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					                        A quarterly Home and Community Newsletter of Berrystead Nursing Home

                                                                     Volume 1, Issue 4, Winter 2005

Christmas 2005 at the Berrystead
Late Night Shopping in
  On December 5th, a group
of service users, staff and
relatives went into Leicester
to do some early Christmas
shopping. Some of the big
stores stopped open espe-
cially for their disabled cus-
tomers. They included BHS,
Boots the Chemist, Smiths,
Woolworths and Marks and
Spencers. The Salvation
Army played Christmas car-
ols in Gallowtree Gate and
Boots the Chemist provided
their customers with free
mince pies and mulled wine.         The Berrystead Management and Staff celebrating Christmas 2005

                                                                          variety of costumes and wigs worn
Christmas Lights Tours             The Christmas Party                    by the staff. Much effort was made
This year we were able to            The Christmas party was held on      and manager Gail Duggan praised
take two groups of service us-    the Friday before Christmas. Ser-       the ingenuity of the costumes and
ers to see the Christmas lights   vice users enjoyed an afternoon         said how proud she was of her staff
in Leicester. The decorations     concert with favourite entertainers     for helping make the day a special
once again were of no disap-      Roving Ron and Phillipa. The two        one. One of the highlights of the oc-
pointment. Service users          entertained us all for nearly two       casion was from the domestic staff
marvelled at the spectacle es-    hours with an excellent mix of easy     who all came dressed as Christmas
pecially those displayed          listening songs and Christmas mu-       puddings. Wigs were out in force
around the Town Hall square.      sic. Ron brought with him his col-      that went with Gail Duggan’s
                                  lection of guitars, a mandolin, banjo   Cleopatra,       Amanda        Hall’s
Christmas Meals                   and harmonica. The concert ended        Guinevere, Julie Hilton’s Dorothy
                                  with a very poignant performance        (form the Wizard of Oz ) and Lary
                                  of the John Lennon classic ‘So this     Dudek’s futuristic Lady. Jenny was
Once again Mick and Sonia
                                  is Christmas’. The service users        a princess, Mandy Pateman a baby,
the landlords of the Waterside
                                  were very pleased when Ron and          Litti a pirate and Anthony Duggan
Inn at Mountsorrel welcomed
                                  Phillipa accepted our invitation to     an elf.
two groups of service users
                                  join us for tea.
for Christmas meals. Service
users enjoyed a traditional                                                 Mother Christmas, Tracey Sleath,
three course Christmas meal       FANCY DRESSES                           looked the part in a fur trimmed red
with all the trimmings. A                                                 dress and matching hat. When she
couple of drinks of their            The Berrystead staff on this day     bent over she cheekily revealed a
choice were also made avail-      were invited to come to work in fancy   rather fetching pair of knickers wish-
able from the bar.                dress. Service users marvelled at the   ing everyone a Merry Christmas!

      Fancy Dress 2005
      See if you can recognize the following Staff in their fancy costumes

1.                      2.                   3.                              4.

                                                      a futuristic lady
                                                                                          a pirate

5.                           6.                 7.

            a baby
                                    an elf                 a Princess
                                                                             The lifelike Christmas puddings stole

8.               9.                                                          the show
                                                                              Did you fare well? Check below.

                                                                                 1. Amanda Hall
                                                                                 2. Gail Duggan
                                                                                 3. Lary Dudek
                                                      Dorothy in the             4. Littie Mathewe
                                                      Wizard of Oz               5. Mandy Hall
                                                                                 6. Antony Duggan
                                                                                 7. Jenny Cross
                                                                                 8. Tracey Sleath
                                                                                 9. Julie Hilton
                     Mother Christmas                                            10. The Domestic Staff

