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					 The Wilton School Confection Connection
Volume 6, Issue 1                          Spring, 2003                           Editor: Nancy Siler

                  Welcome                                  For Party Bags, Baking Cups and
                       By: Chris Weeditz            Doilies look for football, baseball, soccer,
                                                    smiley face, and smiley grad baking cups.
                  To those of you who are           There are new 3½”, 6”, and 10” red and white
                  new to the Wilton School          heart doilies.     Need blue, pink, or 4
                  family, welcome!!!! It is         different “Pizazz” patterns in party bags?
always fun to share new ideas and recipes,                 Color Mist Spray or as I like to call it
and old ones for that matter.                       “airbrush in a can” is now available in red,
       You don’t have to worry about                blue, yellow, green, violet, pink, black and
misplacing the newsletter again. It will now        orange.
be available on the Wilton School website at               In the Cake category watch for You can also get                        9” Round Cake Pan Liners
more information and easy access for                           5 lb. Rolled Fondant
registering on that site as well. If you’d like                101 Piece Tool Caddy
another brochure, feel free to call me at                      Icing Sculptor Set
630-810-2211 or Doris Bohlig at 630-810-                       Cake Stencils (4 pack)
2221.                                                          Dessert Decorator Max
                                                               Comfort Grip Glove
                     From the Director                         Cake Dome
                           By: Nancy Siler                     Tilting Turntable
               More New Products Thanks                        Wrist & Hand Gloves
               to Great Product Managers                   Candy offers a 2 piece Metal dipping
                                                    set and mold kits that are amazing including
        There are always so many new things         burger blast, pizza chef, funny faces,
at Wilton, it’s hard to keep up with them.          greeting cards, and flower fancy.
New Shaped Pans include Smiley Grad, Train,                Kids will find the brand new Gummy
Lil Hero (firefighter), Butterfly and Ice           Candy Sets in the following licenses a real
Cream Cone. Watch for new patterns for              treat: Spongebob, Princesses, Dora the
each upcoming holiday.                              Explorer, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder. Also
        In Cookie, check out the                    we will be offering two Wilton/Nestle
battery operated cookie gun                         Baking Sets.
with accent tips-Cookie Master Plus.                       Bakeware offers the new Dimensions
         Ever need a certain shaped cookie          Cast Aluminum series in fluted molds and
cutter?      You are bound to find most             rectangular shapes.
everything in either the 101 pc. Cutter set,
50 pc. Animal Pals or the 50 pc. Read and
Write set. The two new concepts are the                    Licenses are
Stencil-A-Cookie (bear, heart, butterfly,                  Dora the Explorer
flower, house, star) for only $1.99 each or                Little Suzy Zoo
the Ice-a-Cookie (white,                                   Strawberry Shortcake
blue, green, red, pink)                                    Disney Princesses
which is poured fondant                                    Spongebob Squarepants
icing in a great bag applicator.                           Cookie Face Kits for many licenses
                                                   Individual Fancy Hearts SinglesCake
       Candles include Glow in the Dark and
Message (Clowns, Happy Birthday, Congrats,       Wilton Products:
Over the Hill)
       Decorative Product                        Fancy Hearts Singles Mold
       Light Crafter is a new way                Ready-to-use Rolled Fondant
to customize your Christmas lights,              Ready-to-use Decorator Icing
wreaths, or mantels.                             Easy-Glide Fondant Smoother
       Wedding Products are too many to          Disposable Decorating Bags
mention so check out some of them at             Decorating Tips #3 & #4                              Gold Fanci-Foil
       Guess what? The above items are           6” Cake board circles
just the everyday things and don’t include
any of the many seasonal products offered.       Cake mix (1 box of cake mix (18.25 oz.)
Happy shopping and decorating.                   makes 6 cakes)
                                                 ¾ cup batter per heart pan

              From the Kitchen                   Preheat oven to 350°. Spray pans with
                                                 vegetable pan spray. Prepare cake mix
                                                 according to package directions. Prepare as
                                                 many cakes at once, as you like. 4-6 pans
                               By: Lois Levine
                                                 will fit on a cookie sheet. Bake 15-20
           Easter is just around the corner
                                                 minutes or until toothpick inserted in middle
and spring has sprung or so the calendar
                                                 comes out clean. Cool on rack 5 minutes.
tells us.
                                                 Remove from pans, cool completely before
        As usual the Wilton Test Kitchen has
been busy developing new and fun ways to
use our products.
                                                 To decorate:
        We developed our very own
                                                         When cool, position cake on a cake
marshmallow eggs, so fun and easy, we could
                                                 circle that has been trimmed to appropriate
hardly believe it. You can get as creative as
                                                 size and covered with Fanci Foil. Lightly ice
you want by adding flavors and colors to the
                                                 the cake smooth with white buttercream.
recipe. Or mold it in a different shape.
                                                 Roll out ¼ of fondant package to ¼ inch thick
        The carrot cookie pops in bunny
                                                 and place over cake. Smooth with Easy-
shapes are also fun and easy and healthy,
                                                 Glide Fondant Smoother and then trim off
                                                 excess fondant.
        In case there is a wedding in the
                                                         To decorate, use tip #4 to make a
offing we are including a recipe for
                                                 beaded heart on top of cake with Ready-To-
individual heart cakes beautiful enough to
                                                 Use Decorator icing. You can use the heart
impress any bride.
                                                 on the pan as a pattern. Pipe guest of
        So without further ado -
                                                 honor’s initial in the center with tip #3.
        Happy Spring! Happy Baking!
                                                 Pipe dots on the top edge of the cake with
                                                 tip #3. Pipe a beaded border along the
                                                 bottom with tip #4.
             Marshmallow Eggs                            Bunny Carrot Cookies

