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									05 - 12 February 2010                                                                                                                                                                 SA JEWISH REPORT   I

  Lovers and Loved Ones                                          Valentines Day Feature
             A supplement compiled by Marlene & Barry Bilewitz. Cell 083-475-0288, (011) 886-0162 or email:

 Great loves that changed Always something new
    history... or didn’t     at Limpelloula!
                                                                                                         LIMPELLOULA, APPOINTED retailers of international
               BARRY BILEWITZ                        Baldwin and the government threatened to            branded silver jewellery, has just launched the latest Eu-
                                                     resign if he made her his consort and so his
                                                                                                         ropean winter collection of the aspired-for Thomas Sabo
  Adam and Eve                                       choices were to leave Mrs Simpson or for-
  According to our religious beliefs, this couple    sake the crown. Love triumphed and Edward
                                                                                                            Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, the acclaimed American
  changed the course of history of our world         abdicated.
                                                                                                         writer, Thomas Sabo designed this collection using the
  by being the first members of what was to
                                                                                                         gothic romance of the poem “The Raven”, a theme which
  become the most powerful species on Planet         Marie and Pierre Curie
                                                                                                         is distinctive in these unique pieces.
  Earth.                                             Maria Sklodowska met her future husband
                                                                                                            As Limpelloula approaches their first anniversary in Melrose
     If Adam had not exchanged his rib for a         Pierre Curie while studying and working at
  wife, the ozone layer might still be as thick as   the Sorbonne. It was their mutual interest in       Arch, they are delighted to continue offering world leading
  it was six thousand years ago.                     magnetism that drew them together (no pun           brands such as Thomas Sabo, Pandora and Hot Diamonds,
                                                     intended). They were jointly awarded the No-        coupled with exceptional service in a beautiful shopping envi-
  Anthony and Cleopatra                              bel Prize in physics with Henri Bequerel for        ronment. Tel: (011) 684-2857/8.                                  Thomas Sabo sterling Silver.
  Julius Caesar conquered Egypt and was              discovering radiation.
  smitten by the last pharaoh of that country,           A few years after the death of Pierre, Marie
  Cleopatra and bore him a son. A few years          was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry
  after the death of Julius, Cleopatra cast her      for the discovery of radium, becoming the
  spell over Mark Anthony and bore him three         first person to win two Nobel Prizes. The
  children.                                          Curie’s daughter, Irëne Joliot-Curie, and
      Anthony was a member of the triumvirate        son-in-law, Frèdèric Joliot-Curie, also re-
  that ruled Rome after Caeser’s assassina-          ceived Nobel Prizes for the discovery of ar-
  tion.                                              tificial radiation.
      Octavius, Caesar’s nephew and heir was
  the other important member of the triumvi-         Samson and Delilah
  rate. Before Mark Anthony became infatuated        Pre-ordained to rescue the Israelites from the
  with Cleopatra, he had married Octavia, the        hands of the Philistines, Samson was forbid-
  sister of Octavius to cement their alliance at     den to imbibe alcohol or have his hair cut.
  the top of the Roman food chain.                   He seems to have had an eye for Philistine
      Mark Anthony’s affair with Cleopatra did       women, the first of whom was from Timnah.
  not sit well with the citizens of Rome and            His parents, not knowing of the celestial
  Octavius was also somewhat displeased. He          plot to save the Israelites, were not too de-
  had a naval victory over the ships of Mark An-     lighted at the prospect of a Philistine daugh-
  thony and Cleopatra and chased them back           ter-in-law.
  to Egypt where they committed suicide. Soon           Samson married her anyway, but she was
  after, Octavius was crowned Augustus Cae-          killed a short while later by a group of Phil-
  sar, the first emperor of Rome.                     istines who were peeved at him for burning
      A couple of millennia later an actor play-     their crops. Samson went on a vengeance
  ing Mark Anthony (Richard Burton) fell madly       trail, slaying a thousand Philistines with the
  in love with the actress playing Cleopatra         jawbone of an ass.
