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					STUDENT AFFAIRS                                                                            DECEMBER 2007
                                                                                           VOLUME III, ISSUE 4
MBA Students Elect New MBAA Board for 2008
by Courtney Hainline, Assistant Director of Student Affairs                                IN THIS ISSUE

January is just around the                                                                 Student Affairs ................................... 1, 4
corner and with that comes a
                                                                                           News ....................................................... 2
new year, new semester and a
new leadership team of first-                                                              Faculty Profile ........................................ 2
year MBA students to serve
as MBA Association (MBAA)                                                                  Student Life ...............................       2, 4-6
officers. The MBAA is a stu-
                                                                                           Career Services ..................................... 3
dent-elected board that over-
sees all clubs and MBAA-                                                                   Admissions ............................................. 3
funded student activities. The
purpose of the MBAA is to                                                                  Life Events .............................................. 5
promote social interaction
                                                                                           Club Roundup ................................... 7-9
among students and assist the
program in its efforts to ad-
vance the reputation, accom-
plishments and visibility of
                                 Newly elected MBAA Executive board officers (back         UPCOMING EVENTS
the Illinois MBA.
                                 row) Jasen Shrock, Adam Cook (front row) Emily
                                                                                           Dec 4:            MBA Club Elections
Twenty-three candidates par- Thompson, Mike Petersen, Tiffany Tsai, and Thanwa
ticipated in a weeklong cam- Wathahong pose for a photo in Wohlers hall                    Dec 6-7: First Year Finals
paign that included platform
speeches and campaigning to fellow classmates. On November 15, first- and second-year      Dec 7:            December Graduation
students congregated as the election results were announced. The following students were                     Party
selected by their classmates to represent the Illinois MBA beginning January 1, 2008:
                                                                                           Dec 10-14: University Final Exams
         President:: Adam Cook
                                                                                           Dec 9-12: Applied Business Perspec-
         VP Programs: Jasen Shrock
                                                                                                    tives Seminar
         VP Finance: Tiffany Tsai
         VP Social Programs: Emily Thompson                                                Dec 12:           MBA Potluck and Ice Skat-
         VP Alumni Affairs: Mike Petersen                                                                    ing Party
         VP Communications: Thanwa Wathahong
                                                                                           Dec 17-Jan 14: Winter Break
Thank you to current MBAA President Ed Austin and the entire MBAA board for doing
a wonderful job representing the Illinois MBA student body this past year. Although they   Jan 7-12: Poland and Mexico City
will be missed, everyone is very excited about the opportunity to work with this new                 Study Abroad Trips
group of students.
                                                                                           Jan 21: Martin Luther King Day
Congratulations to the 2008 MBAA board!                                                             (no classes)

