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					                                                                        April 05 ,    2007
Japan Patent Office
Project: D135                   Subclass: A47J

                                       JP Comments

We welcome the EP Rapporteur’s report and initial proposal for this subclass. JP would
like to submit the following comments and proposals.

1. “Definition statement” section

    We would propose that “Rice cookers” be indicated in the listing after “Domestic
cooking implements, e.g.” There have been a lot of applications for rice cookers in Japan.
Although the classification is currently being given in A47J 27/00 (Cooking-vessels), the
rice cooker is a cooking apparatus with specific procedures and is quite peculiar among
from cooking-vessels.

2. “Relationship between large subject matter areas” section

   1) In the third paragraph discussing “stoves or ranges”, the depicted “general places,
such as F24B, F24D” must be corrected to F24B, F24C.

   2) At the end of the same paragraph, it is written as “Microwave ovens are classified in
H05B 6/64.” We believe that this sentence should be amended as “Microwave ovens are
classified in F24C 7/02 and/or H05B 6/64.” It is quite possible that this subject is classified
in not only in H05B 6/64, but also in F24C 7/02 (Stoves or ranges heated by electric energy,
using microwaves)

3. “References relevant to classification in this subclass” section

   1)   In the first three items in the “This subclass does not cover” listing, the words
“dairies” and “slabs” are misprinted as “diaries” and “slaps” respectively.

   2)   We would propose to replace the eleventh item in the same listing, “Domestic
washing or cleaning A47L”, with a more detailed listing as follows.
         Washing or rinsing machines for crockery or table-ware               A47L 15/00
         Apparatus or implements used in manual washing or
                                                                              A47L 17/00
         cleaning of crockery, table-ware, cooking-ware or the like
         Drying devices for crockery or table-ware, e.g. tea-cloths           A47L 19/00
         Polishing of table-ware, e.g. knives, forks, spoons                  A47L 21/00
If A47L is listed in the whole, the scope of coverage is too large to include subjects totally
unrelated to A47J.     It would be better to make it clearer that the subject here is the
washing, etc of table-ware or the like.

     3) At the end of the same listing, we propose to add;
                                                                           F24C 7/02
          Microwave ovens
                                                                           H05B 6/64
so that we can clearly indicate the place for microwave ovens.

     4) At the last end of the same listing, we propose to add;
          Induction heating hobs                                           H05B 6/12
so that we can clearly indicate the place for IH cooking apparatus, of which patent
application is in the trend of increase.

4. “Informative references” section

     We are desirous that;
          Provers, i.e. apparatus permitting dough to rise                 A21C 13/00
be added because there is a relevant note in our FI scheme.

5. “Glossary of terms” section

   1) The definition of “Pressure cooking” should be amended as;
       Pressure cooking Cooking at a pressure higher than that of the
          “cooking at a pressure higher than that of the atmosphere.”
The term “under pressure” might possibly be interpreted as “in a haste”.

   2) “Grilling” and “roasting” should be integrated into one line as;
          grilling             Food radiated with heat (=broiling, roasting)
We do not believe that “grilling” and “roasting” are something to be distinguished in terns of
“one side” or “at least two sides.”        We would not feel it necessary to make such a
distinction either.