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                                吉林一中 2009 届高三阶段验收英语试题
     本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分,共 150 分;考试时间 120 分钟。
                                               第一卷(三部分,共 115 分)
第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分)
第一节: 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项
21. ___ Mr. Smith is waiting to see you. He appears to be quite ____ important person.
     A. /; an                B. A; an               C. The; the              D. The; /
22. ---How much shall I pay for the phone call? ----You ____ .This is free of charge.
     A. shouldn’t            B. can’t               C. needn’t               D. mustn’t
23. Who would you get ____ to the cinema with you?
     A.   gone               B. to go               C. going                 D. go
24. When I said some students were so lazy, I ___to you.
     A. don’t refer          B. wasn’t referring    C. didn’t refer          D. hasn’t referred
25. He went to bed ____, and when he woke up he found he still had his shoes on.
     A. drinking             B. drunk               C. being drunk           D. having drunk
26. _ the distance was too far and the time was short, we decided to fly there instead of going there by train.
     A. Discovering          B. To discover         C. To have discovered      D. Discovered
27. ---You don’t seem to be quite yourself today, do you?
     ---I’m suffering from a cold. Nothing serious, ____.
     A. yet                  B. indeed              C. though                D. any way
28. ----How would you like your coffee? ----____.
     A. It’s well done                              B. Very nice, thank you
     C. One cup. That’s enough                      D. The stronger, the better.
29. The finance minister is not very ____ now since he has raised taxes to such a high level.
     A. famous               B. well-known          C. popular               D. favorable
30. ---How often do you turn to the dictionary when you are reading an English novel?
   ---Well, ___. I will look the word up if it affects my understanding.
     A. seldom               B. very often          C. it depends            D. if possible
31. A great performance was held on the campus of Beijing University on the night of May 4 and was given ____
      coverage by the CCTV.
     A. alive                B. lively              C. life                  D. live
32. They wanted to charge $6,000 for the house, ____ we managed to bring the price down.
     A. but                  B. so                  C. since                 D. when
33. It wasn’t until a month later ____ I received his letter.
     A. that                 B. since               C. when                  D. as
34. Smith wrote an article on ____ he failed to pass the exam.
     A. why                  B. that                C. who                   D. what
35. When seeing a stone in front of the car, _____.
     A. the car stopped                             B. the car was stopped

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     C. the driver stopped the car                  D. the car was stopping
第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)
阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 36~55 各题所给的四个选项中,选出最佳选项。
     It is interesting to observe the way in which children so often react against their parents’ ideas, while at the same
time 36 their parent’s characteristics. This is to say, the children grow up to have different 37 from their parents, yet to
have 38 personalities. There is a 39 going on in the toy world at present over 40 children should be encouraged to
have war toys. I do not see any 41 in forbidding them when I think of the 42 of my friend Henry.
     Henry is the son of strict parents who were against war. He was never 43 toy soldiers or guns as a 44.
     Henry 45 and went into the army, becoming a first-class soldier and 46 all sorts of honors in the army. In that
way he became the 47 of what his parents might have 48 of their son. And yet there is a gentleness about Henry which
shows a       49 personality. His sympathies(同情) which I can see must have come from his 50.              51 doing things
differently from our parents, a lot of the 52 gets passed on.
     Parents have to 53 their children what they believe to be right; but it is not much your ideas that the children 54
your example. Perhaps the best way to teach one’s child gentleness is not to forbid toy guns, but to be 55 in one’s own
everyday life.
36. A. studying             B. keeping              C. changing            D. cutting
37. A. views                B. characters           C. appearance          D. behavior
38. A. different            B. special              C. perfect             D. similar
39. A. fight                B. quarrel              C. speech              D. problem
40. A. when                 B. whether              C. why                 D. how
41.A. way                   B. harm                 C. point               D. idea
42. A. past                 B. mistake              C. example             D. experience
43. A. allowed              B. encouraged           C. given               D. found
44. A. son                  B. boy                  C. pupil               D. person
45. A. gave up              B. ended up             C. grew up             D. rose up
46. A. winning              B. accepting            C. losing              D. refusing
47.A. extreme               B. special              C. officer             D. opposite
48.A. expected              B. thought              C. spoke               D. proved
49. A. powerful             B. silent               C. peaceful            D. calm
50. A. family               B. friends              C. soldiers            D. brothers
51. A. In spite of          B. Instead of           C. Because of          D. Though
52. A. knowledge            B. money                C. happiness           D. spirit
53. A. realize              B. teach                C. forbid              D. deliver
54. A. follow               B. examine              C. accept              D. support
55. A. strict               B. gentle               C. different           D. sympathetic
第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。
                      Sherwood Forest Farm Park
                        Lamb Pens Farm
                       Edwinstowe, Mansfield