  (Elizabeth Taylor). This on and off the screen        After 20 years of being the leader and
  romance led to one of the most famous true         judge of the Israelites, Samson fell in love with
  life, on and off love stories in cinematographic   another Philistine - Delilah- and married her.
  history and although it has had high enter-        The leaders of the Philistines went to Delilah
  tainment value, its effect on human history is     and promised her 5 500 pieces of silver for
  obviously not nearly as great as that of the       the secret of Samson’s strength. After lying
  original.                                          to her several times and much prodding on
                                                     her part, Samson told Delilah the truth. Once
  Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson                     Samson was asleep, she had his hair shorn
  The whole modern history of the British royal      and summoned the troops who blinded him
  family was altered when Edward VIII abdicat-       and chained him to a mill. Delilah disap-
  ed in favour of his brother Albert who became      peared henceforth from the pages of religious
  George VI. Edward, as a young man had a            history.
  succession of affairs with older women.               Samson ground and ground - the grain,
     The twice-married Wallace Simpson was           by walking round and round - tied with a
  no different from her predecessors, except         chain and his hair grew and grew - as did his
  for the fact that Edward fell madly in love        strength. Then one day the Philistines dis-
  with her.                                          played the defeated Samson in their temple
     Upon his ascendance to the throne, he           of Dagon.
  made clear his intentions to marry her, even          He stood between the two main pillars,
  though she was not yet single. The royal fam-      heaved mightily and toppled the pillars, killing
  ily were appalled. Prime Minister Stephen          3 000 Philistines.
II   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                           05 - 12 February 2010

                              LOVERS AND LOVED ONES -VALENTINE’S DAY FEATURE
      Carrol Boyes searching Elements - truly a dream
       for new design talent    that has come true
     METAL 2010 is the sixth annual New Designer         submit it, together with the completed entry
     Search pioneered by Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd, to      form, a copy of their ID and a one page CV to
     discover, encourage and nurture new product         Carrol Boyes (Pty) Ltd.
     design talent in South Africa, from planting the       In order to maximise their chances of win-
     seed of inspiration to witnessing the burgeon-      ning, prospective designers are encouraged
     ing and blossoming of a design idea.                to produce work that can be viably manufac-
         METAL invites aspirant designers to sub-        tured in mainly aluminium, stainless steel or
     mit a prototype based on a specific theme,           pewter (the trademark Carrol Boyes metals).
     inspired by originality and innovation. The         Prototypes can, however, be assembled using
     theme for 2010, “VASE - a lifestyle”, should in-    any suitably strong material that is available to
     spire creative, original prototypes that are both   the artist, such as resin, wood, glazed ceram-
     functional and aesthetically pleasing.              ics or even wire.                                   ELEMENTS STARTED in her dreams and finally                 The range goes from expensive valuables to
         Carrol Boyes explains her choice of theme:         Carrol Boyes says: “In terms of design, I am     came true in January 2009 with her purchas-            inexpensive trinkets, something for pretty and
     “Vases are multifunctional objects that have        looking for fresh and original ideas that display   ing a gift shop in Blairgowrie Plaza, says Janita,     fun and lots for those wanting to improve the
     been in vogue for thousands of years. Ancient       the designers’ unique and special inspirations      owner of this exquisite shop.                          peace and harmony in their lives.
     histories show that vases served both utilitar-     and which are not derivative in any way of the         “In my dreams I saw it as a place where peo-           Elements has moved to larger premises
     ian and ornamental purposes.                        Carrol Boyes design styles.”                        ple would find much more than gifts. I saw it as        within Blairgowrie Plaza which will enable them
         “Their use was widespread - from storage           Over the past five years, more than 1 200         a haven from the crazy, loud world out there - a       to hold regular meetings of enlightening talks
     and transportation of perfumes, oils, honey         designers across the country have entered           place where people would find peace and tran-           which will enrich the spirit and mind. People
     and wine, to marking and decorating ancient         METAL, vying for the first prize of R50 000          quillity, quiet music and soothing fragrances,         can come and experience healing, rejuvena-
     grave sites and tomb offerings.                     and the possibility of working with the Car-        hope and healing spirituality that involves all the    tion and gain knowledge of themselves. “After
         “They formed an integral part of everyday       rol Boyes design and manufacturing team             senses.”                                               all,” says Janita, “it is only in knowledge that
     life. Today, vases are specifically selected for     in the production of their winning proto-              As people wander into the store, their sense        we are truly free.”