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                                                                                           Phone: 1-217-244-8019
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                  Illinois MBA Alumni today! Registration Link:                            Sixth Street Journal 2.0 is a publication
                                  of the Illinois MBA,1407 W. Gregory
                                                                                           Dr., Urbana, IL 61801 USA
NEWS                                           FACULTY PROFILE
Message from the Associate                     Faculty Profile: Gopesh Anand
Dean                                           by Tiffany Tsai, Class of 2009
by Mary Miller, Associate Dean
                                               Professor Gopesh Anand joined the University of Illinois
By the time you read                           in 2006, and he currently teaches first-year and part-time
this, final exams and                          MBAs in the Manufacturing, Service and Process Man-
Applied Business Per-                          agement course. Professor Anand received his under-
spectives (ABP) will be                        graduate degree in accounting from Bombay, India, and
rapidly approaching, and                       an MBA degree from Ohio State University in 1992. Af-
another semester and                           ter his MBA, Professor Anand started a watch-band
calendar year will almost                      manufacturing company in Mumbai, India. However,
be over. It has been a                         Professor Anand found his true passion in process im-
busy month. Kristi Martin from MBA             provement and decided to pursue studies in operations
admissions and I traveled to Seoul and         management by earning a PhD from Ohio State Univer-
Taipei to recruit students and visit with      sity in 2001. Professor Anand’s research focuses on proc-
alumni. Sehun (Jerry) Jung, MBA 2007,          ess improvement programs and strategies.
hosted us at Samsung where I spoke to          Professor Anand chose the U of I to begin his full-time
some of his marketing colleagues about         teaching career because of the great balance between
generational differences in the workplace,     researching and teaching. “The Business Administration Department at U of I encourages
and we toured the Samsung facilities and       intensive interaction across business departments, which provides me with a great oppor-
campus. We also reconnected with many          tunity to continue the learning process in business management,” Professor Anand said.
alumni in both cities and determined that      “I also enjoy the fun of interacting with brilliant students. The teaching materials are the
they are working hard and are very suc-        same; however, not a single class will result in the same dynamic. There is always a sur-
cessful.                                       prise I find in my students every day.”
As many of you know, a few years ago we        Professor Anand and his wife, who also works for the university as a project coordinator
started offering short (one-week) study        in the survey research laboratory, enjoy life in the Midwestern town of Champaign. When
abroad courses in January during the win-      Professor Anand and his wife have free time, they enjoy spending time at the Krannert
ter break. This year 30 MBA students will      Center for the Performing Arts, appreciating musical and theater performances. Among
study in Warsaw, Poland, and 34 MBA            Professor Anand’s other hobbies are watching re-runs of “Seinfeld” and movies, his fa-
students will study in Mexico City, Mexico.    vorite being “As Good As It Gets.”
I am a big advocate of courses like these,
and they continue to be popular with stu-
dents as well. I also know many side trips
are being coordinated prior to the begin-      STUDENT LIFE
ning of classes, so I hope Europe and
Mexico are ready for Illinois MBAs!            UIUC Represented at Net Impact Conference
                                               by Noel Vivar, Class of 2008
The new business building continues to
progress, and I recently had an opportu-       During the weekend of November 1–3, Jovanna Owusu and Noel L. Vivar represented
nity to take a hard-hat tour. It is really     UIUC at the annual 2007 Net Impact Conference held at Vanderbilt University in Nash-
going to be an amazing facility and even       ville, Tenn. There were 1,700 attendees this year from professional and student chapters
on a cloudy day, the atrium area was bright    around the world.
and inviting. However, what impressed me
the most were the 25 interview rooms.          Vivar attended seminars of various topics. They ranged from working in public-private
The recruiters and the students are going      partnerships to create parks and sustainable developments in urban and suburban areas of
to finally have a professional and comfort-    Nashville and Louisville, Ky., to integrating sustainability, and social and environmental
able place to interact. Be sure to check out                                         responsibility into the supply chains of Starbucks and
the webcam on the College of Business                                                Gibson Guitars.
website to follow the progress http://                                                              When asked about the conference, Owusu said, "It
instructional_facility/webcam/.                                                     was a great experience, and the opportunity to net-
                                                                                    work with other students and professionals that are
I wish you all Happy Holidays and all the                                           concerned about corporate social responsibility and
best in the new year.                                                               environmental issues was phenomenal and very edu-

2 - December 2007                                                                           Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0
Illinois MBA Logs 30,000 Miles for International Travels
by Ben Moreland. Assistant Director of Admissions

During the month of November, the Illinois MBA admissions office traveled the world with the World MBA Tour, meeting prospective
international students and connecting with alumni in several international cities.
The international travels started in Tokyo, Japan, where Assistant Director of Admissions Ben Moreland represented the Illinois MBA on
November 2. The MBA fair afforded the Illinois MBA the opportunity to meet new prospects, but also to strengthen bonds with pros-
pects who had attended one of the prior informational events organized by alumnus Hideaki Uchida. Fellow alumni Toshihiko Sakitani,
Hirotake Tayama and Katsuyoshi Ichikawa joined Uchida and Moreland at this fair to share their experience of the Illinois MBA with
prospective students.
“In addition to making me feel very welcome whenever I visit this great city,” said Moreland, “the alumni have been enthusiastic in reach-
ing out to prospective students. I would also like to thank Yushi Fujimoto and Manabu Kawamura who hosted me during my visit.”
The following week, Associate Dean Mary Miller and Assistant Director of Admissions Kristi Martin ventured to Seoul, South Korea
(November 6), and Taipei, Taiwan (November 8), for two more fairs. Miller and Martin met with various alumni before and during the
event, and also accepted an invitation from alumni to visit the headquarters of Samsung Electronics.
                                                                                     Finally, although the Illinois MBA was unable to have
                                                                                     staff present at the fairs in China, several alumni made
                                                                                     sure that the Illinois MBA was still well-represented.
                                                                                     On November 14, four Illinois MBA alumni (plus one
                                                                                     UIUC alumna), represented the program in Beijing. A
                                                                                     warm thanks goes to Lin Gao, Zhiling (Angela) Dai,
                                                                                     Patrick Wu and Gina Li for representing the Illinois
                                                                                     MBA at this fair. And on November 16, Larry Zhao
                                                                                     courageously and singlehandedly fielded the questions
                                                                                     from prospective students in Shanghai, as tough
                                                                                     weather conditions prevented many alumni from mak-
                                                                                     ing the trip into Shanghai.
                                                                         The international travels for 2007 conclude as More-
                                                                         land travels to India. The admissions office would like
                                                                         to thank all alumni who have helped at fairs this year,
                                                                         domestically and internationally. Please contact Jackie
Illinois MBA Alumni represented the program and assisted with recruiting Wilson at if you would like to serve
at the World MBA fair in Beijing, China, in early November.              as a contact for applicants to the Illinois MBA during
                                                                         the upcoming application cycle.