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                        Tel: 01623 823558
                     www. Sherwoodforestfarmpark. Co. uk
     Lovely traditional breeds of farm animals, horses, wallabies, fallow deer, water buffalo and Kune pigs are
waiting to greet everyone. Play areas, pets’ corner, bird garden, a tearoom and a gift shop make this the ideal venue
for the whole family.
     Open daily 3rd April ---17th October 10. 30 am---5. 15 pm.
     Just off A6075 between Edwinstowe and Mansfield Woodhouse
     Admission: Adult: £5.00, Child: £ 3.50
     Under 3 FREE
     (All children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult)
     Family Ticket      2 Adult +2 Children £ 15.00
     Season Tickets Adult £18.00 Child £12.00
     Visit as many as you like during the season
     Excellent reductions for pre-booked groups/school
56. When you are in the park, you can not ____.
   A. watch fallow deer, horses, buffalos and pigs                          B. hear birds’ singing
   C. buy all kinds of presents for your friends                            D. see amusing movies you like
57. Which of the following statements is true according to the ad?
    A. If a tourist wants to learn something about the park, he can go on the internet.
    B. If you have season tickets, you can visit the park at any time.
    C. You’ll be able to enter the park before 10.00              D. A child under 6 must not enter the park.
58. A family of four----father, mother and two children who are seven and two, will visit the park, how much will they
    A. £15.00                B. £13.50             C. £8.50                 D. £17.00
59. If you want to go there with your classmates and book the tickets ahead of time, _____.
    A. you will   get free tickets                 B. you will be charged much less
    C. two tickets will be free                    D. the ticket price is as usual
     Friedrich Dobl, a Yugoslav working in Germany, was fed up with traffic jams. At long weekends and holiday
times when he wanted to get him quickly he always found himself behind hundreds of other cars moving slowly along
the notorious foreign workers’ route through Germany and Austria.
     How easy it all was for police and emergency services. A siren, a flashing light? And like magic everyone was
out the way. Going home from work one night he passed a garage. And there in front of him was the answer to his
problems. An old ambulance(救护车) was for sale. The red cross had been removed. But not the flashing light, and
the siren. He tried the light. It flashed magnificently. He tried the siren. That too sounded impressive. He bought the
ambulance and opened up for himself a dream world of motoring. It began early in the morning, all his luggage in the
back of the ambulance and motorway in Germany looking reasonably clear. Soon, as always, a long line of traffic
appeared ahead. He switched on the flashing light and set off the siren. Cars swiftly slowed and pulled off the fast lane.
Other cars stopped and drivers waved him ahead to an open road all his own. In record time he crossed the border into
Austria. The big bluff was working. Police even waved him through the confusion caused by an accident.
     But then the Yugoslav made his big mistake. Until then he had only stopped for petrol. Now he was driving past

