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					                             Institute for Learning in Retirement

                                                                                                                                    Fall       2009

The Institute for Learning in Retirement is dedicated to the growth and fulfillment of its participants and is directed by its members who include
residents of Oak Hammock, as well as the greater Gainesville area. The Institute organizes study groups, coffee socials featuring guest speakers, and
special events. Visit our website at (click on the Lifelong Learning tab) or call Sara Lynn McCrea at (352) 548-1009 for more

                                                             Fall Classes
Growing Up and Growing Old in Three                                                                          Obama’s First Year in
Modern Novels                                                                                                Historical Context
Mondays, October 12th through November 16th                                                                  Friday, December 4th
1:30 p.m.                                                                                                    10:00 a.m.
Oak Hammock Commons                  Acorn Room                                                              Oak Hammock Commons
Cost: $20.00                                                                                                 Oak Room
Presenter: John Van Hook                                                                                     Free for ILR Members
Facilitators: Ray Jones, Walter Kalaf                                                                        Presenter: Dr. David R. Colburn
"Describing John Updike's 'Rabbit' books to a new                                                            Facilitator: Walter Kalaf
reader, one is stunned to be reminded of their apparent
inconsequence," according to Adam Gopnik's recent                                In this lecture Dr. Colburn will examine President
obituary. Their protagonist "is a high-school basketball                         Obama's first year in office, the major issues he has
star in a dying town; he runs a Toyota dealership. . .                           faced, and his proposals for addressing them. Dr.
And yet Rabbit's small acts hold not just truth but also                         Colburn also will discuss the first years of other
glamour, a mystery and glow almost Proustian."                                   Presidents since Franklin Roosevelt and how the
                                                                                 times and the issues compared with those confront-
This class will undertake the first and the third of the                         ing Obama.
four Rabbit books, interspersed with the latest novel by
James Kelman, Kieron Smith, boy. Here, too, we'll en-                            David R. Colburn is formerly provost and senior
counter "apparent inconsequence, mystery, and glow"                              vice president of the University of Florida and has
but otherwise the two authors could not be more differ-                          been a member of the University of Florida history
ent. Kelman uses the stream-of-consciousness tech-                               faculty since 1972. He was named teacher-of-the-
nique made famous by Joyce, Woolf, and Faulkner, but                             year on three occasions and has published or edited
the consciousness in this case is that of a four-year-old                        thirteen books, including most recently From Yellow
slum dweller in Glasgow.                                                         Dog Democrats to Red State Republicans (2007)
                                                                                 and Florida's Megatrends with Lance deHaven-
After twelve years teaching college English, John Van                            Smith (2003).
Hook is now a research librarian at the University of
Florida. Updike's Rabbit books were spaced a decade                              He is the founder and director of the Reubin O'D
apart, and our presenter can still vividly remember the                          Askew Institute on Politics and Society at the Uni-
excitement with which millions of readers awaited the                            versity of Florida. In 1999 the Askew Institute re-
next installments. He has been a Kelman devotee since                            ceived the Distinguished Community Service
that author, Scotland's most eminent man of letters,                             Award from the Florida Board of Regents for its
won the Booker Prize back in 1994.                                               service to the State of Florida and the nation.
Note: For those who wish to purchase these books Dr. Van                         Dr. Colburn currently serves as a Distinguished
Hook recommends Rabbit Angstrom: The Four Novels: Rabbit
                                                                 Lecturer for the Organization of American Histori-
Run, Rabbit Redux, Rabbit Is Rich, Rabbit at Rest (Everymen's
Library), list price, $35, available from Amazon for $23.10, and ans, a professional organization of over 8,000
Kieron Smith, boy, by James Kelman, available from Amazon new members.
$26-$17, used from $5.95.
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                                                   Fall Classes
                           Global Cooperation                          This presentation will show how international sports
                           First Session: Wednesday,                   competition can develop lasting friendships, cultural
                           October 7th                                 understanding and political cooperation. Col. Troy has
                           Remaining Sessions: Mondays,                been a competitor in, official and director of, and dele-
                           October 12th through November 9th           gate to various international sports events.
