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									                Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Silhouette Limited Edition Bat

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TPX and Louisville Slugger - an acronym and brand that are as synonymous with baseball as hot dogs
and stats. As one of the most successful collegiate-level bats since 1999, the TPX Omaha has been used
by 39 teams in the College World Series and was the bat of choice for six national champion teams.

Not too shabby a record, but for 2010 Louisville Slugger has also rolled out a limited edition bat, the
Louisville Slugger TPX Omaha Silhouette ($230), moderned-up with a black-on-black design, ST+20
alloy (the strongest in the bat industry), patented Pro Cup end cap, and varying lengths to meet college
and high school standards.

This new Louisville Slugger Omaha bat features the ST+20 alloy with a 31/32" tapered handle and the
patented Pro Cup end cap for great bat speed and performance.


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