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					Name : Hairun Nisa                                           Mon, Jan,4,2009
Class : 3 Office Administration 1
        SMK N 46 JAKARTA

Choose the correct answer
1. Woman: “Salero Kito Restaurant here.Can I help you ? “
    Man : “ I Want to reserve, Please?
   a.a ticket
   b.a instrument of round system
   c. a table
   d. a room
   Answer : c. a table

2. Receptionist : “ Cibubur Restaurant , Can I help you ?
   Rahma                 : Yes,please…. . for next Sunday evening.
   Receptionist: I’m afraid we can’t. We’re fully booked this month.
    a. I want to book a ticket
    b. I’d like to reserve two table
    c. I need to reserve a room
    d. I really need your help
   Answer : b. I’d like to reserve two table

3. Man         : Have you confirmed the room for a monthly meeting
   Woman       : ….
    a. Yes, but I’m afraid we have to reschedule it
    b. Some one is fixing the air con ditional in the room
    c. They are discussing in the meeting room
    d. Yes, I’d like to book one double room,please.
   Answer : a. Yes,but I’m afraid we have to reschedule

4. Woman       : I’d like to confirm my flight to Bandung.
   Man         :……
     a. I’m going to Bandung next week
     b. The meeting ver busy
     c. Certainly , can you tell your flight number?
     d. I’m afraid there are no more seast left
    Answer : c. Certainly ,can you tell your flight number

5. Woman     : “ Tangkuban Travel Agency. Can I help you?”
   Man       : Yes,please.I booked theseat on the excecutive busto Surabaya leaving
              9.00 pm tomorrow. I want to confirm that I’II take it. And I Want to
               Know time I should be there to report.
 Woman       : Thanks, please come and report to us an hour before thedeparture.
 What did the caller telephone agency for ?
    a. Confirming his reservation
    b. Booking a seat in a bus
    c. Canceling his reservation
    d. Changing the time of his travel
  Answer : a. Confirming his reservation

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