                           10:00 a.m.                                  November 2     International Organizations and Coor -
                           Oak Hammock Commons                                        dination in Ecological Conservation
         Oak Room                                                                     Presenter: Karl Didier, Ph.D.
         Cost: $20.00                                                                 Facilitator: Phyllis Saarinen
         Why can't we all get along? We hear so often of frictions   With leadership from such US based groups as The
         and wars between nations. Yet, many positive contacts       Nature Conservancy, The Ocean Conservancy, and
         exist between countries and continents. Agreements are The Wildlife Conservation Society, millions of acres
         made and followed for the benefit of all. This series ex-   of critical habitats are being conserved on every conti-
         plores six topics of cooperation, necessary for the global nent. These organizations also work to inform the pub-
         family of nations to survive, to prosper, to learn and help lic as well as government policy makers of the effects
         each other and to live together in harmony.                 of global climate change on habitats and animal popu-
                                                                     lations and their extinction rates.
         October 7       Principles of Global Cooperation (or
                         What a Wonderful World This Can Be)         November 9 The United Nations and Its Various
                         Presenter: Gerald Kirkpatrick, J.D.                          Agencies
                         Facilitator: Ray Goldwire                                    Presenter: Vilma Fuentes, Ph.D., Santa
         In this introductory session we will look at the importance                  Fe College
         of global cooperation, the forces that drive it, the forces                   Facilitator: Annelies Plaisant
         that oppose it, how global cooperation is achieved, by      Almost 80% of United Nations resources are directed
         whom and by what means it is achieved.                      at promoting peace, building democracy, achieving
                                                                     higher standards of living and fostering economic and
         October 12      Global Humanitarian Cooperation             social progress through its various agencies and funds.
                         Presenter: Mary Kilgour, Ph.D in
                         Political Economy and Government
                         Facilitator: Richard Suttor                 Roundtable Discussion in the Algonquin
         The definitions, concepts and actors engaged in humani- Genre
         tarian cooperation will be presented, and how humanitar- Thursdays, October 8th through November 12th
         ian cooperation relates to broader development.             10:00 am.
         October 19      Global Economic and Financial               Oak Hammock Commons
                         Cooperation                                 Multi-purpose Room.
                         Presenter: Richard Suttor, Ph.D             Cost: $20.00             Class Limit: 25
                         Facilitator: Mary Kilgour                   Moderators: Richard Suttor, June Girard
         The recently experienced world-wide economic meltdown
         proves how interconnected all economies and financial                                 This is a forum for discussion
         markets are. This presentation will explore Institutions                              of topics of mutual interest.
         and Organizations; Global Economic Progress; National                                 All participants are encouraged
         Economic Development; International Coordination.                                     to bring their interests, opinions
                                                                                               and expertise to the table and
         October 26      The Influence of International Sports                                 engage in spirited, though re-
                         on Global Cooperation                                                 spectful debate. Topics will be
                         Presenter: Guy K. Troy, Colonel, USA,                                 jointly determined by partici-
                         Retired                                                               pants.
                         Facilitator: Ray Goldwire

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                                             Fall Classes
Water: A Finite Resource                                   The Music and Instruments of the
Tuesdays, September 29th                                   Renaissance
through November 3rd                                       Tuesdays, December 1st, 8th, and 15th
1:30 p..m.                                                 10:00 a.m..
