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									                            EXHIBITORS LIST

Company Name                                  Products                          Booth No.
Anhui Ruisen Bio-tech Co., Ltd.             Chinese Medicinal Herbal Extract,       B25
                                            Feed Additive
A.H.A International Co., Ltd.               Food Additives and Drug Additive        B20
Anhui Ruifeng Fertilizer Trading Co., Ltd.  Chemical Raw Material                   C19
Anhui Shilin Lighting Co., Ltd.             Filament Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp,
                                            Electricity-Saving Lamp, Fixture       C20
Anhui Tianhua Handicraft Article Co., Ltd.  Handicraft Article                     B21
Aresin Materials Co., Ltd. Zhejiang         Fine Chemical                          E9
Bright Spring Trading Ltd. Shantou Chenghai Plastic toys                        G23 / G24 /
Changle Kadelong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.     Warp Fabric,Spray Fabric,            A33
                                              All Kinds Of Fibers.
Changxing Guanfeng Silk Co., Ltd.             Tricot Brush, Super                   D14
                                              Poly, Poly Brite, Poly Cord
Chao An Hongkai Flashlight Co., Ltd.          Flashlight                            F20
Chao Zhou Hui Neng Electrical                 Hydraulic generator                   D22
Machinery Co., Ltd.
Chaoan Vieany Ceramics Co., Ltd.              Sanitaryware                      F24 / F25
Chaozhou Choiyes Evening Dress Co., Ltd.      Evening dress                        F19
Chaozhou Chuangjia                            Semiconductor Components and      D19 / D20 /
Micro-Electronic Co., Ltd.                    Devices, Colour TV Set            D21 / E19 /
                                                                                E20 / E21
Chaozhou Rongshun Shoe Industrial Co., Ltd.   Shoes                                F23
Chaozhou Xinyue Porcelain Co., Ltd.           Porcelain                         D23 / D24
China Council for the Promotion of                                                 D2
International Trade (CCPIT)
Hangzhou Sub-Council
CIMM Group Co., Ltd.                                                                A12
Cixi City Cibao Flocking Co., Ltd.            Lflocking, Fur, Sheepa                F12
Cixi Handsome Pool Appliance Co., Ltd.        Swimming Pool Accessories             G14
Dalian Huayang Jinggong Bearing               Bearing                               A10
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Efater Holdings Ltd.                          Energy-Saving and Environmental    I-21 / I-22
                                              Central Air Conditioner
Enping City Dongming Trading Co., Ltd         Electronic Goods                   H23 / H24
Company Name                                  Products                              Booth No.
Evermax Trading Company Ltd.                  Daily Necessities                        J23
Foshan City Sanshui TianFu Imp &                                                    H16 / H17 /
Exp. Trade Co., Ltd.                                                                   H18
Foshan Gold Bridge Imp & Exp. Co., Ltd.       Car Paint/Wall Paint/Wood Paint         I8 / I9
Foshan Gp Import & Export Co., Ltd.           Tile                                     I-20
Foshan HEHE Construction Hardware             Door & Window Hardware                  J8 / J9
Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Foshan Hony Ceramic Ltd.,                     Glazed Tiles/ Mosaic                   J18 / J19
Foshan Nanhai Xin Xing Li                     Pet Strap/Strapping Tool                 I-14
Composite Fibrous Co., Ltd.
Foshan Shunde Tredy Electrical Co., Ltd.      Electric Pressure Cooker                   J21
Fullrich Food & Spices                        Dehydrated Vegetable                       B19
Ingredients (Anhui) Co., Ltd.
Fujian Changle Sincen                         Chemical Fiber                             A34
Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Fujian Jinjiang Jeeone Printing &             Rotary Screen Printing Machine,            A32
Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd.                    Fabric Rolling And Inspecting
                                              Machine, Calendery Machine
Fujian Xin Gang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.   Knitting Machine.                          A35
Fuzhou Life Health Science &                  Doctor Water Filters,
Technology Co., Ltd.                          Water Systems, Family water                A31
                                              Machine, OSPRING Water
                                              Activation Pot, OSPRING
                                              Functional Cups.
Fuzhou Ospring Science &                      Doctor Water Filters,
Technology Co., Ltd.                          Water Systems, Family water                A30
                                              Machine, OSPRING Water
                                              Activation Pot, OSPRING
                                              Functional Cups.
