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					                                           JOSEPH C. BEACH
                                       617 Sweet Gum Drive, Euless TX 76039
                                    (817) 545-3088 Residence, (817) 905-1956 Cell

I am seeking a challenging position in which I can fully utilize my IT consulting experience to assist companies in
re-engineering processes and procedures to take advantage of emerging technologies utilizing my leadership skills
and problem solving abilities.

B.B.A. Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington - May 1982

I am a degreed professional with B.B.A. in Business Administration with 30 years business experience and 15 years
IT experience in systems analysis, business process analysis, and quality assurance. I have gained extensive
experience in assisting numerous companies to meet their objectives of improving IT project processes leading to
testing and delivering high quality software products on time and within budget.

My professional management and leadership skills include project planning/management, building account
relationships, resource management, strategic business analysis, business/data/financial analysis and modeling,
forecasting, predictive modeling, gap analysis, process flow analysis, mentoring and training teams and users,
documentation (technical and marketing) and requirements analysis. By applying these proven best-of-breed
practices, this leads to lower costs and decreasing risks by implementing new technologies with effective use of
structured methodologies. I have strong analytical skills and am able to quickly identify problems and successfully
implement solutions. I have coordinated and facilitated client meetings and presentations including product demos,
defect tracking and planning sessions.


QA Software Testing – 10+ Years
 QA test management and execution including system, integration, functional, UAT, performance, regression,
   manual and automated, batch, data and ETL testing. Also created and maintain work plan for all testing
   activities; create detailed test plans; maintain project deliverables; define critical test objectives; identify testing
   tasks; manage test schedule; manage staff; mange test documents; and develop test strategy, methodologies,
   processes, and standards.

Business and Systems Analysis – 5+ Years
 Gathered detailed business requirements; conduct requirements sessions; create technical design documents;
    create gap analysis; create business process flows; conduct situations analysis; Provide recommendations for
    business process improvements; and process needs assessments.

Functional Architect – (Oracle/SPL Utilities Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) – 1 Year
 Developed external designs and configured system components’ configure algorithms and algorithm types;
   configure rates; configure account types, SA’s, and other “V” setup activities; and completed Oracle CC&B
   configuration boot camp.


HEALTHMARKETS \ GENESIS 10                                                            May 2008 – August 2008
Software Test Analyst – Multiple applications within the insurance industry including: Agent Management
system, Claims system, Medicare system and Policy Renewal system.
 Analyze and modify Business Requirements and technical documentation.
 Create test plans for multiple projects.
 Create test scripts using Mercury Quality Center.
 Execute and complete test scripts to meet business requirements.
 Maintain test status and enter and track defects in Mercury Quality Center.
 Create test database and verify results through SQL scripting and queries using TOAD.

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                                       JOSEPH C. BEACH
                                    617 Sweet Gum Drive, Euless TX 76039
                                 (817) 545-3088 Residence, (817) 905-1956 Cell

ORACLE                                                                                     May 2007 – May 2008
Sr. Principal Consultant - Functional Architect/QA Test Manager – Trigen Boston, City of Phoenix
 Manage project software testing of Oracle CC&B applications.
 Design test strategy, implement test plan, create test conditions and test scripts.
 Manage test schedule and staffing requirements.
 Conduct group and one-on-one training of staff for work instructions, test scenarios, and test scripts.
 Maintain and coordinate test documentation and defects in Microsoft SharePoint.
 Provide recommendations for business process improvements to the Change Management staff.
 Facilitate and manage migration of patches and code as delivered from developers.
 Analyze business data using Oracle OLAP and BI applications.
 Conduct requirements sessions and gather business requirements.
 Developed External Design documents for reports, letters, and interfaces.
 Assisted with configuration for rates, accounts, Service Agreements, and customer contacts.
 Assisted with data conversion and data mappings using ETL.
 Developed Unit / Functional Test Plan with individual module test cases.
 Extract and analyze data using BI and OLAP tools.
 Completed Oracle CC&B Configuration Bootcamp.

