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					       IISF 2004 HCD TASK

Home Country Direct Task Force


Heike Schackmann          De Te Card Services
Ljubinka Loncaric         Croatia Telecom
Nili Katz                 Bezeq Int
Ted Smith                 BT

Input from Martin Buerki - Swisscom
         IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE


This afternoon         Review of the Year
                       Breakout session
                       Transit issues
                       Benchmarking survey results
                       Questions and Answers

Tomorrow               Prepaid Calling Cards
                       The Future of HCD
                       Develop some plans!

Friday                 Discussions and debate to wrap up HCD

Please ask questions as we proceed through the sessions.
          IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE


What is HCD?

“Home Country Direct (HCD) is a service which enables
travellers abroad to make calls back to their Home Country
by dialling an International Freefone number – the call is
usually free to the customer, at the point of making
the call.”

Point to note:

Usually free………………………………?
             IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE
Review of the Past Year

What have we found?

• Resistance by carriers to open new routes - cost implications
• Carriers are still seeing a decline in minutes - based upon BT view
• Barriers with access - Mobile and Payphones
• Levies or surcharges to access mobile and payphone networks
• Collect call agencies appear to have gained a niche in the market place
• Evidence suggests that local prepaid cards are attractive to travellers!
• Growth in internet calling (VOIP) - lower cost base
• Lack of marketing and promotion is an inhibitor to growth.

Research indicates that where money is available, the spend
has been committed to Mobile or Broadband technologies.
           IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE

UK /Europe Specific

• The card market has levelled out - in terms of overall market size
- BT Global Services View

• Low cost prepaid IDD cards market has stagnated - mainly due to
local tax rules, consolidation in the market place and Mobile/Payphone

• Market has become price sensitive - prepaid cards IDD call costs
are similar or less than IDD!

• Mobile costs have increased slightly over the past year, but mobile
usage has increased by a small percentage - UK 3% in minutes.

Views from the rest of world?
             IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE

Review of Task Force work

At the 2003 Forum in Iguazu, Argentina, we held number of sessions
looking at the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and
Threats) Analysis for the Home Country Direct (HCD) product area.

The task force have considered some aspects of the SWOT and have
discussed in further detail.

We also held a session on how to grow or defend HCD, which gave us
some interesting views and ideas.
           IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE

Breakout Session1

Task 1

To review the revised Strengths part of the SWOT Analysis,
as amended by the task force

Output - Agree or disagree

Task 2

At last years forum, we came up with a list of actions, which the
forum felt could be achieved to defend or grow HCD. Please review
and come up additional ideas or advice if you have tried any of the
ideas generated.

Output on flip charts please ready for tomorrow.

   Welcome Back

 Task 1 Report back
          IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE

Transit Issues from an HCD view point

• We have various issues attacking the product set, such as mobile
and Payphone surcharges etc

• However, whilst Peter will discuss Transit on Thursday, we have a
number of HCD specific issue

1.      Carriers are refusing to carry transit
2.      Some carriers are now offering hubbing
3.      Some carriers are using Low Cost Routing (LCR) which
        terminates with a number of carriers - no 121 relationship
4.      Carriers who do offer transit do not want to apply the
        cascade method of accounting.

Benchmarking Presentation
         IISF 2004 HCD TASK FORCE


• We will discuss the future of HCD tomorrow

• I will welcome your views on where do you think the product
is heading

• We will also discuss prepaid calling cards

Quick Survey

• How many of you have encountered competition from prepaid
calling card companies?

• How many of you have tried to beat them on price and quality?

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