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									                                                   Ontario Early Years Centres
           Learning To Love                        Family Space, Belleville 966-9427
                                                   Prince Edward Child Care Services,
                                                   Picton 476-8142
               Literacy                            Trenton Military Family Resource Centre
                                                   Trenton 392-2811
                A Family Newsletter                Donna Kaye, Early Literacy Specialist
                  February 2010                    dkaye@familyspace.ca     613-966-9427 ext 270

    Fabulous February Fun:                   Rhyming & Alliteration          Worth repeating:
•   Count cinnamon candy hearts.             ...early literacy skills        “Few children learn to love books by
                                                                             themselves. Someone has to lure them
•   Read aloud silly valentine cards.              Roses are red
                                                                             into the wonderful world of the written
                                                  Violets are blue           word: someone has to show them the
•   Make heart shaped jam sandwiches
    using a cookie cutter.                       It’s time for bed           way.”         -Orville Prescott
                                                  And I love you!            “Life’s most urgent question is:
•   Search the web for a cookie recipe, read
    it aloud and make heart shaped cookies. Say: red rhymes with             What are you doing for others?”
                                                                                            -Martin Luther King Jr.
•   Create homemade Valentine cards. Help bed, they both end in ed.
                                               What else rhymes with         “Every adult needs a child to teach; it’s
    your child cut, draw and print his/her
                                                                             the way adults learn.” -Frank A. Clark
    name to tell who the card is from.         red? Help by giving a
•   Write love letters to relatives & friends. rhyme (head, Ted) and         Books You’ll Love…
    Draw half a heart on folded paper and      asking your child to say it
•                                                                            When Momma Comes Home Tonight
    help your child cut it out and open it up back to you.                   -Eileen Spinelli
    to see a heart. Decorate by drawing.       Alliteration fun:             Love You Forever
                                               Red Rambling Roses            -Robert Munsch
•   Make homemade red & white play
                                               Happy Healthy Hearts          Mama, Do You Love Me?
    dough and use heart cookie cutters.                                      -Barbara M. Joosse
                                               Say “Happy Healthy
•   Make a placemat using all the Valentine                                  Guess How Much I LoveYou
    cards you received, then laminate it.      Hearts all start with         -Sam McBratney
    Read them and talk each time you sit       hhh” What letter makes        I Love You Through and Through
    down to eat.                               a hhh sound? Praise!          -Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

          Early Literacy Development                       •   points at pictures with one finger
From birth, your child is growing and developing-          •   may make the same sound for a familiar picture
physically, mentally, socially-and also his/her early      •   points when asked “where is…”
literacy skills. Remember that all children are unique     •   turns books right side up
and develop skills at different times. Let’s look closer   •   brings books to you to read
at your infant’s abilities:                                •   has favourite books
6-12 months old:                                           To promote your infant’s literacy development:
• reaches for books and puts books in mouth
• sits in your lap and holds head steady                   •   hold your infant comfortably, gaze face to face
• turns pages with your help, looks at pictures            •   follow your infant’s cues for “more” or “stop”
• vocalizes and pats the pictures                          •   point to and name pictures, speak slowly
• prefers pictures of faces                                •   respond when your infant wants to read books
                                                           •   respect your infant’s short attention span
12-18 months old:                                          •   let your infant lead and have control of the book
• sits without support, hold books with help               •   ask “where is the..?” and give enough time for her
• may carry books around with him/her                          to point to it and name the things she is looking at
• turns pages of board books, several at a time            •   repeat and imitate the sounds your infant makes
• delays putting books in mouth as quickly                 •   be animated, change your voice, have fun!

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