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					                                                                                                                                        Issue 4
                                                                                                                                      MAY 2006
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                                                                                                                 Inside this issue:
From the Principal’s Desk
                                                                                                                 SHAKESPEARE SUCCESS
Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students,

Welcome back.                                                                                                    SPORT @ WAIMEA

Now is a good time to remind you of our theme for the year - ‘Attitude is Everything’. The
initiative for this theme came from students and staff late last year, when we discussed ways to                 NCEA NEWS
improve student achievement. The intention behind ‘Attitude is Everything’, is to promote the
idea that everyone should be encouraged to achieve to their potential, and that with the right
attitude, everyone can.                                                                                          ERO COMMUNITY REPORT

In Term 1 and again this week, Stuart Wright has been presenting UCANDO, a study skills pro-
gramme, to students. The feedback on the value of this programme has been excellent and
                                                                                                                 UPCOMING EVENTS AND NOTICES
there are many elements that connect with our theme.

Teachers are busy completing student reports which will be issued to Seniors early in June, and
Juniors at the end of June. Please take the opportunity to discuss these reports with your son or                DEPARTMENT UPDATES
daughter and to encourage and acknowledge their work and progress.

And finally! Six of our new classrooms have been completed and are all now in operation. They
are excellent, modern, well equipped facilities that will help us with the roll growth we are experi-                Quote of the Month
encing. I would like to acknowledge the work of Justin Fletcher from Carver Architects, and Co-
man Construction (along with associated sub-contractors) for the work they have done designing                          Education is the
and constructing these facilities.                                                                                   power to think clearly,
Best wishes                                                                                                           the power to act well
                                                                                                                       in the worlds work,
                                                                                                                        and the power to
                                                                                                                         appreciate life.

Larry Ching                                                                                                             Brigham Young

                                                     LEST WE FORGET..
                                                     Waimea College Head Students and Camerata were amongst College representatives
                                                     at the recent Anzac Day service in Richmond.

                                        Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
f{t~xáÑxtÜx Yxáà|ätÄ
Congratulations to all who took part in the Shakespeare Festival at the end of March. There were more entries than ever from around
the region this year with 38 entries in the 15-minute section! Our two Year 10 performing arts class entries had more actors on stage
than in previous years: at times the dressing room was so full that students had to sit in the corridor once they were made-up and
ready to go on stage.
We took away six awards – Best Comic Actor: Becky Wilson for her performance as Helena from A
Midsummer Night’s Dream, which Becky herself directed. The same scene also won the Best Com-
edy. Ms Stewart’s Year 10 Julius Caesar group won the award for the Best Period Costume, Best
Crowd Scene and Best History play. The Antony & Cleopatra group won the award for Best De-
sign. The stunning dress made by Anna Burdekin for Cleopatra no doubt helped us win that
I have already acknowledged the support from the teachers directly involved in the entries - Ms
Stewart, Mrs Roughton and Mr McHaffie - but I would also like to thank Year 13 student, Laurel
Winter, for her expert services doing special make-up for Cleopatra and her attendants; Dan Dun-
gan for his dedicated service to the Bard and support of our Shakespeare groups, Karen Richards
(costumier extraordinaire – well, one can hardly call her a ‘sewer’!), Margaret Baker, our clever
and capable choreographer, Mary Hall, who knitted and raffled scarves as a successful fundraiser,
Judy Powley, who pushed along ticket sales – and teachers from the English Department for their
support backstage. We also recognise that, busy as he was that weekend having to attend three
school activities, Mr Ching took the time to come and watch our scenes over several sessions.
A number of this year’s group of participating students ‘got their act together’ and put on an eve-
ning of Shakespeare in the holidays as a fund-raiser to support Chris Egerton, who is saving for his
trip to the Globe Theatre in London in July as a member of the New Zealand Young Shakespeare
Company. Such teamwork, leadership and caring are some of the positive spin-offs from being
involved in Shakespeare. Long may the enthusiasm and commitment continue.
Jeanette Dungan, Shakespeare Co-ordinator
TOP RIGHT: Evie Havercort and Sarah Dickson in a scene from Julius Caesar, performed by Ms Stewarts’s Year 10 performing arts class.
BOTTOM RIGHT: Sonja Walsh and Melissa Bruce as ‘Wall’ in Mrs Roughton’s Yr 10 performing arts class entry from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
BELOW: Becky Wilson, as Cleopatra, pines for Antony.

