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                  Suggestion A                         ¥   Fruit Salad or Ambrosia
                                                       ¥   Tossed, Caesar Salad or Cole Slaw
Choose One Salad, One Vegetable, One Potato, One       ¥   Red Skin Potato Salad
                                                       ¥   Mozzarella Basil Tomato Salad
     Entrée and One Choice from Option One
                                                       ¥   Pasta Salad or Macaroni Salad
                $11.50 per person*                     ¥   Marinated Vegetable Salad
                                                       ¥   Cucumber Salad w/ Sour Cream & Dill
                                                       ¥   Cucumber, Onion and Yogurt
                                                       ¥   Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Cilantro, Jalapeno
                  Suggestion B
                                                       ¥   More…
        Choose One Salad, One Vegetable,
           One Potato and Two Entrees                  ¥   Southern Style Green Beans
                $13.25 per person*                     ¥   Corn O’Bryan
                                                       ¥   Mixed Winter Vegetables
                                                       ¥   Glazed Baby Carrots
                                                       ¥   Seasonal Grilled Vegetables
                  Suggestion C                         ¥   Broccoli Au gratin
        Choose Two Salads, One Vegetable,              ¥   Hickory Smoked Baked Beans
                                                       ¥   Curried Eggplant
  One Potato, One Entrée, One from Option One,         ¥   Terriyaki Stir Fry
      and Hand Carved Honey-baked Ham or               ¥   Mexican Peppers and Onions
                                                       ¥   More…
             Herb-Crusted Prime Rib
            $14.95 per person* w/ Ham                                 Potatoes and Rice
                                                       ¥   Rice: Pilaf, White, Basmati or Mexican
         $18.50 per person* w/ Prime Rib               ¥   Herb Roasted, Au gratin, Mashed or Baked
                                                       ¥   Bombay Aloo
                                                       ¥   Fried Plantains
                  Suggestion D                         ¥   Refried Beans
                                                       ¥   More…
        Choose One Salad, One Vegetable,
            One Potato and One Entrée                                       Entrees
                                                       ¥   Chicken Parmesan
                $10.50 per person*                     ¥   Chicken Marsala
                                                       ¥   Vegetable or Meat Lasagna
                                                       ¥   Homemade Meatloaf
Suggestions A, B, C and D includes Rolls and Butter,   ¥   Sirloin Beef Tips w/ Peppers & Onions
                                                       ¥   Tortellini w/ Vegetables in Olive Oil Sauce
    Iced Tea, Coffee and Water and a beverage          ¥   Herb Roasted Pork Loin
        Table, Plastic Ware, Paper Napkins             ¥   Beef Stroganoff
                                                       ¥   Pulled Pork BBQ on Silver Dollar Rolls
                 and Plastic Cups.                     ¥   Fried Chicken
                                                       ¥   BBQ Chicken
         Prices plus Tax and 18% Gratuity              ¥   Curried Chicken or Beef
                                                       ¥   Sweet and Sour Chicken
                                                       ¥   Beef or Chicken Enchiladas
                                                       ¥   Caribbean Jerk Chicken
                                                       ¥   Indian Grilled Chicken
                                                       ¥   More…
                  Hors D’oeuvres

  Cheese Tray - Colby, Hot Pepper, Cheddar, Smoked
       Gouda and Brie with Honey Mustard Sauce
                                                                    Everyone Loves Chocolate!
                   $3.00 per person*                            Rent our Chocolate Fountain for your event
      Vegetable Tray - Carrots, Celery, Broccoli,
                                                                Available in Milk, Dark or White Premium
     Cauliflower, Peppers, Radishes and Cucumbers                          Callebaut Chocolate
         With Buttermilk Ranch Dipping Sauce
                                                                    100 people……….$495.00 plus tax
                   $2.00 per person*                                200 people……….$595.00 plus tax
                                                                    300 people……….$695.00 plus tax
 Fresh Fruit Tray - Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Pineapple,
               Strawberries and Grapes                 Price includes 2 hours of chocolate flowing with Fresh Fruit,
                                                                   Cookies, Marshmallows and Pretzels
              with Honey Cream Dressing                           Additional charge for extended hours.
                   $2.50 per person*