Oak Hammock Commons                                        Oak Hammock Commons               Oak Room
Oak Room                                                   Presenter: John S. Kitts-Turner
Cost: $20.00                                               Facilitator: Walter Kalaf
Facilitator: Jon Reiskind, Professor Emeritus
                                                           These lectures and the concert are offered without
Periodically we read in the local press about a "crisis"   charge to ILR members and their friends and
in Florida water supply, then the issue disappears         guests as a holiday gift from ILR, John S. Kitts-
again under the waves of news inundating our               Turner, and the Musica Vera Consort. Those
lives. What is this crisis? Where does our drinking        planning to attend, however, are requested to sign
water come from, how is it treated to protect our          up on the Program Registration.
health, what happens to it when we flush it down the
                                                           December 1   Early Music - what is it? A general
drain, and what will happen to it as the planet's cli-
                                                                        discussion of music "so old, it will be
mate warms? How can we sustainably manage the
                                                                        new to most people."
state's water so the future people of Florida will have
a safe, affordable water supply?                           December 8    Truly Great Composers before Bach,
                                                                         Beethoven and Brahms
September 29 Introduction to Florida's Water
             Source: Aquifers, Impacts of           December 15 The Musical Instruments of Early
             Withdrawals, and Management Alter-                  Music and the music of the evening
             natives - Professor Michael Annable,                concert
             UF Department of Environmental         December 15                        7:30 p.m.
             Engineering Sciences.                  Oak Hammock Commons                Oak Room
October 6    GRU: Short Introductory Video and                  A Festive Holiday Concert by the
             Discussion of GRU's Regional Water                 Musica Vera Consort
             Status and Conservation Efforts - Rick             The Musical Instruments of Early Music
             Hutton, Supervising Engineer, and                  and the music of the evening concert
             Jennifer McElroy, Utilities Engineer,              with twelve musicians in costume, per-
             GRU Strategic Planning                             forming on historical reproductions of
October 13     Field Trip to GRU Water Supply Well                    the musical instruments of Early Music
               Field and Treatment Plant - Rick       John S. Kitts-Turner came to the University of Florida
               Davis, Water Plant Manager             following nine seasons as a bassoonist in the Indian-
October 20     Field Trip to GRU Kanapaha Water       apolis Symphony Orchestra. He retired from UF as a
               Reclamation Plant - James Hope,        professor emeritus of music, having taught bassoon
               Director                               and Music History for 34 years. He also initiated the
                                                      curricula in Recorders and Historical Instruments and
October 27     Florida's Water Institutions: the His-
                                                      founded and directed the University of Florida Renais-
               tory and Role of Water Management
                                                      sance Ensemble, a popular ensemble specializing in
               Districts Within the Florida Water
                                                      the performance of early music on historical reproduc-
               Resources Act - Mary Jane Angelo,
                                                      tions of the instruments of the times. Upon his retire-
               UF Law School
                                                      ment in 1999 he continued developing the Musica
November 3     Florida's Water Future in the Age of   Vera Consort, performing early music throughout the
               Climate Change - Professor Wendy       area as well as professional concerts outside Florida.
               Graham, Director, UF Water Institute

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                                               Fall Classes
  A Brief History of Jazz: or All’s Fair in                              China: Many Faces, Many
  Love and Jazz                                                          Cultures
  Thursdays, October 8th through November 12th                           Thursdays, October 8th through
  10:00 a.m.                                                             November 12th (excluding Oct. 22)
  Oak Hammock Commons             Oak Room                               1:30 p.m.
