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					Definition of Visiting Fellows:

Cornell Visiting Fellow Definition: The visiting fellow title allows fellowship holders
and scholars on leave from other institutions, or persons from business, industry, or
government to be affiliated with and participate in the research program of the appointing
unit. It is not necessary that a visiting fellow be the holder of a fellowship. Visiting
fellows are not considered Cornell employees and do not receive salary from Cornell;
however, to grant access to university facilities and services and to establish an academic
credential, formal appointments must be made. Visiting fellows have no teaching
responsibilities, but they can be invited to present specialized seminars or lectures.
Visiting fellows ordinarily hold advanced degrees and are well established in their
discipline. The title should not be used to appoint external graduate students, either
foreign or American. Consult the online policy on academic titles and appointments for
further information. Cornell graduate students cannot be appointed until all degree
requirements have been met. Department chairs must ensure that offering letters describe
in detail those resources that can be expected while at Cornell, e.g. staff support, office or
research space, funds for supplies, computer time, long-distance telephone service. The
appointment can be for a short time or as long as a year and is renewable for a maximum
of three years, irrespective of department affiliation.

As a result of our unique CLEO collaboration program, in 1982 we were granted two
exceptions to the University’s Visiting Fellow appointment policy: (1) We may appoint
collaborators for one year at a time beyond the normal three-year maximum time limit
until the completion of their research. (2) We may appoint graduate students from other
universities who are part of the collaboration up until the time they’ve completed their

If the Visiting Fellow is a non-U.S. citizen whose visa is sponsored by an institution other
than Cornell, the home institution must provide us with a statement indicating that the
individual is in the United States on a valid visa under the jurisdiction of that institution,
the type of visa and term date of the visa if appropriate, and a statement explaining that
the individual is working at Cornell in collaboration with a research effort between the
home institution and Cornell University.

Visiting Fellows must be working in our Laboratory full-time for at least one month to
hold an appointment. They are eligible for limited Cornell benefits, such as the ability to
purchase a bus pass/parking permit, and to obtain a Cornell ID card (allowing use of the
libraries and other University facilities). Individuals who are appointed full-time for at
least six months are also eligible for health/dental insurance. Once appointed, they attend
a “Welcome to Cornell” meeting, where they have the option of either waiving Cornell’s
health insurance or signing up for one of the plans. They are billed directly by Cornell on
a quarterly basis at the full rate of the plan they elect. (“Full rate” means Cornell’s share,
as well as the employee’s share.)

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