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									                                    Eggs In Your Diet
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Eggs in Your Diet

When we think of eggs, the first thing that comes to mind is
breakfast food. Eggs are more than your traditional breakfast
food -fried eggs, omelets, hard cooked eggs, poached or

Versatility of Eggs
Here is some examples of the versatility of eggs.
Students are to copy the chart and in small groups, brainstorm
more examples.

    Breakfast     Lunch/Supper Ideas                    Dessert
French Toast    Egg Salad Sandwich              Crepes
Omelets         Quiche                          Angel Food Cake
Breakfast Wraps Egg Drop Soup                   Puddings
                Egg Noodles                     Chiffon Cake

To get more ideas for their chart students could use the web
sites provided or do an internet search for egg recipes.
Canada’ Food Guide

Did you know that… eggs are an excellent source of protein because they
contain all 9 essential amino acids?

Eggs are part of Canada's Food Guide. Which groups do they
belong in? Eggs belong in the Meat and Alternatives Group.

Canada's Food Guide recommends 2-3 servings per day from the
Meat and Alternatives Group. One to two eggs makes one serving
from this group.

You have probably heard of someone reducing the amount of eggs
in their diet because they are watching their cholesterol.


Why be concerned about cholesterol?

Cholesterol is carried by your blood. If your diet consists of
foods high cholesterol, there will be more cholesterol in your
blood. The LDL cholesterol attaches to the walls of your
arteries. This is called plaque. As the plaque accumulates the
passage way in your arteries gets smaller.

A heart attack occurs when blood flow is blocked in a artery that
leads to the heart.

A stroke occurs when blood flow is blocked in a artery that leads
to part of the brain.

Having high cholesterol levels is associated with increasing your
risk of heart disease.
Should we be concerned about cholesterol in eggs?

Eggs are just one of the food sources that contain cholesterol. It
is also found in cheeses and other dairy products. These dietary
foods do not increase blood cholesterol levels to the extent that
excess saturated and trans fats do. If you have cholesterol your intake of saturated fats (animal fats).

Cooking Lab

This activity will allow students to try out a new recipe using eggs.
Using the chart they made at the beginning of this activity,
students are to select a recipe that uses eggs in a way you
haven't used before. The web sites at the beginning of the
activity will help them find a recipe.

The cooking lab evaluation sheet can be used as a resource to
grade the group.

Students are to attach the recipe evaluation sheet to their
recipe and put in your Recipe Portfolio.

Extension: Students are to record on your recipe evaluation
modifications that could me made to the recipe to reduce the
amount of cholesterol.
                                Evaluation of Cooking Lab
                                      Food Studies

The biggest mistakes made in cooking labs are not measuring properly and
not following the directions in the recipe.

Date:                                          Name of recipe:

Group Members
– all group members are to be included
 -jobs need to rotate in the group
-more than one person can do a job (i.e. two people could be preparing the food)

Dish Dryer-

Put the Dishes Away-

Measure Ingredients-

Prepare Food Item-

Put Ingredients Away-

PREPARATIONS                     /2            Yes No Comments

-has a clear understanding of what
needs to be done before starting
-preheat oven, if needed
-measured all ingredients first
-measured all ingredients accurately
-got the teacher to check
measurements before proceeding
CLEANLINESS                    /3                Yes No Comments
-washed hands
-kept work area neat
-washed dishes with hot, soapy
-sanitized rinse water
-used clean dish cloth and tea towels
-dried dishes
-put items back in the proper spot
-put all ingredients away
-wiped all spills immediately
-swept floor
-dish clothes, tea towels and aprons
put away
-got the teacher to check the
kitchen when completed clean up

COOKING                         /2
-quality of the product

GROUP WORK                       /3
-cooperated together
-helped each other
-did assigned jobs
-set the table
-used good table manners
-made good use of class time

Reflection Ideas:               /2
        d                        s
What we’ like best about today’ lab …
What worked well in our group today …
Next cooking lab, our group could improve by …
                                Recipe Evaluation
                                  Food Studies
This is a place to keep reference notes on recipes you have tried as part of
this class. Attach this to the recipe and put in your Recipe Portfolio.

Recipe: ___________________________________________________

Date: _______________                  Overall Rating ( /10): ___________

Most significant nutrient is ___________________________________.

This recipe is part of the following Food Group(s):

Cooking Techniques used:

Equipment used:

Rate the recipe on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the

Clear instructions         1    2      3     4        5
Easiness                   1    2      3     4        5

Appearance                 1    2      3     4        5
Taste                      1    2      3     4        5
Texture                    1    2      3     4        5

Would you make this recipe again? Why or why not?

Changes or modifications I would make next time… .

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