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    Tinnitus alters the lives of its victims. Although it is not a life threatening condition, it injures the social lives of
                   those who have it. Tinnitus can be due to a medical disease or of unknown origin.
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                                     Treating Tinnitus With Tinnitus Formulas
                                                        By Ray Subs

   Tinnitus is an annoying disorder to live with at the best and a symptom of a serious disease or
disorder at the worst. There are many possible causes from exposure to loud noise, ear canal and
nerve damage, to drain tumors and diseases. Some of the most common causes, damage to the inner
ear, also known as cochlear damage, and stress related tinnitus, are treatable. Tinnitus formulas are
available to help resolve tinnitus caused by these factors although not all tinnitus is curable.

 Tinnitus formula for cochlear damage is available and can be a way to lessen or eliminate tinnitus
caused by cochlear damage. Tinnitus formulas cannot cure tinnitus symptoms immediately, rather they
help the body heal the damage to restore normal hearing and eliminate or reduce the severity of
tinnitus. Tinnitus formulas are homeopathic and can promote healing without the side effects of
pharmaceuticals. Not all cochlear damage is reversible, but for many people who suffer from this type
of tinnitus improvements can be made.

 Cochlear damage can result from many things, the most common being aging and exposure to loud
noises. Infrequent exposure to loud noises can cause damage that is usually easily healed, however,
prolonged exposure over time to loud noise, such as working with machinery, mortars, or guns can
cause irreversible cochlear damage. Other causes of this type of damage include pressure from ear
wax build up, ear infections, and foreign objects entering the ear canal. This type of damage can be
healed with the right type of tinnitus formula.

 Another common cause of tinnitus is stress. When we become stressed our bodies respond by
producing more harmful chemicals and stop producing the chemicals that allow our bodies to be
healthy and balanced. A buildup of harmful chemicals can cause many health issues, including tinnitus.
As the tinnitus worsens you become more stressed and begin a never ending cycle of symptoms.
Tinnitus formulas designed to help ease the symptoms of stress induced tinnitus can help your body
return to a normal chemical balance and can reduce or eliminate tinnitus over time.

 Not all tinnitus can be cured but tinnitus formulas can work for many sufferers. It is important to find
the underlying cause of your symptoms so that you can find the treatment options that are right for you.
Tinnitus formulas can be very effective if you have the type of tinnitus that will respond to them.
Tinnitus formulas are a good alternative to pharmaceuticals because they are all natural and do not
carry the harmful side effects of many drugs.

Tinnitus Resources
Tinnitus Resources.
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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Everyone experiences tinnitus differently if they get it and it can have many different underlying
causes. Not everyone with tinnitus will respond to pharmaceutical treatments or tinnitus formulas so it
is important to explore all available options. Sometimes a device that is worn in the ear like a hearing
aid can be used to mask the sounds of tinnitus by playing a different sound in the ear. These devices
can help sufferers cope with tinnitus while they are undergoing treatment.

Ron Subs is a public relations specialist working with T-Gone, a leader in tinnitus treatments. For more
information about tinnitus visit

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                                         Tinnitus Treatments
                                             By Ray Subs

Some people live with a constant ringing, buzzing, or other noise in their ears. This condition is called
tinnitus and it can be a minor annoyance or a symptom of a life threatening medical condition. Tinnitus
can be hard to treat and the underlying cause can be hard to find. Many people live their entire lives
dealing with tinnitus and never find the cause or an effective treatment. Some people do find relief,
however, through one of many tinnitus treatments. If an underlying cause is determined and it can be
cured tinnitus will usually go away. Even if the cause of a person’s tinnitus cannot be determined
treatments may still be available.

 Tinnitus is a condition that cannot always be treated. There are, however many treatment options
available so if you suffer from tinnitus there are many things you can try to alleviate your symptoms.
Some tinnitus treatments work to correct the underlying cause of tinnitus while others work by masking
tinnitus symptoms.

 For cases of tinnitus that are caused by physical problems treatments that are effective do exist. If
tinnitus is caused by excessive ear wax, your ears can be cleaned and the ear wax can be flushed out
which will stoop tinnitus symptoms. If your tinnitus is caused by damage to your middle or inner ear
and the damage can be repaired or if it heals on its own your tinnitus should stop. Tinnitus that is
caused by an infection in the ear can also be treated by treating the underlying infection. Some tinnitus
is caused by a brain tumor in the area of the brain that receives and interprets nerve signals from the
ear. Tinnitus cause by a tumor can be treated if the tumor can be successfully removed.

 In many cases, however, the underlying cause of tinnitus can never be determined. This type of
tinnitus may not be able to be treated or it may take time and many different treatments to find one that
works for an individual. Some medications such as Lidocaine, xylocaine, andzilactin-L have been
shown to stop tinnitus at least for a short time but they can have serious side effects and are not
effective for everyone. Tinnitus that is accompanied by hearing loss may be treated by using a hearing

 There are also homeopathic and herbal remedies that can also treat tinnitus symptoms whether or no
the underlying cause has been determined. These tinnitus treatments are all natural and contain
compounds that promote ear health and can help ease tinnitus symptoms over time. Natural tinnitus
treatments do take time to work but they can be very effective and are safe.

 There are also medical devices worn in the ear that emit a noise that is either more pleasant than the
tinnitus noise or that masks the tinnitus sounds. White noise and static sounds can mask tinnitus and
help ease symptoms. Although not all tinnitus can be treated, most people can find some type of relief
from one of the many tinnitus treatments that are available.

Ron Subs is a public relations specialist working with T-Gone, a leader in tinnitus treatments. For more
information about tinnitus visit

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