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					                                                                                                               TIMELINE 2009-2010
                                                        PROGRAM ACTIVITIES
             OBJECTIVES                            Students and mentors participate in the following    Recruitment of mentors; program planning
                                                    Program Kick-Off Night, where mentors
The Women and Math Mentoring Program’s                                                                  Students are chosen for the program
                                                        meet students and their parents and learn
objectives are to:
                                                        about the upcoming program activities;
                                                    A visit to the mentor’s workplace, followed
   Expand students’ awareness of mathematics-                                                          Mentor Orientation for all mentors
                                                        by lunch or a snack;
    and science-related careers,                                                                        November 21, from 9-11 am
                                                    Math and Computer Science Career
   Increase students’ self-confidence in                                                               North Carolina Central University
                                                        Awareness Day at students and mentors at
                                                        North Carolina Central University for
   Develop students’ appreciation for                  Durham students and mentors (Marjorie Lee
    mathematics,                                                                                        Mentors introduce themselves to students and
                                                        Browne Day), which includes a keynote
   Encourage students to take challenging              speech, workshops conducted by women
                                                                                                        their parents by telephone and/or mailed note,
    mathematics courses in high school and to                                                           and may arrange a time for a January activity
                                                        employed in math-related careers in the
    participate in summer enrichment programs in        Triangle, a mentor coffee hour, panel
    science and mathematics,                                                                            JANUARY:
                                                        discussions by mentors on careers, lunch, and
   Develop students’ skills in communicating           a math competition with prizes;
                                                                                                        Program Kickoff Night
    and collaborating, and                                                                              Early January
                                                    Informal mentor-student discussions on
   Foster knowledge-sharing relationships              future mathematics coursework, summer
    between adult women and young women with                                                            FEBRUARY:
                                                        enrichment programs, and possible careers;      Monthly field trip
    common interests.                               Field trips to mathematics-related places of
                                                        interest such as The Virtual Reality Lab at
                                                        UNC-CH, the Primate Center in Durham, or        MARCH:
                                                        the annual Engineering Fair;                    Marjorie Lee Browne Day
                                                    An optional mentor-guided group project            Friday, March 5
                                                        involving mathematics, science, and/or
                                                        computer science;                               JANUARY-APRIL:
                                                    A concluding event at NCCU, M3: Mentoring          Monthly activities: may include a visit to the
                                                        Madness in May, for students, mentors, and      mentor’s workplace, field trips, group projects,
                                                        parents.    Students share their mentoring      informal group and individual discussions
                                                        experiences and projects with the whole
                                                        group. The finale is a big game and puzzle      MAY:
                                                        competition with prizes for the winning         M3: Mentoring Madness in May
                                                                                                        Program Evaluation Dinner for Mentors
Program planning is done by the Women and           Any woman interested in being a MATH
Math Mentoring Coordinating Team, which is          MENTOR during the 2009-2010 school year is
led by Director Melissa Hancock and is made up      welcome to contact one of the following members
of women in math-related professions who have
been mentoring in the program for many years.
The Coordinating Team is responsible for:
                                                    of the Women and Math Mentoring Coordinating
                                                    Melissa Hancock, Director
   Maintaining the relationship with school        623-7145
    administrators. Under the supervision of
    the Durham County Schools Program               Dr. Laura Smith
    Specialists, mathematics teachers and chairs    530-6564
    will be asked to nominate six 8th-grade girls
                                                                                                       NC Women and Mathematics Network
    from each middle school. Students’ interest     Chantal Shafroth
    and enthusiasm for mathematics and science      929-5428                       DURHAM COUNTY
    will be the basis for selection.
                                                    Dr. Carol White, Secondary Mathematics
   Recruiting mentors and organizing               Director, Durham Public Schools, 560-2627             MENTORING PROGRAM:
    Mentor Orientation. Mentor Orientation
    will take place on a Saturday morning in                                                           A BRIDGE TO HIGH SCHOOL
    November or December. Mentors will be
    given training and materials. Using the
    students’ application forms, they will choose
    two or three students from the same school.
    Orientation will end with the formation of
    Mentor Groups, which link up new mentors
    with experienced mentors, providing a peer
    support system.
                                                        The Math Mentoring Program is funded           The Women and Math Mentoring Program
   Organizing Program Kick-Off Night,                   by Genworth , GlaxoSmithKline., The            was created to inspire and encourage young
    Marjorie Lee Browne Day, and M3:                       Michael and Laura Brader-Araje              women to continue their study of mathematics,
    Mentoring Madness in May                            Foundation, and The Durham Merchants               and to learn about careers in which
                                                        Association Charitable Foundation. The                mathematics plays a key role.
                                                           Program is administered by North
                                                            Carolina Central University in             The Program links small groups of two to three
                                                          conjunction with the North Carolina          8th-grade girls with local female professionals
                                                         chapter of the Women & Mathematics                pursuing mathematics-related careers.
                                                                                                       Through monthly interactions during the spring
                                                                                                       semester of the school year, the girls learn about
                                                                    their mentor’s job, career and lifestyle.