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									Commission Junction
Agency Media Kit
Your Goal: Up and to the Right
Whether you are building awareness of
your clients’ brand, acquiring new customers
or driving new sales, Commission Junction’s
affiliate marketing solutions will drive the
highest and most measurable results in the
industry. We offer you the tools and most
effective publishers to precisely control how
and where your clients’ brands are promoted,
with the broadest possible reach, so you
can positively influence their brands’
online results.

As the leader in affiliate marketing, we drive better results
for more clients than any other network in the industry.

Commission Junction understands the unique
requirements of agencies and their clients. For our
agency partners we provide a dedicated agency account
team that supports agency programs with strategic
program recommendations for all your client programs.
Program execution is led by an experienced program
management team, and custom reporting helps you track
your clients’ performance.
The Glue: Partnerships
Our top advertisers and publishers
agree on one thing: The partnerships they
develop together are the most important
ingredient to their marketing success.

Commission Junction helps you align your clients with
publishers whose business models can best target their
audiences and meet their sales goals.

Commission Junction publishers are experts at a variety
of established and emerging online marketing models.
With more than 60,000 active publishers in our network,
we can help you find the right publishers for your clients
and help you design the right offers that drive sales and
Your Concern: Brand Control
Transparency and control over publisher                       Detection. With the largest and most experienced team
                                                              of network quality agents and a suite of proprietary tools,
partnerships is key with affiliate                            our team identifies the earliest signs of potential program
marketing. You can approve who is                             non-compliance. Detection alone isn’t the only
interested in promoting your clients and                      advantage; the value lies in how that information is acted
                                                              upon. Our most successful action is rehabilitation.
make sure they are enhancing your efforts
– not risking them.                                           Rehabilitation. More than 90% of publishers and
                                                              advertisers are rehabilitated after the first notification,
To aid you in your program development, Commission            due largely to the fact that most detected partners are
Junction has the industry’s largest and most experienced      unaware they are violating policies. Our screening and
Network Quality team, who continuously monitors the           detection capabilities are so refined that Commission
network.                                                      Junction can detect very early signs of non-compliance
                                                              and intervene early to correct behavior and prevent
Our success comes from the following Network Quality          further violations.
                                                              Enforcement. In the rare cases where rehabilitation is not
Prevention. It all begins with clear and proactive            successful, we take immediate action with the publisher
communications with publishers and advertisers on             by withholding commissions and removing the publisher
acceptable practices from the day they apply to join          from the network.
Commission Junction. Publishers and advertisers agree to
specific network quality guidelines and principles detailed
in the Publisher Service Agreement, Advertiser Service
Agreement and Code of Conduct. Commissions are not
paid to publishers until they pass monthly Network
Quality screening.
The Solution: Tools to Succed
Building on our extensive experience                          As part of the ValueClick family of companies, we can
                                                              provide solutions to you and your clients across the
managing the unique challenges of big                         entire spectrum of online marketing from building
brand advertisers, Commission Junction                        awareness and closing sales to managing customer
provides you with the most effective                          relationships. Commission Junction is uniquely
                                                              positioned with all the stability of a large, successful
solutions to drive results for your                           public company and the flexibility of a small, nimble
demanding clients.                                            company.

Commission Junction’s dedicated agency account team
                                                                                  Awareness      Leads         Sales        CRM
provides the level of service you need to get just the
right information to drive results and address your                                              Affiliate Marketing
clients’ needs. We can help you hit your goals and
satisfy your clients’ desire for brand protection within                                      Search Marketing
their affiliate marketing campaigns. From strategic
planning to implementation, our teams deliver results.                                      Behavioral Marketing

                                                                                                 Affiliate Marketing
Our customers have chosen and remain with
Commission Junction because of what they value most:
                                                                                   Display/Rich Media/Video Ads
reliability. We are the largest, most established affiliate
network. We track more sales than any other provider,                                             Behavioral Marketing
with 99.9% network up-time. We maintain an average
system capacity of 10%, easily supporting peak traffic                                                    Email Marketing
times such as the busy fourth-quarter holiday season.
                                                                                                         CPL/CPA Programs

                                                                                   Ad Serving Infrastructure and Email Deployment
                                                             performance basis (CPA), you gain distribution in
                                                             channels that would otherwise be unavailable to you,
                                                             with little risk.

