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Participation and just attending an exhibition is an excellent opportunity to be acquainted
with the World tendencies in your or related branches, to make business partners and to
broaden supplies’ geography of your production.

We offer a schedule of big International exhibitions in the cosmetics industry.
Probably, you will be interested in this information.

Countries, which are in the geography of the exhibition: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia,
Ukraine, Germany.

     Schedule of Exhibitions from November 2006 to July 2007

         Country/City                   Name and Date                  Brief Description

             Latvia                    Baltic beauty world
                                                                 Body care, cosmetics, toiletry.
              Riga                     03.11 - 05.11.2006
                                                                    Ways of gaining in health,
           Germany                     Body & Health Expo
                                                                   Representatives of sport and
              Essen                      03 - 05.11.2006
                                                                           fitness clubs.
                                                                   Professional and decorative
            Ukraine                       Style&Beauty
                                                                cosmetics. Equipments for beauty
             Odessa                      16 - 18.11.2006
            Ukraine               СПА, Здоровье и Фитнес 2006   Cosmetics. Equipments for beauty
              Kiev                       23 - 26.11.2006        salons. Fitness and sport centres.
                                                                 Professional cosmetics, toiletry.
            Ukraine                 InterCHARM-Украина 2007     New developments in the field of
              Kiev                       08 - 10.02.2007        cosmetics. Equipments for beauty
             Russia                       ШАРМ-2007              Cosmetics, Stuff for body care,
          Rostov On Don                28.02 - 03.03.2007                 consultations.
           Lithuania                    CINDERELLA 2007
                                                                Cosmetics, toiletry, beauty salons.
             Vilnius                     02 - 04.03.2007

             Russia                     Expobeauty 2007         Everything for the beauty salons,
             Moscow                      10 - 13.03.2007             drug-stores and shops.

           Germany                  Beauty International 2007     Cosmetics, ways of body care,
           Düsseldorf                   23 - 25.03.2007                 demonstrations.
             Latvia                      "Stils un mode"             Body care production,
               Riga                    30.03 - 01.04.2007          advertisement, realization.
                                                                 Particularized exhibition for the
             Russia                  N.I.C.E. / IDEAL BEAUTY
                                                                beauty salons, cosmetics and stuff
         Saint-Petersburg                 23 - 26.05.2007
                                                                          for body care.

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