An Afternoon of Hand Bells Karaoke Night
                                                                              A karaoke night was held for ser-
     On December 12 th , the
                                                                            vice users, their relatives and staff.
Berrystead       welcomed      the
                                                                            A light buffet of Chinese style party
Queniborough Hand Bell ringers.
                                                                            food and a selection of crisps and
Led by Peggy Lowe, the group
                                                                            nibbles were enjoyed. Service us-
have been coming now for several
                                                                            ers also enjoyed homemade Snow-
years and have become good
                                                                            ball drinks (advocaat, lime juice and
friends. An afternoon was spent lis-
                                                                            lemonade) while everyone sang
tening to the very therapeutic
                                                                            along karaoke style. Ray Howden
sounds of expertly played hand
                                                                            joined in the spirit of the occasion
bells. Service users joined in with
                                                                            by using his walking aid as a mi-
the much loved Christmas songs
                                                                            crophone. Able service users had
and favourite carols. Afterwards,
                                                                            a dance with Julie Hilton and
mince pies and mulled wine were
                                       The Queniborough Hall Bell Ringers   Amanda Hall. Everyone had a fun
served by activities leader, Julie
                                                                            and relaxed evening that day.


                                                                               Ray Howden with his improvised
                                                                        msa    microphone
                                                                        the       Colouring competi-
                                                                        Sre-       tion for children
                                                                         ie           raises £ 34
Nothing like Father Christmas to cheer everyone up at Christmas. Mark
Gray happily obliged to don on the costume this year                              Five beautifully coloured pic-
                                                                                tures of Snow White of an ex-
    On the afternoon of Decem-                                                  cellent standard were re-
                                       each one a present on behalf of
                                                                                turned. Julie Hilton framed the
ber 22nd, Father Christmas came        the home. The lounge was deco-
                                                                                pictures and presented all with
to Berrystead to share the yule-       rated with Christmas trees and           a Cadbury Selections box for
tide spirit with the service users.    effects. Easy listening Christmas        their efforts. Well done to the
Sherry and mince pies were             music played whilst service us-          children who made these pic-
served with the afternoon tea          ers reminisced about past                tures - Kacey & Shana Upton,
trolley. Father Christmas chatted      Christmas times.                         Joshua & Rachel Black’s
to the service users and gave                                                   nieces.

  Burns Night was celebrated on                                   Robert Burns
January 25th in true Scottish style.                                 1759-1796
The poem, ‘My luve is like a red
red rose’ by the Scottish Poet Rob-
ert Burns, was used to make the
themed place mats. Thistles, the
emblem of Scotland were the cen-
tre pieces for the tables.
   Service users enjoyed a three
course Scottish meal made by                 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards pro-
Elaine Marshall and Julie Hilton.            vided an atmospheric background
                                             of Scottish music that takes one
     Burns Night Menu                        back to the highlands and lakes of
  Scotch broth with bread rolls                                                       Cook Elaine Marshall is piped into
                                                                                      the dining room with the haggis
    Haggis tatties and neeps                   At the end of the meal, many ser-
                                             vice users enjoyed a tot of whis-       then all joined hands to heartily
                                             key. Paul Jones read the poem, ‘My      accompany the Royal Scots Dra-
   A CD of the pipes and drums               luve is like a red red rose’. Every     goon Guards on CD with ‘Amaz-
played by the military band of the           one joined Andy Stewart on CD to        ing Grace’.
                                             sing the classic ‘Danny Boy’ and

   A Brief History of
    Burns Suppers
   Burns Suppers have been part of
Scottish culture for about 200 years as a
means of commemorating our best loved
bard. And when Burns immortalised
haggis in verse he created a central link
that is maintained to this day.

   The ritual was started by close friends
of Burns a few years after his death in
1796 as a tribute to his memory. The basic
format for the evening has remained
unchanged since that time and begins
when the chairman invites the company
to receive the haggis.