     practical purposes and for adornment in and         type.                                               of peace is enhanced by beautiful fragrances              Elements also has a crafts section where
     enhancement of interiors and exteriors. Con-           With METAL entrenched in the design in-          and gentle music. Helpfulness and friendly             teachers are only too glad to share their knowl-
     temporary, classical, decorative, functional -      dustry, “VASE - a lifestyle”, is sure to elicit a   smiles abound. A sense of coming home to               edge and love of their craft. Craft items and as-
     they are finely appreciated.”                        range of unique, inspiring and creative re-         family and friends is felt in one’s inner core. Cus-   sociated tools are in stock and suggestions to
         Entries - which opened on January 1 -           sponses from South Africa’s design fraternity.      tomers walk in and friends walk out.                   enlarge the range are met with delight.
     close on June 30 of this year. Entrants need           If you have any enquiries, or wish to learn         Janita says the gift range has been extended           The world of Elements is totally non-denom-
     not have any particular design experience or        more about METAL 2010, please contact the           to include holistic healing elements for reiki, ki-    inational and recognises the cultural, traditional
     qualification to enter METAL. Participants sim-      organisers on, phone (021)         nesiology, and reflexology. There is a wide range       and spiritual aspects of all religions.
     ply have to design and create an innovative         424-8263, or         of gifts for all occasions and tastes. Wonderful          Come into Elements and leave inspired, in-
     three-dimensional prototype of a vase and           and click on the METAL logo.                        Valentine specials, crystals, clocks, cats, beads,     vigorated and full of peace with your elements
                                                                                                             jewellery boxes and fairies.                           in balance.
05 - 12 February 2010                                                                                                                                                                   SA JEWISH REPORT        III

       Swimwear, nightwear and                                                                                   Let Michal help you
       lingerie to die for at Kriss                                                                             with ‘that special look’
              MARLENE BILEWITZ                                                                              LOOKING GOOD FOR your Valentine has              completing a professional make-up and hair-
                                                                                                            never been this easy - and what better time to   styling course through the Kohl Make-Up
 ON ENTERING KRISS of Sandton, one is in-                                                                   look your best than on Valentine’s Day - with    Academy, completing as student of the year.
 stantly struck by the overwhelmingly large and                                                             help of Michal Samovich?                         Her work has been showcased on the front
 beautiful range of swimwear and lingerie. One                                                                All beauty treatments and special occasion     cover of a professional beauty magazine.
 doesn’t know where to look first - there are gor-                                                           make-up can be done in the convenience of          Michal Samovich also offers a wide variety
 geous swimsuits with matching wraps and kaf-                                                               your own home or office                           of treatments and consultations: manicure,
 tans (drop the swimsuit and you’re ready for din-
 ner - they even have fun costume jewellery for
 that final touch).                                                                                                 Right: Family
    There are bikinis for large or small bosomed
                                                                                                               portrait make-up
                                                                                                             by Michal Samovich
 girls, colours soft or bright, glitzy and glamorous,
 all guaranteed to enhance everything from shape
                                                                                                                Far right: Special
 to confidence which one experiences when well
                                                                                                              occassion make-up
 dressed and fitted.
                                                                                                             by Michal Samovich
    Kriss is renowned for her designer ranges of
 swimwear from all over the world - mainly Israel
 - with names like Gottex, Gideon Oberson and                                                                  Michal Samovich is offering a Valentine                            tinting
                                                                                                                                                             pedicure massage tinting
                                                                                                                                                             pedicure, massage, tintin and tweezing
 Diva.                                                                                                      make-over special for the next three months         Then there’s also make-up and hairstyling
    Whether you have a svelte and beautiful young        Sunflair                                           which includes a mini manicure and make-         for special occasions (day and night), matric
 body or a more mature figure, there is something         Beachfashion.                                      over for only R400.                              dances, weddings, etc. “We are experts in
 for you.                                                                                                      Michal was born in Israel in July 1983. She   theatrical make-up and special effects.”
    There is a superb range of elegant and so-          staff are able to give their customers the best     came to South Africa and finished her school-        Says Michal: “We do demonstrations of
 phisticated nightwear from France and Italy, plus      personal service in selecting and fitting of bras,   ing in Klerksdorp in the now Northwest Prov-     beauty products, liven up your pamper and
 the much sought-after romantic and pretty Miss         nightwear and swimwear that they deserve.           ince                                             bachelorette parties and give interactive, indi-
 Elaine selection from America.                            Because of the intimate knowledge the staff at      Michal studied beauty at Camelot Interna-     vidual make-up lessons and private consulta-
    Kriss, the owner of Kriss of Sandton, started       Kriss have, they are able to fit and enhance the     tional Health & Skin Care Therapy for three      tions.