  Cost: $20.00                                                           Oak Hammock Commons Oak Room
  Presenter: Gary Langford                               Cost: $20.00
  Facilitator: Walter Kalaf                              Facilitators: Elizabeth Mann, Annelies Plaisant
  October 8     Yum, Yum, Jazz Jambalaya; A pinch        October 8     Chinese Fillm
                 of this and a whole lot of that other                 Scott Nygren, Professor of English, UF,
                stuff. The origins and influences that                 specializing in film study
                contributed to the development of        October 15    Books On China You Should Read
                "America's only true art form".                        David Hickey, Asian Studies
  October 15    Nothin' But the Blues                                  Bibliographer, UF Smathers Libraries
                12 measures that defy description.       October 29    Sociolinguistics: Chinese and English
  October 22    Don't Shoot the Piano Player                           language code-switching in Chinese
                88 ways to feel good.                                  pop songs, or, how code-switching in
                                                                       lyrics reveals social changes
  October 29    Swing is the Thing                                     Han Xu, Lecturer: Language, Litera-
                "Count", "Duke", "King", need I say                    ture & Culture, UF
                                                         November 5    Educational and Artistic Outreach to
  November 5    To Be (Bop) or Not To Be (Bop)                         East Asia
                That is the question. . . . You either                 Robert Ponzio, Chair, Fine Arts De-
                love it or hate it.                                    partment, Oak Hall School,
  November 12 Cool and Beyond. Where are we                            Gainesville
              headed and will we know when we            November 12 Ethnic Minorities in Northwest China
              get there? Current and not-so-current                    Haiyan Xing, Lecturer at the
              trends.                                                  Northwestern University for Nationali-
  Professor R. Gary Langford is Professor of Music                     ties at Lanzhou, Gansu Province,
  Emeritus at the University of Florida. He came to the                 and MA candidate at UF under the
  university in 1971 from the University of North                      auspices of the Ford Foundation
  Texas where he was a member of the famed One                                       OR
  O'Clock Jazz Lab Band. He has arranged over 400                      Roy Chapman Andrews' Mongolian
  musical selections for the University of Florida                     Fossil Search
  marching band, the Pride of the Sunshine State, and                  Patricia P. Bartlett, Coordinator, Edu-
  was the director of that organization for 10 years be-               cation and Training, UF Asian Studies
  fore "retiring" to devote more time to administration
  and the jazz program. His honors have included the Mini-medical School Series
  1997 Musician of the Year, presented by the Founda- Free Lecture Series for ILR Members
  tion for the Promotion of Music, the 1998 College      September 30th                        10:00 a.m.
  Music Educator of the Year, presented by the Florida   Oak Hammock Commons                   Oak Room
  Music Educators Association, the Distinguished Ser- Topic: The Alzheimer’s Project:
  vice to Music Medal, presented by Kappa Kappa Psi,               Momentum in Science
  the national band fraternity and most recently was     Presenters:
  selected as the 2006-2007 Co-Teacher of the Year for Dr. David Borchelt, Director, Santa Fe Health
  the University of Florida. He is also Conductor and Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, Dept. of
  Music Director of the Alachua County Youth Orches- Neuroscience
  tra, a position he has held for the past 25 years.     Dr. Glen Finney, Assoc. Program Director, Neurology
                                                         Residency Program, Assist. Professor of Neurology
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                                             Fall Classes
The Barb Spence Series                                  Yearling, Cross Creek, The Secret River and others
Cutting Edge Topics with the Experts                    describe her life there as well as the enchantment of
                                                        the place and time.
Free Lecture Series for ILR Members
Thursday, October 22nd              1:30 p.m.                       Einstein's Relativity and the
Oak Hammock Commons                 Oak Room
                                                                    Quantum Revolution
Topic: “I’ll Never Forget What’s Her Name: Why
                                                                     A Teaching Company Series for Non-
Word Finding Problems Increase with Age
                                                                     Scientists ( on DVD)
Presenter:     Dr. Lise Abrams, Associate Professor
                                                                     Sundays, September 13th through De-
and Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Psy-
                                                                     cember 6th 2:00 — 3:00 p.m.
chology, University of Florida
                                                                     Oak Hammock Commons        Oak Room
Facilitator:   Barbara Oberlander
                                                        Free to ILR Members
Dr. Abrams' research has focused on memory and          Presenter: Professor Richard Wolfson of Middlebury
language processes in young and older                   College
adults, specifically the changes that occur with nor-   Facilitators: Bob Gentry and Bob Hart
mal aging, including memory retrieval
failures such as the "tip-of-the-tongue" states.        Dr. Wolfson is particularly interested in making phys-
                                                        ics relevant to people from all walks of life. He is
Friday, November 6th                   1:30 p.m..       widely published in scientific journals and a noted au-
Oak Hammock Commons                    Oak Room         thor of works on energy, climate change, Einstein, and
Topic: Florida’s American Heritage River: Im-           nuclear technology. In this series he addresses many
ages from the St. John’s Region                         topics, including Einstein's Special Theory of Relativ-
Presenter: Mallory M. O’Connor, Professor Emerita ity, the significance of the Quantum Theory, how the
of Art History, Santa Fe College                        Hubble Space Telescope confirms much of general
Facilitator:    Gail Dewsbury                           relativity and provides near-certain confirmation of the
                                                        existence of black holes, and the possibility that phys-
The mighty St. John's River, whose watershed covers
                                                        ics may produce a "theory of everything" and explain
an area nearly the size of New Hampshire, was de-
                                                        all aspects of the physical universe.