Great Power Battery Co., Ltd.                 Battery, Charger, Flashlight           I-19 / H19
Guangdong Wanjiafu Electrical Co., Ltd.       Electrical Appliances                      H2
Guangdong Hengguang                           Home Appliances                            J3
Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Hotor Electrical                    Home Appliances                            H6
Appliance Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Jiahong Company                     Auto Parts                             I-10 / I-11 /
Guangdong Metals & Minerals                   Silverplated Ware                           H8
Imp & Exp. Group Corp.
Guangdong Qunxing Toys Industrial Co., Ltd.   Toys                                       D25
Guangdong RaoPing SanRao Daily                Porcelain/Glassware                        E24
Use & Coloured Porcelain Factory
Guangdong Shunxiang Porcelain Co., Ltd.       Porcelain                              F21/ F22
Guangdong Silique Int’l Group                 Door handle, Silk Tarn, Silk Fabric    G19 / G20
Gold Silk Co., Ltd.                                                                    / G21
Company Name                              Products                              Booth No.
Guangdong Textiles i.e.,                   Light Industry, Electric Appliance       G22
Grandton Trading Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Xinpeng Industrial Co., Ltd.     Hinge, Slideway                           A20
Guangdong Yutai Porcelain Company Ltd.     Porcelain                                 E25
Guangdong Zhanjiang Household              Rice Cooker, Induction Cooker         J5 / J6 / J7
Electric Appliance Industrial Co., Ltd.    and so on
Guangdong Zhuoye Lighter                   Lighter, Butome                          E27
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Casaarte Plastic                 PVC Table Cloth, Shower                  A27
Metal Products Co., Ltd.                   Curtain, Household
                                           Appliance, Table Mat
Guangzhou Kinetek Jinghe Machine Co., Ltd. Machining Parts/Transaxles/           J11 / J12
Guangzhou Machine Tool & Tool Co., Ltd.    Machinery (CNC Lathe)                 J14 / J15
Guangzhou Meijiafu Electric                Electric Appliances                      H1
Appliances Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Sea Link Industrial Corp., Ltd.  Kitchen Tool / Caster                  H3 / H4
Guangzhou Vanguard Watersport              Watersport goods/                      H7 / I-7
Products Co., Ltd.                         Goggles/Dive, Mask
Guangzhou YiQiao Trading Company Ltd.      Rubber Hose, Hydraulic                   I-15
                                           Joint, PVC pipe
Guangzhou Yongtong A & V                   CD Disc                                  J20
Manufactory Limited
Hangzhou Helin                             PVC Wood Grain                           E11
Decorative Material Co., Ltd.              Decorative Film
Hangzhou Hongyuan                          Hardware Tools                            D6
Ironware Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou HuaXing Industry Co., Ltd.        Fastener, Screws, Self Drilling
                                           Screws, Tapping Screws                   D5
Hangzhou Jinnan Tools &                    Stainless Steel Ruler,                 D3 / D4
Measure Co., Ltd.                          Square, Measuring Wheel, Calipers
                                           and some other Measuring Tools
Hangzhou Meisda Electric                   Display Cooler,                           D7
Appliance Co.,Ltd.                         Display Freezer, Wine Cooler
Hangzhou Sanxin Textile Co., Ltd.          Garment-Accessories,                      E3
                                           Hook & Loop Yarns
Hangzhou Shunxin Outdoor                   Sleeping Bag, Airpump,                    E6
Products Co., Ltd.                         Airmattress, Picnic Mat
Hangzhou Xiaojiemei Health Care            Sanitary Napkins,                         E5
Products Co., Ltd.                         Under Pads, Wet Wipes
Hangzhou Zhenxing Box & Bag Co. Ltd.       Oxford Cloth,                             E7
                                           Ribbon and Bags
Company Name                              Products                             Booth No.
Hangzhou Zheqi Cranes Co., Ltd.           Electric Hoist, Gantry Crane,             E8
                                          Overhead Crane, Single and
                                          Double Girder Crane
Hefei Vocation Science and                Electrical Products and                   C23
Technology Co., Ltd.                      IT Digital products
Hefei Zhisheng Technology of              Electrical Products and                   C22
Computer Co., Ltd.                        IT Digital Products
Hengyang Zhongdi Equipment Prospecting    Drilling Rig, Mud Pump                    A13
Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.