A typical Bill o’ Fare would be:

Cock-a-leekie soup
Haggis warm reeking, rich wi’ Champit         The pantomime dame took a liking to Service User Paul Jones
Bashed Neeps
Tyspy Laird (sherry trifle)
                                             SNOW WHITE - The Pantomime
A Tassie o’ Coffee                             This year’s pantomime is the ad-     designed costumes, clever alterna-
                                             aptation of the much loved fairytale   tive lyrics to the songs and capti-
   One of the central features of the
evening. An invited guest is asked to give   of Snow White and the Seven            vating dance routines made for a
a short speech on Burns. There are many      Dwarfs. The production was per-        very professional pantomime show.
different types of Immortal Memory           formed by three talented young ac-     The pantomime dame was the fo-
speeches, from light-hearted to literary,    tors from SG Productions. Service      cal part of the show andwas much
but the aim is the same - to outline the
greatness and relevance of the poet today.
                                             users enjoyed all the fun and ex-      loved and applauded by the resi-
                                             citement of a panto. Colourful, well   dents
 St. Valentine’s Day Celebrations

                                                                                         Marjorie Newby

Paul and Florence Jones enjoying the ‘Mr & Mrs’ Competition

 The service users of Berrystead        were asked questions about each
had an enjoyable week of activi-        other and points were given for
ties themed to the St. Valentine’s      correct answers. Manager Gail
Day. The week started with an af-       Duggan and her sister Tresa won
ternoon concert. Rock and Jive          the prize of a St. Valentine’s
Duo Maggie and Phil entertained         goodie bag. They generously                        Iris Parker
the service users with songs from       shared the prize amongst the
the 50’s. They very kindly pre-         other couples who took part; they
sented each of the ladies present       were Paul and Florence Jones,
with a silk rose.                       Elaine and Mark, and Lary and
                                        Lyn. Everyone agreed that all had
  On St. Valentine’s Day, a special     been good sports.
tea time was organised. The tables
were dressed up restaurant style          The ‘PAT’ Dog Megan did not
with themed place mats, nap-                      miss out. On her
kins and fresh red roses as                       weekly visit with
the floral table centre pieces.                   owner Joy Wood, she
Service users were treated to                     was presented with a
freshly prepared sandwiches                       bag of special heart                   Laura Greasley
and cheese straws. They                           shaped treats for
were followed by homemade                         dogs.
sherry trifle and a selection
of cakes and fancies dis-                               The week ended
played on tiered cake stands.                        with Friday afternoon      Finally, the fund raising venture
An added pleasure for many was          bingo. The prizes were themed to     raised the sum of £65 which has
a glass of sparkling rose wine.         St. Valentine’s Day with heart       been paid into the Berrystead Pa-
                                        shaped boxes of chocolates. The      tients Comfort Club to help towards
   Over tea and coffee, service us-     lucky winners were service users     future activities. The three lovable
ers and staff joined in a ‘Mr and       Iris Parker, Marjorie Newby and      monkeys with ‘a heart’ were won
Mrs’ competition compered by ac-        Laura Greasley (inset pictures).     by Tracey Timpson, Isobel Draper
tivities leader Julie Hilton. Couples                                        and Hina Shah.