clared an American Heritage River in 1998, the only
one in Florida and one of just fourteen in the country The Sidney Ives Class on Understanding
so designated. Beautiful, historic, mysterious, and     and Enjoying Opera
romantic; artists have been drawn to this watery maze Tuesdays, October 6th through November 10th
for centuries. For the past decade Mallory O'Connor 1:00 p..m.
has been collecting paintings, sketches, sculpture and Oak Hammock Commons                     Acorn Room
photographs from the region. In this talk she will      Cost: $20.00
share the results of her research and material from her Facilitators: Ray Jones, Fred Kratina, Helen Roths-
new book, co-authored with Gary Monroe, which           child
celebrates the history, culture and environment of the
St. John's.                                             During the fall term the Opera Class will study 19th
                                                        century French operatic masterpieces. The class ses-
A Visit to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings                     sions will include lectures as well as DVD perform-
Home at Cross Creek                                     ances of several operas from this significant period.
Wednesday, October 14th
9:00 a.m. to Noon                                       Please note…
By bus from Oak Hammock
Cost: $3.00 per person – pay with registration          Two Hours are allotted to ILR classes, but the
LIMITED TO 30 PEOPLE                                    specific instructional time may vary.
A guided tour of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic Ultimately, the length of the program will be
State Park at Cross Creek and her 120 year old          determined by the individual presenters and
cracker farmhouse with original furnishings. Marjorie
                                                        lecturers, who generously give us their time.
Kinnan Rawlings wrote most of her books there. The

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                                                 Fall Classes
                          Dimensions of Geography:                    Antony and Cleopatra
                          The Integrative Science                     A One Day Seminar on this Shakespeare
                           Wednesdays, October 7th through            Masterpiece
                           November 18th                              Wednesday, November 11th 10:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m.
                           1:30 p.m.                                  Oak Hammock Commons                  Acorn Room
         Oak Hammock Commons               Oak Room                   Cost: $20.00 (includes lunch) Class limit: 22
         Cost: $20.00                                                 Facilitators: Walter and Janie Kalaf
         Facilitator: Phyllis Saarinen
                                                                      Presenter: Professor Estelle Aden, retired Hofstra
         Most of us think of geography as the study of the earth's    University professor of drama, actor, and Shakespeare
         landforms and the locations of countries and major cities,   specialist, was closely involved in the Shakespeare
         but the modern science of geography has evolved into an      Festival at Hofstra University for over three decades
         integrated study of not only landforms but also the inter-   as diction coach and dramaturg. She has performed in
         action among natural systems, human behavior and con-        Shakespeare plays and has taught classes in scansion
         structions. Thus geography includes aspects of culture,      and phonetic transcription of all of Shakespeare's 154
         history, agriculture, urban development, transportation,     sonnets.
