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					                                                                      Media Release – Q Station – 28 February 2008
                                                                                     Pictures available on request

                             Centre Photograph printed courtesy of Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

                                   Sydney’s Newest Original Theatrical Work

                      The real story of Sydney’s censored past, riddled with disease,
                             and the amazing human spirit that shines through.

Q Station is proud to announce the launch of Defiance, a high-technology theatrical experience written,
produced and directed for Q Station (formerly Quarantine Station), by the creative team of Carlton Lamb
Productions. Carlton Lamb founded Carlton Lamb Productions six years ago, prior to which he was a full
time acting tutor at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) where he also directed productions and
was a member of the selection panel.

Defiance unveils the extraordinary real stories of men and women who were interned at Quarantine Station
near Manly from 1828 until 1984 as the country battled to contain the outbreak of one of mankind’s greatest
enemies, disease, including Smallpox (1881), Plague (1901) and Spanish Influenza (1919). However, this isn’t
just a nostalgic ‘look back in time’ as the audience is also thrust into the future to experience the simulation
of a world epidemic of Avian Flu (2020). World Health Authorities worst fears are confirmed when the
disease spreads rapidly from Eastern Europe to China, Taiwan, Vietnam and finally Australia. Will history be
allowed to repeat itself? Have we, as a global community, progressed in our ability to manage
pandemics? Is quarantine the only solution?

The production takes place at two locations in the original heritage site, immersing the audience into the
experience with a combination of dramatic portrayals and stunning visual and special effects. The
audience sits inside the same authentic buildings where the stories actually happened and the actors are
close enough to touch.

     According to Defiance’s Creative Director, Carlton Lamb, “The goal was to produce a new
     Australian theatrical work that was based on the extraordinary real stories of people that
     either worked at the former Quarantine Station or were interned there, and to then bring
     these stories to life in a compelling way using the site as inspiration.”


       Suite 204, 19A Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 t: 02 8354 1830 f: 02 8354 1840
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The launch of Defiance marks the opening of Q Station to Australian and international audiences, and in so
doing makes accessible a significant landmark of our heritage. Along with the Sydney Opera House, it is
listed on the National Estate – one level below World Heritage significance.

Defiance is a rewarding experience for both devotees and discoverers of theatre. Get ready to be
transported back in time as you enter the portal that is Q Station. Be impressed by the work of Justine
Seymour (Costume Designer) and Alex Locke (Seamstress) who have created thirty-one different costumes
across three different time zones in the original sewing room on site. Watch four actors transform to play
multiple roles.

Each story is unique and showcases an emotive journey based on real facts. Ned Cratchley, the rat
catcher, performed by Berynn Schwerdt, battles the Plague of 1901 that hit Sydney and began in the Rocks.
Prepare to writhe when a pack of rats runs across the walls and roof of the projected historic buildings and
out into the audience. The Plague was spread by fleas that came ashore from ships on the backs of rats.
Schwerdt also performs the roles of Superintendent of Sydney’s Quarantine Station, Benjamin Hackett and
Braddock, a Gravedigger.

Clarissa, played by Rebekah Moore, is sick with Influenza. For her, hope comes in the guise of Cleopatra, the
sea eagle (based on Minka the White bellied Sea Eagle from Taronga Zoo), who soars over the hospital
walls, through mosquito nets and onto the beds. In so doing, she represents freedom and reminds us of the
sea eagles which live on the cliffs nearby. Moore also plays Royal Commissioner Strait and Nurse Miller.

Suzi Doherty interchanges between the roles of Sarah Wilson, Nurse Amie Kelly and Mrs Carpenter. Sarah
Wilson is a feisty 30 year old, working-class mother of six married to John Wilson and born in East London. Mrs
Carpenter is an overweight 60 year old widow who lives with her cat, Mr. Jenkins, in a run-down tenement in
the Rocks. She is considered the matriarch in her neighborhood which is full of crooks, sailors and prostitutes.
Damian Rice also plays nine characters ranging from a quarryman who works in the Rocks (1881), an
ANZAC soldier returning from WWI, to an ineffective medical practitioner whose nervous exhaustion
frequently leads him to drink.

