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Wong Hoi - DOC


									                                        Hoi Wong
                      1885 California Street #57, Mountain View, CA 94041
                                     Phone: (650) 804-5024

Education    Engr. Electrical Engineering
             Stanford University                                            Current GPA: 3.556

             M.S. Electrical Engineering                                    Graduated: Jun 2007
             Stanford University                                            Current GPA: 3.556

             B.S. Electrical Engineering and Mathematics (Hons.)            Graduated: Dec 2003
             University of Wisconsin – Madison                              Overall GPA: 3.826

             Professional courses/skills:
                  Adaptive Signal Processing and Neural Networks
                  Convex Optimization
                  Spectral Audio, Mixed Digital and Analog Signal Processing
                  Wavelets and Splines.
                  Wireless, Digital and Analog Telecommunications Systems
                  Modern and Classical Control
                  Statistical Signal Processing, Time Series Analysis, Stochastic Processes
                  Image and Video Compression
                  Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Measure Theory
                  Analog Circuit Analysis and Laboratory
                  Embedded Systems with Atmel processors

Current      Parallel learning algorithms for adaptive filtering
Research              Obtained results with strictly better convergence performance, increased stability
                      and robustness than LMS with minimal increase in computational time with
                      parallel data processing structure.

Experience   Research Assistant and Programmer, Stanford University School of Medicine
                    Worked with vendor to extract proprietary device data from Implantable
                    Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs). Written XSLT scripts to convert document-
                    oriented XML to data-oriented XML. Developed C# and MATLAB GUIs for
                    clinical access and transmission of HIPAA protected data. Learned Linux,
                    CGI+Perl to reverse engineer the specifications from old source-code base in the
                    process. Investigated available new software technologies and strategically re-
                    designed and implemented the hardware/software system model to improve
                    programming efficiency, security, manageability, and usability. Completely
                    replaced functionally lacking and un-maintainable legacy Linux+Perl+CGI system
                    by re-developing in MATLAB+Windows Terminal Services. Completed DCOM-
                    based internet application development and deployed compiled MATLAB
                    application through script automation. Designed nested data structure in MATLAB
                    to minimize potential bugs, simplify programming tasks and balance between data
                    size and computational efficiency. Developed sparse cell data structure through
                    object-oriented programming in MATLAB to enhance capacity for large data sets.
                    Configured and maintained Windows Terminal Server for web-based interactive
                    data analysis. [Winter 2006 – Current]

             Research Assistant, Department of Anesthesia, Stanford University School of Medicine
                    Strategically analyzed, acquired, and maintain data acquisition solutions for the
                    laboratory. Carried out electronic, machine shop, computer system and software
         work to develop a fully functioning computerized DAQ and data analysis package.
         Developed graphical user interface for data acquisition in Igor. [Summer 2007]

Bluetooth Software Development Intern, Broadcom Corporation
        Developed signal analysis model and plan for Bluetooth audio quality
        measurements with proprietary echo cancellation algorithm. Created objective
        performance metrics using mathematical techniques, implemented a fully
        automated audio quality measurement tool (signal generation, capture and
        analysis) by MATLAB, using UART to talk to the development board.
        Bridged the gap between embedded software development team and software
        testing & verification team (SVT). Gained understanding of the Bluetooth stack
        and protocol. Developed unit test scripting framework and example scripts for
        internal WIDCOMM Bluetooth testing program, and made changes to the script
        engine written in mixed C and C++. Interacted with the code base using
        ClearQuest. Prepared and delivered presentation to the SVT, the client of the
        testing package. Debugged firmware on ARM 7-TDMI development system.
        [Summer 2006]

Imaging Intern, PortalPlayer Inc., San Jose, CA
       Developed, revised and verified image processing algorithms (AWB, AGC, AEC)
       for digital still camera. Implemented algorithms and controlled image sensors
       through programming ARM-based embedded system with C/C++. Analyzed
       algorithms and sensor behavior with C++ and MATLAB. Mathematical problem
       tracing of algorithm design. Set up a laboratory/studio for algorithm verification
       and testing. Prepared and performed technical presentations and documented the
       algorithm development process. [Summer 2005]

Research Assistant and Project Leader, Biomedical Engineering Project with Prof.
Gerald Popelka, Stanford University School of Medicine
        Developed a signal processing system (simulated baby ear) for automated testing
        of hearing diagnosis equipment. Devised and implemented algorithms on
        embedded DSP (TMS320) using C. Edited PC<->DSP interface code in Delphi.
        Collected and analyzed system response data for device development. Prototyped
        electronic interface for analog signals. Worked individually at the beginning and
        then managed a project team. Initial quick prototyping using MATLAB Data
        Acquisition Toolbox. Earned leadership experience, sharpened interpersonal,
        communication and organizational skills. [Fall 2004 – Spring 2005]

Signal Processing Research Project with Prof. William Sethares, UW-Madison
        Developed and implemented an algorithm to estimate parameters governing real-
        life signal’s deviation from true periodicity. Discovered new mathematical relation
        that leads to faster estimation. Explained and solved problems of extending
        theoretical results to real-life signals. Application ranges from analyzing heartbeat
        signals to audio compression. Paper published to IEEE ICASSP. [2003]

Assistant, Electronics Shop, Department of Psychology, UW-Madison
        Repaired and assembled computers and electronic instruments for psychology
        research projects. Formulated and realized IT-solutions for the department.
        Reverse-engineered instrumentation circuit board. Machine shop experience. [Fall
        2002 – Spring 2003]

Summer Intern, Globe-IT, HK (an information technology firm).
      Performed deployment of IT-equipment, networking, thin-client for ASP and
      Terminal Server. Analyzed and devised solutions to IT-problems. [Summer 2000]

Tutor, TRIO Student Support Services Program UW-Madison
        Earned experience in teaching, sharpened communication and interpersonal skills
        with ethnic minorities [Fall 2002]
Teaching         Phy 105:         Analog Electronics Laboratory [Fall 2006]
Assistantships   BioE 200C:       Medical Device, Diagnostics, and Pharmaceuticals [Spring 2006]
                 EE367B:          Spectral Audio Signal Processing / Applications of FFT [Spring 06, 08]

Publication      H. Wong and W. A. Sethares, “Estimation of Pseudo-periodic Signals”, IEEE Proceedings
                 of Int’l Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Montreal, May 2004

Honor/Awards     Clarence F. and Helen A. Martin Scholarship (2002)
                 Vincent C. Rideout Scholarship (2003)

Computer         Proficient in MATLAB.
                 Program in C, C++ (with STL), C# (with GUI), SPARC assembly, BASIC, Igor.
                 Professional Software: Maple, Minitab, LaTeX, Multisim, Circuit Maker, Simulink.
                 Strong PC hardware troubleshooting, deployment and IT-management skills.

Pastime          Controlled parallel port data acquisition system (low-level) with MATLAB DAQ Toolbox
                 Programmed GPIB commands to control test instruments in MATLAB.
                 Repaired test equipments (oscilloscopes, bench power supplies, etc.)

Others           Completed a dual bachelor degree within 2½ years with a choice of rigorous courses related
                 to signal processing and Mathematics. Graduated with distinction.

Languages        Written Chinese and spoken Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese (Southern-Min)
                 Studied Japanese language at Stanford for 2 years

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