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					Jemima Tryon/Iona Group Chat

The following is an excerpt from the first group chat a few
of us had in November 2004 with Jemima/Iona, an other-
dimensional focus. [Hi Jem :)] I am posting it with their
permission since it contains energy readings she did for
us. I have corrected some typos to make it easier to read.

I also added information from my Elias session to give some
background information.

From session 1513

Ioanna: Right, right! The next question is about my friend and
counterpart Dom. He has an other dimensional friend who I have felt
was a focus of mine pretty much from the first time I met him. He
calls her Jemima. [aka Esephemeraldt] Is this a focus of mine?

Elias: Yes!

Ioanna: Oh wow! Thank you, and she... I know he translates what she's
saying to him, and sometimes he has problems with it, but she tells
him she's in a place she refers to as Gronika. Is this sort of an
accurate translation?

Elias: Within your translation, yes.

Ioanna: ...and she refers to it as an interdimensional bubble.

Elias: In a manner of speaking, yes.

Ioanna: Is this within our current dimension, or is it linked to

Elias: It is linked to another but occupies the same space

From session 1675

Ioanna: And last we spoke I mentioned that he speaks to another focus
of mine, named, who goes by the name Jemima, and she's in another
dimension, and we were wondering ... we had some chats with her through
him... and we were wondering if she is actually a focus that's still in the area which is transition [RA3]?

Elias: Yes.

awan_dawn = Dawn/Awan
baruch_mark = Mark Baruch
dtmodttl = Vinu/Rrussel
esephemeraldt = Jemima/Iona
ioanna1966 = Ioanna/Iona
sumari7 = Steve/Soloron
wmmvrrvrrmm = Dom/Max

esephemeraldt: so, an image I was having of dawn was an abstract little

ioanna1966: oh please continue

esephemeraldt: like four green square shaped leaves, all connected
together by a corner from each

esephemeraldt: an earthy feeling

esephemeraldt: with a green freshness, being blown around in the wind
like a children's windmill toy

sumari7: mmm... green freshness...

ioanna1966: wow

esephemeraldt: and it's floating through the air

awan_dawn: back!

esephemeraldt: and then it distorts

esephemeraldt: like a reflection in a lake with the sunlit clouds in
the background

awan_dawn: that sounds beautiful!

ioanna1966: it really does

esephemeraldt: and the idea is about a finesse of your perception

awan_dawn: :)

dtmodttl: back

esephemeraldt: maybe now the leaves are floating on the surface of the
pool and the blue sky comes through the gaps in the clouds

esephemeraldt: becoming a clear day

ioanna1966: and this is how you are experiencing Dawn's energy when you
focus in on her?

awan_dawn: This is very lovely imagery

esephemeraldt: yes, it's real
esephemeraldt: just like they were images being picked out of the

ioanna1966: that is so cool

sumari7: And it feels as real to you as anything else.

esephemeraldt: and I am translating them with a poetic understanding in

esephemeraldt: because I like poetry

esephemeraldt: is that really so cool! :)

ioanna1966: it is :D

esephemeraldt: so Ioanna, I am seeing something of a vision about you

ioanna1966: :)

awan_dawn: :)

esephemeraldt: but it is a birthday cake covered in thick white icing
and pink happy birthday writing, and two golden candles on the top
burning away

sumari7: mmm...

esephemeraldt: what does that mean, I wonder, i don't know what it is
all about

ioanna1966: wow I love that

sumari7: What kind of cake?

awan_dawn: birthday

esephemeraldt: it's a psychedelic treat perhaps

ioanna1966: heheh

sumari7: right, but I mean what flavor?

ioanna1966: hahahahha Steve

sumari7: I want to know! :)

esephemeraldt: I don't really know what is inside, it might just be a
typical fruitcake at the heart of it

ioanna1966: hahahahha
sumari7: LOL

awan_dawn: imagine eating it....what do you taste?

ioanna1966: just like me :P

ioanna1966: a typical fruitcake

esephemeraldt: haahahaha

awan_dawn: LOL

esephemeraldt: but the golden candles make me wonder

awan_dawn: yes

ioanna1966: my essence color is gold

ioanna1966: our

ioanna1966: there are two

awan_dawn: both of you

esephemeraldt: so, that would make it real

esephemeraldt: this is fine if you know that it makes sense

ioanna1966: I feel your energy now

esephemeraldt: sumari is forming blue grey chequered patterns, grey
with intellect

awan_dawn: yes!