Fall Recruiting in Review
by Julie Sweet, Associate Director of Admissions

The Illinois MBA is wrapping up its on-campus fall recruiting season, and we are pleased to report that we hosted several new companies
this year, such as Ernst & Young, MarketSphere Consulting, United Airlines and Loop Capital Markets, LLC. We hosted 30 MBA-
focused companies for on-campus interviews (up 20% from last fall).

Our students are starting to receive full-time and internship offers from many of the companies that recruited this fall. We are also pilot-
ing a “Winter Break Job Shadow Program” with General Electric and look forward to great results and the opportunity to expand this
program in the future.

Spring recruiting (for full-time and internship placement) will kick off on January 29-30 with the Spring Business Career Fair at the Illini
Union. Be sure to let us know if you are coming. We always like welcoming our alumni back to campus.

If your company would like to consider MBA candidates for internship or full-time opportunities, or would like to take part in the Spring
Business Career Fair, please contact us at

Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0                                                                               December 2007 - 3
STUDENT AFFAIRS                                  STUDENT LIFE
December 2007 MBA                                EnterpriseWorks: Keeping it Local
Graduates                                        by Rafael Diokno and Jasen Schrock, Class of 2009
by Mary McElvain, Assistant Director of
Student Affairs                                  On Friday, November 16, 2007, first-year MBA students Rafael Diokno and Jasen
                                                 Schrock had the opportunity to tour EnterpriseWorks, a startup business incubator in the
As the Fall 2007 semester comes to a             Research Park at UIUC, with Brian Precious (Class of 2006). EnterpriseWorks provides
close, eight Illinois MBA students will be       entrepreneurial support, which includes furnished offices, conference centers, administra-
celebrating the completion of their degree       tive staff and referrals to funding resources for over 50 startup companies.
requirements. Of the eight candidates for
December graduation, seven of those will         Mr. Precious is currently the Business Development Manager at SmartSpark, a battery
also be receiving a joint degree in areas        conditioning systems company, which is developing applications for alternative energy
such as law, medicine or electrical and          and is one of the companies located at EnterpriseWorks. During the tour, Mr. Precious
computer engineering. We congratulate            gave the students an inside look at the facility, including new technologies in development
them on becoming our newest alumni of            at SmartSpark. He spoke at length about the process of acquiring venture capital as a
the Illinois MBA!                                young technology startup, which SmartSpark successfully accomplished this past summer.
                                                 It was evident that Mr. Precious not only had strong ties to UIUC, but also to the greater
Candidates for December 2007 graduation          community, where he believes the potential exists for many new technology and entrepre-
from the Illinois MBA:                           neurial success stories to occur.
Michael Brown, joint degree with Law                                                                        As IMBA students, it is impor-
                                                                                                            tant to be familiar with what is
Michael Fricke, joint degree with Law                                                                       happening within the UIUC
Daniel Grossman, joint degree with                                                                          community, because there are
Medicine                                                                                                    opportunities to learn and net-
                                                                                                            work. The excitement sur-
Christian Pena, joint degree with Law                                                                       rounding the Research Park
                                                                                                            and EnterpriseWorks is grow-
Aaron Pollack                                                                                               ing, with business giants Yahoo
Piotr Rewerski, joint degree with Law                                                                       and Qualcomm recently joining
                                                                                                            the community. Taking advan-
Alexander Spektor, joint degree with             Class of 2006 alumnus Brian Precious provided Jasen        tage of these resources to sup-
Electrical and Computer Engineering              Schrock (far left) and Rafael Diokno (far right) with a    plement the MBA experience
                                                 tour of the EnterpriseWorks facilities, which is lo-       can create opportunities for the
Keith Thompson, joint degree with Elec-          cated on the Research Park grounds of the University       advancement of personal and
trical and Computer Engineering                  of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.                           professional development.

