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					University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template

                                                                    REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS
                                                             CONSTRUCTION MANAGER AT RISK
                                                  PRE-CONSTRUCTION & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES

DATE ISSUED: ___________________

                               THE NEBRASKA BOARD OF REGENTS

                                       for and on behalf of

                               ____________________ UNIVERSITY

                                    REQUEST PROPOSALS FOR:

                                (PROJECT/CONTRACT NUMBER)

                                       (PROJECT TITLE)

                         DUE DATE/ TIME: __________________________

Time and Date of Pre-Submittal Conference                             ______________________
Deadline for Inquiries                                                ______________________
Time and Date Set for Submittal                                       ______________________

Date: March 2009                                                                          1
University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template
                                       REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFPs)
                                      CONSTRUCTION MANAGER AT RISK

                                             (PROJECT TITLE)



1.1     The University of Nebraska intends to procure a qualified construction manager/general
        contractor to provide pre-construction services and construction services as the Construction
        Manager at Risk (CMR) for the ______________ (Project). The estimated construction cost is $

1.2     The Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) must be received by the ____(office address)_______ at
        ____(city)_______, Nebraska, by ________ local time, ______, 200__.

1.3     Questions pertaining to the selection process should be directed to ___________ at

1.4     The University of Nebraska shall not be held responsible for any oral instructions. Any changes
        to this Request for Proposals (RFP) will be in the form of an addendum, which will be furnished
        to all registered RFP holders.

1.5     The University of Nebraska reserves the right to reject any or all SOQs, to waive any informality
        or irregularity in any SOQ received, and to be the sole judge of the merits of the respective SOQs

1.6     A pre-submittal conference for the Project will be held __(date)____, 200_ at ____ a.m./p.m. at
        ____(location)__________. University staff will discuss the scope of work, general contract
        issues and respond to questions from the attendees. Because staff will not be available to
        respond to individual inquires regarding the project scope outside of this pre-submittal
        conference, attendance at this pre-submittal conference is highly recommended.

1.7     The Project description is:

1.8     The CMR services will be performed in two phases with two separate contracts. Phase I and the
        first contract will include the pre-construction services and the preparation and submission of
        the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). Phase II and the second contract will include complete
        construction services for the construction of the Project.

1.9     The CMR will be selected on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualification for the
        type of services required with price as a factor, and thereafter the University will negotiate a
Date: March 2009                                                                                        2
University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template
        contract for the pre-construction services at a fair and reasonable fee with the firm evaluated to
        provide the best value to the University.

1.10    The CMR will be an integral member of the Project Team, consisting of the CMR, representatives
        from the University, the Architect, key design assist subcontractors and other consultants as
        required. Generally, it will be the responsibility of the CMR to integrate the design and
        construction phases, utilizing skills and knowledge of general contracting, to provide value
        engineering and constructability reviews, develop schedules; prepare detailed project
        construction estimates; study labor conditions; and, in any other way deemed necessary, to
        contribute to the development of the Project during the pre-construction/design phase.

1.11    The CMR assumes construction risk and has direct authority over the subcontractors. The CMR
        will act as the University’s fiduciary and have a relationship of trust and confidence between
        itself and the University. The Project will be an “open book” job whereby the University may
        attend any and all meetings of the CMR firm relating to the Project and have access to any and
        all books and records of the CMR relating to the Project.


2.1     After being selected, the CMR will execute a contract with the University to provide pre-
        construction services during the design phase of the project as follows:

        2.1.1      CMR will be a part of the Project Design Team and participate with the University staff
                   and the Architect during Project development. Participation may include leadership and
                   overall team coordination.

        2.1.2      CMR will provide value analysis services, value engineering and offer cost savings
                   suggestions and best value recommendations.

        2.1.3      CMR will provide Project planning and scheduling.

        2.1.4      CMR will provide constructability studies and reviews.

        2.1.5      CMR will provide construction cost models, estimates based on marketplace conditions,
                   and cash flow development and analysis.

        2.1.6      CMR may be requested to manage a subcontractor design assist process during the pre-
                   construction phase.

        2.1.7      CMR will assist in the coordination of Contract Documents

        2.1.8      At the completion of the design or at any earlier time as required by the University, CMR
                   will submit a Construction Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to the University.

