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           MORE PRIESTS
       Our parish, Our Lady of Beautiful
                                                        A BIG SUCCESS
                                                      The success of our 2008 Halloween Cele-
                                                 bration held on Friday, October 31, 2008 was
    Love, is helping our Rogationist priests
    raise badly needed funds to continue the     evidenced by the following:                                                                Vol. 3 No. 11       November 5, 2008
    formation and education of their semi-         • The rains in the afternoon did not dampen      The monthly official publication of the Merville Park Homeowners Association
    narians for the priesthood. They also            the participation by many children from our    FUROR RAISED BY PROPOSED                   WHAT CAN WE DO WITH OUR BADLY
                                                     village and from our neighboring mission
    need help to continue their feeding and
                                                                                                      INCREASE OF REAL ESTATE                              DAMAGED ROADS?
    catechizing of poor children from our mis-       areas from going around our Village for the
                                                                                                                                                  Every homeowner knows only too well how
    sion areas which they are now doing              Trick or Treat.                                         PROPERTY TAX IN
                                                                                                                                              badly damaged our roads are. These roads do
    only twice a month instead of every Sun-       • More children came in costumes according                   PARAÑAQUE                     not only damage our vehicles; they are also
    day which they used to do before.                to the theme of SAINTS AND HEROES                 A public hearing on the Draft Ordi-    an eyesore. MPHA has been receiving com-
        The help the Rogationists need is for        COME ALIVE PART II.                           nance No. 64- AN ORDINANCE                 plaints about these roads.
    us to buy Christmas cards which feature        • Joy of the children as they participated in   ADOPTING THE REVISED SCHE-                     Because of lack of funds, MPHA has only
    original paintings of talented seminarians       the games and contests conducted by the       DULE OF FAIR MARKET VALUES OF              been able to do patch work of our streets. An
    at P 250.00 per batch of 10 cards with           magician Wacky who was attired as Peter       REAL PROPERTY IN THE CITY OF               estimated P 12.5 million had been quoted to
    envelopes. The original paintings had            Pan.                                          PARANAQUE on November 3, 2008, at          put a 2-inch asphalt overlay just along the
    been auctioned off to the highest bidders.       Seventy (70) children with ages ranging       the      Session    Hall   Sangguniang     main roads which only include —
        Instead of buying commercial cards to    from one year old to ten paraded before the       Panglungsod City of Paranaque drew a         • Gate 1 to Main Avenue and right to Long
    send out to our friends and relatives this   Board of Judges in their costumes. Most came      hostile crowd of about 200 homeowners           Beach to Belvedere to Washington
    Christmas, why not buy these Rogatio-        as angels, Walt Disney characters, and reel       from Parañaque. The six (6) councilors       • Gate 1 to Saint Hannibal Street
    nists Christmas cards? They are great to     heroes (e.g. Batman, Superman, Spiderman).
    send to our friends and relatives abroad     The costumes that stood out were those of
                                                                                                   who were trying to defend the proposed       • Gate 2 to Washington and right to Amster-
                                                                                                   increase were booed by the crowd.               dam
    because they depict local Nativity           Napoleon Bonaparte, Herod, Jose Rizal, St.            Authored by Councilor Florante C.          We have not been able to get asphalt from
    scenes.                                      John the Baptist, St. Peter, Our Lady of          Romey, Jr. this ordinance will increase    our city government except for a short stretch
        Not only are we supporting priestly      Fatima, shepherd, Egyptian, the leper, army
                                                                                                   the valuation of our properties, be it     of the Long Beach road leading to the offices
    vocations; we are also encouraging the       soldier, etc. The mothers who thought of and
                                                                                                   residential, commercial and/or indus-      of Barangay Merville.