                                                                 Events Calendar
                                MAY                                                        JUNE                                Year 9 Outdoor Education Camps
                                                                                                                               Schedule for the remainder of 2006.
        15            Stage Challenge                                1            Year 13 Eco Trip
        16-17         Year 12 Geology Camp                           2            Manu Korero
                                                                                                                               Term 2 (Week 5) - 9.10 & 9.11
        17-18         Year 12 Biology Camp                           5            Queen’s Birthday
        18            Maori and Pacific Island Expo                  8            Music Concert (evening)                      Term 3 (Week 7) - 9.3,
        25            School Social                                  13           Chamber Music competitions                   9.4 & 9.5
        25            Eton Maths Competition                         28           Rockquest heats                              Term 4 (Week 4) - 9.6,
        25            NBEBP Health Seminar                                                                                     9.7, 9.8 & 9.9
        26            School Cross Country
                                                                                   TERM 2 DATES
        29-2          Life Skills Work Week
                                                                          Mon 1 May - Fri 30 June (9 weeks)
        29            Year 9 Whenua-iti Camp                          Further term date and holiday information is
        31            Tasman Cross Country                                 available from www.moe.govt.nz

                                                              Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
Careers Corner                                                             Noticeboard
Upcoming Careers Events                                                    Health (Sexual Health Unit)
Thursday 25 May                                                            Year 9, 10 and 11 students will take part in a sexuality programme this
NBEBP Health Seminar                                                       term. The programme is designed to provide students with the knowl-
                                                                           edge, understanding and skills to develop appropriate attitudes towards
Wednesday 21 June                                                          sexuality and to take care of their sexual health needs in the future.
Waimea College Careers Expo/Forum - over 30 tertiary                       Parent consultation meetings showed strong support for this pro-
providers, Waimea College Hall, session times are as fol-                  gramme. We recognise that the family is the primary educator of chil-
lows.                                                                      dren in matters to do with sexuality; therefore, if you wish to have your
• 9.00am - 10.00am (all Year 12 students)                                  child excluded from any particular part of the programme you may apply
• 10.00am - 11.00am (all Year 13 students)                                 to the principal in writing to request this.
• 10.30am - 11.00am (Year 11 students who have ex-                         Project Assistance
  pressed interest with Careers Advisors)                                  Miss Morgan’s Year 12 Health Education class is focusing on making
• 7.00pm - 9.00pm (Evening session - students of all ages                  Waimea College a safer environment for students, such as providing
  and parents/caregivers are invited and encouraged to                     more sun shade protection in the school. If you think you may be able
  attend. Garin College students and families are also                     to assist in anyway with this project, they would love to hear from you.
  invited to this session)                                                 Please contact Miss Morgan on (03) 544 6099, ext 865.

Thursday 29 June                                                           Writing Competition
NBEBP Science Seminar                                                      Sam Ellis and Sam Sixtus (Year 12) have both won awards in the Nelson
                                                                           Grey Power Essay Writing Competition. Congratulations to them both.
Wed 9 August
                                                                           Youth Week Events (15 - 21 May 2006)
Year 10 Workwatch
                                                                           Mon 15 May - Celebrate YOUth Week Launch, 3.00 - 5.00pm outside
Friday 25 August                                                           Farmers, Trafalgar Street, Nelson, featuring ‘DARNZ’.
Victoria/Massey University Open/Intermediate Days                          Fri 19 May - ‘Wet Paint’ Youth Music Event, 9.00pm @ The Hub. Featur-
                                                                           ing six local youth bands including Manic Anne, Dumein, Castrato, Man-
Wed 29 August                                                              nerism, Brassica, Leeweigh - $5.00 entry.
‘What to do with a BA’                                                     Sat 20 May - Ceilidh with ‘Scallyways’, 7.00pm @ NMIT Student Centre.
 For further information on any of the above, please con-                  Entry by gold coin donation. Proceeds to The Hub Youth Music Project.
      tact Jim Scott or Lyn Guilliard, Careers Advisors                    More information is available from www.youthweek.co.nz