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a real accident, lights flashing , to late realize that it was not another traffic jam as he assumed. They stopped him, and
after hearing the story of his ride across two countries fined him 12. 5 pounds.
60. At long weekends and holidays Friedrich Dobl used to ____.
    A. drive home in Germany           B. get caught in terrible traffic jams
    C. meet other foreign workers      D. get to the place where he worked by a special quick route
61. Why did he decide to buy the ambulance?
    A. because he had always wanted one             B. because he wanted to resell it at a higher price
    C. because he liked the siren and the flashing light
    D. because he knew that other traffic would get clear of the way for an ambulance.
62. The red cross had been removed ____.
    A. but he soon put up a new one
    B. because the vehicle did not look like an ambulance any more
   C. so he asked the garage to paint another one on
    D. but the siren and the flashing light still worked
63. Which of the following might be the best title for the passage?
   A. How to Drive quickly                          B. How to Avoid accidents
   C. A quick Way Home? By An Ambulance             D. A Safe way Home? Non-Stop
         A number of times Rosemary edged closer to Gordon , meaning to take
his arm, but he edged away from her. She thought that she had offended him
deeply, and that he was disappointed because she had pushed him away. She
would have apologized if he had given her half a chance. But as a matter
of fact, he was scarcely thinking of this any longer. It was the money
business that was troubling him now. And the fact was that he would soon
have to confess it. What nonsense it made of all he had said! Presently she
stopped him, and swung him round to face her. “Gordon, why won’t you speak
to me?” she said. “Are you still angry with me for what happened just now?”
     ―No, I was never angry with you. You’re not to blame. Something else has been worrying me all the way along,
I’ve only eight pence left. I had just enough money for today when we started out, but that dinner bill upset everything.
Can you lend me some money?’
     Rosemary was amazed. ―What does it matter if you’ve only eight pence left? How can you let yourself be
worried by a thing like that? As though I objected to lending you money, aren’t I always telling you that I want to pay
for myself when we go out together?’
     ―Yes, and you know how I hate you paying.‖
     ―Oh, how silly you are.‖ She said. ―Do you think there’s anything to be ashamed of in having no money?‖
     Gordon’s face went bright pink. ―Of course there is ! It’s the only thing in the world there is to be ashamed of. I
can’t be a complete human being—I don’t feel a human being –unless I’ve got money in my pocket.‖
64. What gave Rosemary the idea that she had hurt Gordon’s feelings deeply?
    A. He didn’t say he was sorry.        B. He pushed her away when she tried to take his arm.
    C. He didn’t say he was sorry.         D. He wouldn’t let her touch him.
65. Rosemary made him look at her because ______.

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   A. she wanted to ask him a question             B. she wanted to see his face
   C. she was angry with him                       D. he had been rude
66. Gordon felt that if he asked rosemary to lend him some money _____.
   A. he would lose some of his self-respect       B. she would refuse to
   C. he would have to confess his loss            D. she would be angry
67. It is clear that Gordon had not intended to _____.
   A. tell her he had a little money left          B. accept any money from her
   C. blame her for making him angry               D. have such an expensive dinner
     When the TV viewer turns on his set, what sort of programs does he have to choose from? You might think there
would be more programs devoted to entertainment than to anything else, but that’s not the case. In most countries,
fewer than 20% of broadcasting hours are devoted to entertainment. U.S. figures are high----34.8% , and the unloving
Canadians are even higher with 44%. Except Canada and Italy, all countries give more broadcasting time to education
than to either information (news , documentaries and so on) or entertainment programs. Of course, few educational
broadcasts take place during peak viewing times. In Japan though , more than 60%of broadcasting time is taken up
with education of one kind of anther----just another example of the businesslike Japanese philosophy. In the U.K., the
figure is 56.4% . the Italians have fewer educational programs than anyone else. They don’t go in for entertainment
either. Only about ten percent of viewing time is devoted to dramas and serials, quiz shows, music, sports etc. You
will find more news information programs on Italian TV than anything else. That’s understandable in a country
experiencing social and political changes. Italians rely on TV to tell them what’s going on---and events are happening
almost too fast to follow. The percentage of time the U.S. devoted to news and documentary programs is much
smaller. After education, most TV time is given to entertainment. Many of these programs are shown around the
68. Based on this passage, the greatest percentage of TV broadcasting hours to educational is in __.
     A. Japan               B. Italy               C. Canada                D. the United States
69. More news information programs are broadcast on Italian TV than anywhere else because the Italians _.
   A. are interested in what is happening in the world.
   B. Like to follow the changes that are going on in their social life
   C. Prefer to learn news information on TV rather than in newspapers
   D. Expect TV to tell them the latest news about what is going on in their country
70. So far as the broadcasting hours devoted to entertainment , which of the following is true?
   A. The Japanese figure is the highest in the world.
   B. The U.S. figure is smaller than the U. K. figure
   C. The U.K. figure is second to the Japanese figure
   D. The Canadian figure is higher than that of any other country.
71. In the United States, ____.
   A. TV programs are shown for world audience to watch
   B. Most of TV broadcasting hours are give to entertainment
   C. Educational programs are shown during peak viewing times
   D.TV broadcasting hours devoted to education are more than those devoted to entertainment