A Glimpse of India
by Sneha Nair, Class of 2009

On November 9, 2007, all Indians worldwide celebrated Diwali, and, in the spirit of
the festival, a few of the Indian first-year MBAs decided to invite the MBA family to
celebrate with them in the community room of Capstone Quarters. More than 30
students got together, toiled over the stove, and a scrumptious Indian spread was set.
A small ceremony was held in the beginning to invoke God’s blessings and give
thanks for what He has given us. Once the food was served, the party was in full
swing. Everyone present at the party danced the night away to Hindi music – Bolly-
wood style.
Diwali, commonly known as Deepavali, a Sanskrit word meaning “rows of lighted
lamps," is referred to as the Festival of Lights, where the lights or lamps signify the    Diwali proved to be an enjoyable cultural event
triumph of good over evil within every human being. Diwali is considered to be             for Illinois MBA students as evidenced here by
among the Indian national festivals, and the aesthetic aspect of the festival is enjoyed   (front row) Sagar Hebbar and Sneha Nair and
by most Indians regardless of faith. Although the IMBA experience this year was not        (back row) Aarti Rangannathan, Jagdamba Seth,
complete with the traditional fireworks, MBA students in attendance had a great time       Sunil Rajan, Kabid Choudhury, Sachin Bhargava,
nonetheless.                                                                               Shoubhik Gupta and Dylan Chang.

4 - December 2007                                                                              Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0
Illinois MBAs Shine in Intramural Sports                                                          IMBA Question of the Month
by Sarah Calhoun, Class of 2009                                                                   by Sarah Calhoun, Class of 2009

November 15 marked the beginning of the final playoffs for the IMBA Bowling League,               The students enjoyed a week long fall
an MBA student-run league with more than 60 student bowlers and eight teams. Last se-             break from classes over the Thanksgiving
mester’s reigning champions, “Hello Kitty,” are currently undefeated and have set their           holiday from November 17-25. Over the
eyes on the title once again. For the final match on November 29, they went up against            long awaited break many students traveled
second-year team “Let’s Score More” in a rematch of last year’s championship. It was a            or shared time with family. To get an idea
competitive yet exciting matchup, but “Hello Kitty” took the trophy in the end.                   of exactly how the break was spent we
                                                                                                  decided to ask a few students: “What did
                                                                        Unfortunately, none       you do over fall break?”
                                                                        of the first-year MBA
                                                                        teams maintained a
                                                                        winning record this       Kristy Kuzmuk: I
                                                                        semester, but already     spent five relaxing
                                                                        they are planning to      days in Phoe-
                                                                        make a stronger ap-       nix. It was 85 and
                                                                        pearance during the       sunny every
                                                                        spring semester bowl-     day. A much
                                                                        ing league. Be sure to    needed break.
                                                                        check the next issue
                                                                        of the Sixth Street
                                                                        Journal for a photo of                             Chris Mulliken:
                                                                        the winners!                                       Went to DC. Did
                                                                                                                           some Christmas
                                                                          While the Bowling                                shopping. Went
                                                                          League has been an                               to some museums
                                                                          IMBA tradition for a                             in DC, including
The Illinois MBA basketball squad sport their orange uniforms.
                                                                          few years, first-year                            the Holocaust and
Ed Prusiecki and Adam Cook led the team to a victorious
                                                                          students Ed Prusiecki                            International Spy
inaugural season.
                                                                          and Adam Cook                                    museums. That's
hope to have started a new one with the IMBA coed basketball team. Prusiecki and Cook,                                     it.
along with a few other students, gathered each week on the basketball court to show off
their talents in the University’s Intramural Basketball League. The MBAs, uniforms and
all, finished the season with a record of three wins and only one loss. The Illinois MBA is
                                                                                                  Maura Gill: Went
full of talented athletes, and it is rewarding to see the students participating in these vari-
                                                                                                  to NJ for family
ous sports.
                                                                                                  holiday festivities
                                                                                                  and NYC to visit
                                                                                                  a friend working
                                          The Illinois MBA is collecting alumni business          at Pfizer and to
  Alumni Business                         cards (hard copy or electronic). This month,            see the Rockettes!
                                          the winner will receive a gift bag of Illinois
   Card Drawing                           MBA products.