         climate, water resources and other natural systems. The
         development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS),    About Antony and Cleopatra:
         a computerized mapping technique, has allowed all of    The passion of these two powerful rulers raged from
         these various aspects to be integrated for multi-phase  Egypt to Rome and back again. Cleopatra represents
         analysis of human interaction and natural resource im-              the sensual pleasures of the east. Antony
         pacts.                                                              surrenders completely to her
                                                                             charms. The culture Cleopatra repre-
         October 7      The Dissemination of Culture - Professor             sents is enjoyment of the senses. The
                        Robert Brinson, Santa Fe College                     culture that Antony comes from requires
                         Department of Social Sciences                       a firm and rigid behavior. He is a heroic
                                                                             and historical figure and a Triumvir of
         October 14     The Influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on the Roman Empire. Antony knows that he should
                        World Architecture - Professor Brinson   leave Cleopatra but he cannot. Is she a witch, a fairy
         October 21     Urban Geography: Low-income Housing queen, a goddess? "Like the Nile, the Queen teems
                        and Urban Form in the Americas - Pro- with life." Armies will fall, and the fire of their love
                        fessor Andreas Blanco, Department of     will consume them.
                        Urban Planning and Development           The play was noted in the Stationers Register in
         October 28  Business Geography: Why Is That Busi- 1608. It was published in the First Folio in 1623.
                     ness There? - Professor Grant Thrall, UF NOTE: Professor Aden requests that all participants
                     Department of Geography                  have read and bring with them this edition: Antony
         November 4 Physical Geography and Geographic In      and Cleopatra, Folger Shakespeare Library, edited by
                     formation Systems - Professor Jane       Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine, edition 2005.
                     Southworth, UF Department of             Books, Inc., 505 NW 13th St. has copies, as do other
                     Geography                                local book stores. This edition can be ordered from
                                                     as well.
         November 11 Agricultural Management and Plant
                     Genetics: The Food We Rely On -          Book Review                     Free to ILR Members
                     Professor Nigel Smith, UF Department of A Penny for Your Thoughts, An Album of Historic
                     Geography                                Postcards of Alachua County
         November 18 The Present and Future of Geography in Tuesday, September 22nd                   11:00 a.m.
                     Public Policy Decision Making -          Oak Hammock Commons                     Oak Room
                     Professor Peter Waylen, Chairman, UF     Authors Dr. Mark Barrow & Murray Laurie present
                     Department of Geography                  their book illustrating various aspects of social, politi-
                                                              cal, and economic life of Alachua County pre-1940
                                                              UF postcards.
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                                            Fall Classes
                   Math and the Physical                advanced grammar and vocabulary. The book that
                   Sciences                             will be used is Foundation Course in Spanish, 8th edi-
                   Tuesdays, October 6th through        tion, by Turk, Sole, and Espinosa. The ISBN number
                   October 27th                         is 0-669-27389-9, and can be obtained by googling the
                   10:00 a.m.                           ISBN number or by searching for it on such sites as
                   Oak Hammock Commons         or for a reasonable price.
Oak Room                                               Roanne Coplin has a master's degree in Spanish Lit-
Cost: $20.00                                           erature from Washington University. She has written
Presenter: Russell Roy                                 and delivered many papers in Spanish throughout
Mathematics is not a popular subject in school. Nor Latin America and has published in Hispanofila. She
is mathematics a common topic for documentaries on has taught many classes of conversational Spanish for
television or for paperbacks to be read at the beach.  adults. She currently is in charge of Quality Control
There is a "Science Channel" for example, but no       for Translation from English to Spanish for the Ameri-
Mathematics Channel. On its Web site the TV show can National Red Cross.
NOVA lists nine or ten general topics each for biol-
ogy and the physical sciences, but only two for        Occult Knowledge and Science: A Retro-
mathematics. And these two topics are Measurement spective from Hale Bop and Heaven’s Gate
and Statistics - hardly the most interesting even for  to Poltergeists and Witchcraft in Early New
mathematicians! Most people feel that mathematics England
has no utility for their everyday lives. We will look Fridays, October 9th through November 20th
at why math is unpopular and what its actual utility   10:00 a.m.