 Entries for NCEA are starting to be processed. The fees outlined below have been set by the Ministry of Education. Payment must be
 completed by Friday 11 August, Week 4, Term 3. You can pay the fees at the Finance Centre, which is open daily from 8.30am until
 Alternatively, you can pay by instalments, provided the total owing is paid in full by the due date. Please contact Barbara at the Finance
 Centre on 544 6099 if you would like to set up an automatic payment from your bank account direct to ours.
 NCEA Fees for New Zealand Students
                                                       Eligible for beneficiary or income based                Not eligible for beneficiary or income
                                                                       assistance                                         based assistance

           One child entering qualifications                                  $20                                                 $75

            Two or more children entering                                                                         Two children entering = $150 total
                                                                        $30 per family
                   qualifications                                                                             Three or more children entering = $200 total

 Additional fees apply if a student enters more than three scholarship exams. This additional fee is $75.00 for each scholarship subject
 in excess of three.
 Please note that you must meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for financial assistance.
     •     Receive a Work and Income or Study Link benefit
     •     Have a joint family income below the threshhold for receipt of a community services card
     •     Have more than one child in the family undertaking these qualifications in the same year, irrespective of income (two chil-
           dren will only be helped if one student is taking more than three scholarships).
 Financial assistance application forms are being posted with invoice/statements next week. Applications must be in by 30 June
 (additional forms can be collected from the Student Office). International fee paying candidates should see Ms Le Gros for their fee
                                                                                                                              John Allsopp, NZQA Liaison Officer

                                          ATTENTION YEAR 12 AND YEAR 13 STUDENTS
                                                      Record of Learning Requests
 If you have not already requested a copy of your Record of Learning from NZQA for 2005, you may do so by applying either on the
 Learner Log In page on the NZQA website, or by telephoning NZQA on (04) 802 3000. NZQA will charge for these if you apply after 30
 June 2006.
                                               Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
                                                                                 enter the South Island Co-Ed Junior Rugby Tournament held in Dune-
                                                                                 din this year in Sports Week. There will be keen competition to make
                                                                                 the squad. Good luck for season, play hard and fair, and represent
                                                                                 the school with pride.
The winter sport season has started with a hiss and a roar, and not                                                   Report from Kit Maling, Rugby Administrator
without many hours of voluntary input from coaches, managers and
selectors in getting all the teams up and running. Thank you to all              Home games for the 1 XV are as follows:
involved in this process – your time is valued and very much appreci-            • Saturday 20 May vs St Thomas College
ated by the College.                                                             • Saturday 3 June vs Nelson College
I hope all players have a great season, learn new skills, make new               • Saturday 10 June vs Christ’s College
friendships and gain fitness and strength from their respective sports.          • Saturday 24 June vs Marlborough College
Students must ensure that their uniforms are cared for and all fees              • Saturday 29 July vs Burnside High School
paid. Give it your best shot in terms of the game and demonstrate
good sportsmanship. Be proud of your school – we are proud of you!               Get down to the College and support our guys – this is the highest
And remember; ‘Attitude is Everything!’.                                         level of school-boy rugby on offer.