sumari7: Interesting

esephemeraldt: I am not sure what to draw from that, but now the
patterns have faded into the mist

ioanna1966: that is him :)

awan_dawn: :)

ioanna1966: our intellectual clown

esephemeraldt: the idea of the chequer pattern was similar to the idea
of the four leaves joined together in your vision, dawn

esephemeraldt: but the meaning behind it was different
esephemeraldt: and distant

awan_dawn: :)

sumari7: ooh, mysterious!

awan_dawn: an enigma

ioanna1966: Jem now that you mention 4 I have to say that the numbers
444 show up everywhere for me [this turned out to be my connection to
Elias which he later confirmed, and Jemima frequently connects things
in fours]

esephemeraldt: the intellectual quality of sumari is embracing these
higher realms of thought, through other dimensions

esephemeraldt: okay! is that an alarm for you?

ioanna1966: I am always looking at the clock at 4:44 too

esephemeraldt: well, that's cool then

ioanna1966: it feels comforting to see that number

sumari7: higher realms of thought? Cool!

esephemeraldt: I am just trying to think further about these higher
realms of thought

esephemeraldt: they're just out there

esephemeraldt: like the clouds,

esephemeraldt: and I haven't got a measuring stick out to find out how
high they're flying

sumari7: Heh

esephemeraldt: but maybe it is like having several dozen kites in the
sky all linked together at once

esephemeraldt: it's up to you how high you fly

sumari7: exploring which directions? Like, science or artistic

esephemeraldt: if you know how high they are, that's fine for me

ioanna1966: hahahah

ioanna1966: Vinu are you still with us?
dtmodttl: Here...sorry, phone

ioanna1966: ok :)

esephemeraldt: well, what you are doing is using your intellectualism
to embrace this funny aerial field of information that we are playing
with as esoteric information. Maybe it brings a kind of a resisting
quality into your research into these things, but then they are stable
thoughts that you are having when you piece them together

esephemeraldt: does that mean something to you

sumari7: yeah, it does

esephemeraldt: a kind of a stable, intellectual aerial platform of

sumari7: That really makes sense.

esephemeraldt: okay

sumari7: Like I'm trying to describe wispy concepts in concrete terms.

esephemeraldt: okay cool!

esephemeraldt: that might be fine

sumari7: like making ice sculptures of steam

esephemeraldt: and your bringing a sharp edge to them

esephemeraldt: fine

sumari7: hopefully I'm not hurting anyone with the edges :)

esephemeraldt: there's a rubbery quality about this information though

ioanna1966: :)

esephemeraldt: so don't worry about the edges poking anyone

sumari7: excellent

esephemeraldt: or shall I say, poking fun at anyone

ioanna1966: :D

esephemeraldt: there's something funny about this information

sumari7: I'm just a funny guy.
esephemeraldt: all rubbery and funny and floating in the air in a
stable way

ioanna1966: there is something funny about Steve too

ioanna1966: he does improv comedy

sumari7: So I'm funny and rubbery. I can totally live with that.

esephemeraldt: acting as a junction for all other thoughts coming

sumari7: I'm a Stretch Armstrong!

ioanna1966: hahahahah

esephemeraldt: funny is a proper word I was trying to get right in at
the beginning but nothing described itself

esephemeraldt: so you're a comedian, well well well

ioanna1966: hahahaah

sumari7: of sorts

awan_dawn: :)

sumari7: :)

esephemeraldt: fine so what's happened to vinu

esephemeraldt: is he coming back soon

esephemeraldt: ioanna, now you have a blue glow around your birthday

ioanna1966: oooh

sumari7: oh, that'd be me checking out what kind of cake it is.

ioanna1966: hahahahahha

esephemeraldt: just a blue mist

sumari7: eiww, coconut...

ioanna1966: well my color as Ioanna is an electric blue color

awan_dawn: I love coconut!

sumari7: /me was just kidding.
ioanna1966: *kicks Steve*

esephemeraldt: that might be fine

sumari7: /me sits in the corner and behaves himself.

