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									                                                  GIRL SCOUT COUNCIL OF COLONIAL COAST
                                                         ACTIVITY SESSION DESIGN

Name of Activity:       Considerate and Caring Petal

Membership Level: Girl Scout Daisies (Kindergarten and 1st grade)                   Total Length of Time: 1 hour 45 min

Activity Description: Helping girls to understand the concept of considerate and caring.


 TIME      CONTENT/                             METHOD                                DISCOVER          GIRL LED                     RESOURCES
            TOPIC                                (How)                                CONNECT           LEARN BY                      MATERIALS
            FLOW                                                                    TAKE ACTION           DOING                      EQUIPMENT
            (What)                                                                   (Outcomes)       COOPERATIVE               FACILTY ARRANGEMENT
10 min     Opening       While girls are arriving, color photo of the Daisy Law     Take Action 5    Learn By Doing       Daisy Law Coloring Book
                         Coloring Book                                                                                    Crayons

                         Introduce facilitators, explain the purpose of the Petal
                         and list the session activities you will be doing.

                         When possible allow the girls to choose which
                         activity they want to do next. Be prepared with
                         supplies for both. You can use the supplies from the
                         choice not selected at your next meeting.

15 min                   With Girls sitting in a circle on the floor or around a    Discover 1, 2,   Learn By Doing
                         table, talk about what Considerate and Caring mean         3, 4             Cooperative
                         to them.                                                   Connect 1        Learning

                         Ask the girls to repeat after you:
                     I will not scream at, hit, or treat people badly.
                     I will not leave someone out, because I feel sad
                     when I'm left behind.
                     I will not say things to hurt someone's feelings, just
                     because my "friends" and think it's fun.

15 min   TAPS song   Teach TAPS                                                Discover 2, 4   Learn By Doing
         and         Day is done, gone the sun, from the lakes, (hands & Connect 5             Girl Led
         motions     arms pointing to the ground) from the hills,(arms out
                     straight in front), from the sky, (arms above the
                     head), all is well, (lower arms & cross right over left &
                     grasp the hands of the person next to you on each
                     side) safely rest, God is nigh. Keep holding & send
                     the friendship squeeze around the circle. Have the
                     Girls cross their feet when they receive the
                     squeeze.(This helps the leader keep track of who
                     forgot to pass the squeeze on). When the squeeze
                     returns to the Leader says " Night Scouts"

                     Try this again at the end when you do your closing.

                     Remind the girls that not everyone in the world has a
                     warm or safe place to go home to at night. Talk
                     about ways to help those less fortunate than
                     themselves. Make a list on poster board as they
                     name ways to help.

                     Vote on one to do as a group in the future.

                     Let them know that you have selected a few and they
                     can choose the one they most like for today.
                     Valentines for someone in a local shelter or military
                     to cheer them up and show caring or making dog
                      biscuits for the SPCA.

20 - 30   Valentine   Make valentines for retirement community. Talk            Connect 5        Learn By Doing   Construction Paper (1/2 pg per card)
min                   about how they may not have visitors for Valentine’s      Take Action 1,                    Small Flat Lollipop (1 per card)
                      Day.                                                      5                                 Scissors
                      Valentine Mice: Cut a heart from construction paper.
                      Fold along the center of the heart. This makes the
                      mouse body. Glue along the top edge. Add a small,
                      flat lollipop into the body and the sucker stick
                      becomes the tail.

                      Take a trip to deliver the cards or have a staff
                      member from a nearby facility come to talk to the
                      girls about the residents. What they are like, things
                      they need and that they have feelings too.

          OR                                    OR

                      Cheese Biscuits                                                                             Flour
          Dog                                                                                                     Grated Cheese
          Biscuits    Ingredients:                                                                                Vegetable Oil
                      1 1/2 c. Flour                                                                              Water
                      1 1/4 c. Grated Cheddar                                                                     Mixing Bowl
                      1/4 c. Veg. Oil                                                                             Spoon
                      4 Tbl. Water                                                                                Rolling Pin
                                                                                                                  Cookie Cutters
                      Cream the ingredients together, adding the water                                            Cookie Sheets
                      one tablespoon at a time to help bind the dough.                                            Paper Lunch Bags
                      When it begins to form a ball, roll it out on a floured                                     Markers
                      surface, using cookie cutters, cut the dough into fun                                       Ribbon
                       shapes and place on cookie sheet.

                       Directions: Preheat oven 350 degrees. Bake approx.
                       10 min. until lightly browned.

                       Makes about 30 med. size biscuits

                       If your meeting place does not have an oven, ask a
                       parent or two to take home the trays and bake them.
                       They can bring them to the next meeting where the
                       girls can bundle them in bags they decorate.

                       Invite a member of the SPCA or other animal group
                       come out to a meeting. Share what they do and
                       present them with the biscuits to take back to the
                       dogs in their care.

20 min   "I Love You   Assemble the frame by gluing the popsicle sticks into   Discover 2   8 popsicle sticks per frame
         To Pieces”    a square shape, with 2 popsicle sticks per side. Glue   Connect 1    lots of multi-colored small puzzle pieces
         Frame         the puzzle pieces haphazardly around the frame                       Fun Foam piece or cardboard with “I Love
                       overlapping to make at least 2 layers.                               You To Pieces” printed on it.
                                                                                            tacky glue
                       Cut the photo or drawing to fit the frame. Once the                  scissors
                       glue is mostly dry and holding the frame together,                   Girl’s photo or Drawing
                       glue the photo to the back of the frame. (optional:
                       glue or tape a piece of clear plastic over the photo

                       Then when it is all glued together, glue the
                       handmade piece that says "I Love
                       You to Pieces" onto the frame in your desired
                       location. (I printed up the words on the
                   computer in a fancy font and pre-cut them).

                   If you like, to finish the back, you can glue cardboard
                   over the photo or drawing and hot glue a wire to
                   hang it with, or a triangle piece of cardboard for a
                   stand, or however you like.

                   Have girls take it to a family member to show them
                   they care.

                                                                                                               Construction Paper
                                                                                                               Small Flat Lollipops ( 2 per girl)

15 min             Daisy-To-Daisy
                   All the girls line up in two rows facing each other.
                   Leader calls out a body part (ie. "elbow to elbow").
                   When "Daisy to Daisy" is called, the girls all switch

10 min   Closing   Gather girls into a friendship circle                     Discover 1       Learn By Doing
                                                                             Connect 1, 5
                   Discuss. Ask if anyone wants to share.                    Take Action 3,
                   What did they enjoy?                                      4
                   What do they know now that they did not know
                   before they arrived?
                   What will they share with their friends and family?

                   Do a friendship circle squeeze, turn out and say

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