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					  Children’s Ministry Journal
   “A Newsletter for All . . . Children, Parents, NewHope Family, and Children‟s Ministry Volunteers!”

                            Save the Date!                                                       February 2010

                    Saturday March 27th,
                     from 10:00-11:00am
there will be an Easter Egg Hunt at New Hope! Our calling as a church is to be
„Inviting unconnected people to fully connect to God‟s grace . . . Jesus‟ . . . so             Each month, our ministry will be
NewHope, let‟s invite!                                                                         collecting different items that help us
                                                                                               provide for the children here at
This event is a non-threatening way to invite neighborhood families to experience
                                                                                               NewHope. Any donations can be
family fun and a taste of our Children‟s Ministry. Let‟s all invite our friends and family
                                                                                               placed in the basket, located on the
to save the date and watch God work in the lives of the families in our community!             TenderCare counter or brought to
One Side Note: Last year I „polled‟ a number of parents about what a Saturday                  Connectionland large group.
morning looks like and so many are involved in swimming lessons, indoor soccer, T-ball                February
practice, and the list goes on! Since we know the date now, what about asking your                    Cheerios
child‟s coach if you could invite the entire team to the Easter Egg hunt as a fun
                                                                                                     Glue Sticks
community building activity … who know if everyone asked, maybe games could even be
                                                                                               TenderCare enjoys cheerios as
rescheduled?!? The worst that could happen is your child‟s coach would say „no‟, the
                                                                                               part of our morning snack. Glue
best that could happen is your child‟s entire team and their parents could some and
                                                                                               stickers are often used in
„hunt‟ for something more this Easter … Jesus!
                                                                                               Connectionland for our Bible
                                 Together … For Him … for the children … Emily Urban
                                                                                               application crafts! Any donations
                                                                                               would be greatly appreciated.
                                 Bible Bags!                                                   Thank you!

During the month of January, the children of Connectionland were invited to create                     Contacts
their own Bible bag. We are challenging each other to make 2010 a year filled with
                                                                                               Emily Urban – 725-4354 (306)
being in God‟s Word. Please encourage your child to bring his or her Bible to
Connectionland every week! When the early childhood (Preschool – First Grade)
                                                                                               Director of Children‟s Ministry
children come into Connectionland, they are encouraged to find the Bible story we
will be learning about and place a sticker by that story in their Bible. If their children‟s
Bible doesn‟t include that story, they are invited to put a sticker on the inside cover.
The elementary children (Second – Fourth Grade) are invited to put a sticker on the
                                                                                                Sticker Collection!
inside cover of their Bible and then take a high-lighter and find the Bible verse that we
                                                                                               The children are invited to bring
are focusing on and high-light that in their Bible!
                                                                                                  some Christian stickers to
A Few More Thoughts from Emily Urban:                                                          Connectionland to add to their
If your second – fourth graders is looking for a new Bible, please head to Family               small group‟s bin of stickers to
Christian Bookstore! You can purchase an „Adventure Bible‟ for only $5.00!!                     use each week as we are in our
These Bible‟s can be found at the front check-out counter. If you are looking for a                Bible‟s together! Many
storybook Bible, I would highly recommend „The Jesus Storybook Bible‟ or the                   Christian stickers can be found
developmental Bible for your child‟s age by the „NLT Story Bible Series‟. Both                  at Family Christian bookstore!
these Bible can be ordered from Family Christian Bookstore in Appleton. FCBS‟s
phone number is: 920.731.5829 or please feel free to contact me with any questions!
Children’s Ministry Journal                                                                                                    Page 2

                   Bible Verses                                                             Family VBS
Here you find the Bible Verse Connectionland focuses on                 Connectionland would like to host a family VBS this summer!
each week throughout the month of February!                             We are asking for families to consider donating to cover the cost
February 7th: “God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7           of purchasing the curriculum which is $350.00. The curriculum we
February 14 : “Do not fear, for I am with you.” Isaiah 41:10            are looking at is produced by the National Center for Biblical
              st                                                        Parenting. As you consider supporting this new opportunity,
February 21 : “Go into all the world and preach the good
                                                                        please only do so if it is above and beyond your regular tithe; not
news.” Mark 16:15
                                                                        in replacement of. We are very excited about the possibility of
February 28th: “Give thanks to Him and praise His name.”
                                                                        Family VBS this summer 2010!
Psalm 100:4