Wilton Products:                               Wilton Products:

Mini Egg Pan                                   Bunny Cookie Treat Pan
Colored sugars:                                Cookie Sticks
Lavender                                       Pure Vanilla Extract
Green                                          1 cup butter, softened
Yellow                                         1 cup granulated sugar
Clear Vanilla Extract                          1 tablespoon orange zest
Candy Flavors- Peppermint, raspberry           1 egg
                                               1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 envelopes unflavored gelatin                 2-2/3 cups all-purpose flour
1 ¼ cups water, divided                        1 teaspoon baking powder
2 cups granulated sugar                        ¾ teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon Wilton Vanilla Extract              ¼ teaspoon each nutmeg, cloves and salt
Candy flavors, peppermint or raspberry,        1 ¼ cups finely grated carrots
(optional)                                     ¼ cup finely chopped walnuts (optional)
Colored Sugars*
                                               Preheat oven to 350°. Spray Bunny pans
Spray Mini Egg pan with vegetable pan          with vegetable pan spray. Cream butter
spray. Spoon ½ teaspoon of desired             and sugar until light and fluffy. Add orange
colored sugar into each cavity. Rotate pan     zest, egg and vanilla. Mix to blend. In
to cover area and shake out excess. In         separate bowl, combine flour, baking
small bowl, stir together gelatin and ½ cup    powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and
plus 2 tablespoons water. Let stand 5          salt.
minutes or until gelatin is firm.              Add to butter mixture alternately with
Combine sugar and remaining ½ cup plus         carrots, mix just until combined. Stir in
2 tablespoons water in medium saucepan         optional nuts.
over low heat. Stir until sugar crystals are   Press about 2 tablespoons dough into
dissolved and liquid is clear. Brush sides     each cavity. Press in stick and top with
of pan with water to keep crystals from        about 1 teaspoon dough to cover. Bake
forming. Let cool 15 minutes. Combine          10-12 minutes or until edges are a light
gelatin and sugar water in mixer bowl; add     golden brown. Cool in pans on racks for
vanilla and beat at highest speed for 10-12    15 minutes. With thin spatula, gently
minutes or until mixture is light and fluffy   loosen edges and remove gently from pan.
and ribbons dropped from beater hold their     Continue to cool on rack. Cool completely
shape on the surface of the mixture. Pour      before decorating, if desired.
mixture into prepared pan. Sprinkle
colored sugar on marshmallows.                 Makes approximately 16-18 bunnies.
Refrigerate overnight.
To remove; gently slide marshmallows out
of pan. Turn out onto serving plate,            Wilton School Confection Connection
garnished with greet tinted coconut, if              By: Debbie Friedman
Makes about 18.                                        What I love about our
                                               Candy Melts is that they are so easy to work
* If desired may color eggs with
                                               with and very versatile. Not to mention how
coordinating icing color. May also use
                                               delicious they are! Homemade candies make
pastel colored sugars.
                                               wonderful gifts for every occasion, and
Candy Melts can be creatively used to
decorate all kinds of desserts. How about       Student Accomplishments
simple chocolate dipped strawberries            By: Sandy Folsom
adorning your cheesecake or chocolate
drizzled pecan      halves garnishing your
brownies?     Dip pretzel rods into your        2 Websites worth
favorite Candy Melts and sprinkle with          checking:    
jimmies or nonpareils for another easy treat Both of these past
everyone loves. Don’t forget to flavor your     students I have written about in the
Candy Melts with any of our many candy          previous     newsletter, but I had the
flavorings for more delicious options. One      opportunity of seeing first hand what the
of my favorites is to add a few drops of        Master Class and possible subsequent
peppermint candy flavoring to melted Dark       classes can do for you. On my vacation I
Cocoa Candy Melts then dip graham               had the pleasure of seeing Cynthia Ebrom’s
crackers. When set, the coated graham           operation in Edinburg, Texas. Cynthia took
crackers remind me of Thin Mint Girl Scout      the Masters Class 13 years ago and
Cookies!                                        eventually returned for Colette’s Class in
       Now that I have you thinking, don’t      October 2000. Check her web-site!
stop now. With our classic candy molds and             Mark Seaman finally opened his
new ones always being developed, your           business in July, but his website says more
creativity can be endless. Look around your     than I could. Mark changed his career and
kitchen; all kinds of things can be used as     went into cake decorating after taking
molds for Candy Melts. Try fluted or shell      Master’s 2 ½ years ago. Networking is so
shaped plastic containers often used for        valuable to all cake decorators and as an
carryout food. Mini pans, cookie treat pans     instructor it’s very rewarding to hear of all
and cookie cutters make great molds also.       these success stories.
       When it’s time to clean up, here’s a            While at ICES this summer, I met
hint for easy clean up of your chocolate        Sarelle Weiner who took Master’s, Cake
bowls. Place your bowls and utensils in the     Sculpting with Roland, Colette’s Class and
