NO_ PARTS ARE NOT PARTS_ _ Especially in a hot dog_ Maybe one way

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					        BY: Pierre Kerkhof

                    NO, PARTS ARE NOT PARTS!                  ( Especially in a hot dog)

Maybe one way to look at nutrition is not as
                                                                 FOOD CHOICES and PLANNING
much in how good nutrition will make you a
                                                                 The average American diet of today is different
Champion but in how bad nutrition can prevent
                                                                 from what it has been for centuries. It has been
you from reaching your true potential!
                                                                 altered over convenience and marketing. The
Food serves more than one function for the
                                                                 natural foods of yesteryear have mostly been
body; the conversion for energy is just one.
                                                                 replaced with greatly adulterated natural foods
Food also supplies the needed nutrients such
                                                                 as well as synthetic foods. Unfortunately, our
as vitamins, minerals and proteins to build and
                                                                 food     choices    are    usually      based       on
maintain the chemical makeup we call a human
                                                                 convenience, cost and taste.         None of these
body. We as humans need fuel for much more
                                                                 choices will result in optimum performance
than just energy. When designing or operating
                                                                 As racers we should think of how the food we
a machine, one must always think of durability
                                                                 eat will supply our bodies with energy. It is
and reliability. We as human machines must
                                                                 therefore very important what we eat and when
do the same and think how the food we eat will
                                                                 we eat it.
affect our bodies in the long term.
                                                                 When we eat, we must think of more than just
The American diet of today is different from
                                                                 the energy content of the food. The big picture
what it had been for centuries.       It has been
                                                                 of overall nutrition is very important. Think of
affected, in great by technology, convenience
                                                                 health and performance as long term, beyond
and the propaganda of marketing. The natural
                                                                 today. How will your diet affect you next week,
foods of yesteryear have mostly been replaced
                                                                 next month and in years to come? Don=t think
highly processed foods that are high in
                                                                 of it as the instant pill that the propaganda of
additives and preservatives. These chemicals
                                                                 marketers would have you believe. Optimum
are in the form of flavorings, colorings,
                                                                 performance is a result of using optimum fuel
thickeners and emulsifiers. Natural foods are
                                                                 (nutrition) and should be done on a consistent
still available, though expensive and harder to
                                                                 How quickly the food is digested and how it
                                                                 affects our sugar / insulin level is also very
                                                                 critical when planning your food choices

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         BY: Pierre Kerkhof

You should spend as much thought in planning                      had approved them for use. They were banned
your nutritional program (diet) as you spend on                   because they were suspect of causing cancer
developing your training program. Often, cattle                   and organ damage (How many more chemicals
are fed better than we feed ourselves. Farmers                    are suspect?) The organs of the body have to
take great care in the nutrition of their cattle,                 work hard to try and digest these chemicals;
often better than we humans take care of ours.                    this puts a strain on them and can cause
Farmers can=t make money if their livestock                       premature failure on the organs. Because the
keep getting sick and dying off. What would                       body cannot completely get rid of these foreign
happen to a cow if it tried surviving on a typical                chemicals; they build up in the body and that is
American diet?                                                    the cause of some of the diseases that we see
THINK of yourself as a THOROUGHBRED                               today.
RACER. You wouldn’t load up a horse with                          Artificial Flavor enhancers are chemical
pop tarts and hamburgers before the Kentucky                      substitutes most often used for taste in place of
Derby would you? Are you not a bigger                             natural ingredients because they are cheaper
investment, than that of a horse?                                 than natural ingredients. Artificial Colors are
                                                                  solely used for eye appeal and

PROCESSED FOOD                                                    are made of various chemicals. We=ve all

The best foods to eat are those that are easily                   heard of the controversy over red dye #4.

assimilated, digested and eliminated.                             These various dyes have been linked to

Processed foods generally don=t fall into this                    hyperactivity in kids.

category; neither do red meats which can                          Anti Oxidants, no not the ones our bodies need

spend a long time in your colon digesting.                        such as vitamins A,C,E, but the chemicals that

Dairy products can form mucus in the                              are used to prevent foods from spoiling are also

respiratory system.                                               added. Chemicals such as BHT, Butylated

The modern day of processing foods, strips                        hydroxytoulene, butyl is the rubber that your

them of all their nutrient value. The vitamin and                 inner tube is made out of and toulene is a

mineral content have been eliminated by the                       solvent that will melt rubber.

harsh chemicals that are used, such as bleach.                    Vitamins and minerals are added because they

The important fiber content is also mechanically                  were stripped away. Adding these vitamins

removed.                                                          and minerals will not bring them to the same

To date, several additives (chemicals) have                       level as a whole food. When an item is fortified

been banned from use by the FDA, who initially                    with vitamins, this should raise suspicion of that

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        BY: Pierre Kerkhof

product. AFortified with vitamins@ is marketing              As always moderation is the key. If your
propaganda.                                                  everyday diet consists of the above items,
Sodium Nitrates and sodium bicarbonates are                  assuredly you are not eating like a champion,
used to preserve meats; they also give them                  but really worse yet; it will have a long term
their nice red color. Others are monosodium                  effect on your health. Try to avoid processed
glutamate (MSG), sodium benzoate.                            foods as much as possible. Foods that are
                                                             unpackaged, natural, fresh and uncooked will
                                                             be your best choices, providing the maximum
                                                             amount of nutrition.

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