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									Corporate Profile
(as of March 31, 1999)

Corporate name                       KUBOTA Corporation                   Principal Products
Year founded                         February 1891                        • Pipe Systems
                                                                          Ductile iron pipes, FW pipes, spiral steel pipes, Perma pipes, vinyl pipes, polyethyl-
Year established                     December 1930                        ene pipes, plastic valves, compact spherical pumps, various other types of pumps,
                                                                          various other types of valves
Capitalization                       78,106,526,000 Yen
                                                                          • Materials Division
Total no. of shares issued           1,409,655,369                        Reaction pipes, FW pipes, suction rolled shells for paper manufacturing, custom
                                                                          forged items, ordinary forged items, casting molds for steel ingots, rolled steel rolls,
No. of stockholders                  64,304                               cast items for engines, cast items for machines, ceramics, G columns, G piles, duc-
                                                                          tile segments, drainage pipes
No. of employees                     15,156
                                                                          • Machinery Division
                                                                          Tractors, mini-tiller, tiller, power-tiller, combine harvester, binders, harvesters, rice
                                                                          transplanters, implements, attachments, dryers, arm housings, rice processing
                                                                          vending machines, agricultural pick-up, power carts, Rice Cooker, cooperative dry-
                                                                          ing facilities, rice-polishing facilities, cooperative seedling facilities, dairy farm facili-
                                                                          ties, horticultural facilities, green control devices, lawn mowers, various types of
                                                                          engines, mini-backhoes, wheel loaders, carriers, hydraulic shovels, welders, genera-
                                                                          tors, various types of automatic vending machines, various types of weighing and
                                                                          surveying devices, weighing and surveying control systems, personal CAD systems,
                                                                          air conditioning equipment, casting plants, irrigation and water systems
                                                                          • Environmental Equipment
                                                                          Groundwater treatment plants, groundwater pollution incineration and melting
                                                                          plants, clean water treatment plants, seepage water treatment plants for end dispos-
                                                                          al of waste, industrial wastewater treatment plants, various other types of drainage
                                                                          treatment plants, excrement treatment plants, organic film units for water treatment,
                                                                          garbage incineration and melting plants, industrial waste treatment plants, crushing
                                                                          plants for outsize and non-burnable garbage, waste recycling plants for discarded
                                                                          items, crushing and fine pulverization facilities
                                                                          • Housing Materials
                                                                          Colorbest (Colonial, Urbany, Rampart, Mutus (?), Lunessa (?), Junesse (?), Western-
                                                                          style roof tiles, various other types of roofing materials, fire-resistant siding,
                                                                          Ceradeal, Cerastate, bathroom water tanks, water septic tanks

Principal Locations

                     Osaka Prefecture
                           Sakai Plant
                    Sakai Rinkai Plant
                         Naniwa Plant
                 Sakai PVC Pipe Plant
                                                 Tochigi Prefecture
                        Hirakata Plant
                                                 Utsunomiya Plant
                         Kyuhoji Plant
                        Okajima Plant
                  Shinyodogawa Plant
                         Ohama Plant
                                                                                                Ibaragi Prefecture
                                                                                                Tsukuba Plant
                 Hyogo Prefecture
                                                                                                Ryugasaki Plant
                  Mukogawa Plant
                                                                                                Kashima Plant
                 Amagasaki Plant
                                                                                                Advanced Technology Laboratory
                       Itami Plant
 Technology Development Laboratory

                                                                                                     Chiba Prefecture
                                                                                                     Funabashi Plant
                                                                                                     Ichikawa Plant
                                                                                          Tokyo Metropolis
                                                                                          Tokyo Headquarters Office

                                                                                         Kanagawa Prefecture
                                                                                         Odawara Plant
                                                                      Aichi Prefecture
                                                                      Tokai Plant

                                                               Shiga Prefecture
                                                               Shiga Plant

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