    seminarian/artists to nurture their God-     possibly made the costumes deserve a stand-
    given talents.                               ing ovation. Special kudos to the Ketcher         trial, by 250%-400%. At present, the           MPHA President Sharon S. Almonte re-
                                                 boys: Mark, who was dressed as Herod, Mat-        market valuation for Merville is P1,000/   cently called past MPHA Presidents for a
        Please buy these cards from the fol-
                                                 thew as a shepherd boy, and James as Napo-        sqm. The draft ordinance will increase     meeting to brainstorm on ways and means to
    lowing parish workers who can deliver
                                                 leon Bonaparte. They were all in authentic        the valuation to P3,500/sqm.               raise funds just for our main roads. The follow-
    them to your home. They are:
                                                 costumes.                                             The Merville homeowners who at-        ing past presidents responded and came to
    Area 1 - Beth Balagot         - 823-90-06                                                                                                 the meeting:
    Area 2 - Tess Mariano         - 828-05-55        Mr. Boi Mojica, as emcee, engaged the         tended the public hearing were Merville
    Area 3 - Mel Domingo          - 828-16-03    children into the program. Mr. Joselito Ducay     Walkers Club members Jun Dabao,            • Arch. Jose De Guzman
    Area 4 - Marite Panopio       - 824-71-46    ensured that the parade of children in cos-       Oscar Zulaybar, Norman Riego, Rina         • Mr. Virgilio Jordana
    Area 5 - Nestor Sagayadan - 822-67-01        tumes by age categories, was orderly.             Filart, Joe Yulo and Roger Lopez; Nards    • Mr. Lino Uy
                                                     It was a very enjoyable 2-hour show.          Baylon and Purito and Nora Saba and a
              Chit Simon          - 828-75-02
                                                 MPHA, thru Mrs. Josie O. Santamaria, chair-       realtor.                                   • Engr. Freddie Po
    Area 6 - Josie Santamaria - 824-81-55
    Area 7 - Myra Lapus           - 828-85-51    person of the Community Relations Commit-             The MPHA will spearhead a signa-       • Mr. Luis Dabao, Jr.
              Azon Reyes          - 776-16-60    tee, thanks the members of the Board of           ture campaign to put pressure on the       • Gen. Telesforo Tayko
    Area 8 - Ledy Perez           - 828-43-22    Judges made up of Mrs. Annette Mariano, as        City Government not to push thru with          The following ideas were proposed:
                                                 chairperson, Ms. Astrud Schuck and Mr. Jojo
    Area 9 - Aida Amandy          - 787-15-47
                                                 Polintan as members; Mr. Boi Mojica, and the
                                                                                                   this proposed ordinance. This will be a    • Make representation with Parañaque City
    Area 10 - Mely Dela Vega -09174882301                                                          big burden on us in these times of eco-        Mayor to give us a FAIR SHARE of the real
                                                 many homeowners who donated the various           nomic crises. Please make sure that            estate taxes that we homeowners pay for;
                                                 prizes for the costumes contests and the          YOU are counted!
                                                 games.                                                                                                                      Continue to p. 3
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    WINNERS OF HALLOWEEN                               2nd Place                                      MEDALS FOR YOUNG ATHLETES                         UPDATES ON VARIOUS
                                                White Bunny     Ashley Garson                            Our two sports that are training con-       INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS
          CONTEST                                      3rd Place                                    tinuously and making headway are Taek-           Hereunder is an update on various infrastruc-
                                                Fairy           Jianna Lagman                       wondo of Coach Manel Sy, and the             ture projects as of October 31, 2008:
     The Board of Judges for the Halloween             5 to 7 years old                             MPHA Swimming Club under Coach
costumes contests, composed of Mrs. An-                1st Place                                    Renan Ignacio. Both sports also partici-
                                                                                                                                                 •   REPAINTING OF HUMPS
nette Mariano as chairperson, Ms. Astrud        Cleopatra       Renee Calingo                                                                        Repainting of humps and gutters along Washi-
                                                                                                    pate in competitions regularly.                   ngton and Belvedere Streets is on going.
Schuck and Mr. Jojo Polintan as members,               2nd Place                                        Coach Manel’s class joined the Philip-
did not have a difficult time deciding on the   Japanese Geisha Jasmin Nicole Rentoy                pines Taekwondo Association Age Group        •   WATERLINE REPIPING
winners of Most Creative and Most Beautiful            3rd Place                                                                                     The replacement of old asbestos pipes from
                                                                                                    Championship at the Ninoy Aquino Sta-
costumes by age categories. They came to        Witch           Andrea Harn                                                                          Barcelona Street to Washington Street has
                                                                                                    dium on October 15-16, 2008. The medal-          been completed.
an agreement on the criteria and they had              8 to 10 years old                            ists were: Diego Graceda, Alonzo Luna,
rating sheets prepared for them by Nestor              1st Place                                    Hans Tristan de Leon, Caleb Catalan, and     •   ROAD REPAIRS
and Dulce Sagayadan who, for many years,        Hawaiian Girl Daniella Cristofani                                                                    Patching of potholes at Gate 1 has been
                                                                                                    Andrea Manuel. Kazer Maruyama and
had been assisting MPHA in the Halloween               2nd Place                                                                                     completed.
