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      Web Site Proposal

          Presented by

        March 29, 1999

Scope     To provide the Inland Northwest Thoracic Organ Transplant and
          Mechanical Heart Program (the Program) with an informational
          web site designed to:
                 Dynamically present information to physicians and
                  patients regarding new technologies and services
                  available through the Program
                 Complement the existing Heart Institute of Spokane web
                 Accommodate translation of the site into various
                  European and Asian languages

      To expand the Program’s marketing efforts to a wider target
      To graphically present information on new technologies in a way
       that is easy to understand
      To educate viewers on the Program’s services and technologies
      To accommodate foreign-language users of the web site
      To provide an efficient and cost-effective way of disseminating
      To provide a means of immediate communication with potential
       users of the program

      Cost-effective dissemination of information to a global audience
      24 hour/7 day accessibility
      Interactive showcase for new technologies unfamiliar to most
       potential users
      Fast, easy addition of information and illustrations to accommodate
       changes or updates in the programs

   Return on investment is measured both in increased awareness of the
   Program, and in decreased costs associated with disseminating
   information via standard marketing methods. Use of Web technologies
   to illustrate complex concepts in new technologies is the most cost-
   effective means of reaching a large audience, while at the same time
   allowing for ongoing changes, corrections, and additions to the material.
   The cost of creating and maintaining the web site is miniscule in
   comparison to any attempt to reach the same global audience via
   conventional print or video means. With aggressive marketing of the
   web site in an integrated campaign with all other media, the site can
   become the Program’s primary interface with the target audience.


Why Insights International?
 Our motto is “Saving the Web from ugly”. This is not a flippant statement.
 Even web sites with beautiful graphics can be ugly in their layout, their
 navigation, their failure to present pertinent information, or their slow load
 times and uncertain availability. Our goal is to help our clients develop
 web sites which not only attract the desired audience, but present
 information in a pleasing and user-friendly fashion. A recent survey
 determined that most Web users “want what they want when they want
 it”. Convenience and information are the hallmarks of the World Wide
 Web, but too many sites do not know how to capitalize on it. Insights
 International prides itself on graphically pleasing, easy-to-navigate sites
 which present the information the user needs, and which will be accepted
 by all major search engines.

 Insights International desires long-term relationships with our business
 partners. We have no intention of handing over the finished web site and
 simply walking away. We work with our clients over the long term to
 ensure their goals are met today and tomorrow.

 We are not a cookie-cutter design house, stamping out templates and
 changing the graphics to suit the client. Each of our sites is original in
 layout, in graphical design, and in content, because each of our clients is
 unique. We do not subscribe to the notion that what was good for the last
 client is good enough for the next one, or that a “formula” is the way to go.
 Unique information sometimes requires unique design, and the purpose
 of each web site dictates its layout.

 Insights International prides itself in maintaining a cutting edge in Web
 technology. We use the most up-to-date design technologies such as
 Shockwave, Flash 3, and of course, JavaScript, to give our sites the high-
 tech interactivity which makes the Web unique. Our servers can handle
 high-bandwidth, traffic-intensive sites. We offer maintenance as a normal
 part of the hosting fee. This includes not only keeping the site functional
 and up to date with client changes, but indexing it as needed to keep it
 ranked well on major search engines. Our indexing department is tasked
 with remaining current on the requirements of every major search engine,
 on current keyword and banner prices, and the intricacies of finding new
 ways to generate site traffic. Very few design firms focus so intently on
 understanding what it takes to not only make a pretty site, but a
 successful and effective one.

 Our goals for achieving success:

 DESIGN:                Construction of a web page tailored to the client’s
                        corporate ethic and target market, incorporating
                        Insights International’s written design standards, as
                        determined by the current state of Web technology.
                        These include minimizing load times, maximizing


                      ease of use, ensuring Web compatibility for all
                      colors and graphics, and clean HTML code for
                      browser compatibility.
 MARKETING:           Placement of the client’s web site in the top 20 of
                      all major search engines. Ensuring client has the
                      most up-to-date information for informed marketing
                      decisions regarding banner advertising and other
                      means of increasing site traffic. Re-indexing of sites
                      as required.
 PROGRAMMING:         Clean code which enhances load times, is free of
                      errors, and can be updated easily at need.
 HOSTING:             All web sites continuously functional and viewable
                      in all major Web browsers. Client changes easily
                      and quickly accommodated. Statistical reports
                      logged and analyzed not less than monthly to
                      ascertain site performance.


