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 Dick Steflik
                  What is CS-212
   Primarily an introduction to linear and non-linear
    data structures
       arrays
       stacks and queues
       lists
       trees
       hash tables
       graphs
   An a brief introduction to C++ classes
   You have a good working familiarity with the C
    programming language (CS-211)‫‏‬
       if there are things that are unclear to you please
        make sure that you ask
       we will use the first week of class as review before
        we venture off into new and uncharted territory
             Software Development
   We will be doing a mixed bag of things this
    semester using Linux, Windows and an 8-bit
    MCU from Atmel Corp
       Linux, gcc, g++ and gdb for general development
       Windows – AVR Studio Studio and WINAVR for
        development and software simulation
       AVR Butterfly, MCU demonstration and
        development board for real target system
                    gcc, g++ and gdb
   gcc and g++ are C and C++ compilers generally
    used on Intel based platforms
       open source supported by GNU
       widely used for Unix and Linux development
            C and C++ are also widely used for Windows software
             development mainly using Microsoft's Visual Studio
             development suite
   gdb is a command line debugger for gcc and g++
       it allows more in-depth insight into a program than
        MCU Software Development
   We will be developing on Windows using
       AVR Studio 4 (free download)‫‏‬
            GUI based development tool
            shell for WINAVR
       WINAVR (free download)‫‏‬
            version of gcc for AVR 8-bit MCUs
   Methodology
       develop code on AVR Studio
       download into AVR Butterfly board
       all code submitted for grading must be
        demonstrated running on the Butterfly
                         AVR Butterfly

Atmel ATmega169 MCU
120 segment LCD Display
Solder on headers for RS232
    and other stuff
16 Kb Flash Memory
Real-time clock
Piezolectric speaker
10 bit A/D
On board button battery or
    external power
                      AVR Studio
   Windows based GUI for developing software for
    Atmel 8-bit MCU product line
   gcc based cross compiler
   Built-in simulator for pre-build software testing
   Built-in debugger
       step-in, step-out, step-over
       view all registers, memories (flash, sram)‫‏‬
       breakpoints, tracing, watching variables

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