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									                        Petition to the Graduate Council
        Obtain faculty recommendations and file this petition with the UW-Superior Ofice of
           Graduate Studies, McCaskill 102, PO Box 2000, Superior, WI 54880-4500
                           Voice: (715) 394-8296 Fax: (715) 394-8146

                                                                                   Term of Last Attendance                           Expected Term of Graduation
     Date:                          SID #                                          0 Fall     Spring a   Summer (Yr)   -             0 Fall   aSpring 0 Summer (Yr) -


     Present                                                                                                                   Area Code
     Address:                                                                                                                  and Phone:

     Degree                                         Major.                                               Credits earned                           Overall Grade
     Program:    0W      aMSE aEdAd EdS             Curriculum:                                          to date:                                 Point Average:

      Please type or print concisely the policy, action and rationale o f your petition: 1) the university policy f o r which an exception Is sought;
    2) the action you request; and 3) the rationale supporting your petition. I n defining the action, please be sure t o specify the course number,
                                    title, number o r credits, and academic term for ail courses being petitioned.



                                                                                                                                                   #1&020525 emh 07/29/08
             Student's Signature and Date

Instructor Recommendation:                                 Advisor Recommendation:                                   Dept Chair Recommendation:
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Instructor signature and date                              Advisor signature and date                            Deparfment Chair signature and date

Additional comments by any signatory:

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Action o f the Graduate Council                                         Petition approved
                                                                      5 Petition.denied
                                                                      0 Other
 Meeting Date

Chair, Graduate Council/Faculfy                           Date
    Sample policies and actions:
    The Graduate Councilmeets biweekly during the fall and spring semesters (and as needed during the summer session).

    Student Responsibility:
            It is the responsibility of students to be informed and to follow all graduate policies and degree program requirements as well as any
            specific requirements of the major program. Therefore, it is important that all students carefully read the Academic Policies section
            of the university catalog.
             Students normally use the catalog requirements in force at the term of their official admission (except for mandatory legal changes). With their
             advisor's approval, students may designate a different catalog year for requirements, which shall not be more than seven years old at the date
             of graduation.
    Credit Load:
            The minimum full-time credit load for a graduate student is nine credits per semester. The maximum load for a graduate student is 15 credits
            per semester. The maximum load includes Extension classes. It is expected that one graduate credit should require at least 48 hours of work
            from the student Graduate students may enroll for a maximum of 12 credits in courses which occur during various summer dates between the
            end of the spring term and before the beginning of the fall term.

   DropIAdd, Withdrawal, Refund:
          The last day to drop a class for full refund (less withdrawal fee if withdrawing from all classes for the fall or spring semester) is within 14 days
          from the start of the semester (within 28 days for a 50% refund). The last day to add a full term class is within seven days from the Start of the

   Exceptions t o Graduate Studies Policies
          Exceptions to established Graduate Studies policies may be requested by submitting a petition to the Graduate Council. Petition forms are
          available in the Graduate Studies Office or online at

  Probationary admission
          An applicant desiring to pursue a degree but not meeting one or more of the requirements for unconditional admission may be
          granted probationary admission if all of the following are met:
            1  The applicant holds a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.
            2  The applicant has a grade point average greater than 2.5 (four-point scale.) Graduate coursework may be considered. An applicant who
               does not have a grade point average of less than 2.5 has the right to initiate a petition to the Graduate Council requesting probationary
               admission. Such a petition should include documentation of the applicant's ability to perform satisfactorily at the graduate level. Petitions
               require concurrence by the program coordinator and department chair.
            3 An applicant does not have an appropriate undergraduate major or equivalent evidence of suitable background for entering the individual
           4 All necessary papers and information have been filed with the Graduate Studies Office.
           5 Other probationary components may be required by individual graduate programs.
           6 Probationary graduate students may be admrtted unconditionally when the student, with faculty advisor approval, petitions the Graduate
               Council with substantial evidence that the student has the potential for doing satisfactory graduate work. Such evidence may include:
              a A grade point average of 3.0 or better average in the first 8-10 semester hours of graduate work selected by the faculty advisor (work
                  may count toward degree.)
              b Other evidence as deemed important by the faculty advisor.
           Any student who has not successfully become eligible for unconditionaladmission by the completion of 10 semester hours of work will be
           denied enrollment in graduate studies.
           Sample Action: Please allow me probationaladmission with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of -
 Second Semester Senior:
        Second-semester UW-Superior seniors, with approval of the Graduate Council, may take a maximum of six graduate semester credits in
        courses numbered 500-699 during their final semester, subject to certain provisions. The graduate credits must be beyond those required for
        the baccalaureatedegree, and cannot count toward the baccalaureate degree. Permission to enroll for the graduate credits requires approval
        of the Graduate Council, obtained by means of a petition during the prior semester. Seniors seeking this privilege must meet the grade point
        average required for unconditional admission to Graduate Stud~es.  Undergraduate academic fees will be charged for these six graduate
        credits. After completion of an undergraduate degree, these graduate fees must be paid before credits will be entered on the student's
        graduate transcripts.

Special Student Credits:
         A maximum of 10 semester credits taken as a special student may be applied to a degree or certification program.
        Sample Action: Please allow the completion of the follow 12 credits: (list title, credit and term taken for each class)
Ten Year Limit (Seven Year Limit u s i n g the 2000-2006Catalog):
       All credits used in meeting the requirements of a graduate degree or certification in professional education must be earned within a period of
       not more than 10 consecutive years, commencing with the enrollment date in courses applicable to the degree (or certification program) rather
       than the completion date of applicable courses. This limit applies to resident credit courses, Extension courses, and courses taken at other
Transfer Credit:
        A student who is admitted may transfer 14 credits from other institutions accredited to offer graduate programs provided the transfer credit is
        appropriate to the degree being undertaken. No credit below a grade of B will transfer and no credit will be allowed for undergraduate work,
        work completed more than seven years before the expected degree, or work used to complete another degree. Students who wish to transfer
        credit from another accredited institution must: 1) Have an official transcript sent to the Graduate Studies Oftice. 2) Complete a Transfer
        Credit Request form. Each course transferred must have approval of the student's faculty advisor and department and will be recorded by the
        Graduate Office. Transfer Credit Request forms are available in the Graduate Studies Office or online at

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