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Ross Collards Fundamentals of Software Testing


									       Ross Collard’s
Fundamentals of Software Testing
 Duration                  Software testing has seen a phenomenal growth in importance
 2 days                    in recent years, and for good reason. Testing is done to find
                           information, and critical decisions about the project are made
                           based on testing results. Yet given the strategic importance of
                           software testing, many IT professionals still don’t have an
 Instructor                adequate understanding of the core concepts and technicalities
 Roland Stens              of the subject and conduct testing in a disorganized,
                           incomplete, and costly manner. Software testing is simply too
                           important to not know how to do it right.

 Class Limit               Ross Collard’s Fundamentals of Software Testing provides the
 20 students
                           critical knowledge for successful software testing. This two-day
                           seminar focuses on creating testing practices which are logical,
                           organized, effective and repeatable, and which provide a
                           reasonable degree of assurance that the test results are
 Prerequisite              relevant and trustworthy.
                           This detailed, intensive workshop will enable attendees to
                           understand the core concepts and principles of quality testing;
                           how to effectively derive test cases; comprehend test planning,
 Price                     execution, results and follow-up processes; define major unit
                           and integration test techniques; understand the user’s role in
 On-site                   testing; major system and acceptance test techniques;
 Please contact SPC        recognize critical factors that influence the success or failure of
 for pricing (contact      system projects; how to test modifications to existing systems;
 information on page 2)    how to review regression testing; and, techniques to build
                           teamwork and minimize conflict.
 Public Training
 $1,095 (2 days)           At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to:

 *Discount available for   •   Design effective and reliable test cases
 early registration        •   Develop workable test plans
                           •   Organize, manage & review the effectiveness of test efforts
                           •   Evaluate test results
                           •   Write effective problem reports to get problems solved
 Materials Provided        •   Manage the test environment
                           •   Work cooperatively with involved stakeholders to deliver
 • Student manual              quality systems in a timely manner
   containing the
   course slides           Intended Audience
 • Student handouts
                           This course is ideal for systems testers and quality assurance
   with class exercises
                           professionals, systems analysts and designers, software
                           engineers, project leaders, and users who are involved in
                           systems testing.

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  Ross Collard’s Fundamentals of Software Testing

  Instructor                                      Outline
  Roland Stens is an independent consultant       Quality Concepts & Principles
  based in Vancouver who specializes in QA        • Definition of testing & quality
  and testing, particularly performance and       • Testing vs. Quality Assurance
  robustness testing. His extensive background    • Practical limitations of testing
  in system analysis, programming, database       • Risk vs. economics
  and network management, testing along with      Identifying Test Cases
  project/test management enables him to relate   • Test case design & techniques
  to all the issues at play during the software   • Functional analysis
  development lifecycle. Roland is one of North   • Equivalence
  America's leading instructors for Ross          • Path analysis
  Collard's testing workshops.                    • Input-based test techniques
                                                  Test planning
  Ross Collard is president of Collard &          • The importance of test planning
  Company, and specializes in software testing    • Test planning vs. test case design
  and quality assurance. His consulting           • Test plan template
  assignments have included strategic planning
  for technology, managing large software         Test Execution & Management
  development projects, and development of        • Major issues
                                                  • Criteria for test starting/completion
  software engineering practices. His clients
                                                  • Problem reporting and follow-up
  have included, American
                                                  • Managing the test environment
  Express, Boeing, General Electric, Hewlett
  Packard, IBM and NASA. Ross has an MS in        Unit & Integration Testing
  Computer Science from the California            • Unit test characteristics
  Institute of Technology and an MBA from         • Definition of integration testing
  Stanford University.                            • Integration test success factors
                                                  System & Acceptance Testing
                                                  • System & acceptance tests
                                                  • Users’ roles in testing
                                                  • Usability testing
                                                  • Release management
                                                  Defect Prevention
                                                  • Functional specification defects
    For more information on this or other         • System design defects
    SPC Springboard courses, please visit         • Testable designs or e-mail SPC at       • Programming defects                                   • Root cause analysis

    Software Productivity Center Inc.             Testing Modifications
    Suite 460 - 1122 Mainland Street              • The four levels of defense after
                                                    a change
    Vancouver, BC V6B 5L1
                                                  • Localized change testing
                                                  • Regression checklists
    Vancouver:                       Toll Free:   • Re-test coverage guidelines
    604.662.8181               1.877.548.1948
                                                  Organization & People Issues
    Fax:                                          • Gaining commitment and support
    604.689.0141                                  • Speeding the delivery process
                                                  • Resolving conflict amongst groups
                                                  • Integrated vs. independent testing

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