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									BC501 eBusiness Fundamentals Test TP1 2007 – Answer Sheet

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____    1. Many people use the term “e-business” to define the widest spectrum of business activities that use Internet and
           Web technologies.
____    2. The World Wide Web is a global public network that connects private networks.
____    3. The National Science Foundation (NSF) began overseeing the nonmilitary portions of ARPANET in the 1980s.
____    4. E-mail, Internet Relay Chat, and weblogs are all communication tools made possible by access to the Internet.
____    5. The one factor all Internet and Web growth estimates and predictions have in common is the decrease from year
           to year in the number of people around the world who have Internet access.
____    6. Sellers are dramatically gaining new economic power in the global economy because the Internet and Web
           provide greater access to consumer information.
____    7. E-businesses who use the Internet and the Web to exploit the global marketplace must deal with diverse
           language, cultural, currency, and political issues.
____    8. A value network is the multiple relationships with suppliers, distributors, employees, and customers plus the
           technologies that a company depends on to produce and sell its products and services.
____    9. Pure-play e-retailers operate both brick-and-mortar stores and online stores.
____ 10. Many non-profit organizations, government agencies, and social or religious groups are adapting e-business
         models to improve their operations and reduce costs.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 11. The person who developed the original technologies that made the World Wide Web possible is:
         a. Kelby Hagar                                  c. Jeff Bezos
         b. Bill Gates                                   d. Tim Berners-Lee
____ 12. The economic factor that forever changed the global business environment is:
         a. RSS
         b. Weblogs
         c. electronic linking of individuals and businesses
         d. hypertext
____ 13. Ready access to consumer information via the Internet and the Web has:
         a. given buyers more economic power
         b. made comparison shopping more difficult
         c. made the role of traditional business intermediaries more important
         d. None of the above
____ 14. Which of the following e-business factors is an advantage for sellers?
         a. easy comparison shopping
         b. access to rich media descriptions of products and services
         c. decreased costs
         d. wider product availability
____ 15. All the primary and support activities necessary to create and distribute its products or services are involved in
         a company’s:
         a. intranet                                      c. extranet
         b. value chain                                   d. business plan
____ 16. Access to the Internet and the Web has enabled companies to:
         a. redefine their value chains
         b. view their value chains as value networks of interconnected business relationships
         c. develop new ways of conducting business
         d. All of the above
____ 17. An example of an e-business that follows the B2B e-business model is:
         a.                                     c.
         b.                                    d.
____ 18. An e-business that allows individual consumers to submit bids for products or services to multiple competing
         businesses is following the:
         a. B2C e-business model                          c. C2C e-business model
         b. C2B e-business model                          d. B2G e-business model
____ 19. B2C e-business includes:
         a. retail sales                                  c. entertainment venue ticket sales
         b. travel accommodations sales                   d. All of the above
____ 20. An online classified ad venue is an example of a:
         a. B2C e-business                                c. C2B e-business
         b. B2G e-business                                d. C2C e-business

Complete each sentence or statement.

       21. The initial development of e-business began in the 1960s when banks began transferring money to each other by
           using _________________________.
       22. In 1995, the ____________________ was replaced by high-speed telecommunications backbones operated by
           commercial network providers and became the Internet as we know it today.
       23. The man who created and named the World Wide Web is ____________________.
       24. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Opera are all examples of a ____________________.
       25. Many companies are increasingly using a company ____________________ to conduct internal business
           transactions and exchange information between employees.
       26. While the Internet and the Web are providing online opportunities for sellers, it is ____________________ who
           are dramatically gaining new economic power.
       27. The ____________________ portion of a product or service is becoming a larger part of the total value
           companies offer their customers.
       28. Access to global markets is an e-business advantage for both ____________________.
       29. The global e-business economy poses disadvantages for consumers in the form of concerns about transaction
           security and ____________________.
       30. An e-business model that allows its customers to “name their own price” for products or services is following
           the ____________________ e-business model.
Answer Section


      1.   ANS:   T
      2.   ANS:   F
      3.   ANS:   T
      4.   ANS:   T
      5.   ANS:   F
      6.   ANS:   F
      7.   ANS:   T
      8.   ANS:   T
      9.   ANS:   F
     10.   ANS:   T


     11.   ANS:   D
     12.   ANS:   C
     13.   ANS:   A
     14.   ANS:   C
     15.   ANS:   B
     16.   ANS:   D
     17.   ANS:   A
     18.   ANS:   B
     19.   ANS:   D
     20.   ANS:   D


     21. ANS:
         electronic funds transfer

         REF: 2
     22. ANS: NSFnet

         REF: 4
     23. ANS: Tim Berners-Lee

         REF: 6
     24. ANS:
         Web browser
    REF: 6
25. ANS: intranet

    REF: 7
26. ANS: buyers

    REF: 9
27. ANS: information

    REF: 10
28. ANS:
    buyers and sellers
    sellers and buyers

    REF: 13
29. ANS: privacy

    REF: 14
30. ANS:

    REF: 27

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