2.2     After CMR has submitted a GMP acceptable to the University, CMR and University intend to
        execute a second contract for complete construction services for the construction of the project.
        The CMR will assume the risk of delivering the Project through a guaranteed maximum price
        contract. The CMR will be responsible for construction means and methods.

Date: March 2009                                                                                          3
University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template

3.1     The CMR will be selected through a best value selection process. The Technical Qualifications
        will be weighted at a maximum of ___% of the total evaluation. The Fee and General Conditions
        Price Proposal will be weighted at a maximum of ___% of the total evaluation.

        Firms interested in providing construction manager at risk services must submit a Statement of
        Qualifications (SOQ) that addresses the following evaluation criteria. Applicants are encouraged
        to organize their submissions in such a way as to follow the general evaluation criteria listed
        below. Information included within the SOQ may be used to evaluate your firm as part of any
        criteria regardless of where that information is found within the SOQ. Information obtained
        from the SOQ and from any other relevant source may be used in the evaluation and selection

3.2     Cover Letter (1-page) containing at a minimum:

        Company name, contact name, address, fax number, and email address

3.3     Technical Qualifications Criteria

        3.3.1      General Information

                   Description of firm/team
                   Legal company organization; organization chart with names
                   List of applicable Nebraska licenses

        3.3.2      Relevant Firm Experience                                                   (____ points)

                   a.     Applicant’s overall reputation, service capabilities and quality as it relates to this
                   b.     List and briefly describe 3-5 comparable projects completed by your firm or
                          currently in progress; include your firm’s role, and discuss contract amendment
                          history, if applicable. For each project, include: contract value and construction
                          value (original value plus contract amendments, if applicable), project owner,
                          project location, contact name and title, address, current/accurate telephone
                          number, fax number, and email address (if available).
                   c.     A minimum of three referrals and references from other agencies and owners.
                          If possible, references should be from the projects listed above.
                   d.     List and describe any litigation; arbitration; claims filed by your firm against any
                          project owner as a result of a contract dispute; any claim filed against your firm;
                          termination from a project.
                   e.     Applicant’s capacity and intent to proceed without delay if selected for this
                   f.     Type and amount of self-performed work.

Date: March 2009                                                                                              4
University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template
        3.3.3      Team Experience & Qualifications                                     (____ points)

                   a.     Describe each team member’s position within the firm. Provide resumes of each
                          proposed team member in Appendix A. List professional continuing education.
                   b.     Briefly describe each team member’s role on this project.
                   c.     Provide “team” experience working together on similar projects.
                   d.     Identify proposed subconsultants/subcontractors, and your method of
                          subconsultant/subcontractor selection, if applicable. Attach a proposed
                          Subconsultant/Subcontractor Selection Plan as part of Appendix A.
                   e.     Explain your understanding of, and experience with, the CMR Delivery Method.

        3.3.4      Project Understanding and Approach                                   (____ points)

                   a.     Describe your understanding of the project.
                   b.     Identify and discuss any potential problems during design and construction.
                   c.     Identify and discuss methods to mitigate those problems.
                   d.     Describe the work you anticipate self-performing, and the work you anticipate
                          being performed by subconsultants/subcontractors.

        3.3.5      Approach to Project Management                                       (____ points)

                   a.     Describe your approach to change orders.
                   b.     Describe your planning, scheduling, estimating, and construction management
                   c.     Describe your quality control plan, dispute resolution, and safety management.

        3.3.6      Other Factors                                                        (____ points)

                   a.     Current workload and ability to proceed promptly.
                   b.     Willingness to abide by the University’s standard form Agreements with few or
                          no objections or changes.
                   c.     Provide statement regarding your assurance that this engagement will not
                          result in a conflict of interest.
                   d.     Relevant factors impacting the quality and value of work.

3.4     Price Proposal

        3.4.1      Fee and General Conditions
                   The attached Fee and General Conditions Worksheet shall be completed and submitted
                   as the Price Proposal. The Price Proposal shall become ____% of the total evaluation
                   score. Contract award will include the proposed prices.


4.1     The SOQ shall include a one-page cover letter plus a maximum of fifteen (15) pages to address
        the SOQ criteria specified in Section 3 (excluding Resumes, Subconsultant/Subcontractor
        Selection Plan, and Fee and General Conditions Price Proposal). Table of Contents and section
        divider pages do not count towards the total page count. Resumes for each key team member

Date: March 2009                                                                                        5
University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template
        shall be limited to no more than two pages. Resumes and Subconsultant/Subcontractor
        Selection Plan shall be attached as Appendix A.