OUTINGS                                 Afternoon Tea at the Hilton
                                           A group of service users visited
                                        the Hilton Hotel in Leicester for af-
                                        ternoon tea. The relaxed atmo-
                                        sphere and sumptuous surround-
                                        ings made a memorable occasion
                                        for those involved. Service users
                                        looked around with awe at the
                                        magnificent chandeliers that
The Waterside Inn at Mountsorrel        graced the central court lounge.
Pub Lunch at the                           They took tea in the court bar
 Waterside Inn                          overlooking the patio. There was a               brewed percolated coffee. This was
                                        platter of sandwiches that included              then followed with fruit scones,
                                        smoked salmon, beef and sweet                    blackcurrant jam and cream.
    A group of male service users
went for a pub lunch at the Water-      caramelized onions, tuna and may-
                                        onnaise, egg and watercress and                  Service users ended the afternoon
side Inn at Mountsorrel, Leicester.
                                        carved ham and whole grain mus-                  with a drink from the bar whilst tak-
All enjoyed a traditional pub lunch
                                        tard. This was accompanied with                  ing in the surrounding atmosphere,
of their choice accompanied by a
                                        tea chosen from a selection of a                 listening to soft background music
glass of beer. Care staff had taken
                                        variety of teas displayed in a                   and doing a spot of ‘people watch-
great trouble to make them all look
                                        wooden tea chest and freshly                     ing’.
smart. It was very nice to see them
wearing collars and ties. Isaac
Pratt, Colin Timson, Fred Fox, Tom      Lunch at the Bradgate Newtown Linford
Bates, Stanley Moore and Ivor
Pickaver thoroughly enjoyed the                                                          with puff pastry and champ pota-
day out and each other’s company.                                                        toes. A side order of a selection of
                                                                                         vegetables of the day and a few
Harry Ramsden’s Fish                                                                     French fries complemented the
 and Chip Restaurant                                                                     meal. At the end of the meal, empty
                                                                                         plates showed how much everyone
  A group of service users travelled                                                     had enjoyed their meals.
to Nottingham to have lunch at the
world famous fish and chip restau-                                                         To finish off the occasion, service
rant, Harry Ramsden’s. Service us-      The Bradgate, inset (Stella Knowles enjoying     users were tempted from the des-
ers couldn’t believe that they were     her sweet from the very tempting dessert menu)   serts menu. They chose between
eating fish and chips in such a luxu-                                                    Amaretto rum and banana cheese-
rious environment. The tables were        A group of service users went for              cake with berry compote or apple
lavishly set up with matching china,    lunch at the Bradgate, Newtown                   and cinnamon crumble, vanilla ice
serviettes and yes, even proper fish    Linford. The manager had reserved                cream with toffee sauce. They were
knives. Underneath their feet was       a table in the Shish restaurant and              beautifully arranged on large glass
a cosy deep piled carpet and above      catered for those who had to re-                 platters.
their heads hung intricate glass        main in their wheelchairs.
chandeliers. Polite waitresses                                                              It was lovely to see a group of
served us our meals Service users          Service users enjoyed a drink                 service users being treated as very
ended the lunch time experience         from the bar whilst perusing the                 special customers in a top class
with a glass of shandy from the bar.    menu. Not your average pub lunch                 restaurant. Julie Hilton thanked the
They then returned back to the          they chose either pot roast chicken              management of the Bradgate for
Berrystead enjoying scenic views        breast on creamy chive mash with                 making the group so welcome and
on a beautiful, sunny and languid       wild mushroom white wine sauce                   for accommodating their special
February afternoon.                     or steak and Everards Tiger Ale pie              requirements.

New Activities Lounge Soon to be Underway
                                                                    St. David’s Day
   The Directors
of Berrystead
have         now
finalised the
plans for an ex-
tension in the
form of a conser-
vatory to be a
dedicated area for activities    ready been done with those
provision within the home.       service users interested in gar-
The existing sun lounge off      dening. If anyone is interested         During the week of St. David’s
the main lounge is to be         in helping with this venture or    Day (March 1st) all the activities
knocked down and rebuilt to      would like to know more,           were themed to Wales. The week
a higher standard. The ac-       please see Julie over the com-     started off with a quiz. In the 20
tivities conservatory will ad-   ing weeks. Help is needed to       questions round service users have
join this and join up with the   erect security fencing and         to find out the identity of some fa-
veranda. Weather permit-         gates, making raised flower        mous Welsh individuals. These in-
ting, work should start soon.    beds, build arbours and install    cluded Shirley Bassey, Dylan Tho-
                                 a water fixture.                   mas, May Boyce and Anthony
On completion, Julie Hilton
                                                                    Hopkins. The A-Z round challenged
will finish the project off by A copy of the plans for the
                                                                    everyone to think of something con-
the construction of the sen- conservatory’s extension will
                                                                    nected with Wales through each
sory garden. Much back- be on display in the foyer.
                                                                    letter of the alphabet. The Welsh
ground planning has al-
                                                                    theme was continued with service
                                                                    users enjoying Caephilley cheese
                                                                    and crackers with the tea trolley.