                                                                                                    Pauline Shin both garnered silver medals,
celebration, in general, and in the costume
contests, in particular.
                                                Our Lady of Fatima      Rio Cañal                   Kevin Brown won a gold medal and An-         •    DRAINAGE REPIPING
                                                       3rd Place                                    drea Manuel who received a bronze                Alpine drainage repiping waiting for
                                                Ninja                   Harold Guzman               medal. On November 15-16, 2008 our               quotations.
    The following were proclaimed winners:
                                                                                                    Taekwondo kids are again competing in        •   MERALCO CABLES
                                                SPECIAL AWARDS FOR TWO                              the Clubs and Gym Taekwondo Champi-              Phase 2 conversions of Meralco cables from
MOST CREATIVE COSTUMES:                         FAMILIES:                                           onships, also at the Ninoy Aquino Sta-           underground to overhead started on Septem
        1 to 4 years old
                                                                                                    dium.                                            ber 24, 2008 along the following streets:
        1st Place                                       1st Place       Foronda Family                  Our Merville Swimming Club joined the        Florence, Amsterdam, Toledo, Barcelona,
Army Soldier Rhon Jeric Alfonso                 which included three generations                    Dolphin Club Invitational tournament at          Florida, Cairo, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Washi-
        2nd Place                               (grandmother, mother and all children)              the ULTRA. There were over 200 kids              ngton, Calcutta and Washington Square is
Transformer      Gabby Juliano
                                                                                                    with ages 6-15 who competed last Sep-
        3rd Place                                       2nd Place        Castañeda Family
                                                                                                                                                     still on going.
                                                                                                    tember 6, 2008. Our medalists were:
Chef             Zach Gavieres
                                                                                                    Pauline Gaston who won two bronze            •   REPAIR OF SUPERMARKET
        5 to 7 years old                            Before they were given their prizes, the win-                                                    Repair of glass display windows of the
                                                                                                    medals; Gica Sy who got two bronze
        1st Place                               ners, except for a few 1 to 4 year olds, were                                                        Supermarket completed.
                                                                                                    medals; Pauline Villanueva, one bronze
Herod            Mark Ketcher
        2nd Place
                                                asked to tell, in one sentence, why they had        and one silver medals; Charima Binder,       •    REPAIR OF PATH WALK
                                                chosen the character of the costume they            one silver; Samantha Duarte, two bronze          The repair of path walk at the Continental Park
Shepherd         Matthew Ketcher                wore. Some interesting answers included the         and one silver medals; Gabriel Duarte,
        3rd Place                               following:
                                                                                                                                                     is on going.
                                                                                                    one bronze and one silver;           Paulo
Egyptian         John Calingo
                                                                                                    Villanueva, one bronze; Adrian Duarte        Cont. of WHAT CAN ...           Continued from p. 1
        8 to 10 years old                         ARMY SOLDIER – “I want to protect my              one bronze. Other members who missed
        1st Place
Napoleon Bonaparte       James Ketcher
                                                country.”                                           medals by a breath were Therese Gaston,      •   MPHA to allocate whatever funds it has
                                                  NAPOLEON BONAPARTE – “I want to be                Donovan Binder, Lorenzo Salonga, and             and asphalt only what the amount can
        2nd Place                               strong and powerful and to rule the world.”         Kevin Bermejo. On November 8, 2008               cover.
St. Peter        Enrico Dumayas                   ST. PETER – “I hold the keys that guard the
        3rd Place
                                                                                                    these same swimmers are joining the third    •   Increase the fee for car stickers.
                                                gates of heaven.”                                   leg of the same club competition, also at
Jose Rizal       Romulo Kyle Bobadilla            OUR LADY OF FATIMA – “October is the              the ULTRA.                                   •   Get donations from Merville homeow-
                                                month of the Rosary…I researched and I liked            Results of these coming events will be       ners.
MOST BEAUTIFUL COSTUMES:                        the story of Our Lady of Fatima.”                   reported in the next issue of our Newslet-
      1 to 4 years old                            JOSE RIZAL – “I admire him because he is                                                         How about you, dear homeowners? Any
                                                                                                    ter. It is hoped that these sports events
      1st Place                                 our national hero.”                                                                              workable ideas?    Please   email  to
                                                                                                    and the good results would spur parents
Fairy          Hannah Dela Cruz                                                                                                        
                                                                                                    to encourage their children to join these

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