  Smoked Salmon Tray - Smoked Salmon w/ onions,                 Box Lunches**$7.50 per person*
      Capers, Cream Cheese and assorted crackers
                                                                      Lunch includes your choice of
                   $3.00 per person*                                Sandwich, Side, Fruit and Dessert
     Shrimp Cocktail - Shrimp with cocktail sauce         Sandwich – Honey ham, Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef
                                                         With Colby, American or Swiss Cheese on a Kaiser Roll
                   $3.00 per person*                         Side – Potato Chips, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad
                                                                 Fruit – Banana, Orange, or Fruit Cup
                                                                      Dessert – Brownie or Cookie
                    Hot Options
  Chinese Appetizer Assortment – Egg Rolls, Fried
                                                                Picnic Party**$9.25 per person*
       Shrimp, Pot Stickers, Chicken Satay $3.50*         Deli Tray – Roast Beef, Smoked Turkey, Baked Honey
                                                                 Ham, Baby Swiss, American and Colby
   Indian Appetizer Assortment – Samosas, Fried
          Vegatables, Grilled Chicken $3.50*                 Condiment Tray – Leaf Lettuce, Sliced Tomatoes,
                                                             Onions, Pickles, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise
Mexican Appetizer Assortment – Chimichangas, Chips,
                Salsa, Toquitos $3.00*                     Assorted Bread Tray – Pumpernickel, Honey Wheat,
                                                                      White Bread and Kaiser Rolls
          Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms - $2.00*
     Imperial Crabmeat Stuffed Mushrooms - $3.50*                        Salads – Choice of two
                                                                    Red Skin Potato Salad, Cole Slaw,
          Swedish or BBQ Meatballs - $2.50*                            Pasta Salad or Fruit Salad
             Assorted Mini-Quiche - $3.00*
                                                       **Also includes all plastic ware, paper napkins, and a dessert
             Vegetable Egg Rolls - $2.00*                        tray with assorted cookies and brownies
              Hot or BBQ Wings - $2.50*
                  Spanikopia - $3.00*                     (Beverages are available at an additional charge.)
      Let us customize your Hors D’oeuvres party!
              Other options are available.
                                                                                Low Country Boil
          Suggestion One – Choose One
                                                                                    Suggestion 1
   Baked Penne Pasta Marinara, Penne Pasta Alfredo,                                Low country Boil
        Honey Stung Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken                 Fresh Bay Shrimp, Smoked Sausage, Sweet Corn, Onions,
               Mostacciolli with Marinara                                            Red Potatoes
              Baked Herb Roasted Chicken                                                Dessert
                                                                            Assorted Cookies & Brownies

             Additional Menu Item for                                                   $15.00*

                  Suggestions A,B,C
                                                                                    Suggestion 2
           Add one Salad - $1.00 per person*
                                                                                  Creamy Cole Slaw
        Add one Vegetable - $1.00 per person*
                                                                                Southern Potato Salad
          Add one Potato - $1.00 per person*                    Fresh Baked Biscuts and Corn Bread w. Georgia Pecan
          Add one Entrée - $2.00 per person*                                         Honey Butter
                                                                               Southern Fried Chicken

         Cook Out Buffet Suggestions***                       Blackened Delta Catfish Fillets and Cajun Remoulade Sauce
                                                                                  Low Country Boil
 Handburgers and BBQ Chicken - $11.95 per person*
                                                               Fresh Bay Shrimp, Smoked Sausage, Sweet Corn, Onions,
      Char-Grilled Chicken Breasts and St. Louis
                                                                                     Red Potatoes
             BBQ Ribs - $14.95 per person*
                                                                         Cajun Red Beans and Steamed Rice
     BBQ Chicken & St. Louis BBQ Ribs - $14.50*                     Braised Collard Greens w. Smoked Ham Hock
 Smoked Chicken & Smoked Ribs-$14.50 per person*                                        Dessert
    Smoked Pulled Pork & Smoked Ribs - $14.95*                  Bread Pudding and Tennessee Whiskey Caramel Sauce
   Carribean Jerk Chicken BBQ - $12.95 per person                                  Mini Pecan Tarts

    Combination of Chicken, Pulled Pork, Ribs and                                       $27.00*

           Hamburgers - $16.50 per person*
                                                                                   Additional Rental Items
                                                                                Add China - $4.00 per person
***For “Smoked” choose hickory or mesquite. All Cook Out                  (At Blackberry Hall add $2.50 per person)
                                                                          China includes Salad Plate, Dinner Plate,
  Buffet Options include one salad, one vegetable and one                 Water Goblet, Two Forks, Knife and Spoon.
                                                                              (Linen Table Clothes and Napkins
 potato; plus Plastic Ware, Plastic Cups, Paper Napkins, an                     are Available. Ask for prices.)
assortment of Cookies and Brownies, and your choice of Iced                              Menu Pricing
                     Tea or Lemonade.                                         *All Menu prices are for groups of
                                                                              50 or more. Prices are per person
                                                                             plus state sales tax and 18% gratuity
                                                                                         will be added.
                                                                              We request reservations be made at
                                                                           least one week prior to event, with a final
                                                                                 count and payment due 7 days
                                                                                        before the event.

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