ioanna1966: Elias is also a blue color. Do you connect at all with

ioanna1966: he appears to us a blue

esephemeraldt: I think there he is manifesting around you now

esephemeraldt: that must be the detail

awan_dawn: hahahahha

ioanna1966: I thought so when you said that

sumari7: Elias is horning in on your cake!!

ioanna1966: awesome

esephemeraldt: he wants a bite

ioanna1966: hahahahhaha

awan_dawn: He can have a bite hahahaah

esephemeraldt: I'm just very excited about him having something to say
about me one of these days

ioanna1966: I am sure he is enjoying our interaction with you

ioanna1966: I will ask him in my session

sumari7: /me gets down with his funny rubbery self.

ioanna1966: I was excited about what he has confirmed so far to me

esephemeraldt: just so that maybe he might be able to say something
about me using his terminology and this would help you to chrystalise
one or two concepts about me

ioanna1966: hahahahaha @ Steve

ioanna1966: I think so too Jem

sumari7: I'd have asked about you in DS4 if I'd heard of you then.

ioanna1966: welcome Mark
esephemeraldt: well, sumari, this is the day for me to start chatting
with you. I tried a good while back but there were one or two hiccups
with the e-mail service

baruch_mark: Hi All :-)

ioanna1966: Jemima this is Mark

ioanna1966: Mark, Jem

esephemeraldt: hello Mark! :)

baruch_mark: Sorry I have to go to work again right now :-(

esephemeraldt: it is great to meet you , and bye

ioanna1966: hahahah

baruch_mark: Hi Jemima!

awan_dawn: hahahahha

ioanna1966: awww maybe we can all get together on a weekend then

sumari7: this was an unexpected treat

awan_dawn: that would be cool!

esephemeraldt: maybe we could

baruch_mark: That will be great... I should finish a bit earlier to day
as I am going to another office

baruch_mark: Well I will still be a part of this chat in energy :-)

baruch_mark: With Love to you all

baruch_mark: Bye

awan_dawn: bye

ioanna1966: ok Mark ciao

ioanna1966: hugs

esephemeraldt: Bye mark, see you around!

dtmodttl: back

ioanna1966: Oh Jem I love that blue
sumari7: whoa, holy blue text Batman!

awan_dawn: wb

ioanna1966: WB Vinu

ioanna1966: can you bold it too Jem

esephemeraldt: trying a different shade of blue, just want to

dtmodttl: Thanks :)

esephemeraldt: Dom's sorting it out

ioanna1966: I used to use that one there

ioanna1966: it is very nice

awan_dawn: thank you Dom

esephemeraldt: hello Vinu

sumari7: You've got a decent command of the computer for someone in
another dimension :) I've had a rough enough time trying to teach
Windows to a Korean grad student.

dtmodttl: Hi :)

ioanna1966: I think Dom is at the computer helm

awan_dawn: can you describe Vinu's energy Jem

esephemeraldt: well all it takes is for me to tell dom what to type and
that is enough

sumari7: gotcha

esephemeraldt: yes, I am feeling his energy

ioanna1966: great!

esephemeraldt: expect I am thinking about the terms to use

ioanna1966: Vinu sit still while Jem paints you ;)

awan_dawn: hahahhaha

esephemeraldt: Vinu, do you have any connection with Indigo children?

dtmodttl: Not that I know of.
esephemeraldt: or just that idea in the most basic way

esephemeraldt: okay, well never mind, it is something coming through

esephemeraldt: I am seeing a flower

ioanna1966: have you heard of them V?

dtmodttl: Yes

dtmodttl: In passing

esephemeraldt: it is a lily and painted green

esephemeraldt: so one just passed that way

ioanna1966: Ilda green

esephemeraldt: two different shades of green and they are combined in a
chequered form together, and there is also some blue in there too

esephemeraldt: the flower is of such a silky quality

ioanna1966: coz Vinu is smooooooth :D

esephemeraldt: almost as if it has been made from silk and stitched
together by a master craftsman

awan_dawn: silky lily

dtmodttl: :D

esephemeraldt: and that is fine

esephemeraldt: but I am thinking about wall paper paint covering this
flower, and If I did so, i would consider it to be so unfortunate a

esephemeraldt: wall paper paint with a silk finish

esephemeraldt: but that is not how I want to feel about this flower,
and just changing tune and thinking of it made from a piece of silk is
much much nicer

esephemeraldt: I don't want you to apply heavy paint to those qualities
of yourself

ioanna1966: interesting

awan_dawn: let yourself shine through!

