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					     Warrior Words
December 2008                                                        Principal Mr. Arnold Baker
                               Congratulations                                        Mark Your Calendar
  Math teacher Mr. Richard Rout-                 All-District Football       December 4           K12 Planet Posting
                                                                             December 8            AP Night, 6:30 pm
ten has become a Nationally Board                Honorable Mention           December 11       Band Concert, 7:00 pm
          Certified Teacher.             Anthony Dorsey, Grant West and      December 16         Financial Aid Night,
                                                      Rick Parker                                             6:00 pm
 Kecoughtan Latin students attend-                 2nd team offense          December 18          K12 Planet Posting
  ing the Virginia Junior Classical                 Deonte Bracey            December 18      Choral Concert, 7:00 pm
                                                                             December 22              Winter Holiday
 League Convention in Richmond                     2nd team defense          -January 2
    earned several awards. •Frank       Xavier Eley, Josh Morris and Wil-
   Miller – elected to the state of-                    liam Tate            December Citizens of the Month
 fice of VJCL parliamentarian and                                                Freshman – Jonathan Crowell
placed 6th in vocabulary and 4th in              All-District Chorus              Sophomore – Niosha Odom
         sight reading prose.            Kaitlyn Jessup, Diamond Black-            Junior – Raven Campbell
                                                                                  Senior – Brittany Tomlinson
•Michelle Thompson placed 4th in          well, Holly Dearheart, Nichelle
  storytelling, 4th in mixed media,       Bumpers, Tara Marks, Jasmine                12 Powerful Words
 6th in ornament design and 9th in     Stallings, Ashley Orie, Kim Hester,     The 12 Powerful Words, when used con-
              scrapbooks.                 Ciara Stallings, Shanice Helm-     sistently, can increase test scores and help
                                                                             to close the achievement gap between eth-
 •Jessica Carlson placed 1st in tex-              Jones, Ben Bartell         nic groups. This research is based on the
              tiles (other).                                                 work of Mr. Larry Bell, founder of Multi-
   •Tina Duckworth placed 3rd in           The following students were       cultural America, Inc.
            textiles (other).           nominated fo the People to People      Kecoughtan’s administrative team asks
                                                                             parents to use these words as frequently
 •Brandy Atkins placed 2nd in tex-     Leadership Program, based on out-     as possible. We believe that through our
              tiles (other).             standing leadership potential and   combined efforts we can positively impact
Marissa Dorsey placed 4th in greet-               skill development:         student achievement.
                ing cards.              Frank Miller, Dustin Scarborough,    1. Trace – list in steps
                                                                             2. Analyze – break apart
 •Tia Washington placed 3rd in art       Joel White, Rasheed Parker, Ab-     3. Infer – read between the lines
            (miscellaneous)             dullah Farhat, Katherine Johnson,    4. Evaluate – judge
  •Tia Washington and Deion Por-                    Shannon Payne            5. Formulate – create
                                                                             6. Describe – tell all about
 ter placed 10th in costume design
                                                                             7. Support – back up with details
       (Cleopatra and Anthony)          The following students placed 3rd    8. Explain – tell how
  •Mary Dlugos placed 6th in cos-           at the Forensics tournament:     9. Summarize – give the short version
         tume design (Ceres)           Brooklyn Hildebrandt, Ammie Mc-       10. Compare – the ways they are alike
                                                                             11. Contrast – the ways they are different
                                             Culloch, Travis Browning
                                                                             12. Predict – what will happen next
 Shareyna Chang was the first Pen-
                                                                             Please join our PTSA for only $5.00. It
insual District Field Hockey player        The deadline for color senior     is not too late and After Prom is slowly
ever to be voted the Eastern Region         dedications is December 18,                     approaching.
 Player of the Year! Also named to            2008. If you need a form,
            all-region were                                                   Kecoughtan High School Art Gallery
                                         please go to and                 Opening Night
     Chelsea Rhodes – 2nd team             download the yearbook order             Tuesday, January 13, 2009
    Rachel Carpenter – 2nd team             form. The senior dedication                  2:00 – 3:45 pm
       Caitlin Smith – 2nd team             information is in the middle           in the KHS Media Center.
      Paige Doughty – 2nd team                           section.             Come and see creative works by your
 Hanna Field – Honorable Mention                                                favorite students and their peers.
                                          Black and white dedications are
                                              due by January 16, 2009.
                                GPA Policy                                           Community Priorities
At the November 5, 2008 school board meeting, Hampton City Schools                         Workshop
revised our GPA Policy regarding athletic/extracurricular participation.       Kecoughtan High School’s Third
The revisions are:                                                              Annual Community Priorities
1. Students who earn an “F” in any class required for graduation or re-        Workshop was held on Tuesday,
quiring an SOL end-of-course test will not be allowed to participate in         November 11, 2008 in our me-
after-school activities or events.                                             dia center. An enthusiastic team
2. Students’ grades will be monitored every 4 1/2-week period by the            comprised of parents, business
ahtletic directors, coaches and club sponsors.                                   community leaders, students,
3. The principal or designee will notify via email parents of students mak-   teachers, support staff, counselors
ing a grade below a “C.” This letter will include the dates and times of       and administrators met to reach
free, mandatory tutoring and the availability of parent/teacher confer-       consensus on four major priorities
ences.                                                                         that would take our school from
4. Weekly attendance at study halls will be monitored by the SOL Su-            being a good school to being a
pervisor of the study hall and reported to the Athletic Director/Coach/        great school. After much discus-
Club Sponsor. If the study hall requirement is not met, the student will be      sion, our team decided on the
suspended from VHSL practice/VHSL game/activity or dismissed from                     following priorities:
club or VHSL team. Continued absences may result in dismissal from                1. Develop financial literacy
club or team.                                                                       courses for life training.
5. Students must attend tutoring until the conclusion of the nine weeks as       2. Remove math regrouping.
long as any grade remains below a “C” in any class required for gradua-          3. Remove block scheduling.
tion or requiring an SOL end-of-course test. If the student’s grade remains   4. Establish a classroom manage-
below a “C,” the student will be mandated to attend tutoring for the re-              ment support system.
mainder of the semester.


Test Calendar (KHS Code: 471-028)
January 24     SAT         Register by December 26       
February 7     ACT         Register by January 6         

SOL Testing Schedule – January 6-13, 2009
Testing session is provided for students who have failed or have not yet taken required
SOL(s). (Letters mailed home to students/parents)

College Visits (Sign up in Guidance for a pass)
December 8 Mary Baldwin College
December 10 University of Virginia at Wise
December 17 Virginia Wesleyan College

Guidance Activities
December 16 6:00         Parent Financial Aid Workshop (FAFSA overview) Cafeteria
January 15    6:30       Sophomore/Junior Parent Night

*Need a transcript for a college application or scholarship? Submit request form to Mrs. Leckemby
in Guidance as soon as possible. Mrs. Leckemby has 10 working days to complete transcript re-
quests during the months of December, January and February.

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