Music Lesson by LovePinkXOXO


									     Year 10 Topic 1: Musical Theatre
Use p. 544 of Kamien, 'Music An Appreciation' and any relevant websites.

1.      Define Musical Theatre:
        It is usually in two acts, the second being usually shorter than the first.

2.       List its elements.
        Dramatic script, acting, spoken dialogue (sometimes with music), singing, dancing,
        scenery, costumes and spectacle.

3.      What forms can Musical Theatre take?
        Film and live theatre.

4.    Identify and describe the relevant elements of music and musical theatre from 2
examples on the DVD.

Example 1: My Fair Lady - The characters are dressed in the same tone of colour – grey, black
and white. They look posh. They have blank expressions. The characters sing and dance. But the
dance is very robotic. Their song is talking about the horse riding event that they are at and how
fun it is.

Example 2: Wizard of Oz - They are singing in a very happy and jolly way. The mood is very
light. The characters are all smiling. It is set in Emerald City and therefore, the characters working
there are all dressed in green. The dance is very simple and quite fun. There are dialogues with

5.     Listen to 2 songs from the musicals DVD without visuals (screen turned off) and
describe your imagined version of the characters, the sets, costumes, the mood, the
meaning, the lighting, the dancing etc.

               Song 1: Mary Poppins                     Song 2: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Characters     Children & Mary Poppins                  Children, parents and Mr. Wonka
Sets           In a house, in children’s room           In a chocolate factory
Costumes       Something old fashioned                  Fancy for Mr. Wonka and normal clothing
                                                        for the children and parents
Mood           Jolly and innocent                       Grim
Meaning        Telling the children that cleaning up    Complaining of a problem
of song        can be fun
Lighting       Colourful (because it’s children’s       Colourful because it’s a chocolate factory
Dancing        Don’t know                               Don’t know
Others:                           -                                            -

6. Now watch these excerpts again to see how close your version was to the DVD.
Describe the similarities and differences:
             Song 1: Mary Poppins               Song 2: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

Similarities   Characters and the mood                  Characters
Differences    The lighting                             There’s a bit of dancing
Remember that there is no 'correct version' - all productions of musicals are

7. Discuss how the other elements apart from music are important and add to the
enjoyment and meaning of the song.

Advanced warning - in lessons 5-7 you will be asked to learn and perform a song from a
musical so you need to get into groups, find a song and how it fits into the plot, and learn
it. You may use instruments of your own, costumes, props and other items. If we can
book into the theatre we may be able to use lighting but this will be confirmed.

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