                                                             CJ Media integrates seamlessly into your affiliate
                                                             program, allowing your agency account team to manage
CJ Media                                                     any of these short-term campaigns. You can even run
Commission Junction understands and actively promotes        offers that you don’t necessarily make available to the
the value of long-term partnerships to the success of our    rest of the affiliate network. And, since CJ Media
clients; however, we also realize that many advertisers      operates simply as a publisher in your affiliate program,
can, and often do, benefit from additional short-term        there’s no additional contract or technical integration
opportunities. This is especially true for many lead-based   necessary. For the right clients, CJ Media is a fantastic
programs. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take              complement to an affiliate program with Commission
advantage of these short-term opportunities without          Junction.
having to involve additional contracts and technical

In addition to a traditional affiliate marketing program,
Commission Junction also offers you a unique solution to
obtain incremental distribution for your clients or run
short-term campaigns that would otherwise be
impossible through a typical affiliate program. CJ Media
enables you to leverage display, email, mobile and
emerging markets partners that don’t typically work with
a standard affiliate program to enhance your lead
generation, acquisition and awareness efforts.
Furthermore, since these partners are paid on a
The Proof: Measureable Results
With Commission Junction, you can easily               As an agency partner, you are eligible for custom reports
                                                       that allow you to measure the performance of all your
and effectively measure the results of your
                                                       clients and their programs, including:
online marketing efforts and directly
                                                          •	Click traffic analysis
control where and how your clients’                       •	Goals and pacing
products are promoted to consumers. It is                 •	Predictive analysis best practices

all about knowing where the most sales
are being driven. Who are my top
performing publishers? Which SKUs are
selling most profitably? On which pages
and which sites?

Commission Junction provides detailed transaction
information and program performance data, including:

   •	SKU level sales
   •	Leads
   •	Commissions paid
   •	Clicks
   •	Conversion to sales ratio
   •	EPC (earnings per 100 clicks) per publisher
   •	Top10 performing publishers by program and SKU
   •	Overall program trending
   •	Forecasting and pacing
The Details: Program Specs
When an advertiser becomes part of the                            membership, or subscription is filled out and
                                                                  submitted to an advertiser by a publisher-referred
Commission Junction network, there are                            visitor.
certain technical requirements and program
options to be considered before going “live”                      Pay-per-sale: Commission method in which a
                                                                  publisher is paid when a product or service is
as a Commission Junction advertiser. In this                      purchased on an advertiser’s site by a publisher-
section, we describe integration options,                         referred visitor.
set-up requirements and link options.
                                                               A standard integration pays the same commission
Detailed instructions as well as Technical                     rate regardless of which product or service was
Support for all integrations are available                     purchased, or which lead was acquired. For example,
once an advertiser is accepted into the                        an electronics vendor pays the same commission rate
                                                               for an adaptor cable and a DVD player.
                                                               Standard vs. Gateway Advertisers
Integration Options                                            In the Commission Junction Network we categorize
Commission Junction’s default tracking solution utilizes an
                                                               advertisers in two ways during the integration of their
invisible image pixel. Installing this image pixel allows
                                                               programs, Standard or Gateway:
Commission Junction to track, report, and pay the publishers
who refer you actions on a pay-per-action basis.
                                                                  Standard Advertiser: This is a client who tracks
                                                                  every transaction occurring on the client’s Web
   Standard Integration
                                                                  domain through Commission Junction. This client
   A standard image pixel integration enables an advertiser
                                                                  also does not have any unique points of entry or
   to run a lead and/or sale program, defined as follows.
                                                                  Gateway entry into the Web domain in order to
                                                                  enable tracking for a publisher’s commission
      Pay-per-lead: Commission method in which a
      publisher is paid when an online registration,
                                                                or lead tracked by the CJ Marketplace prior to
   Gateway Advertiser: This is a client who does not            paying commissions to your publishers at the
   display or track every transaction occurring on the          end of each month.
   client’s Web domain through Commission
   Junction; rather, this client implements a Gateway.     Action Referral Requirements
   A Gateway is defined as a unique URL string and/        The action referral period is the amount of time you allow
   or name=value pairs embedded within a URL               your cookies to remain active on the user’s browser.
   string designed to trigger Commission Junction’s        Commission Junction is able to credit a referring
   tracking mechanism enabled on your end.                 publisher for a configurable tracking duration period.
                                                           This means that if a publisher refers a visitor to your site,
Integrating the Transparent Image Pixel                    a tracking cookie sets on that visitor’s machine. If that
Integrating the transparent image pixel is a simple        same visitor decides to buy something at your site or
process. The image pixel resides in the HTML body of       fill out a lead form within the lifespan of the cookie,
your Thank You, confirmation, and/or receipt page,         the referring publisher will get credit for the referral.
which displays following the valid sale and/or lead
process. This page displays the final ordering
information, including the amount, the tracking value
and/or products sold.