World Vision                    “Share with God’s people who are in need.” Romans 12:21                   Mission
World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping                     Statement
children and their communities worldwide reach their potential by tackling the causes of
poverty. Motivated by faith in Jesus, World Vision serves the poor – regardless of a             New Hope Children‟s Ministries are
person‟s religion, race, ethnicity, or gender – as a demonstration of God‟s unconditional        committed to supporting the family in
love for all people.                                                                             their effort to form a spiritual foundation
                                                                                                 that will lead their child into a fully
Connectionland supports two children, Lawrence and Peter at $30.00 per child per
                                                                                                 connected relationship with Jesus,
month. If you and your child would like to help support these children and their
                                                                                                 through the power of the Holy Spirit,
communities, please bring your donation to Connectionland Large Group and place it in
                                                                                                 enabling them to grow in their
the donation bank. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these children in
                                                                                                 relationship with God and others.
the Name of our Jesus.

                                        Lay Down Your Life Love
The following is a resource for you and your family to use during the month of February from „Family Faith Walks‟ by Kelly Haack
[page 32-33].
God’s Grace to Us: John 15:9-17 “Greater love has no one than this, that He lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13
Faith Walk: Take a walk through a mall or other shopping area. Point out signs, pictures, and other reminders of Valentine‟s
Day. What is love?
Faith Talk:            How do these Valentine‟s Day signs portray love? How do Christians demonstrate love? Read John 3:16. How
has God shown His love for us?      The world sees love as a feeling. Christians see love as an action. How are these two views of love
different? What is meant by sacrificial love?   How can you put your love for God and others into action?
Follow-Up Activities:
 - Make Valentine‟s Day cards “from God” for friends and family. Write love messages as if God were writing them. Use Bible
    verses to help you. Some possible verses are the Scripture verses for this lesson, John 3:16, 1 John 4:7-21, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7,
    or Isaiah 54:10.
  - Have a Valentine‟s Day party. Invite each guest to bring a gift of love: a can of food or other nonperishable item for a food pantry.
    Make Valentine‟s Day cards and clay heart ornaments to take to a nursing home (see recipe on page 4). For a snack, serve red
    punch and finger gelatin cut into heart shapes.
  - Make a „love bouquet‟: 1) Cut hearts from red construction paper. Make them several sizes and shapes. 2) On each heart, write a
    way God shows His love for us. 3) Tape the hearts to chenille wires. Arrange your „flowers‟ in a vase.
  - Have each family member write a list of ways other people make them feel loved. Post the lists and make a commitment to show family
    members that they are loved.
Our Response to God’s Grace: Dear God, Loving Jesus, Your love for us was so great that you died on the cross so
we might have life. We can love because You first loved us. Help us, in return to reach out to others in love. In Your lov ing name we
pray, Amen.
Children’s Ministry Journal                                                                                 Page 3

 Curriculum Corner                                                  TenderCare Topic
                                              During the month of February, the TenderCare Infants and Toddlers are
Here you find the Bible Story and             focusing on our family and how they love us! The following is the song we are
objective Connectionland focuses on each      teaching the children:
week throughout the month of February.                                            My Family
Knowing this will help us to partner                                     (tune: „Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