 25 years ago with three shops: Hyde Park, Sand-        body by maximising or minimising the bust and       years.                                              “In association with the renowned profes-
 ton and Eastgate, but found it difficult to divide      general body shape with their Body Wraps and           For the next five years she gained experi-     sional photographer SJ van Zyl, we prepare
 her attention between the three stores, so now         range of cup sizes.                                 ence by working at various salons and spas,      and create memorable family portraits.”
 she focuses all her expertise and attention in the        If you would like a personal, private fitting,    practising all types of treatments and thera-       • Contact Michal Samovich on her cell,
 Sandton store, situated on the upper level of          please call for an appointment with either Kriss    pies. She decided to further her studies by      082-461-1818 for an appointment.
 Sandton City, where she and her highly-trained         or Charmaine, tel: (011) 783-0901.
IV   SA JEWISH REPORT                                                                                                                                                                   05 - 12 February 2010

     Customers are No 1 at Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers
                            LEAVE STREET level on Jan Smuts Avenue in                 tion of your choice.
                          Dunkeld Square in Johannesburg and descend                     Over the years, the much valued members of staff
                         the stairs to a paradise of the freshest and largest         have played their part in this success story: Maria, so
                                    array of flowers that carry you away into          very popular in Dunkeld, now manages the Victory Park
                                        a world of beauty.                            branch in Victory Park Shopping Centre. Joe, Filipe
                                             Just a few steps deeper into the         and Carlos have built up fond and trusted relationships
                                          shop and you enter a world of fruits,       with their clients too and have remained at the Dunkeld
                                         vegetables and food delicacies that          branch.
                                          will set the stomach juices in mo-             It is not unusual for customers to phone from any-
                                              tion. The fruits look as if they have   where in the Diaspora and say: “My mom is having a
                                                     been individually washed         birthday, what do you suggest?” or: “Please send a Fa-
                                                      and polished - unusually        ther’s Day gift to my dad - you know what he likes.” And
                                                    impressive.                       voila, mum or dad will receive exactly what they enjoy!
                                                         For over 20 years, from         You can request that one of them make up a “special”
                                                          Monday to Sunday,           gift for mother, friend or business colleague, knowing
                                                           Dunkeld Fruit & Flow-      that the arrangement of whatever choice is discussed,
                                                                                                                                                      Joe and Carlos, well-known faces in the flower de-
                                                           ers has been supply-       will be timeously delivered, will be of high quality and
                                                                                                                                                      partment at Dunkeld.
                                                           ing fresh flowers and       beautifully packaged.
                                                          superb fruit and veg-          Choose from the wide range of flora on display in the
                                                        gies daily to the north-      courtyard at the front of the shop. The staff will cheerfully
                                                     ern suburbs. Danny de            bunch and wrap your purchase in an attractive presen-
                                      Aveiro, a quiet unassuming man who              tation.
                                        is passionate about his business,                Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers makes up gift baskets of fruit,
                                          has surrounded himself with fam-            nuts and any other delicacies in the shop, such as olives
                                          ily members, Carlos and Filipe and          and dried fruit. If requested, biltong, wine, champagne
                                          a devoted staff who share his care          or anything else, will be brought in especially for your
                                          and concern for their clients.              gifts, which can be delivered to the central and northern
                                              On any given day you will find           Johannesburg areas.
                                           Danny among the trucks making                 Fruit and veggies are delivered free of charge. Flower
                               sure that the best and only the best, enters           arrangements or gift baskets will carry a delivery charge
                                  their shop.                                         unless they are included with a standard order that is
                                      Dunkeld Fruit & Flowers is the place to         part of the free service.
                                      go to personally select each and every             In addition to flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, there
                                        bloom and then have it made up for            is a wide range of local and imported delicacies.
                                           you by the capable and well-trained           • Contact: Dunkeld tel (011) 341-0101/0167/0343 or           Manager of Victory Park branch, Maria, taking an
                                              staff, into an attractive presenta-     fax (011) 325-2032. Victory Park: fax (011) 888-6788.           order for a loved one.

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