Here is a brief run-down on Waimea College winter sports teams for               Kind thoughts go to Tom Beaumont and Bradley Parkes who
2006.                                                                            have both broken legs and have been side-lined for the season. I
                                                                                 imagine it is extremely disappointing and frustrating as both young
Basketball                                                                       men were very focused on their rugby and looking forward to a suc-
Ten boys’ and five girls’ teams are entered in the weekly competitions           cessful season.
run by Basketball Nelson. Competition nights are as follows:-
• Senior Boys A Grade – Tuesday, Jack Robbins Stadium                            Soccer
                                                                                 We have a girls’ team entered in the local women’s competition held
• Senior Boys B Grade – Thursday, Jack Robbins Stadium                           on Sundays and a boys’ 1st XI who have a series of games against the
• A Grade Womens – Wednesday, Jack Robbins Stadium                               other colleges in the region. Where it is possible we try to find games
• Secondary Schools Senior Boys League – Friday, Nelson                          for our junior boys.
• U17 Boys and Girls – Wednesday, Trafalgar Centre                               CONGRATULATIONS go to Israel Karena, who was selected for
• U15 Boys and Girls – Thursday, Nayland College                                 the New Zealand U16 Inline Hockey Team - an awesome achieve-
Hockey                                                                           ment. This team competed in the Oceania Championship held in
We have an integrated club/college boy’s team, the ‘Waimea Shak-                 Auckland on 22-26 April. The NZ team was the winner of this event,
ers’, who play in the local competition.                                         beating Australia in several games. Israel was presented with his
                                                                                 medal and certificate at our recent assembly which was given in rec-
Netball                                                                          ognition of ‘excellent sportsmanship while representing your country’.
We have 21 teams playing in the Saturday competition this year –
that equates to around 170 girls – a big undertaking to put girls into           Sam Millson, Nathan Clare and Hayden Wilkinson competed in
teams, attach coaches, issue uniforms and schedule practices. When               the New Zealand Junior MotoX Champs held in Rotorua. Their plac-
you are down at the netball courts, have a look around. There is                 ings were as follows:- Sam – 28th in 13-16 years 85cc, Nathan – 10th
bound to be a Waimea College team playing at the time – cheer them               in 13-16 years 85cc and Hayden – 11th in 12-14 years 125cc.
on!                                                                              Aimee Barratt and Samantha Rowland have been selected for a
Rugby                                                                            Mainland Soccer 14th grade girls’ team which is to travel to Australia
The days are shorter and colder and that means the start of College              at the end of June to compete in the Friendship Games. This tourna-
rugby for 2006. We have seven and a half teams playing this season               ment attracts teams from all over Australia and other invited coun-
with player numbers on the increase. The half team is in the U15                 tries from the South Asia / Pacific region.
grade where we have entered a combined team with Garin College.
We had too many players for one team and not enough for two and                  On Monday, 8th May, 72 riders from eight schools competed at
Garin didn’t have enough. Our 1ST XV are again playing in the Press              Marchwood Park in the Tasman Secondary School Equestrian
Cup. Players have been training hard and have had some good pre-                 Champs. Waimea was represented by two teams of six riders; three
season results with a convincing win over St Thomas’s and two nar-               seniors and three juniors in each team. Each member of the team
row loses to Christ’s College and Burnside High. Our other teams are             had to complete a dressage test, a show-jumping round and a cross-
all training hard and looking forward to the start of the competition            country course. Failure to complete any one of these resulted in
with the U16 team looking pretty strong against Motueka High in a                elimination. The top four riders in each team determined the final
pre-season game. We also have a girls’ team in the local College                 placing. Congratulations to both teams for finishing the day still in
grade and, while they are pretty young, it will be a learning experi-            the competition and special congratulations to our green team who
ence for them. They play their games on a Wednesday after school                 were placed first. Connie Dick performed particularly well and re-
and always look forward to plenty of support. We are again going to              ceived the ribbon for the best senior score.
                                                                                 Congratulations also go to Emma Malcolm, who was recently
                                                                                 named the NZ Pony Clubs Association Junior Secondary Schools Indi-
                                                                                 vidual Champion at the 2006 NZPCA ‘Eqvalan’ Teams Dressage
                                                                                 Champs in Christchurch. Emma is a member of the Marlborough
                                                                                 Nelson West Coast Regional team, which finished sixth overall.
                                                                                 Our annual School Cross-Country is being held at the College on
                                                                                 Friday, 26 May – come along and support. The first ten place-getters
                                                                                 in each section will be eligible to represent the College in the Tasman
                                                                                 Cross-Country event being held at Rabbit Island.
                                                                                 Finally - we would love to hear from anyone who would be interested
                                                                                 in assisting with sport at Waimea. If you have any time to spare and
                                                                                 would like to get involved in any way, please contact Jenny Mills,
                                                                                 Sports Director, at the College.
                                                                                                                                     Jenny Mills, Sports Director
                                                                                 Pictured left: Year 12 International student and aspiring soccer player, Janne

                                            Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
                                          `âá|v tÇw cxÜyÉÜÅ|Çz TÜàá
                                                         From the HOD’s Office
As this newsletter goes out, the Music Department of Waimea College is hard at work at music camp out at Teapot Valley. Any and every mu-
sician involved in co-curricular music at the College has been invited to be involved. Members of Camerata and Belle a Cappella choirs are
there, as well as instrumentalists from the Waimea Ensemble, Concert Band, String Orchestra, Kabaza (Latin rock group), THE New Originals
(the jazz band), plus several random students who just couldn’t stay away! The work we are preparing is Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. You
may have heard the main theme, “O Fortuna”, in many, many films including Excalibur, Cheaper by the Dozen, Natural Born Killers and even
the South Park movie. This is the first time we’ve taken on such a large work, so a dedicated rehearsal weekend was a necessity.
It’s worth pointing out that students taking Music may have the opportunity to use pieces from this weekend’s work for their NCEA assess-
ments. Whether or not they choose to do this, the skills they hone in sight reading, ensemble work, vocal/instrumental technique, etc. will be a
great help for their music learning. This is why we prefer to call these activities “co-curricular” rather than “extra-curricular”, as the curriculum
connection is quite strong.
For the concert on 1 September at the Nelson School of Music, we have also enlisted a good
dozen Waimea College staff members to beef up the choir. It truly is a school community event!
Because of space constraints, I cannot mention the myriad of other things going on in Music and
the Performing Arts, except for the Tour Meeting on Tuesday 16 May at 7.00pm in the Mu-
sic Block. See below for more information.
Chris Burcin, HOD Music and Performing Arts