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     London, April 28---The Man Group, a British hedge fund, is betting that investors will want to read more than
the latest how-to- get –rich-quick business book.
     In a five-year deal worth roughly $3.6 million announced last week, Man has agreed to sponsor(主办)the Booker
Prize for Fiction, which will be renamed the Man Booker Prize. Since creating the award in 1969, Booker P.L.G., a
British food group, in June 2000, executives began considering attracting outside sponsors. Man will be the first of
these. Bill Grimsey, the chief of the Big Food Group, saw little business sense in a link between a food supplier and a
literary prize, explained Dotti Irving, a spokeswoman for the Booker Prize foundation.
     Such dissimilarities (差异) have not reduced Man’s enthusiasm for the prize which is expected to be open for the
first time to American authors. David Browne, a spokesman for Man, said most of the firm’s investors are
high-net-worth individuals who appreciate literature. ―The people who buy hedge funds,‖ Mr. Browne said, ―also
     Under the new agreement, authors will get more money. The winner of the annual prize, to be awarded in
October, will receive $73,000 , up from $30,000 the Australian writer Peter Carey won last year for his novel ―True
History of the Kelley Gang.‖
     The six short-listed authors will each receive $3,600, up from $1,500. Having a hedge fund as a backer
apparently has its perks.(福利).
72. The article is mainly about ____.
    A. the disagreement between two groups           B. the Booker Prize Foundation
    C. the Big Food Group                            D. The new development of Booker Prize
73. This article is most probably seen in a(n) ____.
   A. best-selling book     B. magazine              C. newspaper         D. advertisement
74. What can be inferred from the article?
   A. Bill Grimsey decided to open the prize for American authors
   B. ―How-to-get-rich-quick‖ business was written by Peter Carey.
   C. Under the agreement, the Booker Prize will be sponsored only by Man.
   D. If you win the prize, you will get $73,000 next October
75. Who is the spokesman for Man?
   A. David Browne          B. Peter Carey           C. Bill Grimsey      D. Dotti Irving
                                                第二卷(共 35 分)
     第四部分:写作(共两节,满分 35 分)
     第一节:短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
     In China there is about 50 million disabled                    76. _______
people. We should try our best make their life much                 77. _______
more easier. For example, when we design a building,                78. _______
we’ll have to provide a entrance which is suitable                  79. _______

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for wheelchairs in the first floor. The Chinese                     80. _______
government take good care of their life. Many people                81. _______
with disability have received good treatment from the               82. _______
government. Meanwhile, more and more special schools                83. _______
have built for them. But that is not enough, their life             84._______
won’t be much better if everyone shows love for them.               85._______
第二节:书面表达(满分 25 分)
     请你根据以下要点提示写一篇题为 Chinese tea 的短文,向外国朋友介绍中国的茶文化。
                   历史                    中国人种茶饮茶已有 4000 多年
                   种类                    种类多,龙井茶享誉世界
                   茶具                    陶瓷茶壶,茶杯
                   喝茶的地方                 茶馆,餐馆,家庭,上班休息
                   喝茶的益处                 有利健康,醒脑提神,绿茶防癌

1—20BCABA CABAC ACBAC CABCB                       21—35 BCBBB ACDCC DAAAC
36—40 BADBB         41—45 CDAB C         46—50 ADACA 51—55 ADBAB
56—60 DABBB         61—65 DDCDC         66—70ABADD             71—75 DBDDA
76. is 改为 are     77. best 后加 to 78. more 去掉              79. a 改为 an     80. in 改为 on
81. take 改为 takes      82. disability 改为 disabilities      83. 正确      84. have 改为 been
85. won’t 改为 will if 改为 unless
One possible version:
     It is 4000 years since the Chinese began to grow and drink tea.
     There’re many kinds of tea in China, of which Longjing Tea is famous all over the world.
     Tea is usually drunk in tea sets. A tea set is made up of a tea pot and some te acups, which are both made of
     Most Chinese are fond of drinking tea. Tea is served not only at tea house and restaurants but also at home.
People also drink tea during breaks at offices or factories.
     It has been discovered that drinking tea does a lot of good to people’s health. A cup of tea can make you relaxed
and refreshed. And it’s said that green tea can prevent cancers. That’s why tea is becoming more and more popular
with people.

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