                                          All business cards should be submitted by                                        Sean Egan: I
                                          November 15!                                                                     worked on reno-
                                                                                                                           vating the kitchen
                                          For entry, send your business cards to:                                          in my house. I
                                          Tracy Loschen                                                                    gutted it, painted
                                          Assistant Director of Outreach                                                   and put in a tile
                                          Illinois MBA                                                                     floor. The high-
                                          405 David Kinley Hall, MC-706                                                    light was traveling
                                          1407 West Gregory Drive                                                          north to Putnam
                                          Urbana, IL 61801                                                                 County, Illinois
                                                                                                and going deer

Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0                                                                                 December 2007 - 5
MBAs Represent Illinois in                     MBAA Hosts Post-Halloween Costume Party
Chicago Bankruptcy Case                        by Judy McDermott, VP of Social Programs
by Dustin Welch and Jareer Oweimrin,           Since the Alumni Awards Banquet and
Class of 2009                                  Tailgate festivities took place over the
                                               weekend prior to Halloween, the Illinois
While most first-year MBAs were decom-         MBA Association decided to hosts its an-
pressing after MBA 502 midterms, three         nual Halloween party after October 31 this
students were preparing for a bankruptcy       year. On November 2, students kicked
case competition in Chicago. Yifan Wang,       back in their Halloween best in the base-
Surawat Suwanyangyuen and Jareer               ment bar turned haunted house of the
Oweimrin were getting a crash course in        Famous Dave’s big red barn in Cham-
corporate restructuring. After five days of    paign. More than 80 Illinois MBA students
preparation and little sleep, they presented   and their spouses or loved ones gathered
a mock presentation to their peers. Once       to celebrate.
they made some key readjustments and re-
presented to their peers, they were ready      The festivities kicked off at 7 p.m., after
                                               the first-year MBAs completed their 502       Judy McDermott uses her pitchfork to
to put it to the test.
                                               midterm. Costumes ran the gamut from          prod "Blues Brothers" Brett Klinker and
That same day, they traveled by train to       devils and angels, to Cleopatra and Super-    Mike Brown into pausing for a snapshot.
the Westin on Michigan Avenue. They            woman, to pirates and ghouls. But the
took the opportunity to network with pa-       winners of the best costume awards were
trons from Kellogg’s American Business         given the most honors.
Institute at dinner the night before and
prepared one last time afterward. During                                                     Second-year Alex Spektor won the MBAA’s
the competition against 12 other teams,                                                      Most Creative Costume award. Alex was
the three represented the distressed com-                                                    “Windy” and dressed like a wind-blown busi-
pany’s advisors. The morning presentation                                                    nessman with wind-blown hair and a tie
of the competition, where they met with                                                      propped with a hanger wire that appeared to
the company’s lien holders, went more                                                        blow in the wind. First-year Erin Mitchell
smoothly than the afternoon presentation.                                                    won Best Female Costume for her heavenly
During this part of the competition, the                                                     rendition of an angel, while first-year Kaz
students held their own during an aggres-                                                    Tatsuzawa won Best Male Costume for dress-
sive bombardment of queries on every-                                                        ing up as a geisha in a traditional Japanese
thing from valuations to multipliers to                                                      kimono. And second-years Mike Brown and
DCF calculations.                                                                            Brett Klinker won Best Group Costume for
                                                                                             their humorous depiction of the Blues Broth-
Upon watching the four teams of finalists                                                    ers.
from Wharton, Kellogg, Stern and Chi-
                                               Second-year Alex Spektor won the Overall, the evening, filled with food, drink,
cago GSB present their cases the following
                                               award for Most Creative Costume for music and dancing, was a fun way for stu-
day, they noticed many similarities to their
                                               his rendition of 'Windy' at the MBAA dents to celebrate Halloween.
own presentation and realized just how
                                               Post Halloween Costume Party.
close they had come to being finalists.
“This was one of the greatest experiences
ever,” said Oweimrin, “and I highly en-        LIFE EVENTS
courage people to participate next year.”
                                               The Sixth Street Journal would like to post your life event in the upcoming issue of the Sixth
                                               Street Journal. We want to share your successes and special life events with our alumni
  MBAA Potluck Dinner and                      community. Did you change jobs, receive a promotion, get married and/or have a child?
     Ice Skating Party                         If so, send us a brief note by emailing Ben Moreland at, and we’ll add
                                               it to the Life Events column.
    Wednesday December 12th
  @ 5:30 in the MBAA Club Room                             '99 IMBA Albert Leung and his
                                                           wife, Carmen, gave birth to a
        Bring a dish to pass &                             daughter this November in Hong
           join in the fun!                                Kong. Their daughter's name is