dishwasher with about ½ cup of liquid bleach.   Pulled Sugar. Her portfolio is incredible
Run your usual dishwasher cycle. The bleach     which includes all of the techniques she
helps remove all chocolate from your bowls.     learned here. I’m amazed with her Pulled
       Another fun and easy medium that I       Sugar.
love to work with is fondant. New this year            Ann Chan of Augusta, GA also fell
is an Introduction to Fondant Class.            into a new career.       Ann took Master’s,
Fondant covered cakes have a simple             Colette’s Cakes for Catering and has found
elegance. Learning to work with fondant is      her new passion doing fondant cakes. Ann
the perfect compliment to decorating            advises, do not wrap your fondant display
techniques learned in the Masters Course        cakes in bubble wrap and transport unless
and gum paste flowers learned in the Gum        you want your fondant to have the
Paste Classes. From learning to cover cakes     appearance of bubble wrap. Sometimes trial
with fondant to making bows and flowers,        and error is a hard lesson or a new-design.
fondant is fun and easy to learn.                      Debbie Howard of Lexington, KY took
                                                Master’s Class about 5-6 years ago. At the
                                                time, Debbie was so new to cake decorating
                                                that she would have been happy to ice a cake
smooth and just make a rose. Debbie came         students signed up. We do make every
back many times for every new course we          effort to contact students that have signed
offered. Debbie has no fears of decorating       up, but it may help to call as reassurance
and has a huge collection of fondant cakes.      that the class may run.
       Michelle Orsellet of Playa del Rey, CA           When registering, remember that all
is still enjoying her husband’s Hanukah          I need to hold your spot is the registration
present from 10 years ago, a Master’s            fee. The tuition isn’t due until the first day
Course at Wilton. She is still an active         of class.     You can either fax in the
decorator doing beautiful buttercream and        registration form to my attention at 630-
fondant cakes.                                   810-2710 with your credit card number, or
       Continue to send cards and notes, I       you can mail the registration form to:
love the success stories.
                                                 Chris Weeditz
From the HeadMASTER                              Wilton School
By: Sandy Folsom                                 2240 W. 75th St.
                                                 Woodridge, IL 60517
Tip of the Day, not
                                                 Check out the Wilton            website    at
decorating but a helpful                  hint
when baking. If a customer asks for a 11x15
or 12x18 – ½ yellow, ½ chocolate, prepare
                                                 Wilton School Kitchen-Aide Tip
yellow cake and chocolate cake batters as
                                                              By Mary Beth Kerbs
usual, take a strip of aluminum foil, at least
double thick, even triple, insert in ½ section
                                                                For the first time last week
of pan, begin pouring some yellow batter in
                                                                we ran our one week class
½, some chocolate batter in other ½,
                                                                “Advanced Fondant Art with
alternate back and forth until you have used
                                                 Laurie Bradach.”        Judging from the
all the batter.     Tap pan firmly on the
                                                 incredible projects completed by the
counter. Quickly remove aluminum strip and
                                                 students, I’m pleased to say it was a huge
discard. Tap again slightly. You now have ½
                                                 success. Student’s cakes ranged from a
yellow, ½ chocolate in one pan without the
                                                 dimensional reproduction of a quilt pattern
hassle of baking twice. It works very nicely.
                                                 to a stone fountain complete with fish.
Tent Sale:                                       Laurie Bradach, who also teaches pulled
                                                 sugar, has a great deal of experience with
       It’s that time again! The annual Tent     fondant and brings us many exciting and
Sale dates are June 5th thru June 24th.          innovative ideas in cake design and
                                                 decorating.    Lisa-Marie Stienessen chose
School Registrations                             this class as her prize for being named
By: Chris Weeditz                                International Instructor of the Year. Lisa-
                                                 Marie went home to Minnesota with three
      Please call me at 630-810-2211 or          projects all of which were exceptional.
Doris at 630-810-2221 if you would like          Anyone who is interested in the limitless
another school bulletin.                         world of fondant should certainly keep this
      Although we try our best to run            class in mind.
every class we have, sometimes it doesn’t
become feasible if we do not have enough
Keep Us Posted!

           Send news of your awards and
           business highlights so we can
           recognize and feature you in an
upcoming newsletter. Know someone who
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call, write or e-mail Chris Weeditz at 630-
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