Other News
Anzac Day
The Concert Band (right) and Camerata participated in the Richmond Anzac Day Memorial.
The numbers of students who came along, during the holidays on a wet day, is testament
to the calibre of student we have at Waimea College.
Amadeus Trio
Hinton’s Chartered Accountants moved into a new building at the beginning of the year.
They held their official opening on Thursday, 27 April. Waimea College’s Amadeus Trio
provided background music at this event.
Carmina Burana Concert
Is to be held on Friday, 1 September, at the Nelson School of Music, commencing at
7.00pm. This is a combined performance by the Concert Band and Choirs, of excerpts from
Carmina Burana. See the “From the HOD’s Office” section above for more information.

Tour News
Tour Meeting date change – due to a clash with Stage Challenge this                                  WHATS ON DURING TERM 2
meeting has been moved back a day to Tuesday 16 May at 7.00pm
                                                                                                     27 May               Rockquest Heats @ Nelson School of Music
in M2. This meeting is open to anyone who is interested in going on                                  8 June               Music Concert
the music tour next year. A final decision hasn’t been made where                                    13 June              Chamber Music Contest
the tour is going to go, and this is part of the reason for this meet-                               14 June              The Big Sing in Blenheim
ing. We are going to present three options for consideration along                                   16 June              Rockquest Finals
with costings. This is your opportunity as a parent to get involved                                  22 June              Music Recital for all students learning an instrument
and help with fundraising ideas, etc.                                                                                     at Waimea College
                                                                                                     26-27                Performing Arts Competitions
TOP ARIGHT: Ben Newport, Charlotte van Asch (tutor) and Nikki Prokop at the opening of
                                                                                                     26-27 June           Year 10/11 Music Assessment (as part of PFA Com
Hintons Chartered Accountants . Absent: Lara Linnemann                                                                    petitions)
BOTTOM RIGHT: The Concert Band perform at the recent ANZAC Day service.                              28 June              Year 11 Performing Arts Assessments
                                                                                                     29 June              Year 12/13 Music Assessments

NZ Young Designers Awards 2006
Several students from Years 10 to 13 have shown an interest in the competition again this year. We wish the
following students well as they prepare their presentation folios for judging in August.
Year 10 Georgina Thompson (Fashion/Street Cred/ Intermediate), Chrissy Kouwenhoven (Fashion/Street Cred/
Year 11 Alyssha Thurston (Fashion/Sport and Leisure wear/Intermediate), Marleen Van Oeveren (Fashion/Cultural/
Intermediate), Kate Halkett (Fashion/Street Cred/ Intermediate).
Year 13 Thomas Le Bas (Communication/Multi-media/Print/Senior), Ruth O’Connell (Fashion/Creative Menswear/
Senior and Fashion/ Evening Wear/Senior), Anthony Gates (Domestic Architecture/Open).
Stage Challenge Costumes
Several students have been working very hard all holidays on the costumes for this year’s Stage Challenge performance. Ruth O’Connell is the
designer and team leader and she is to be complimented on the huge amount of effort she has put into creating visually stunning costumes.
We wish the team of students good luck as they countdown to the final performance.
                                                                                                                                        Karen Richards, TIC Materials Technology