6 - December 2007                                                                            Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0
IBS Hosts Authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony
by Erin Mitchell, Class of 2009

In late October, the International Business Society (IBS) hosted an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony at the University of Illinois’ Japan
House. Approximately 15 members of IBS attended the event. The ceremony was performed by the wife of first-year student Kazuhiro
Tatsuzawa. Tatsuzawa’s wife, Etsuko, has studied the art of tea ceremony for many years.
The Japan House is a unique cultural and learning center for students and the public alike. The house contains three authentic Japanese
                                                                                             tea rooms, a tea garden, strolling gardens and
                                                                                             a Zen-style rock garden. “The Japan House
                                                                                             itself is an incredible opportunity for stu-
                                                                                             dents,” said MBA first-year student and IBS
                                                                                             member, Emily Thompson. “The tea cere-
                                                                                             mony showed an interesting glimpse into
                                                                                             Japanese culture. Everyone should visit the
                                                                                             Japan House at least once.”

                                                                                     There are over 800 different types of tea cere-
                                                                                     monies. IBS had the opportunity to take part
                                                                                     in one of the summer styles of ceremonies.
                                                                                     Each student was presented with their own
                                                                                     bowl of tea in an authentic Japanese tea bowl
                                                                                     and taught the proper bowing procedures to
Etsuko Tatsuzawa, wife of first-year MBA Kazuhiro Tatsuzawa, hosted members of accept the tea. Following the ceremony, the
the International Business Society for a Japanese tea ceremony at Japan House on the hosts took time to answer questions to ex-
University of Illinois campus.                                                       plain the rituals and its significance, providing
                                                                                     a unique learning experience.
MBASA Makes the Holidays Brighter
by Mark Lewis, President, MBASA

The MBA Service Association (MBASA) has been keeping busy over the last month and
plans to continue some initiatives through December. Brian Kritzberg, MBASA member,
organized a group of individuals to spend time maintaining our highway cleanup respon-
sibilities. Last year the MBASA adopted a stretch of highway north of Champaign, and
we continue to gather people to go out and clean that stretch as a way to help the envi-
ronment. Kritzberg, Corinne O'Connor, Sunil Rajan, Adam Cook and Mark Lewis spent
an afternoon in orange vests cleaning up the highway.
Another MBASA member, Roselyne-Odette Yao, suggested that the MBASA run a coin
drive to benefit UNICEF. UNICEF is a globally recognized organization that provides
medical, clothing and schooling supplies to children in underdeveloped countries. Yao's
coin drive netted $60 and shows the power of the Illinois MBA at work to better not just
our community, but our world.
In addition to those events, Brett Klinker, MBASA treasurer, and George Kritikos, are
driving our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to benefit a local food bank that will pro-
vide Thanksgiving packages to needy families. Mark Lewis and Chaz Hinkle will also be
spearheading an initiative to participate in the Angel Tree Drive by adopting local chil-
dren for Christmas.
To all of those who follow the events of the MBASA, Chaz, Brett and I would like to say
thank you for supporting us as the MBASA leadership team. We are truly grateful for all
                                                                                            MBAs Sunil Rajan, Brian Kritzberg, Corinne
of the support that you have shown us and for your help in accomplishing the goals of
                                                                                            O'Connor and Adam Cook cleaned a mile-
the MBASA over this last year. We feel truly blessed to have served our community, our
                                                                                            long stretch of highway as part of the
fellow colleagues in the MBA and our world in a positive manner that reflects the awe-
                                                                                            Adopt-A-Highway program.
some power of the Illinois MBA family. Thanks!

Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0                                                                             December 2007 - 7
MBA Students Tour the Caterpillar Logistics Facility
by Vivek Verma, Class of 2008

A group of 12 Illinois MBA students visited the Caterpillar Logistics
facility in Morton, Ill., on November 9, 2007. This visit was novel,
because it was the first time that OTMA has organized a trip to such
a big and modern industrial facility. Joint-degree student Jonathan
Brown, who also accompanied the first-year MBAs, described the
trip as an opportunity for enlightening industrial exposure.
The trip started with a screening of the Informational and Marketing
video that describes CAT’s logistics mission. The students were then
given a tour of the facility. The team toured a distance of 2.6 miles
on special electric carts. The Morton plant is the main facility for the
global distribution of parts and tools required for CAT vehicles
around the world. All parts have to go through this facility.

Supplier and competitor parts are tested in CAT’s laboratories, as
testing comprises a large part of this facility. The students witnessed
a small test experiment where a one-inch–diameter bolt was sub-
jected to a huge force in order to break it. Along the way, they saw
robots that retrieve inventory in aisles that are 47 ft. high and over Operations and Technology Management Association members
500 ft. long. The facility is laid with 26 miles of conveyer belts. Thehad the privilege of visiting the Logistics Facility of Caterpillar in
normal customer orders as well as emergency orders are fulfilled       Morton, Ill. Pictured here are (front row) Ivan Bojilov, Kabid
simultaneously.                                                        Choudhury, Luis Delfin, Sachin Bhargava, Lucas McIntosh, Sunil
                                                                       Rajan, Shoubhik Goupta and (back row) Jonathan Brown,
All in all, the whole trip was a hands-on experience of a very modern Shawn Wadhams, Angela Moton, Joe Slonek, David Chonowski
logistics facility, and students were able to witness innovative meth- and Aaron Taylor.
ods being used for problem solving.

WiB Members Attend NAWMBA Conference
by Min Ju Lee, President, WiB

On November 1–3, second-years Min Ju Lee, Miranda Lee and Amy Wu, three Women in Business Society (WiB) members, attended the
National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) Conference and Career Fair at the University of Maryland in Washington D.C. As
president of a NAWMBA regional chapter, Min Ju Lee attended the annual leadership meeting on the first day of the conference.
As of 2007, NAWMBA has grown into an organization with 72 regional chapters and two professional chapters. This leadership meeting
covered ways to maintain the success and growth of NAWMBA. At the career fair,
Wu met with more than 30 recruits and had promising responses from many of them.
Irene Chang Britt, VP and general manager of Campbell Soup’s Sauces and Beverages
division, the luncheon speaker, made a very inspirational speech and Deanne de Vries
gave an impressive keynote address. As an HR global partner of Agility from Kuwait,
de Vries gave a very interesting speech about her various experiences in many coun-
On the final day of the conference, WiB members attended workshops and panel
discussions, one of which was “Building Women into Your Leadership Pipeline.”
During this workshop, attendees received leadership coaching tips and discussed is-
sues that might limit higher leadership positions.
Networking with other MBA students during this session provided a new perspective
in terms of MBA life, a future career and even possible work locations. Miranda and       Miranda Lee, Amy Wu and Min Ju Lee trav-
Min Ju established friendships with MBAs from the University of Houston and Texas         eled to Washington D.C. for the National
A&M. With 1,400 attendees, including 350 professionals, the NAWMBA Conference             Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA)
and Career Fair was a huge success. WiB hopes that next year more students can at-        Conference and Career Fair. There were
tend and benefit from this experience.                                                    1,400 attendees at this year’s event.