CAPGEMINI ENERGY \ TXU ENERGY                                                              August 2005 – May 2007
System Tester for SPL CorDaptix Billing and CIM Customer Care Application
 Develop system test scripts and test conditions and present to client and management for approval.
 Develop test results documents and present results to client and management for approval.
 Maintain status and open defects in ClearQuest when errors are encountered in testing.
 Create test data and analyze data through SQL scripting tools and OLAP reporting tools.
 Review and modify business requirements to test all conditions.
 Create business case scenarios to replicate realistic situations to meet business requirements.
 Execute batch jobs and create or modify data. Run queries with TOAD to validate results.
 Conduct one-on-one training for individuals on the test team.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES                                                                    May 2005 – August 2005
Software System Testing for Customer Experience and Financial Accounting Applications
 Release Management – Coordination of Financial Applications into system testing environment.
 Requirements Coordination – Coordination of requirements gathering for upcoming releases.
 Process Documentation – Create new process documentation for release management and testing processes.
 Software System Testing – End-to-End testing of all customer experience applications including, SAS SABRE,
    On-Time Reservation Creation Tool, Online Ticketless Reservations System, Gate Reader, Kiosk Reservations,
    Skycap, and Legacy Financial \ Accounting applications.
 Test Planning – Created test plans, test conditions and test scripts.
 Defect Tracking and Test Results documentation – Utilized Rational Test Manager to track defects.

CORNERSTONE CONSULTING – GMAC RFC                                                       December 2004 – May 2005
QA Functional Test Manager for Multiple Loan Application and Document Preparation Projects
 Creation of QA test plans, test cases and test scripts.
 Execution of End-to-End testing from data entry to documentation generation.
 Creation of loan preparation data in systems and web based tools.
 Convert and FTP data files to XML format to generate application loan documentation.
 Monitor and generate data transmission files received from HFN.
 Created business case scenarios to replicate realistic situations to meet business requirements.
 Mapping of all data transaction fields and validation of data population to correct loan document formats.
 Verify accuracy of data creation and transactions through calculation of formulas and data.
 Use of Mercury Test Director to manage test plans \ test cases, requirements and defects.

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                                        JOSEPH C. BEACH
                                    617 Sweet Gum Drive, Euless TX 76039
                                 (817) 545-3088 Residence, (817) 905-1956 Cell

TXU                                                                                   June 2001 to November 2004
System Tester for SPL CorDaptix Billing and CIM Customer Care Application
 QA System test and EDI test execution for SPL CorDaptix web based billing and customer care application.
 Create business scenarios to test the specific test conditions and business requirements.
 Execution of batch processes to initiate customer care functionality, reporting and billing,
 Modifying customer Oracle database using both system functionality and queries using Oracle TOAD.
 Create, extract, and analyze data using BI and OLAP tools.
 Validation of bill calculations for billing services, fees and taxes.
 Conduct daily status meetings to report testing results to the various development and business organizations.
 Complete formal test result documentation completed after test execution to validate reports and printed bills.
 Training of operations billing analysts for various roles of billing and systems support.
 Served as billing analyst SME with emphasis on billing large complex commercial and industrial accounts.

BECHTEL CORPORATION                                                                       April 2001 to June 2001
Test Planning Manager for Conversion from Legacy to SAP
 Create and implement test strategy, test plan, test schedule, and resource and staffing requirements.
 Created Detailed Test Plans for the conversion to SAP human resources and payroll applications.
 Gathered detailed requirements and established testing parameters for UAT testing.
 Planned and executed testing of US and Foreign payroll and taxes.
 Planned and established test lab in Phoenix and San Francisco.
 Assigned and managed business and IT resources for testing.

TXU                                                                                     January 2001 to April 2001
Performance Test Manager – Project TXU Small Business Portal and Internet Bill Payment
 Developed and executed performance testing for Java J2EE web based small business portal.
 Used Mercury Interactive Test Director, LoadRunner and WinRunner automated test tools to develop and
    execute test plans, scenarios and scripts. Also used Test Director for defect reporting.
 Worked with DBA’s, developers, network administrators to report and analyze results and resolve issues.
 Performed user testing of system enhancements including tracking of defects and issue resolution.

