Testing Software by sofiaie


									                       Testing Software
                        SAP Chapter 9
1. Testing Fundamentals
     a. Tests should find as many errors as possible in a
     b. A test is successful if it can detect a previously
         undetected error.
     c. Testing Principles
            i. Tests should verify customer requirements
           ii. Tests should be planned before coding begins
     d. Testing Methods
            i. Black-Box Testing
                 1. Graph-Based Testing
                 2. Equivalence Partitioning
                 3. Boundary-Value Analysis
                 4. Comparison Testing
                 5. Orthogonal-Array Testing
           ii. White-Box Testing
                 1. Basis-Path Testing
                 2. Condition Testing
                 3. Data-Flow Testing
                 4. Loop Testing
2. Testing Strategies
     a. Unit Testing
            i. Considerations for Unit Testing
           ii. Procedure for Unit Testing
     b. Integration Testing
            i. Top-Down Integration
           ii. Bottom-Up Integration
                 1. Regression Testing
                 2. Smoke Testing
     c. Validation Testing
     d. System Testing
            i. Recovery Testing
           ii. Security Testing
          iii. Stress Testing
          iv. Performance Testing
3. Object-Oriented Testing
     a. Object-Oriented Testing Strategies
            i. Unit Testing
           ii. Integration Testing
          iii. Validation Testing
     b. Testing Methods
            i. Fault-Based Testing
           ii. Class Testing
                  1. Random Testing
                  2. Partition Testing
          iii. Interclass Testing
4. Test Case Development
     a. Test Case Specification
            i. Environment
           ii. Hardware and Software Requirements
          iii. System Behavior
          iv. Test Reporting
     b. Test-Output Analysis
     c. Test-Case Implementation
     d. Automated Software Testing Tools
            i. Automatic Test-Data Generator Tool
                  1. Branch-Wise Test-Data Generator
                  2. Data-Specific Test-Data Generator
                  3. Random Test-Data Generator
           ii. Advantages of Automated Software Testing Tools

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