                                                              Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
                                                                                                                          A self help programme
 It was with regret, that we farewelled Grant                                                                           For parents troubled by un-
 Watson from the Board at the last meeting.                         Rotary Australia/NZ
                                                                 Exchange Programme 2007                             acceptable adolescent behaviour.
 Grant has been a invaluable member who
 has contributed many hours, both in meet-
                                                                                                                           Monday evenings
 ings and with staff. We wish him and his                      Will you be in Year 10 next year?
                                                                                                                           7.00pm – 9.15pm
 family all the best for the future endeav-                  Looking for a life changing challenge?
 ours.                                                         Like to spend a term in an Aussie                             Parish Centre,
                                                                            school?                                         Catholic Church
 Ian McKitrick stood-down from the Chair-
                                                                                                                       William Street, Richmond
 manship at the last meeting, and we thank              This programme arranges exchanges between
 him for his great leadership on the Board.             Australian and New Zealand secondary school
 Ian has been replaced by Annette Nistor, a             students. The exchange involves an Australian                Please contact the voicemail of
 current board-member, who is looking for-              student living with a NZ family and attending                TOUGH LOVE on (03) 546 6696
 ward to working with the Principal, Board,             school here in the second term of 2007. In the                  for further information on
 Staff and the College community.                       third term, the NZ student accompanies the                              this group.
                                                        Australian student home to live with their family,
 At present we are in the process of going              and to attend their school.                                   It is planned that they will be
 through the motions of appointing new                                                                                meeting as an ongoing weekly
 Board members. Watch this space for fur-               Application forms and further information are                group – no enrolment necessary
 ther updates.                                          available from Mr Scott, Associate Deputy Princi-                     JUST TURN UP.
                                  Annette Nistor                                                                                    Authorised by Chris Jessep
                                    Chairperson         Closing date for applications is 30 June 2006.                              Waimea College Counsellor

Helpers needed for PTA Fundraising Stocktake
Are you are available to help out at the Master Trade stocktake on Friday 19 May, from 12.00pm - 3.00pm? Your PTA needs 30 willing people.
We can make up to $850.00 for the school. The work is not difficult, and you can work at your own pace. It is pleasantly social, with a good
bunch of people. Please support this major fundraiser by registering your name with Robyn Russ on (03) 544 8288.
The PTA have recently transferred the management of the Kiosk and the Uniform Shop to the Finance Centre to operate. This is a big change
for the PTA, and a decision that was not taken lightly. As a result, the PTA is currently evaluating its objectives and taking a fresh look at
where it is going and what its members and the school want from it. There is a good feeling in the current committee that the change will
provide members with more time to focus on worthwhile school wide activities that bring more parents and caregivers in to the school. We are
a friendly caring group and we do need more helpers. If you don’t want to come to monthly meetings but would be happy to help out please
phone Robyn and register as a ‘friend of the PTA’. More hands make light work!!
                                                                                                                    Katrina Marwick, Chairperson PTA

                                          Waimea College
                                     1st 50 Years Celebrations
                                                           19 - 21 October 2007
Planning is progressing well! The weekend is shaping up to be a fun and memorable time for all those that will attend. The chance
to reminisce and catch up with old friends will kick off on Friday night with a ‘Waimean Warm Up’ theme. Local wines and ales will
flow and start the reunion celebrations off on a very social note.
We do have some requests to help procedures go a little smoother. One of these is - help! We would like to recruit some more com-
mittee members to share the load. We are a friendly bunch and would love to see some new faces. Our meetings are held on the
last Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm in our Job Track building.

The other request the committee has at this stage is for archive materials. We would like to display as much of the bygone eras as
possible, so if you have any sentimental trinkets from your days at Waimea College, we would like to borrow them for our displays.
If you are interested in attending the celebrations for our school’s 50th birthday, you will be able to register online from October this
year. At the moment, though, you can register for updates. To do this visit the school website, www.waimea.school.nz.
Click on the ’Reunion 2007’ option and it will take you to our page, which will be continuously updated as events unfold.
To contact us about any queries you may have, you can phone either Paula or Tracy at the College on (03) 544 6099 or email us at re-
union@waimea.school.nz .

                                             Come and join the celebrations!
                                            Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
To the Parents and Community of Waimea College
Waimea College is a large co-educational secondary school located in the Tasman district of the South Island. Stu-
dents are drawn from the growing township of Richmond, the Waimea plains, and the wider Nelson region, with
some enrolling from overseas. Students can choose from an extensive range of academic and vocationally oriented
programmes. The latter includes life skills and “Head Start” with “Job Track” available for those who have left
school. In addition, an attached special education unit caters for students with high and very high needs. Since the
2002 ERO review, roll growth has necessitated the introduction of an enrolment scheme. The Board of Trustees’
concerns about the safety of the student drop-off zone and bus bay have been addressed by improving the school
entrances. Attractively landscaped, well‑maintained grounds and facilities support students’ learning.

