Appendix A - Glossary by tyndale


									Appendix A - Glossary
AI         Artificial Intelligence
AILIS      Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists
AIP        American Institute of Physics
ALEPH      Automated Library Expandable Program
API        Application Programming Interface
APS        American Physical Society
ASP        Active Server Pages
CDS        CERN Document Server
CERN       Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
CGI        Common Gateway Interface
CNRI       Corporation for National Research Iniciatives
CSC        CERN School of Computing
CSF        Critical Success Factor
CSS        Cascading Style Sheet
DATASTAR   Datastar, Inc. – the INSPEC provider
DESY       Deutsches Elektron Synchrotron
DIALOG     Dialog, Inc. – the INSPEC provider
DOI        Digital Object Identifier
DOM        Document Object Model
DVD        Digital Video Disc
EB         Electronic Business
EC         Electronic Commerce
ECMA       European Compute Manufacturers Association
EDS        Electronic Document Submission
ETT        Education and Technology Transfer
FERMILAB   Laboratory of particle physics near Chicago
FTP        File Transfer Protocol
GML        Generalized Markup Language
GUI        Graphic User Interface
HEP        High Energy Physics
IETF       Internet Engineering Task Force
INSPEC     Information Services for the Physics and Engineering Communities
ILO        International Labour Organization
IOP        Institute of Physics
ISAPI      Internet Inforation Server API
ITU        International Telecommunication Union
JVM        JAVA Virtual Machine
LANL       Los Alamos National Laboratory
MASIF      Mobile Agent System Interoperability Facility
MIME       Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
NCSA    National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NISO    National Information Standards Organization
NNTP    Network News Transfer Protocol RFC 977
NSAPI   Netscape Server API
OLE     Object Linking and Embedding
PII     Publisher Item Identifier
RDF     Resource Descriptiion Framework
SGML    Standard Generaliyed Markup Language (ISO 8879:1986)
SICI    Serial Item and Contribution Identifier
SLAC    Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
SMTP    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SSI     Server Side Includes
SSJS    Server Side JavaScript
TOC     Table of Contents
UN      United Nations
URL     Uniform Resource Locator
VRML    Virtual Reality Markup Language
W3C     WWW Consorcium
WHO     World Health Organization
WIPO    World Intelectual Property Organization
WWW     World Wide Web
XML     Extensible Markup Language
XSL     Extensible Styesheet Language

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