashion Communications Immersion Experience
        Field trips
        Benchmark trips

   Spring Semester – SU Fashion Show Practicum
       Publicity Practicum
       Production Practicum
       Journalism Practicum

Senior Year Continued
Summer Session I or II
   Internship
   Study abroad:
          – “Fashion Photography” at SU’s London Program taught by
             Dr. Larry Mason
          -- Six-week fashion course taught in Paris by Prof. Karen

Spring & Fall Semester
    “Public Communications for the Public Good” Service Project

           -- “Fashion Brigade” -- a public-service outreach (Scholarship
               in Action) that organizes students into “media literacy”
               groups who go out to area schools to teach young people
               about the Fashion & Beauty industry’s effect on society.
             This public-service option will allow SU students to take
             leadership roles in developing media-literacy programs that
             will teach public-school students about critical issues
             related to Fashion & Beauty communications, such as
             consumerism, ideal body imagery and eating disorders.