This ERO review of Waimea College includes an evaluation of the quality of teaching and curriculum management
across the school. As part of this focus, consideration was given to the assessment and achievement of students
within the National Qualifications Framework. ERO considered measures to improve Māori student achievement, the
provisions for international students, the implementation of the health and physical education curriculum, and pro-
gress made to meet the quality assurance arrangements for adult and community education. In addition, the
board’s compliance with its obligations, especially in relation to physical and emotional safety, was also investigated.

The board is experienced and members conduct the college’s affairs efficiently. Its strategic plan is appropriately
centred on teaching, learning and student achievement. The board has met its obligations to meet the Ministry of
Education’s planning and reporting requirements. The chairperson is a member of the School Support Reference
Group, run by the local Ministry of Education office.

The Principal, appointed in 2002, takes a collegial approach to facilitate the development of sound relationships. He
is clearly committed to creating a learning culture and is effectively utilising the complementary strengths of the sen-
ior management team. As a result of this collaborative approach, staff morale is high.

Expectations for school-wide curriculum management are well defined with most departmental schemes providing
sound guidance for programme delivery. Overall, classes are well managed and focus on learning with predictable
and well-understood routines. In classes where a wide range of effective teaching strategies is used, students are
actively engaged in their learning. The college’s National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) results for
2004 indicate the number of students gaining national qualifications is above national means though below that for
schools in the decile 8 to 10 range.

A variety of approaches to assessing and monitoring student learning is evident with innovative use being made of
digital technologies to retain qualitative records of assessment activities. However, achievement information, espe-
cially at years 9 and 10, is not yet being used to inform evidence-based self review. This hinders the setting of tar-
gets for ongoing improvement of student achievement at both department and school‑wide levels.

Students are generally very settled and friendly. They show confidence in themselves and pride in their school. A
comprehensive pastoral care network, that includes a social worker and two guidance counsellors, promotes the
well-being of students. School‑age students at risk of failure are supported through the learning support centre and
at an alternative education centre.

Developing student leadership is actively promoted through committees and peer mediation, as well as a buddy sys-
tem for international students. Further opportunities for participation are provided through a wide range of sporting
and cultural activities. Student “tech leaders” have recently been introduced to give assistance to staff in developing
their information and communications technologies (ICT) skills. Waimea is the lead school for a local ICT cluster
whose facilitator is based at the college, working alongside the school director of ICT.

The board has developed recommendations to address findings in this report about the use of achievement informa-
tion to set targets for improving student learning outcomes, the refinement of year 9 and 10 assessment practices
and to ensure consistency in the implementation of the college performance management system. Two areas of
non-compliance have been noted.

                                                                                                             Dated 9 November 2005

                                    Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve
                                                         Photo Board
                                                 Snaps from last term’s social dance.

                                   WAIMEA COLLEGE UNIFORM SHOP
We are the sole supplier of the Waimea College uniform, stocking all the necessary uniform items. Come in for all your winter requirements.
We have polar fleece jackets, jerseys, vests, girls’ black tights and boys’ black trousers. We also stock umbrellas.
                      Monday,Thursday and Friday (term time)
                      Monday              2.45 pm - 3.45 pm                                       Phone during shop hours: 544 9614
                      Thursday            3.00 pm - 6.00 pm                              The Uniform Shop is always open the last Friday of the school
                      Friday              12.30 pm - 1.30 pm                                   holidays between the hours of 12.30 – 1.30pm
                                                                                  After hours queries: Cheryl 544 2454 or Maree 544 9897

Location:     Enter South Entrance (Salisbury Rd), go to the right, follow the hedge around and we are by the Gymnasium – you will see the signs.
• Payment for clothing to be by cheque, cash or Eftpos.
• Secondhand clothing will be accepted and sold on your behalf.
A list of all uniform items and prices can be viewed on the College website, www.waimea.school.nz under the College News section.

     A big thank you again to our sponsors for their support - Harrington Eye Care (two pairs of sunglasses for Sports Day prizes), Subway
 (Clean School vouchers for 2005), Seifrieds (for supporting our staff training day and orientation days) and ASB Bank for its ongoing support.

                                          Waimea College—Proud of what we offer and of what our students achieve

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