together; reinforcing key concepts                              Thank, thank, thank You, God, for my family!
important for the children as they grow in                   God made families to love and care for you and me!
their relationship with Jesus! Don‟t forget   Sing this song to your child as he or she plays with a doll, toy dishes or
to also take a look at the Bible Verses!      household items. Talk about ways you show love to your child. Say, „I give you
Enjoy as a family growing in your             good things to eat because I love you. I play with you because I love you. I‟m
relationship with Jesus as we discover how    glad we‟re a family together. God gives us families!‟ Your child will begin to
He is our Good Shepherd.                      develop an awareness of God being associated with the love he or she
                                              experiences with you at home.
February 7 : Miracles You‟ll See: Lunch
for a Bunch (John 6:1-14 and Mark 6:30-       TenderCare Tip                                          Nursery Smart Pages – 1997 Gospel Light]
44) Connectionland will learn that Jesus
                                              Question: What can I do about my toddler‟s whining?
can do amazing things with whatever I give
                                              Answer: A very young child needs to communicate a need for attention. What
                                              we call whining (fussing, moaning, refusing to play with a toy, crying) is a normal
                                              way for a child to say he or she is hungry, tired, uncomfortable or frustrated.
February 14 th: Miracles You‟ll See:
                                              Here are some suggestions to help minimize your child‟s whining.
Pete‟s Feet Step Out (Matthew 14:22-
                                                  †    Respond to any obvious problems that require your attention, such as
33) The children will hear Jesus is always
                                                       hunger, ear infection or frustration.
with us so we can trust Him even when we
                                                  †    Consider the time of day. Is it nap time? Time for a change of
are afraid.
                                                       scenery? Is it time for a snack or a drink? Experienced parents say
                                                       that in the late afternoon from around four until dinner time, some
February 21st: Miracles You‟ll See: Four
                                                       children (and adults) seem to be at a low ebb emotionally and physically.
Friends Find a Way (Mark 2:1-12 and
                                                       Plan ahead to take a few minutes‟ break during this time (or any other
Luke 5:17-26) Connectionland will
                                                       part of the day when your child seems to whine consistently). Sit on
discover that Jesus wants us to tell others
                                                       the floor with your child, rock him or her, read a story together or take
about Him!
                                                       him or her for a walk.
                                                  †    Be sure to give your child age-appropriate toys. Toys that are
February 28th: Miracles You‟ll See: One
                                                       intended for older children will provoke frustration. Toys that are
Out of Ten is Thankful (Luke 17:11-19)
                                                       intended for younger children will lead to boredom.
The children will hear that Jesus is good
                                                  †    Respond verbally to your child immediately. („I hear you calling me,
and we can be thankful!
                                                       Justin.‟) A lack of response simply encourages the child to keep trying
                                                       to gain your attention.
Perhaps incorporate reading these stories
                                                  †    If you must say no to a child‟s request, give a clear, simple reason, and
as a part of your bedtime reading routine
                                                       then provide an appropriate substitute.
during the week after we have learned
                                              Every child whines sometimes. However, if you talk calmly to your child, helping
about it in Connectionland – ask your child
                                              your child put his or her feelings into words as he or she continues to grow, your
to share with you what he or she remembers
                                              child will out grow whining!
about the large group lesson and small
                                                                  „We are apt to forget that children watch
group activity and how they can live out
                                                        examples better than they listen to preaching.” Roy L. Smith
what they discovered!
Children’s Ministry Journal - Page 4

 Kids Feature                                    Kids Feature – Connectionland
       –                                                 Coloring Page
  Clay Heart                      During the month of February we will be discovering just a few of the amazing miracles
                                  that Jesus did during His ministry here on earth. All the true stories given to us in the
                                  Bible help us piece together who our God is and how much He loves us and how He
This is the recipe for the clay
                                  desires for us to be a part of His story! Enjoy coloring this picture … remember that
ornament idea listed on page
                                  God can do BIG things with whatever we give Him!
two of the CMJ. Enjoy             My Bible Coloring Book – 1997 by Gospel Light page 80

sharing Jesus love with others
as a family!

  -    1 c. salt
  -    1 c. flour
  -    1 T. alum
  -    Water (enough to make
       dough workable
  -    Heart-shaped cookie
  -    Red paint
  -    Dull pencil
  -    Ribbon

Mix salt, four, and alum. Add
water until the mixture is the
consistency of putty. Roll out
dough to ¼ - ½“ thickness.
Cut out hearts with heart-
shaped cookie cutter. Poke a
hole in the hearts with a dull
pencil. Allow to dry. Paint
with red paint. String a
ribbon through the hole and
tie a loop.

Ornaments may be made
ahead of time. Children can
then paint them and string the
ribbon through the hole. Or
this project may be competed
on two separate occasions.

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