   Continues Carlton Lamb, “Defiance tells some of the remarkable human stories of that period
   as they battle against one of mankind’s greatest enemies, disease. Where possible it is
   based on truth. This production is dedicated to the memory of those brave souls.”

Set in a stunning location on North Head at the opening to Sydney Harbour, visitors will not only be
entertained by Defiance but by the holistic experience that is inevitable at Q Station. Visitors can arrive by
water taxi or road and soak in the spectacular views. Dinner at Boilerhouse Restaurant offers a selection of
fine, modern Australian cuisine for guests to satiate their appetite before the show. Guests looking to
overnight can select from a range of accommodation options and activities, available on site.

Join us at Q Station for the spectacular theatrical production, Defiance. Be engaged, surprised and
haunted by what you are about to learn and inspired by the show of human spirit which shaped our nation.

Tickets are $65 per person and go on sale in March. Package prices range from $120 per person (including
two course dinner) to $636 per double which covers an all inclusive overnight stay for two with
complimentary breakfast, two course dinner at the Boilerhouse Restaurant, optional water taxi* and interval
drinks. *Conditions apply. Weekend packages also apply.

Further details are available on Q Station’s website or you can register now and keep
up-to-date with all the latest news by calling (02) 9977 5145 or emailing:

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       Suite 204, 19A Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 t: 02 8354 1830 f: 02 8354 1840
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For interviews, bios, images or further information on Defiance and Q Station, please contact Edweana
Wenkart from Tsuki on 0407 663 156 or


Carlton Lamb - Biography
Carlton Lamb is an award winning director, writer and actor with a unique combination of degrees; one in
Engineering from the University of Western Australia and the other in acting from the National Institute of
Dramatic Arts (NIDA). It’s this unique and powerful combination of creative and lateral thinking that has
enabled his success with many of Australia's top executives and politicians.

His core talent is impacting the individual in a way that facilitates alignment within the whole company. He's
used his expertise and experience in both the technical and the creative to build Carlton Lamb Productions
(CLP), a company committed to innovative corporate training and creative production.

Carlton has written, performed, produced and directed many multi-media, theatre, television and
corporate productions that have been staged and broadcast in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.
He currently appears on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel as a communications expert on the LifeForce program.

Other recent appointments and projects include: Concept designer for a computer program that won a
British Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in New Media and eight other international awards.
Five years as resident director at NIDA in charge of film acting and was also a member of the selection
board for the full time acting program. In conjunction with Melbourne University and Novell Computers,
Carlton was the creative director and consultant on the Customers of the Future program. This is a leading
edge research investigation of creative techniques to design information and communication technologies
of the future. The results of this highly creative program have been received with acclaim by peers at
academic conferences in Australia, Hawaii, the UK and Norway.

For further information visit

About Q Station
Located at Sydney’s North Head, Q Station (formerly the Quarantine Station) is a large historic site within the
Sydney Harbour National Park, five minutes from Manly. Along with the Sydney Opera House, it is listed on
the National Estate – one level below World Heritage significance.

From the 1830s to 1984 migrant ships arriving in Sydney with suspected contagious disease stopped inside
North Head and off-loaded their passengers and crew into quarantine to protect local residents from
becoming sick. In some instances, Sydney residents suspected of contagious disease were removed from
their homes and quarantined with the immigrants. Also home to a significant collection of historical
Australian artifacts, Q Station houses a 170 year old collection with more than 5,000 items.

The Australian spirit was shaped by experiences of hardship and friendship forged in Quarantine Station and
North Head has long been a meeting place for the Garrigal people. Today this site pays homage to our
history as well as providing a sanctuary for reflection, rejuvenation and transformation.

Q Station proudly opens in April and offers accommodation and conference facilities with spectacular views
of Sydney Harbour; Defiance, an immersion theatre experience designed by award winning resident
director at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Carlton Lamb; the Boilerhouse Restaurant situated
close to the beach; paranormal tours and Destination Spa (open late 2008).

For further information call: (02) 9977 5145 or visit


       Suite 204, 19A Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 t: 02 8354 1830 f: 02 8354 1840

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