Westside Space Planning Coordinating Committee

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					Westside Space Planning Coordinating Committee
3:00 – 4:00

Attendees:    Taylor Bennett, Claude Desjardins, Mark Donovan, Darlene Ebel, Jim
              Foerster, Diane Hodges, Michael Landek, Jim Muckerheide, Cindy
              Reutzel (for Monica Carney), Art Savage, Andy Sestak, Denise Sobotka
              (for Lucy Marion) and Steve Tarnoki

Absent:       Mike Harms, Cynthia Grueber, Roy Dean Kolar, Ryan Gantes

      COMRB Storage Needs
         - Incinerator – Jim Foerster reported the incinerator would be stored on
           staging site in a make shift shelter
         - Freezer for radioactive wastes – Diane Hodges will look into this matter
           and report back at the next meeting
         - BRL Storage – Taylor Bennett stated storage in CMET is acceptable but
           will also need 1,000-1,500 sf of storage near BRL
         - COM Storage – Claude Desjardins would like 1,000 sf of storage for
           building occupants on tunnel. Room 6 CSN is a potential site
         - FM – Minimal storage needs for FM have been met per Mark Donovan

      Basement Storage Clean-up UIH/COM
          - COM agreed to work toward a completion of basement storage clean-up
             by the end of January 2001. Steve Tarnoki will forward a comprehensive
             list to Claude
          - HHDS agreed to clean up labs on 5th and 6th floors of IIDD by the end of
             January date
          - COM agreed that items remaining after January 31, 2001 can be disposed
             of and the college will charge back units for the cost of this disposal.
             Charge back principle will apply to all units not disposing of items.

      VC/College Priorities Update
         - List reviewed by committee. No comments/corrections
         - CSB Occupancy Planning /Vacated Phlebotomy Lab and Vacated Surgery
             Clinic renovations will be part of CSB project.
                  OCP project manager Ron Schon requests names of occupants for
                     these areas by January/February.
                  FPSA request list of potential occupants from COM/UIH.
                     Occupants discussed include Department of Family Medicine from
                     HHDS and Hospital Pathology administration. Darlene will
                     discuss with Grueber
   CSN-North
      - GME - Kathy Canfield-Jepson scheduled to move into vacated suite 100
         in end of January or February 2001
      - Vacated GME space in CHS could potentially be used for surge space
         during Masonry work & window replacement work in CHS. OCP/FM to
         review project. Work scheduled to begin Spring 01. Donovan will share
         project schedule with occupants

   EEI
       -   Continue to work with OCP phasing plan and relocation of Dialysis Clinic
       -   Ebel working with COM and UIH to identify occupants. List of potential
           occupants on agenda was reviewed by committee
       -   Desjardin will address any concerns Drs Pulido and Thomas may have
           regarding relocation of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
                Savage suggested putting small group together to access
                  Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology relocation to OCC, Desjardin
                  will inform Savage when a clear understanding has been reached
                Department Heads should be included in discussion
       -   Dock – Mark Donovan mentioned existing dock must remain in EEI.
           MRI Addition architects have developed dimensioned site plans for
           options evaluation. OCP to report back on this at next meeting
       -   Next steps –determine how much space will be vacated in EEI, phasing
           required for relocation of clinics to OCC and Dialysis relocation to EEI
       -   FPSA will report on EEI at next meeting

   SPHE
       -   Committee agreed that the best usage for this building is storage
       -   Leakage problems still exist in building
       -   Ebel will work with Donovan on details for storage facility
       -   1st Floor Classroom – Muckerheide expressed interest in using classroom
           for College of Dentistry. Ebel will report back on feasibility of continued
           use of this classroom

   MSS
      - A/E scope and fee negotiations are underway for renovation of facility
      - Desjardin stated that this is a high priority
      - Ortho occupies 80% of building and their administrative offices and
        support will be primary occupant. Wet labs will be removed. This
        building is not needed to support the new COMRB. Existing Ortho
        program will remain

   SPHW
       - IL Dept of Public Health is interested in renovation of labs and
         infrastructure in the half of building they occupy
       - It is not possible to vacate SPH during IDPH renovation of SPHW
       -   Meetings with CMS have taken place where $10M will be added to CMS’
           request for $27M renovation from state appropriations. IDPH will build
           new building and vacate SHPW. UIC will have $9-10 million
           appropriated for infrastructure and renovations in SPHW

   Research Motel/Wanat Buildings
       - Savage suggested changing name to “Research Enterprise Buildings” and
           ask Committee for their suggestions
       - 2 Proposals for Research Enterprise Buildings from SPH and
           COM/Psychiatry are being developed based on the following criteria:
                Buildings are dry research space, cookie cutter buildings, payment
                 to come from new ICR funds
                Revenue streams are not generated fast enough to fund buildings in
                 a reasonable time, may have to ask Campus for loan
                Need to lock in cost of building and finalize proposal by end of
                 December. Buildings could be built next to ISPI
                Expecting proposals from Engineering and LAS

   Imaging Facility
       - Foerster reported currently this building is in design phase, expected time
          line: Bid in March, begin construction in June and complete facility in
          April 2002

   NMR Facility
      - Foerster reported conceptual design and cost estimate will be completed
         by mid February

   Pharmacy Addition
       - Ebel working with Sagraves on space needs and usage of old building,
          new building will be wet lab research space. Need to consider reuse and
          renovation of existing building
       - FY03 anticipated release of planning funds

   IMD
      -    Received proposal for 160K square feet of office space for use by Medical
           District residents/occupants. UIC will explore lease purchase option
       -   Rent now estimated at $20/sq ft. Parking will be available at site
       -   IMD considering proposal but need to advertise, conduct use value
           hearing for use/need of land before proceeding with a 99 year land lease.
       -   Important point of reference for research enterprise building
       -   Design-Build construction process may yield considerable cost per square
           foot savings versus traditional UIC approach

   Tech 2000
    - QBI status UIC is waiting for written confirmation that QBI will move to
    -   2,500 sq/feet could be used to accommodate COM and 4000 to Pharmacy
    -   if no other college is interested in space, could offer space to Tech Park
    -   Need tenants to pay for building for next 4-5 year

   COM Research Building
    - IJR has been vacated, Psych moving 12/6 from MSS
    - Asbestos abatement has begun in IJR and will begin in MSS January
    - March groundbreaking for new COMRB
    - Behind schedule due to remodeling delays in CSB and CSN
    - Extent of shell space in COMRB still under discussion

   Post-Genomics Building
    - Planning funds for 02 released
    - Facility will be located on site of Archdiocese property
    - Need to look at program concept developed by VCR. BRL slated to be
       housed in this building. Campus will begin space programming and identify
    - Architect selection in April

   Warehouse Replacement, 1515 W. 15th St
    - Purchased by Foundation
    - 2 story facility, main occupant Library and Facility Management shipping and
    - Bid should be received by March/April for full occupancy by August through

   CMET/CSN/CSB Entrances
    - OCP project managers Giles and Schon will work on concept and will share
      with Committee
    - Infrastructure below entrances and ADA compliance makes modifications to
      entrances difficult

   Parking
       - Committee agreed that the Parking Office should provide parking demand
           figures based on new building occupancies
       - Campus Master Planners should also be involved with respect to site use

   2020 W. Ogden
       - UIC in negotiations with the City to trade Easter Seal Building for 2020
          W. Ogden, SW corner of Ogden & Taylor

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