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									                                            -PRESS RELEASE-

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                CONTACT: Patti Morrow
December 23, 2008                                                    Phone: 603.228.8550

                            STOP THE PUSH FOR REGULATION

Concord, NH. On December 19, 2008, Michael Alin, Executive Director of the American Society of Interior
Designers (ASID) was sent a letter via. Fed Ex with the signatures of 27 Allied and Professional members
resigning their membership with ASID, designated as “Group One.”

Among the reasons outlined in the letter was the groups’ pronouncement that legislation supported and funded
by ASID is not in the best interest of the Allied members, and has requirements so restrictive that they would be
denied the right to practice. Allied members in states where licensing has been enacted have suffered terrible
persecution and lost their right to earn an honest living. The group expressed concern that in a failing economy
such as this, ASID should be using all its resources to support and market designers, not to destroy them
through legislation.

The group resignation was coordinated by Jayne Rosen, a long-time Allied ASID member, when designers
began voicing their desire to resign. She has seen ASID’s focus shift from education and networking to pushing
a legislative agenda that does not include their own Allied members and that she feels is dangerous to the future
of the profession.

The Interior Design Protection Council (IDPC), a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect the rights
of interior designers, has led the national movement to expose and neutralize ASID’s lobbying efforts to
monopolize the interior design industry. “Interior design is a dynamic profession that celebrates innovation,
creativity and diversity,” stated Patti Morrow, Executive Director of IDPC. “ASID’s attempt to impose its one-
size-fits-all occupational licensing scheme on the profession is not only contrary to those values, but also hurts
Allied Members, the majority of ASID’s own constituency, who while successfully working as professional
designers, do not possess or wish to possess ASID’s self-mandated credentials that it claims are necessary to be
considered a “professional” or to work as an interior designer.”

Diane Plesset, a “professional” member of ASID who resigned her membership earlier this year also added her
name to the protest letter. “I’ve passed the NCIDQ (ASID’s officially supported test), but I cannot in good
conscience support legislation that will put many honest, hard working designers out of business,” said Plesset.
“A true professional is always confident enough to compete based on the merit of the work produced.”

Rosen expects the news of the multiple-signer resignation will be a wake-up call to ASID’s Allied members,
and could even be the catalyst for more resignations to take place before the December 31st renewal deadline.
“The more resignations, the stronger our message becomes,” said Rosen. “ASID has neither a right nor a
mandate to dictate who may or may not practice interior design.” ASID members interested in participating in
another group resignation can reach Rosen at

Morrow reported that she has been flooded with emails from Allied members indicating they do not intending
to renew their 2009 memberships. “Allied ASID and independent designers need to wake up and smell the
coffee,” said Morrow. “2009 could be a financial disaster for them if they do not support and join IDPC’s? to
help stop the insidious spread of anti-competitive interior design regulation that may put them out of business”


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