Huachang Bamboo Products                  Bamboo Flooring, Wood Flooring            A24
(Jiangxi) Group Co., Ltd.                 and Laminate Flooring
Huainan Rongrui Garment Co., Ltd.         Dress and Personal Adornment              C24
Huangshan Yahong Electric Tech Co., Ltd   Lighting                                  B26
Hunan Vanguard Group Co., Ltd.            Hydraulic Generating Equipment            A15
Hunan Xuefeng Seeds Co., Ltd.             Seed                                      A18
Huzhou Changxing Longchang                Poly Taffeta, Oxford,                     D12
Silk Co., Ltd.                            Coating Fabric, Tricot Brush,
                                          Emboss Fabric, Printing Fabric
Italy Omecabom International              Bathroom Accessory                      C5,C6
Group (H.K) Ltd. Co.
Jia Optical Co., Ltd.                     Eyewear                              H12 / H14 /
Jiangmen City Xinhui                      Plastic Products                        J25
Henglong Plastic Ltd.
Jiangmen City Xinhui                      Plastic Products                          J24
Hengye I&E Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen City Zhihao Furniture Co. Ltd.   Furniture                             H20 / H21
Jiangmen Huachuang Trading Co.,Ltd.                                               J22
Jiangmen Tenghao Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.    Energy Saving Lamp/Tube                  I23
Jiangsu Shunyi Silk Co.,Ltd.              Raw Silk, Thorw Silk, Silk Quilt        D10
Jinjiang Shengang Garment &               Dress and Underwear.                    A36
Weaving Co., Ltd.
Joden Inc.                                Bathroom Products                     I-16 / I-17 /
Kehong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.     Air-Conditioner Part/Refrigeration        J10
                                          Part/Hot Water Boiler
Keyi Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd.        Window Hinge,                             A26
                                          Window Fitting
Kingfai Electrical                        Stirring Mill, Juice Extractor            H22
Appliance Ind. Co., Ltd.
Kingkey Group Kingkey                     Shampoo, Body Lotion, Body                H9
Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.                  Wash, Hand Soap
King’s Industry (Hui Yang) Ltd.           Powerline and so on                   F27 / F28
Kunqing Plush Co., Ltd.                   Home Textiles, Blanket                  D27
Company Name                                Products                             Booth No.
Lanzhou Great Wall                          High-Low Pressure Switch             A21 / A22 /
Electrical Co., Ltd.                        Fittings and Fixtures, High-Low         A23
                                            Pressure Electrical Apparatus
Lexel Battery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.          Rechargeable Battery                    C15
                                            Battery Charger
Linan Huayu Plastics Co. Ltd.               Hardware, Plastics                      E4
Luan Liting Articles for                    Articles for Daily Use                  B24
Daily Use Co., Ltd.
Maoming Yuxing Trading Co., Ltd.            Daily-Used Products                    J26
Market Union Co., Ltd.                      General Merchandise                 G15 / G16
Markpeak Appliance (Shenzhen) Limited       Kitchen Electric, Personal             B11
                                            Care, Seasonal Product, Baby and
                                            Medical Product
Nanfang Machinery (Quanzhou)                SWM series Can Body Welder,            A37
Development Co., Ltd.                       SPT series Automatic Hydraulic
                                            Press, SVF series Textile Machine,
                                            SSF series CNC Spring forming
                                            machine, SCS series
                                            Diamond Saw Cables
                                            Cutting Machine.