Your system must pass with our script two vital
pieces of information:

   •	The subtotal amount (AMOUNT) of the sale

   •	The unique identifier (OID) specifically captured
     or generated during the order process. This
     value is critical to the success of your program in
     that it enables you to quickly validate each sale
Creative Requirements Overview                                Banner Links
Commission Junction offers a variety of link types to help    A Banner Link is a clickable (hyperlinked) advertising
you promote your clients’ businesses in the best way(s)       graphic, and is the most common type of Web
possible. Commission Junction’s offered link types include:   advertisement. Banner Links are graphics of all
Advanced Links, Banner Links, Content Links, Keyword          shapes and sizes; however, Commission Junction
Links, Product Catalogs (Product Links), SmartLinks and       offers some standard shapes and sizes.
Text Links. Commission Junction offers link code in
either JavaScript or HTML format.                                •	88x31 Micro Bar
                                                                 •	250x250 Square Pop-up
   Advanced Links                                                •	120x60 Button 2
   Advanced Links accept up to 32,000 English-based              •	240x400 Vertical Rectangle
   characters, enabling you to create interaction beyond         •	120x240 Vertical Banner
   a simple click. Search fields and drop-down menus             •	336x280 Large Rectangle
   are examples of the interaction you create with Advanced      •	120x90 Button 1
   Links. Additionally, you can use Advanced Links to            •	180x150 Rectangle
   create other types of links, including the following.         •	125x125 Square Button
                                                                 •	160 x600 Wide Skyscraper
      •	Dynamic Links                                            •	234x60 Half Banner
      •	Pop-ups/Pop-unders                                       •	120x600 Skyscraper
      •	Flash-compatible Links                                   •	468x60 Full Banner
                                                                 •	150x50 Banner
                                                                 •	300x250 Medium Rectangle
Content Links                                              their content and create impulse buying opportunities
Content Links have the same underlying technical           for consumers. Product Catalogs are currently used
functionality as Advanced Links, but are unique in the     by many top rewards sites, comparison shopping sites
way they present content to users. Use this type of        and shopping mall sites within the network.
link to provide your publishers with compelling
content that looks more like an e-zine article than a      SmartLinks
standard ad. Content Links may also contain other          Commonly referred to as “widgets,” SmartLinks
links, such as Text, Banner and interactive links.         enable advertisers to host their own links. Advertisers
A Content Link should add value and provide                can offer syndicated content, chat rooms, shopping
compelling content (information or entertainment) that     portals and other dynamic content to their publishers,
the publisher wants on their site, regardless of           which can significantly increase conversions for
the financial reward.                                      advertiser programs.

Keyword Links                                              Text Links
Keyword Links enable publishers to promote your            Text Links are simple text-based links (without
business using Paid Placement. When publishers bid         graphics) with a 150-character limit (including any
on their advertiser’s keywords, they use the information   tags). These are by far the most popular links with
in the Keyword Link to determine your preferred            publishers because their flexibility offers publishers
marketing message and tracking URL for search.             many creative options such as embedding them in
This information also provides your keywords and the       recommendation articles.
associated bidding rules for those keywords.

Product Catalogs (Product Links)
Commission Junction’s Product Catalog functionality
enables you to make your Product Links available to
our entire network of content providers — or a select
few, if desired. Adding Product Links to your
Commission Junction program enables content
providers to place your products within the context of
To help your clients cost-effectively acquire new
customers through a channel with guaranteed ROI,
contact us for more information on Commission
Junction’s affiliate marketing programs.

Meghan McAdams
Agency Sales Manager
Commission Junction

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