SABRE                                                                               August 2000 to January 2001
Consultant QA Manager\Software Quality Engineer - Project SAP 4.6C Upgrade
 Developed IT testing processes and standards for test plans and test scripts.
 Developed standard repeatable test scripts for testing of custom objects and system tasks.
 Standardized methodologies to ensure quality and consistency in testing practices.
 Manage test issues, problem resolution, problem criticality and problem escalation.
 Evaluate and create risk analysis to determine impact of upgrading SAP environment.

XPEDIOR \ GTE IINTERNET                                                                 March 2000 – August 2000
Senior Consultant \ Test Manager - GTE Internet Data Warehousing / GTE Internet Data Warehousing
 Tested consolidated database created from the various GTE.NET operational databases.
 Created requirements for Test bed and testing environment. Coordinated and scheduled test efforts.
 Maintained defect report tracking and resolution system.
 Testing performed using PL|SQL and MS Access to query and modify data and by incorporation of the
    Informatica ETL tool used to test and move data mappings and create and execute sessions.
 Extract and analyze data using BI and OLAP tools.
 The development of data marts was simplified as data marts now receive information from a "single cleansed
    repository" and without incurring the pain required extracting data from various disparate sources.
 Development of data mart test approach and strategy. Wrote high level, detail test plans. Developed test cases
    for 7 source systems including billing, trouble ticket tracking, usage, user management, provisioning and
    fulfillment. Test cases developed for two data marts (customer support and financial \ subscriber).

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                                        JOSEPH C. BEACH
                                     617 Sweet Gum Drive, Euless TX 76039
                                  (817) 545-3088 Residence, (817) 905-1956 Cell

MARY KAY CORP.                                                                     December 1999 – March 2000
Sr. Business \ Test Analyst - Project: Project EZ – Supply Chain Order Fulfillment Application
 Responsible for the analysis, design and coordination of software testing to determine test parameters by
    interviewing project managers, development team and users.
 Gathered requirements for Web based on-line catalog ordering application and meet with users in marketing
    and development to determine strategies and approach.
 Worked with 3rd party outsource vendor to plan interface, order fulfillment, inventory, payment and tax
    requirements. Order and interface flows have been developed to assist in application connectivity.
 Detailed requirements document and detailed test plan were also created.

SABRE                                                                                    July 1999 to December 1999
Sr. Test Planning Manager for IBM Automated Intranet Expense Report Application
 Create and implement test strategy, test plans, test schedule, and resource and staffing requirements.
 Planned and designed the test approach for IBM automated intranet expense report application.
 Developed test parameters and validation to determine if the application successfully interfaced to SAP/R3 HR
    from the financial applications and Oracle RDBMS.
 Developed the master and detail test plans. Developed the test approach and strategy and created test scripts to
    meet business and systems requirements.
 Organized and managed the test requirement documentation team and test schedules. Assigned individual
    testing roles along with responsibilities to all team members.
 Tracked test defects and issue resolution. Successfully completed test effort and test phases including system
    integration, interface, prototype, user acceptance, regression, stress testing and Y2K compliance.

FT MORTGAGE COMPANIES                                                                  December 1998 to July 1999
Testing Analyst / Team Lead - Paradox to Oracle Conversion
 Performed analysis and testing of a Paradox to Oracle conversion for applications and databases. Performed
    system/functional, regression, user acceptance, implementation and stress testing.
 Responsible for researching and developing the project analysis documentation including project plan, test
    scripts, user demo and training materials.
 Executed manual and automated testing on multiple WEB based and stand-alone applications.
 Coordinated test efforts and maintained defect tracking report and issue resolution report.
 Responsible for analyzing test results, identifying defects and variance from expected results while interfacing
    with developers and management.
 Performed application demonstrations. Mentored and trained other testers, users and business clients.