                                                                    St. David’s Day tea-time. The tables
                                                                    were dressed in finery and graced
                                                                    with the emblem of Wales which
                                                                    was a vase of Daffodils. Service
                                                                    user Paul Jones read the poem
                                                                    ‘Daffodils’ by Wordsworth. A CD,
                                                                    the world of Wales in Song ‘Byd
                                                                    Cymru mewn car’ gave an atmo-
                                                                    spheric background of music. The
                                                                    afternoon ended with Land of my
                                                                    Fathers performed by a Welsh
                                                                    male voice choir on CD.

                                                                    The week ended with Friday after-
                                                                    noon bingo. A bunch of Daffodils
                                                                    was the prize for each game. These
                                                                    were won by Irene Kenney, Stella
                                                                    Knowles and Eileen Povey.

                                                                                  Christmas Fundraising
Father Robin                                                                       Thank you to everyone who sup-
                                                                                 ported the various fund raising ven-
Martin retires                                                                   tures and indeed to those who do-
                                                                                 nated prizes. All the monies raised
  Father Robin Martin retired as the                                             have been paid into the Berrystead
Vicar of St. Michael and All Angels                                              Patients Comfort Club.
Church, Thurmaston last Septem-
ber. He had been Vicar for 20                                                    Christmas raffle raises £136
years. A special service was held                                                      Here are the winners!
in his honour led by one of his past
                                                                                    Amy - Basket of Chocolates
curates, Father Martin Court (now
the Vicar of Scraptoft). This was fol-                                              Tony - Bottle of wine
lowed by a reception at the Church                                                  Elaine’s Dad - Bottle of Tia Maria
Hill School.
                                                                                    Tracey Sleath - Tin biscuits

 Father Robin has led the monthly         We wish you a happy retirement            Ray Howden       - Cuddly
communion services at Berrystead
for some years and has become a                                                     Earnest Dennis- Bottle of wine
                                         hopes to make more time for his
good friend. Although now retired,                                                  Amanda Hall      - Meal fortwo at
                                         hobby of model railways. He has an
Robin has asked the Rural Dean                                                                         Ramada Jarvis
                                         old 1954 Hillman Minx convertible
Father Jim Wellington if he can still                                               Marjorie Newby- Bottle of
                                         which he hopes to restore. Another
carry out some pastoral duties to                                                                 Grand Manier
                                         project he would like to work on is
the local community. Hopefully, he                                                  Linda Barratt -Writing set
                                         to edit his late mother-in-law’s na-
will still carry on leading
                                         ture diaries. Although not an over         Ivor Pickaver    - Address book
Berrystead’s communion services
                                         keen gardener, he does hope to de-
every alternative month.                                                            Melvyn - Jar of cherries in
                                         velop his new garden at Birstall. All               kirsch
                                         of us at the Berrystead wish him a
   Father Robin has now moved to                                                    Elaine Marshall -Lavender
                                         long and happy retirement.                                 draw liners
Birstall where in his retirement, he

St. Patrick’s Day
                                           Where At        BERRYSTEAD
  St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated                                                  FAMILY SPORTS DAY
                                           EASTER CELEBRATIONS
in true Irish style on Friday 17th         Week 10th - 14th April ‘06               Fun Sports Afternoon in
March. Service users enjoyed an            Good Friday 14th April ‘06               the grounds of Berrsys-
afternoon concert of Irish songs           Easter Sunday 16th April ‘06             tead with Barbeque
and music performed by Irish duo           FLOWER FESTIVAL                          Date to be announced
Ron and Philippa.                          Afternoon Service with Flower            AN AFTERNOON IN THE
                                           Festival                                 GARDEN
  The lounge was decorated with            Monday 19th June ‘06                     Croquet on the Lawn
helium filled balloons with the em-        GARDEN FETE                              Morris Dancers
                                           Sunday August 6th ‘06                    Cream Teas
blem of Ireland – the shamrock,
                                           2:00 - 5:00 PM                           Date to be announced
featured on them.
                                          Watch For Our coming Spring issue
  At the interval all enjoyed a se-
lection of Irish cheeses and crack-       Visit Us
ers with a glass of Guinness.