Nanjing Digital Photo Paper                 Inkjet Photo Paper;                     D8
Co., Ltd.                                   Inkjet Paper; Photo Paper
Nanjing Uchain International                Hid Lamp (Sodium Lamp,                  D9
Co., Ltd.                                   Metal Halide Lamp),
                                            Xenon Lamp
Ningbo Changer Electron Co., Ltd.           Washing Machine, Refrigerator,       F1 / F2 /
                                            Freezer                              G1 / G2
Ningbo Created Electronics Co., Ltd.        LED Candle, House Holding              F11
Ningbo Gemay Industry Co., Ltd.             Augle Griuder,                     G7 / G8 / G9
                                            Impact Drill, Mitre Saw
Ningbo Huining Electrical Co., Ltd.         RO. Purifier & Parts, Motor             F3
Ningbo Jiayi Food Co., Ltd.                 Frozen Mixed Vegetable,                F10
                                            Frozen And Seasoned Foods,
                                            Salted and Preserved Vegetable
Ningbo Level Gas Appliance Co., Ltd.        Gas Heater, Patio Heater               G12
Ningbo Lion-Ball Electric Wire &            Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit             F8
Cable Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Longkai Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.        Fishing Tackle                          G10
Ningbo New Guotu Electric Tools Co., Ltd.   Electrical Tools, Cutter,Direr,        F4 / F5
                                            Angle Grinder
Ningbo Orient Mats Production Co., Ltd.     Fabric Cloth, Fibre Glass Sleeve,       F15
                                            Hand Dryer, Mats
Ningbo Peace Bird Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.     Tiller, Cultivator                       F7
Ningbo Raffini Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.        Hairbrush/Beauty Accessories, Bath     G3 / G4
                                            Accessories, Manicure, Pedicure
Company Name                                 Products                              Booth No.
Ningbo Tenglong Outdoor Implement Co.,Ltd. Flashlight                                 F14
Ningbo Weiye Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. Non-Woven Fabric, Non-Woven                G11
                                              Final Product, Interlining
Ningbo Yinzhou Kingbo Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Steel Structure Products, Bearing          G5
Red Star Ceramics Limited                     Ceramics Dinnerware                      I-5
Sanyuan Ceramics Limited                      Vitreous China                        E22 / E23
(Group of Company) Chaozhou
Shandong Saixin Inflating Machinery Co., Ltd. Food Processing Machinery               C18
Shantou Jinhong Henchan Co.                   Plastic Storage Box                     F26
Shaoyang Hengyuan Zijiang                     Hydro-power equipment                   A16
Hydro-Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.
Shenji Group Kunming Machine                  Boring and Milling Machine             A7 / A8
Tool Company Limited
Shenzhen 3g-tech Co., Ltd.                    Flexible Printed Circuit Board          B12
Shenzhen Aero-fasteners Mfg Co., Ltd.         Fasteners, Screws, Nuts, Washers        B15
Shenzhen Baoan Fenda Industrial Co., Ltd.     Multimedia Speaker                     C7 / C8
Shenzhen G-link Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Notebook Computer                        B10
Shenzhen Kailong Electronics Co., Ltd.        Radio                                   C11
Shenzhen Putiantong                           Telephone, Mobile Phone,                C13
Cyber Industry Co., Ltd.                      Charger, Battery
Shenzhen Qiaoyun Electronics Co., Ltd.        Wire harness                          C9 / C10
Shenzhen Shengfala Technology Co., Ltd.       Notebook Computer & Accessories         C16
Shenzhen Sky Dragon Audio-video               Ipod Speaker, USB Speaker,            B7 / B8
Technology Co., Ltd.                          Moblie Phone Speaker
Shenzhen Sunpillar Digital                    Mobile Phone, Digital Satellite          B9
Technology Co., Ltd.                          Receiver, Laptop Computer
Shenzhen Topboard Electronics &               Portable charger                        B14
Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Verypower                            Diesel Generating Sets                  C14
New Energy Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Wondhope Electric Co., Ltd.          PPTC, Video Glasses                     B16
Shenzhen Xiekang Electric Ltd.                AC/DC Power Supply Cord                 C12
Shiante Interlining                           Woven and Nonwoven                      D15
                                              Fusible Interlining
Shijiazhuang Jiangrunyuan                     Mineral Ceiling Board,                  A25
Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.                         Gypsum Board, PVC Gypsum
                                              Board, Nails, Steel Coil, Concrete
Shimei International Trading Co., Ltd.        Ceramics Dinnerware                      I6
Shixia Holding Co., Ltd.                      Sprayer                                 G18
Silkohol Textile Co., Ltd.                    100% Silk Printed Fabric,               E1
                                              100% Silk Tie,100% Silk
                                              Printed Scarf
Company Name                                  Products                               Booth No.