dtmodttl: Yes
sumari7: silky devil

awan_dawn: :)

ioanna1966: :)

esephemeraldt: that paint maybe the wrong colour and just so so heavy

esephemeraldt: I would like to say that it is as a heavy cloud almost
turning over

esephemeraldt: and to allow that rain to pour would be an ideal thing,
wouldn't you say

sumari7: an emotional release, maybe?

esephemeraldt: and then what you will have at the end is a rather thin

ioanna1966: yes that is what I am thinking too Steve

esephemeraldt: that's a good statement, sumari

awan_dawn: and then some sunshine?

sumari7: I certainly hope so!

esephemeraldt: I am thinking about just transforming, and knowing where
it is all going and taking the ride with it to sunnier climbs in your

esephemeraldt: well, there's a tenderness to this weight

esephemeraldt: it's something light and fluffy as a cloud

esephemeraldt: and when the flower gets painted over, it doesn't bend
the stalk with it's weight

esephemeraldt: is that fine with you

dtmodttl: Interesting reading

esephemeraldt: it's something coming through very lightly as an idea,
and really I am more interested in enjoying light hearted conversation
rather than digging into your personal fields right to the core of your

sumari7: okay... so how about those Red Sox?

ioanna1966: can I tell you how I am perceiving you at the moment Jem?

esephemeraldt: if you think you can, yes you should
esephemeraldt: I am wondering about those red sox, what are those?

sumari7: Heh

ioanna1966: I have this image of a girl in a long white dress and she
is spinning slowly with her hands reaching above her and there is light
around her

esephemeraldt: that's pretty :)

ioanna1966: she is suspended in mid air

ioanna1966: and she has golden hair

esephemeraldt: that's wild

ioanna1966: hahahah

esephemeraldt: that's my hair colour at the moment

ioanna1966: cool :D

esephemeraldt: I have a little blue bow in it

ioanna1966: I know you are able to change hair color at will right?

esephemeraldt: yes I can, I promise that this is correct

ioanna1966: I have seen myself doing the same

ioanna1966: although I do not manifest it here without the use of a dye

esephemeraldt: with the mood it changes, if I let it do so

esephemeraldt: the same, wow!

ioanna1966: yes

esephemeraldt: Oh I see

ioanna1966: I feel I have connected to you doing this

esephemeraldt: you should just let it change naturally

esephemeraldt: :)

ioanna1966: well then maybe you will lend energy to me doing that heheh

esephemeraldt: it might happen, one of these experiences
ioanna1966: yes I think so

esephemeraldt: we're working on it

sumari7: So have you run into any of my focuses in your dimension?

ioanna1966: and maybe in one of these experience Dom and I will
teleport and we will meet you in person

esephemeraldt: you have to come half way yourself matching frequencies
with myself

sumari7: or any of our focuses, for that matter

esephemeraldt: that is an idea

esephemeraldt: well, I can't handle that information at present, sumari

esephemeraldt: that's a dense question for me

sumari7: no pressure... I was just curious

esephemeraldt: okay

sumari7: If you do run into any, tell him/her I'd like to make contact

esephemeraldt: if I brought something across, it would be taken out of
context even before I translated it into words for you to take in

ioanna1966: heheh

esephemeraldt: but if I pull myself out of the question, I am familiar
with your energy

esephemeraldt: and I mean the style of it

awan_dawn: you recognise it?

esephemeraldt: is that enough of a fact

ioanna1966: oh so if you were to run across another incarnation of his
essence you may recognize it as being of the same tone?

ioanna1966: or energy

esephemeraldt: achieving the same gleam

esephemeraldt: what can I say

sumari7: Interesting choice of words :)
ioanna1966: hahahah

sumari7: You'd know my face anywhere :)

esephemeraldt: the same frequency achieving the shine that is a part of
the path of the goal

ioanna1966: cool

esephemeraldt: I would know your S shapes curves :)

ioanna1966: hahahahhaha

awan_dawn: hahahahah

ioanna1966: Steve can we see your curves :P

sumari7: my what? :)

sumari7: Sorry, I'm a pretty bony guy.