GTE COMMUNICATIONS                                                                November 1997 to December 1998
Testing Analyst / Team Lead for Saville CBP Billing & Customer Care Application
 Responsible for performing test analysis for new billing system designed to bring GTE to the forefront of the
    market for providing a single invoice to customers for local, long distance, internet, ISDN, paging and cellular
    services. Utilized Saville’s Convergent Billing Platform (AS/400) and Compuware’s QARun automated test
 Developed systems and user acceptance testing parameters.
 Coordinated test plan with business owners and testing groups to write and develop test scripts based on
    business case scenarios.
 Performed testing on billing and post-billing systems and reports. Responsible for performing regression testing
    of customer invoice validations including charges, credit, discounts, proration’s and taxes. Performed GUI and
    system interface testing.
 Created long distance, paging and cellular usage events, ran billing batch jobs, validated billing output formats
    and calculations including rates, usage and taxes.
 Tracked and communicating test status utilizing INFOMAN (AS/400) and MS Access. Duties included rollouts,
    incident reporting and change requests.

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                                        JOSEPH C. BEACH
                                    617 Sweet Gum Drive, Euless TX 76039
                                 (817) 545-3088 Residence, (817) 905-1956 Cell

MARY KAY CORP                                                                        July 1997 to November 1997
Lead Business Analyst (E-COM WEB Analysis) -Global Inventory/Manufacturing Part Number Integration
 Responsible for implementation of a global part number system to replace the various regional, national and
   international systems. Developed an interface to all systems and access with new WEB - based system. Utilized
   the James Martin and Object-Oriented methodologies for project management as team lead analyst
 Responsibilities included the development of project scope & objectives, gathering of information.
   Requirements and documenting current situation analysis and business design. Also, developed concept and
   behavior view (object & relationship types) attribute types, business model and process, interaction and usage
   and user interfaces. Coordinated meetings and user group communications.

COMPUSA                                                                                December 1996 to July 1997
Staff Consultant \ Business Analyst - Project: Radius AS/400 Retail POS/Inventory Application
 Responsible for implementation of the Radius AS/400 consolidated retail order entry and inventory system
    linking corporate operations, warehouse and retail store locations.
 Responsible for development of business systems functional requirements and procedures necessary to support
    the future application structure. Duties included gap analysis and resolution between business requirements and
    the existing application structure, project issue identification and resolution.
 Responsible for conducting comprehensive system testing including analyzing the test results. Also, responsible
    for preparation of session’s material and enhancements to inventory availability, price protection, physical
    inventory planning and transfer orders.

TANDY CORPORATION - COMPUTER CITY                                           November 1995 to December 1996
Senior Business Analyst – JDA to Retek Conversion
 Assisted in the development of new Tandy Procurement Division by combining the product ordering and
    inventory control for Tandy, Radio Shack, Incredible Universe and Computer City. New system included Retek
    (UNIX) and JDA (AS/400), Rumba, Oracle browser (SQL) and MS SQL.
 Responsible for the Retek System implementation and testing of the following components: Retek Demand
    Forecasting, Retek Merchandising System, Retek Distribution Management, Retek Trade Management, Retek
    Data Warehouse and EDI Process.
 Responsible for operations and systems.

FIRST SOUTHWEST COMPANY                                                                  March 1991 to June 1995
Operations Manager
 Operations Manager providing experienced leadership over the Purchase & Sales Department included the
   supervision of a staff of 20+ employees in the following areas. Purchase and sales, clearing and settlement of
   traded securities, reorganizations and dividends, trade input, new accounts, mutual funds, tax reporting, stock
   borrow and lending, customer and correspondent account statement confirmation, deficit control and computer
   reports generation.

WEBER HALL SALE AND ASSOCIATES                                                       February 1983 to March 1991
SOUTHWEST SECURITIES, INC.                                                          October 1981 to February 1983
Dividend Dept. Manager
 Responsible for payment, collection and calculations of dividend and interest payments. Accounts were
    reconciliation on a daily basis
 Handled accounting functions such as payroll for both salaried and commissioned staff, accounts
    payable/receivable, and process financial reports such as general ledger, balance and income statements, profit
    and loss, and computation of accruals, deferrals, amortization and depreciation
 Maintained tax and focus reports

AVIS RENT-A-CAR                                                                          June 1975 to October 1981
Revenue Accounting
 Performed accounts payable/receivable, process financial reports such as general ledger, balance and income
   statements, profit and loss, and computation of accruals, deferrals, amortization and depreciation. Maintained
   tax and focus reports.

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