is, or should be, for us in our daily lives. A number Oak Hammock Commons              Multi-purpose Room
of mathematical topics are critically important today Cost: $20.00
and we will consider a few examples, noting where      Presenter: Dr. Eldon R. Turner, Retired Faculty, His-
math illiteracy can be harmful or even life-           tory and American Studies, University of Florida
threatening. We will look at why math is so neces-     Facilitator: Barbara Oberlander
sary in science with some examples from phys-
ics. No complex calculations for us, but instead we                     This course presents the thesis that
will develop some "math appreciation" and have                          since the advent of early modern sci-
some fun along the way.                                                 ence, occult knowledge has depended
Dr. Russell A. Roy was on the faculty of Santa Fe                       on components of genuine science that
College from 1967 until 2002, teaching in the areas                     struggled against separating belief from
of Physics, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Electri-                    knowledge. It is retrospective, moving
cal Engineering, and Health Related Programs. He                        from the present backward in time,
received his B.A. in Physics from Swarthmore Col- with the goal of surveying the development of occult
lege, his M.S. (in Physics) and Ph.D. (in Engineering) topics and unfolding the cultural influences of stages
from the University of Florida.                        in popular scientific ideas. I encourage members of
                                                       the class to suggest topics of special interest to them,
Conversational Spanish IV                              which will influence our study. We'll begin with the
Mondays, September 14th through November 23 delusions that allow charismatic leaders to make
1:30 p.m.                                              "scientific" claims, such as those that led members of
Oak Hammock Commons             Multi-purpose Room     Heaven's Gate to self-castration and suicide in order to
Cost: $20.00                                           rejoin the extraterrestrials, who hid in a space ship be-
Instructor: Roanne Coplin                              hind the comet Hale Bop. Questions that stem from
                                                       this topic will inform other topics, most not so stark,
This course in an intensive introduction to Span-      but all involving pseudo-science and charlatanism as
ish. It is targeted toward those who have completed well as honest attempts to bring science to the lay pub-
Conversational Spanish III and those who have stud- lic. We will use various Websites, to be announced,
ied Spanish in the past and want a review with more as sources for optional readings.
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                                                                                 Gainesville, FL 32608
                                                                                  5100 SW 25th Blvd
                                                                                 University of Florida
                                                                                 Oak Hammock at the

Policy: Limited Enrollment Classes                 LOOKING AHEAD TO WINTER, 2010
                                                   The winter term begins January 18, 2010
Which are Over-Booked
•   Registration and payment for classes re-
                                                   ▪ Monday Movies: ”Murder Most Foul,” (Rebecca,
    ceived up to ten days following the mail-
                                                   Touch of Evil, Night of the Hunter, Rear Window, Sun-
    ing of Bulletins to non-Oak Hammock
                                                   set Blvd., Bonnie & Clyde, North by Northwest)
    members shall have priority
                                                   ▪ Turning Points in the History of Childhood
•   If registrations by this date for limited
                                                   ▪ Stress Disorders & Body Function
    enrollment classes exceed the enrollment
                                                   ▪ 500 Years in Eden
    limit, names of all registrants at that time
                                                   ▪ French Literature
    shall be included in a lottery, with regis-
                                                   ▪ Drama: “Rich Man, Poor Man…” Estelle Aden, (An
    tration limited to names of those drawn
                                                   Enemy of the People, Inherit the Wind, Indians, The
    up to the enrollment limit specified.
                                                   Heiress, The Grapes of Wrath, The Beggar’s Opera,
    Those whose names are not in this num-
                                                   The Voysey Inheritance)
    ber shall receive credit for payment to-
                                                   ▪ The Collapse of Communism: Europe 20 Years Later
    ward other classes in the current term or
                                                   ▪ Medical Ethics
    in future terms.
                                                   ▪ Neolithic Culture
•   Presenters whose classes have limited
    enrollment will be asked if they are will-     SPECIAL PROGRAMS/LECTURES
    ing to lead a second class if registration     ▪Update on the Economy
    significantly exceeds the enrollment           ▪Haile Homestead Field Trip
    limit. ILR will accept their decision as       CONTINUING PROGRAMS
    final.                                         ▪Understanding and Enjoying Opera
                                                   ▪Roundtable Discussion Group

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