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Experience Tibet

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Visit a place where history and nature blend with a spiritual presence
found in no other land in the world. Come travel to Tibet!

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A land that conjures up images of mountains and temples. A place whos
mystique is unmatched by any other around the world. A people who can
bring a smile to any visitor`s face.

These all can be found in the farthest corner of China, atop the roof of
the world-Tibet. Yes, Tibet is one of kind. No other place brings to mind
such majestic scenary
or spiritual splendor. This is a land that will expel any doubt to
whether or not there is a supreme power. One can`t help but sense that
there is something greater that exists, that could only be responsible
for creating such a magnificent place.

Tibet is a land of incredible points of interest. Besides home to the
world`s tallest mountain, it boasts the world`s deepest canyon, the
highest elevated river, as well as the highest elevated roads and
airports. Yes, the highest elevated railroad can also be found in Tibet.

Tibet is a vast land, subsequently allowing visitors to usually only view
a small piece of what it has to offer during one visit. Among the many
attractions, the famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery, Barkhor Street,
Nam Co and Basum Co are just several must see spots.

There are, however, many other gems the savy tourist should not go
without seeing as well. Some of these include the Guge Kingdom Ruins and
the Tombs of Tibetan Kings. Yet, if one did not spend any time seeing
Tibet`s many historic attractions, one can gain enough satisfaction soley
enjoying the splendid natural landscapes.

While you stay in Tibet, make sure you try the local foods-quite
different than typical Chinese cuisine-but just as delicious. Also, get
to know the local people. Many are friendly, and will fill your heart
with warmth.

 A trip to Tibet will be like no other place you have visited. Be rest
assured you will experience things you thought you could have only
dreamed of, and be ready for a change in how you perceive life
afterwards. Tibet is that incredible. But, don`t take my word for it-come
travel to Tibet and experience it for yourself.