esephemeraldt: so there is a pattern out there

ioanna1966: hahahahha

sumari7: What do you mean by S shaped curves? :)

esephemeraldt: and I understand that I know the pattern

ioanna1966: so you would recognize the pattern

ioanna1966: ok

esephemeraldt: and that pattern manifests people

sumari7: I mean, I know what that pattern looks like

awan_dawn: your energy signature

ioanna1966: yes

esephemeraldt: people are in tune with that pattern and signature is a
beautiful term

sumari7: curvy, like the sound of my essence name

ioanna1966: she is saying she would recognize you Steve :p

sumari7: Right, I got that bit.

sumari7: :)
esephemeraldt: but then this pattern is a higher thing

esephemeraldt: an oversoul creating many incarnations

awan_dawn: in many dimensions

esephemeraldt: and all the people walk in tune with this floating S
shape and squiggles through the air like a serpent

awan_dawn: hehehehe

ioanna1966: :D

sumari7: are you talking about my essence or a pattern in general?

sumari7: /me is confused.

esephemeraldt: so I'm working on something

esephemeraldt: I like the word pattern better

awan_dawn: what would that be?

esephemeraldt: but that essence could be it, but on the other hand

esephemeraldt: it just might not fit right into the definition

ioanna1966: so maybe essence/oversoul and pattern are similar to you

esephemeraldt: I don't want to take the idea and cut it down using an
essence shaped cookie cutter

awan_dawn: all names for the same thing

awan_dawn: ah

esephemeraldt: it's a funny thing, this language

awan_dawn: yes :)

esephemeraldt: it takes some time to get used to it

ioanna1966: I am hearing noise in my kitchen and no one is in there :O

awan_dawn: what are you manifesting Io?

ioanna1966: I don't know

dtmodttl: A ghost!

sumari7: eek!
esephemeraldt: okay

ioanna1966: it sounds like a creature hahahahha

dtmodttl: A blue one?

esephemeraldt: nothing for me to say about that

awan_dawn: ghosts are fun!

esephemeraldt: it might be my cat

sumari7: oh, for the love of God :)

ioanna1966: hahahahha

awan_dawn: oh you have a cat??

dtmodttl: I am listening to Blue Monday...that's blue, right? :)

ioanna1966: now that would be fun

esephemeraldt: did I leave my footprints on your kitchen floor

ioanna1966: heheh

dtmodttl: New Order

ioanna1966: I will check

sumari7: or a hairball?

esephemeraldt: I have a cat, yes, a grey one

awan_dawn: does it have a name?

ioanna1966: I have also had a door that opens and closes by itself
since Halloween

esephemeraldt: with blue eyes

esephemeraldt: I don't have a name to give you

awan_dawn: I have a cat with blue eyes

awan_dawn: okay :)

ioanna1966: your cat does not have a name?

esephemeraldt: if you saw my cat, you would think it look strange
ioanna1966: it does not looking like earth cats?

esephemeraldt: well, I'm hesitating in giving you a name for it

awan_dawn: would it not translate?

esephemeraldt: different colouration from earth cats, different
intensity in colour

sumari7: Considering we're in a chat room having a lovely conversation
with someone from another dimension, you can trust that we all have
somewhat higher thresholds on what we'd call "strange" :)

ioanna1966: hahahahah

awan_dawn: hahahha

esephemeraldt: , not yet, I need to devise a specific relationship with
ideas before i can give you a name

ioanna1966: oh ok

awan_dawn: we will look forward to that then :)

ioanna1966: well I think your cat might be here because I hear
something running around my kitchen

esephemeraldt: strange in colouration to the real of the norm

ioanna1966: and it is starting to freak me out

ioanna1966: since I see nothing at the moment

esephemeraldt: that might be fun :)

esephemeraldt: cats just get about

esephemeraldt: you would like my cat, he's very gentle and nice

awan_dawn: I would love him

ioanna1966: I half expect to see a Cheshire grin manifest on my counter

esephemeraldt: hahahah

ioanna1966: perhaps we are all mad :P

ioanna1966: :)
"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here.
I'm mad. You're mad." "How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

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