Sinotronics Co. Ltd.                          TV parts, A/V cable,                      B17
                                              Speakers, Electrical Tape
Sino–German Joint Venture                     Solar Water Heater                        B23
Taizhou City Yuanjia                          Escooter, Scooter, The Spare            D17 / D18
Industry Co., Ltd.                            Parts of Escooter and Scooter
Taizhou Huangyan Huayu Co., Ltd.              Headgear, Necklace,                       G17
                                              Finger Ring and so on
Taizhou Huangyan Wuxing                       E-scooters and                          F17 / F18
Bicycle Industry Co., Ltd.                    Spare Parts
Taizhou Xindayang Electric Bike Co., Ltd.     Electric Bike                          E16 / E17 /
Tech-Power Electronics                        Switching Power Supply, LED               B13
(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.                          Driver Power Supply, Power Tools
                                              Chargers, Cellphone Chargers,
                                              Open Frame
Tianta Industrial Materials Co., Ltd.         Teflon Coated Fibre glass Fabric,
                                              Conveyor Belt, Non-Stick
                                              Cooking Liner                              F9
Tianhe Women & Children Goods Co., Ltd.       Household Item and Daily Item           A28 / A29
Vtron Technologies Ltd.                       IDB, DLP Display Wall System             J1 / J2
Wafangdian First Bearing Co., Ltd.            Bearing                                   A11
Wantai Electronic of                          High-Low-Voltage Starter, Electronic      B22
Huainan City Co., Ltd.                        Control Monitoring System
Xendoll—Aplab Limited (Unit III)              Combination Lathe,                      J16 / J17
                                              Numerical Control Machine
Xiangtan Electric & Electronical              Machinery and Electronic Products         A14
Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Xindayang Machinery                           Electric Bike                          E12 / E14 /
Electrical Group Co., Ltd.                                                              E15
Yawei Information Technology Co., Ltd.        Software Productss                        C21
Yongzhou Northwest Transformer Co., Ltd.      Transformer, Lightning                    A17
                                              Protection Products
Young Hardy Huaibei Ltd.                      Shell fabric                              C25
Yunan Wansheng Carbon Co., Ltd.               The Cathode Product for Aluminium         A9
Yunnan Goldensun New Material Co., Ltd.       aluminlum Plastic Composite Panel         C3
Yunnan Huaer Woods Co., Ltd.                  Wooden Door, Finger                       C4
                                              Joint Edge Glued Timer &
                                              Other Wooden Articles
Zhanjiang Hengsheng Enterprise Co., Ltd       Electrical Household Appliances            I2
Zhanjiang Triangle Weil Shen Wine Co., Ltd.   Rice Cooker, Induction Cooker              J4
                                              and so on
Company Name                                 Products                           Booth No.
Zhanjiang Wuxing Electrical                  Household Appliances                 I-3 / I-4
Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Fenghua Machinery and               Passive Component                     D26
Electronic Import & Export Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Firstlady Knitting                  Socks                                 B27
Development Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Gold Artex                          Rice Cooker/Stove/Kettle              C26
Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Promise Import & Export Co., Ltd.   Wooden Hanger                         E26
Zhaoqing Zhongbang Chemicals Co., Ltd.       Chemicals                             C27
Zhejiang Huatian Power Sources               Li Battery, Solar Charger             F6
Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Kingsafe New Textile                Adhesive Fabrics, Non-Woven           D11
Group Co., Ltd.                              Fabrics, Storage Battery
Zhejiang Onices Roofing                      Building Material, Roofing Tile       E10
Tile Industry Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Skydragon Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd    Baby Chair, Sofa Chair,                D1
                                             Table Chair, Bags
Zhejiang Springair Textile Co,. Ltd          Garment, Yarn                         E2
Zhejiang Tianneng Energy                     Ni-mh Cell, Ni-mh Battery Pack,       D16
Technology Co., Ltd.                         Li-ion Cell, Li-ion Battery Pack
Zhejiang Weixing Meter System Co., Ltd.      Intelligent Gas Meter,                 F16
                                             IC Card Gas Meter
Zhongshan Auger Electronic                   Home Appliances                        H5
Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Zhongshan Baoji Electronic Co., Ltd.         Lighting Remote Control Switch/     H10 / H11
                                             Hotel Calling System/Door
                                             Bell/Chargers/ Torch
Zhongyi Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.      Pendant Lamp, Ceiling Lamp,            I-24
                                             Table Lamp, Wall Lamp
ZhuHai Aeon Electrical Appliance Ltd.        Electrical Household Appliances        I-1
Zhuji Yongwang Pearl Co., Ltd.               Necklace, Bracelet,                    G6
                                             Shell Handicraft

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