8 - December 2007                                                                             Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0
LABS Celebrates with Salsa Night                                                                                            ASSOCIATE DEAN
by Anna-Lisa Peter, Class of 2008                                                                                                Mary Miller

On October 24, MBA students enjoyed another traditional Salsa night at Soma nightclub                                       STAFF EDITOR
in downtown Champaign. The first-year MBAs had a fun time learning the basic steps of                                             Ben Moreland
Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. At the end of the dance lesson the students stayed at the
club and practiced their new dance moves.                                                                                   DESIGN EDITORS
                                                                                                                                 Amanda Bichsel
It was an exciting and nostalgic time for                                                                                        Kristi Martin
LABS President Cesar Argueta as he and his
classmates celebrated his birthday surrounded
                                                                                                                            CHIEF STUDENT
by the traditional Latin American music. With
the growing fame of the Latin American                                                                                      EDITORS
dances, students are looking forward to hav-                                                                                      Sarah Calhoun
ing many more nights to learn and practice                                                                                        Judy McDermott
these artistic and sensual dances.
                                                                                                                            ASSOCIATE STUDENT
Soon, the LABS leadership board will hand                                                                                   EDITORS
over the responsibilities to a new board at the                                                                                  Erin Mitchell
end of thae fall semester. Before that occurs,                                                                                   Tiffany Tsai
however, they have another traditional Carib-                                                                                    Dustin Welch
bean and Latin American event planned. A
Christmas Posada will be held on December         First-years Victoria Tamayo and Anub-                                     CONTRIBUTORS
4, which will be a party with food, drinks,       hav Gothi show off their Latin moves                                           RJ Diokno
music and lots of fun. This will be a wonder-     during Salsa Night at Soma night club in
                                                                                                                                 Courtney Hainline
ful way for the IMBA family to say goodbye        downtown Champaign.
                                                                                                                                 Eric Jansen
to one another as they leave for winter break.                                                                                   Mary McElvain
Final Message from the President                                                                                                 Julie Sweet
by Ed Austin, MBAA President
It is hard to believe that my term as president is so quickly drawing to an                                                 CORRESPONDENTS
end. It seems like only yesterday that my predecessor, Chris Mulh, was as-                                                  Asian Business Society
                                                                                               SIXTH STREET JOURNAL STAFF

sisting me with the transition. After a year of leading the MBA Association                                                          Edward Son
(MBAA), I guess it is time for me to focus my efforts on finding a real job.                                                Graduate Finance Assoc.
                                                                                                                                     Chris Malabver
But first I must say that this past year was fun. Fortunately, I had a talented                                             Graduate Marketing Assoc.
group of individuals that provided sound counsel and selfless dedication to                                                          Mirela Muresan
their post. I think it is important to summarily convey what we accom-                                                      International Business Society
plished over the past year.                                                                                                          Ken Miyake
                                                                                                                            Latin American Business Society
We worked with the administration to improve career opportunities for students,                                                      Anna-lisa Peter
strengthened ties with regional MBA programs, hosted social events for current students                                     MBAs of Color
and culminated our term with a fabulous Alumni Award Banquet. (Mark your calendars,                                                  Kristan Jones
because next year’s banquet is already scheduled for October 10, 2008). I hope that we                                      MBA Service Assoc.
provide a strong foundation for the newly elected officers. Thanks to Judy McDermott,                                                Mark Lewis
David Payne, Martin Lauw, Amy Wu and Mike Lewis for all of your time and efforts.                                           Partners Club
                                                                                                                                     Christina Kim
Now we welcome in a newly elected MBAA Board, which will begin its term in January.                                         Operations & Tech Mgmt Assoc.
As the newly elected president of the MBAA, first-year MBA Adam Cook will lead the                                                Vivek Verma
new team. He will have a strong supporting cast, including Tiffany Tsai (Finance), Mike                                     Women in Business Society
Petersen (Alumni Affairs), Thanwa Wathathong (Communications), Emily Thompson                                                     Min Ju Lee
(Social Programs) and Jasen Schrock (Programs). Congratulations to all of you and we
wish you the best of luck!

                                 Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year from the Sixth Street Journal Staff.
                                                         Next issue: February 2008

Illinois MBA • Sixth Street Journal 2.0                                                                                              December 2007 - 9