  1) Target completion date is May 1, 1999.
  2) The Program wishes to reach as large an audience as possible.
     Therefore, the site will have wide browser compatibility, in keeping
     with Insights International’s policy of ensuring that pages designed
     for Netscape and Internet Explorer version 3.0 and above are also
     available to older browsers.
  3) The design layout must take into account the eventual goal of
     translating the site into languages which may not use left-to-right
     reading format.
  4) Speed of download is of more importance to this site than graphics
  5) The Program’s existing logo can be updated by Insights Internation-
     al for the purpose of tying the site together graphically.
  6) The Program will provide text for the site.
  7) All text and graphics provided by the Program will be on disk. This
     significantly cuts the hours required to make such data usable for
     the web site.
  8) This proposal serves as a guideline for final development. Page
     content and navigation may change per client request during


  The primary purpose of this site is to provide illustrated information
  regarding new technologies developed or provided by the Program.
  Animation is desired in some graphics. Overall, the design should
  complement, though not necessarily imitate, the colors and layout of the
  Heart Institute of Spokane web site, since it will be linked to it. Real
  video of some devices or treatment procedures may be required. A
  splash page is recommended for indexing purposes. Using a Flash 3
  “movie” for this purpose allows visitors to be entertained with an
  informative presentation while the remainder of the site loads in the
  background. Web eccentricities in load times are therefore overcome to
  a large degree.

  Main links should be kept to a minimum, to point visitors to areas of
  specific interest. Information should be grouped according to the
  various services and technologies provided through the Program, i.e.
  PHADE, MOBI, etc. More detailed information and sub-links are
  presented within each main section.

  This bid is for an English-language version of this web site. Translated
  versions may be added later. The design layout must be such that it will
  easily accommodate translation into other languages. Languages
  currently project for translation:

  Insights International proposes the following layout for the Program web
  site (page 4). This assumes that much existing content from the
  Program’s current web site will be transferred as is.

  As requested, an alternate layout for the existing Heart Institute of
  Spokane web site is found at page 8.


 The pages, in detail:

 Splash Page

    A “splash” page is recommended for two reasons:
         Indexing to most major search engines is simplified and
           enhanced through use of a primary front page, especially for
           sites which use frames.
         Additional information can be presented while the main site
           loads. A “movie” or other dynamic presentation serves as the
           viewer’s introduction to the site’s content, and gives users
           useful data during the download process.

 Home Page/Layout

    The look of the home page determines the layout for the rest of the
    site. It will contain basic text about the Program, and links to the
    main sections of the overall site. The fewest possible main links are
    recommended, which clearly guide users to areas of specific
    interest. Main links envisioned for this site:


      About Us
      Thoracic Organ Transplant
      Mechanical Heart
      Cardiac Transport

   Taking them in order:

   About Us

   Information about the Program, the staff, address, contact
   information, etc. should always be grouped for easy access by site

         Home Page: main page of the site, presenting basic
          information about the Program and its goals
         Staff: pictures and brief biographies of each member of the
         *Referral: Describes how to refer patients to the Program
         Contact: telephone, fax, street and mailing address, and
          email contact. The direct contact is at minimum a redirected
          email link.
         FAQ: (optional) A frequently asked questions page would be
          of value here. It can be linked to all major subsections of the

      *A basic form here would be useful to assist both referring
      physicians and the Program in obtaining needed information.

   Thoracic Organ Transplant

   Since there are three main procedures, with the same type of
   information presented for each, the navigation has been simplified
   to point users to the appropriate section to obtain complete
   information on that procedure:

         Heart Transplant: groups transplant criteria and transplant
                            results for this procedure.
         Lung Transplant: same as for Heart Transplant
         Heart-Lung Transplant: same as for Heart Transplant

   It is recommended that this organization of data be carried through if
   the site grows and new material related to individual procedures is


   Mechanical Heart

   This is the largest section, providing thorough text and illustrations
   of the various devices available through the Program. Thumbnails of
   the various devices should click through to more detailed diagrams
   and/or animations illustrating the device’s operation. There is some
   duplication of text in the existing site which can eliminated and
   simplified through the navigation. Sub-links:

         Program: This should provide a thorough overview of the
          Program’s mission and goals, i.e. the development and
          availability of cardiac assist devices.
         Results: linked from the Program page
         Home with a Device: this section is a separate page under
          the Program section of this link, as it is a general overview.
         Devices: descriptions and illustrations*
              Heartmate Vented Electric
              Heartmate Implanted Pneumatic
              Thoratec Ventricular Assist Device
              ABIOMED BVS 5000

      *Illustrations can easily be animated to more clearly show the
      device in operation.