4.2     One copy of the Fee and General Conditions Price Proposal shall be separately enclosed in a
        sealed envelope clearly marked as follows: “Fee and General Conditions Price Proposal – Project

4.3     ___#____ copies of the Statement of Qualifications and Appendix A must be submitted with the
        sealed Fee and General Conditions Price Proposal to ____(office address)_______ at
        ____(city)_______, Nebraska, by ________ local time, ______, 200__.

4.4     Failure to comply with the following criteria may be grounds for disqualification:

        ▪   Receipt of submittal by the specified cut-off date and time.
        ▪   The number of originals and/or copies of the submittal specified.
        ▪   Adherence to maximum page requirements.

4.5     Adherence to the maximum page criteria is critical; each page side (maximum 81/2” x 11”) with
        criteria information will be counted. Pages that have photos, charts and graphs will be counted
        towards the maximum number of pages.


5.1     The evaluation will be scored in two parts. The first part is a point score for the Technical
        Qualifications, which has a maximum of ____% of the Total Score. The second part is the point
        score for the “Fee and General Conditions Price Proposal” which has a maximum of ____% of
        the Total Score. The total of the percentage achieved in each category becomes the Total Score.

5.2     The Project Evaluation Board will first evaluate the Technical Qualifications. A minimum 5-
        member Project Evaluation Board will evaluate each Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)
        according to the above criteria and select a minimum of three finalists that will be Short Listed
        for the project. The Short List firms will meet with the Project Evaluation Board for interviews.
        The purpose of the interview will be to expand on the information provided in the SOQ, not to
        repeat information already provided. Those firms selected for the Short List will be provided
        additional instruction by the University. Those firms not selected for further consideration will
        be notified.

5.3     The following tentative schedule has been prepared for this project. Firms interested in this
        project must be available on the interview meeting date.

                                Pre-submittal conference:                __________
                                SOQs due:                                __________
                                Firms notified for interview:            __________
                                Interviews:                              __________

5.4     The Project Evaluation Board will then determine a Technical Qualification score for each Short
        List firm based on the published criteria in 3.3 of this RFQ. Consideration will be given to both
        the written Statement of Qualifications and any oral presentations or interviews. No other

Date: March 2009                                                                                       6
University of Nebraska
Construction Manager at Risk RFP Template
        factors or criteria will be used in the technical qualification scoring. The Project Evaluation Board
        will score Technical Qualifications prior to opening the Price Proposals.

5.4     The Price Proposal will be scored in accordance with the equation provided below. This will
        result in the percentage value for the Price Proposal.

        Calculating Price Proposal

                                       (offeror’s price proposal – lowest price proposal)
                   Stipulated % X [1 – ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ]
                                                             lowest price proposal

5.5     The Total Score will be calculated by adding the Technical Qualification percentage and the Price
        Proposal percentage. The highest Total Score will be recommended for contract award.

5.6     Requests for debriefings or to review Statements of Qualifications submitted, shall be made in
        writing to the University. All information submitted by firms and related Project Evaluation
        Board evaluations and rankings shall be considered confidential until after contract execution
        and award by the Board of Regents.

5.7     The University will enter into negotiations with the selected firm and execute a contract upon
        completion of negotiations of pre-construction services for Board of Regents approval. If the
        University is unsuccessful in negotiating a contract with the highest scoring team, the University
        may then negotiate with the second or third highest scoring team until a contract is executed, or
        may decide to terminate the selection process.

5.8     At the conclusion of the Pre-Construction Services or earlier, after the selected CMR has
        submitted a construction GMP, the University will execute a contract with CMR for complete
        construction services if the proposed GMP is acceptable to the University and upon completion
        of negotiation of contract terms for the Board of Regents approval. If the University is
        unsuccessful in negotiating a construction contract with the CMR, the University may decide to
        terminate the selection process and award construction through the competitive low bid


6.1     Construction Services Contract

6.2     Fee and General Conditions Worksheet

6.3     Architectural Program

6.4     [Any University-required certifications, etc.]

Date: March 2009                                                                                                               7

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