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KIWI                                                   KIWI
Wash. Cut. Eat. How easy is that?                      KIWI PIZZA
                                                       1 tube refrigerator sugar cookies
•   Slice kiwi and place                               1 tub prepared frosting-white
    on a plate with                                    6 kiwi fruits
    banana slices and                                  Maraschino cherries (for decoration)
    grapes. Serve with a
    fruit yogurt.                                      Prepare sugar cookies following directions on
                                                       package. Cut the cookies into fun shapes with
•   Make kiwi                                          cookie cutters. Let cookies cool after baking and
    “sandwiches” with                                  spread with frosting. While frosting is still moist,
    two kiwi slices on                                 top cookies with slices of kiwifruit and cherries.
    each side of a
    strawberry slice. Hold together with a stick       ACTIVITIES
    pretzel.                                           •   Sign up with a community organized volleyball
•   Top a graham cracker with cream cheese, kiwi           team beginning the first of the new year.
    slices and mango chunks.                           •   Draw a hop-scotch pattern on the basement
                                                           floor and enjoy skipping the numbers with
Buying tips: Choose firm kiwi, without wrinkles or         friends.
bruises.                                               •   Hackey Sack is a fun win-win game. Play with
Special tips: To ripen, let kiwi stand at room             the small soft ball to improve balance.
temperature in a plastic bag. Fruit is ripe when
slightly soft.
                                                                  For other snack ideas go to:
Storing tips: Store ripened kiwi in the refrigerator
for up to 3 days.
Serving size: 1 kiwi
Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of
 developing diabetes, heart disease, cancers and
             Fruits and vegetables are
              • great tasting
              • high in fiber
              • low in fat and calories
              • snackable.
On the Go – With Kiwi!                                                                    KIWI
              Did you know the darkest day of the                                         Wash. Cut. Eat. How easy is that?
              year is this week? The winter solstice                                      Kiwi is becoming a more popular fruit in the
              falls on December 22, bringing the first                                    Midwest – especially for snacking. It is low in
              official day of winter and the shortest                                     calories but rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and
              day of the year. As you’re out looking                                      E, fiber, potassium, folate and magnesium. When
at the stars, why not help your eyes by eating kiwi?                                      selecting a kiwi, choose those that are plump and
Kiwi is the most nutrient-dense of all the major                                          slightly soft. If not yet ripe, place in a brown bag
fruits. Among other healthful nutrients, kiwi                                             with a banana or apple to ripen. For a quick snack,
contains lutein, a phytochemical known to prevent                                         just wash, cut the fruit in half and eat the pulp right
cataracts and macular degeneration – a leading                                            out of the skin. You can eat the peel also, but you
cause of blindness. If you’re brave, try eating the                                       may wish to rub off some of the fuzzy exterior. In
fuzzy skin. Eating a kiwi’s skin triples the fruit’s                                      addition to the traditional green kiwi, there are also
fiber intake and adds vitamin C.                                                          gold kiwis in the market.
Kiwis have only been available in the United States                                       RAINBOW WINTER FRUIT SALAD
for 40 years. Today, it’s the third most popular fruit                                    In individual glasses or serving bowl, arrange fruits
in the country behind oranges and red grapes!                                             from bottom to top as follows:
When choosing kiwi, look for plump fruit that’s                                                  Frozen or fresh blueberries
slightly soft to the touch. Stay away from fruits with                                           Sectioned white grapefruit
wrinkles or bruises. If your kiwi is a little on the                                             Orange slices or tangerine sections
hard side, place it on the kitchen counter in a paper                                            Sliced kiwi
bag. Adding apples, bananas or pears to the bag                                                  Pomegranate seeds
will speed up the ripening process since those fruits                                            Serve with lime yogurt
give off ethylene, a gas required to ripen kiwi.                                                 Garnish with toasted slivered almonds
Wash. Cut. Eat How easy is that?                                                          Include GREEN in your low-fat diet to maintain:
Take Kiwi With You!                                                                           • A lower risk of some cancers
•     Eating kiwi is easy and fun because Mother Nature                                       • Vision health
      made the fruit’s skin into a ready-made serving cup!                                    • Strong bones and teeth
      Cut a kiwi in half and scoop out the tasty green flesh
      with a spoon.
•     In a resealable plastic container, toss kiwi with sliced
      strawberries (frozen are fine) and a splash of orange
      juice for a sweet snack you can take anywhere.
•     Looking for an after-dinner treat? Try a kiwi-sicle!
      Simply cut the bottom off a kiwi, insert a wooden or
      plastic stick and freeze. You can either peel the fruit
      or leave the skin on before freezing.
Quick Nibble: Before kiwi came to the United States,
it was called Chinese gooseberry. When the New
Zealanders brought the fruit to the United States in the
1960s, promoters changed the name to Kiwi, New
Zealand’s national bird, in order to avoid the cold war
mentality Americans had toward China at the time.

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