   Cardiac Transport

   The main page of this section describes the Mobile Intensive Care
   Unit, its purpose and mission. Sub-pages:

         Initiate: describes the procedure for initiating transport of a
          an eligible patient
         List of equipment, with illustration
         Certification
         Transport Team


   Since this is a new technology, this section will include extensive
   text and illustrations of the device and its operation.

         Device: What it is
         Function: How it works (illustrated)
         Patient Eligibility: criteria
         Costs
         FAQs



     At a minimum, links to Sacred Heart Hospital and the Heart Institute
     of Spokane are included on this site. These can be constantly
     visible on a navigation frame, or under a special page, as show
     here. A links page is recommended, to accommodate addition of
     other pertinent links later. This avoids “clutter” on individual pages or
     on the navigation bar.

  Layout 2: The Heart Institute of Spokane (THIS)

  This layout presumes that THIS wishes to retain the existing content.
  The pages have been slightly rearranged to simplify the navigation and
  to direct viewers to the main areas of focus. This navigational layout
  also allows for nearly infinite addition of material.

Programming Requirements
  No programming is currently required for this site. However, if forms are
  used in the Patient Referral section or if real audio is used,
  approximately 2-5 hours of programming time will be added to the final
  cost of the site.



 The majority of administration of this site will be behind-the-scenes,
 answering email generated through the site. Direct updating of the site
 will involve addition of informational text, updated video clips, or more
 complex illustrations and photos. Monthly maintenance includes
 checking external links, ensuring video clips and plug-ins are functional,
 and all internal links remain unbroken. Insights International
 understands that the site will be hosted by the Program’s current
 provider; however, Insights can maintain the site under contract with the
 Program, provided proper access to the hosted files is given Insights

 Program Responsibilities

     Providing updates to Insights International not later than the 25th
      day of each month for incorporation by the 1st of the following
      month, if Insights is to assume responsibility for total
      maintenance of the web site.
     Providing all text and graphics to be used on the web site to
      Insights International on disk.
     The Program assumes all responsibility for accuracy in the text
      and descriptions provided for use on the web site.

 Insights International Responsibilities
 If Insights International assumes maintenance responsibility, we will:
       Conduct monthly checks of the web site to ensure all internal
        and external links are working
       Index the site to all major search engines in accordance with
        current SE requirements
       Update the site as required by the Program in the maintenance
        contract. This may include addition of monthly newsletters or
        other information, addition or deletion of items, changing staff
        photos and bios, etc.


Insights International’s Support Services

  Training for the Program’s staff in administration of the web site can be
  provided by Insights International, if required.

  Maintenance of the completed web site can be accomplished as
  outlined above.


  Copies of development files and finished site files are archived by
  Insights International. Even is the site is hosted elsewhere, the web site
  could be reconstructed in the event of a catastrophic loss of data on the
  host server.

  Real Audio/Video

  Insights International has acquired the necessary software and
  hardware to create and host sites using streaming media technologies.


Completion Schedule
  Insights International envisions approximately four weeks development
  time for this project. A complete schedule and timeline will be provided
  when the project scope is finalized.

Estimate of Costs
  Complete spreadsheets with the breakdown of costs for each page are


     A framed HTML layout with a Flash 3 navigation bar is envisioned
     for this site. Greater interactivity is possible with Flash 3, but the file
     sizes are greatly reduced over sites which use Java or Java script.

     Option 1 (full web site)

         Additional costs may include special photos of the transport
         plane or form creation (minimal).

     Option 2 (navigation, The Heart Institute of Spokane web site)


         Includes new title graphics, navigation buttons, rearrangement
         of layout, and placement of new graphics on all pages.


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